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  1. I don't really care for either of them, I think my issue is there doesn't appear to be anything in this book (That we didn't already know) that is more then he-said, she-said. At least when the Steroid story first broke it was a fact that was verified by 4 different sources, and later by Alex himself. The book on the other hand sounds like it just let anything she felt like writing in.

  2. It's an impressive, albeit kinda trivial, point. The last few SB's kinda felt like he was just padding numbers towards the end.

    What was impressive to me though was that very few of them even required a throw, they were true no-doubters. You guys are ripping on Tek's arm, but the reality is only one or two of them were close enough for the Catcher to throw to 2nd Base.

  3. All of a sudden, Ollie has a "sore knee"... a convenient, face-saving way to send him to the minors for some "rehab" starts.

    Sounds about as real as Wang's Hip, I mean, Foot (That's what they're going with now, aren't they?) injury.

  4. The Staircases are really the only significant flaw with Shea, and that only really affects the first couple seats by the staircases most of the time. Of course, not any worse of a design flaw then the Yankees wonderful seats in Centerfield ;) (Sorry, had to).

    The LED Boards you mentioned are not that bad at all, they raised the first row of seats to address it....and many fans are standing most of the game anyways.

    Most of the talk on WFAN hasn't had to do with that, but rather blindspots, where you're sitting in Left Field and you can't see the warning track in front of you. But little do these fans know that in every single stadium built in the last 20 years has the same thing. It's just something that is new to Mets fans because Shea Stadium had every seat ridiculously far away from the field that it was never an issue before.

  5. I doubt Ramiro Pena would really fare any better....always thought the Yankees needed to do more to replace A-Rod when he went down. Hell, signing someone like Easley who is still a FA would have been a nice addition (Probably too late for that now as by the time he gets into game shape, A-Rod will be back). Still, have to think there's a small trade that could be made.

  6. Why not move Joba up in the rotation? I would go...

    C.C Sabathia as the #1 Ace. (I feel the Yankees over paid for the man, but he's proven to be a #1 ace through out his career.

    Burnett as my #2 because when the man is on fire...He's not going to give up 3+ runs which should give the Yankees lineup a chance to win each and every start.

    Wong #4 (Bad start here in 09, but he's a proven winner when 100% healthy) And when Wang has the sinker ball breaking down...The man doesn't allow base hits and when he does, double plays can happen with runners on base. Would be the most reliable #4 pitcher in the game today and that could be huge for a 7 game playoff series.

    Joba as my #3 for the simple fact he has the potential and talent with 3 tough pitches to become the Yankees #1 Ace over the next two seasons of work. Have him as the #2 next year and use his overall talent and ability to become the Yankees ace the following season.

    Have Pettitte as the #5 starter in the roation because he's getting up there in age and at the same time, he's a veteran pitcher who knows how to win under pressure, in the playoffs and would also be one of the most reliable #5 pitchers in the game today.

    Overall, I would go...






    The reason is because If I were a Yankees fan, I would like to see C.C #1 next year followed by Joba, Burnett as the #3, Wong as the #4 and Hughes as the #5 and let Pettitte either walk or retire a Yankee.

    By the end of This year...I hope the Rays rotation looks like this






    And by next year I would love Kazmir, Price, Shields, Garza and move Sonnanstine into the role of a LRF out of the bullpen and call have Wade Davis (Top prospect) as our 5th man

    Next year






    One thing is for sure...Pitching in the AL East will be elite for years to come. Kazmir is still the youngest pitcher on the team and Price will be the youngest once he gets called up. Shields is the OLDEST I believe at 27 or maybe 28

    What exactly does re-arranging the rotation accomplish? At the end of the year they'll all still have 33 or so starts.

  7. Don't care who you are, having about $300 million of your money dissappear has an effect.

    Had an effect on the Wilpons personal finances? Sure.

    Had an effect on the Wilpons (And Saul Katz's) buisness that got scammed (Sterling Equities)? Probably.

    But has an effect on the day-to-day operations of the Mets? I haven't seen it. They said they were going to maintain payroll Pre-Madoff Scandal, and that's exactly what they did.

