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  1. The point is Joe Nammath threw more interceptions than TD's in his career but he still won them a Superbowl.Favre has not but all i hear when you have something to say about him is Interceptions Interceptions.You have no idea to what Favre could do for the Jets next year,nor do you except the fact that the jets are very short on options at the QB position. Didnt Favre throw 6 TD's and beat the Card's who whent to the Superbowl this year with a QB older than Favre?Maybee a good idea would be to beef up the O line so that the 13 Mill QB wasnt picking himself up off his back every other play.
  2. Everybody on here talks about how Favre is the Interception King,but i guess if you where the TD king that would go with the territory. Favre Stats http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/F/FavrBr00.htm Lets take a look at the great Broadway Joe http://pro-football-reference.com/players/NamaJo00.htm Hmm.....
  3. If you are going to run off statistics at least be truthful about it. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/F/FavrBr00.htm
  4. Favre coming back and being the starter when ever he whanted to was the contract GB signed to own him for 16 years.Favre tried to get released by the Packers several times.The Packers had the idea that you play for us or nobody else.. You wont see this sinereo play out in New York because he hasnt signed any thing like what he signed in GB.
  5. He threw the Ints because he was being presude intensively and he didnt know the recievers or the plays not to mechine the torn muscle in his throwing arm.I guarentee he would shine next year for the Jets!!!!!
  6. The other QB's might be just as capable of throwng Intercepts,but Favre brings much more than that to the table.The man loves to play the game and loves to win.He has a lot of expierence at his position and dont forget about that arm that can throw to any position on the field at any time,Favre dont have to "set" like other QB's.That opens up the D for other things.Teams come after Favre a lot more than they do other QB's'because they half to to win.Your other choices at the QB position wont throw as many intercepts because the D arnt as afraid of them. Who will be your dog next year to kick after you are 3 and 13 again without Favre?GB might be able to help you out with that answere...
  7. Really what are the Jets alternitives for the QB position?If Favre returns he is the Jets best shot to win right now.Favre will give it his all to win and I dont think he needs some block head running back to tell everybody he should have sat down.Favre injured was the Jets best chance then and will be next year to......
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