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  1. What would you be ok offering that would beat that deal?
  2. Also because the Raiders, as usual, have given him an astronomical contract that no-one else would offer. Take a look at the worst NFL contracts ever that just got put up on espn.com. The RAYYYYDUHS obviously are the star. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=contracts&sportCat=nfl
  3. I know..I want to finish it bad, but after putting it down for a year I forgot soooo many important characters. (Never read a series with more characters to remember.) I guess I just need to man up. Hopefully the new author does a good job with the final book. Ok sorry everyone. NERD ALERT. Back to the Jets (or Jets forums).
  4. Hey this is only my 7th post and you want me gone?
  5. Hmmm.. I got to book 7 of the wheel of time and put it down for a while. I tried to pick it back up and forgot the 7000 characters. Worth my time to get back into it?
  6. No one at JI starts threads about this place. Inferiority complex?
  7. Not if you don't post on a NY Jets website every day. Loser.
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