    As for Sheffield, I still dislike the guy, but at least he's saying the right things...

    Sheffield said it’s been a dream of his to play for the Mets, ever since his uncle,

    Dwight Gooden, played for the team.


    Sheffield said Gooden is ‘ecstatic,’ pointing out, ‘He’s been blowing my phone up all day.’

    Sheffield added, “I realize I am at a point in my career that I am not the marquee guy to demand a position. I want to win a championship. If its coming off the bench, I am willing to do that.”

    Sheffield said that David Wright and other players called him during the last week, all while the Phillies, Reds, Rays and other teams were pursuing him.

    According to Sheffield, “That was one of the biggest reasons I came here. When the face of the franchise calls you… When he made that phone call, that’s what made my decision.”

    By the way, Sheffield will wear jersey No. 10.

    - Metsblog.com
  8. It was leaked before Free Agency even began (And well before the Madoff scandal broke) that they were not raising payroll this offseason.....and they went and spent right up to last years payroll. I'm not sure why anybody thinks the Madoff situation has had any effect, because it really hasn't.

    They didn't sign Manny Ramirez because it wasn't in the budget. Nothing more that needs to be said about it.

  9. Anybody else find it ironic that the guy that said...

    "I called it years ago. What I called is that you're going to see more black faces, but there ain't no English going to be coming out. … [it's about] being able to tell [Latin players] what to do -- being able to control them," he told the magazine.

    "Where I'm from, you can't control us. You might get a guy to do it that way for a while because he wants to benefit, but in the end, he is going to go back to being who he is. And that's a person that you're going to talk to with respect, you're going to talk to like a man.

    "These are the things my race demands. So, if you're equally good as this Latin player, guess who's going to get sent home? I know a lot of players that are home now can outplay a lot of these guys."

    ...is now about to be the ONLY African-American Player on a team with a heavy latino influence?

  10. According to reports, the Mets told him that "You deliver, and you'll play"......presumably the inverse of that would be if he's not delivering that he won't play. My guess is they see him playing a little of left, a little of right, maybe some first base....mainly against Lefties.

    Still, ugh, I hate having to root for Sheffield to do well.

  11. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/03/sports/baseball/03shea.html?_r=1&ref=baseball

    Mets Get a Late-Night Sneak Preview of Citi Field

    Out from the buses they spilled, marching through a gate, down a corridor and around a corner until, finally, there it was. Home. The Mets’ shiny, new clubhouse awaited. And as Carlos Delgado poked his head inside at about 10:55 p.m. Thursday, he surveyed the sheer size of it all and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the big leagues.”

    His teammates, arriving at Citi Field fresh off a flight from Florida that landed two and a half hours late, followed suit, each more mesmerized than the next. After locating his locker, Jos

  12. They had this story a couple years ago with Calvin Johnson, Gaines Adams, and Amobi Okoye, and they all managed to still go in the Top 10. Maybe if you take things to an extreme like Mangini does you'd be less inclined to draft someone like this, but I think most GM's will just chalk it up to kids being kids and let it slide.

  13. From poopdoop on Mets refugees.233.jpg

    (Darker CF "Fake" Grass?)



    (Not the best picture, but you can see the logo on top of the dugouts)

    Also mildly newsworthy, MLBPA to open up a shop in Citi Field, first one of it's kind.




    Citi Field at night, wow.


  14. *** Food at Citi Field


    Never thought I'd see the day where I might want to head out to the ballpark for a good meal, but just looking at the pictures is making me hungry. Just one small correction is the Shake Shack and similar "Taste of the City" food courts are located behind CF, not Home Plate.

    Edit: What the hell with the censors?

    http://n e w * *r k.serious e a ts.com/2009/03/first-look-at-citi-field-food-concession-stands-baseball-mets-shakeshack-danny-meyer.html (Remove the spaces)

  15. I think they have the depth of the Pitching Staff to be a factor (Although without Smoltz they lack that true "Ace"), but not the Offense. Their main two Offense weapons are either Injury Prone (Chipper) or a Catcher (McCann), meaning both are a good bet to miss at least 40 games....and there really isn't much else that's far better then average to compliment them.

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