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  1. Pointless debate

    Turner 5th

    Portis 2nd

    Slaton 3rd

    Forte 2nd

    Grant none

    Jacobs 4th

    I'll agree it's a pointless debate, mainly because history has shown that good players of all positions can be found anywheres in the NFL Draft. RB is not in any way special here.

    Why take a QB early when you can have Tom Brady (6th), Matt Cassel (7th), Matt Hasselbeck (6th), Kurt Warner (UDFA), Tony Romo (UDFA), ect.

    Why take a WR early when you can have Wes Welker (UDFA), Brandon Marshall (4th), Steve Smith (3rd), Terrell Owens (3rd), Hines Ward (3rd), Derrick Mason (4th), Donal Driver (7th), Steve Breaston (5th), Bernard Berrian (3rd), ect.

    You can do this for each and every position down the line. You do it because the prospects available in the 1st round for the most part are better then those that are available later on. Occasionally someone slips through the cracks, but that's the exception, not the trend.

  2. Greene killed himself at the combine ran a 4.63 at 227lbs and didn't do **** in the others, work ethics issues and such.

    As opposed to Beanie Wells 4.59 at 235 pounds?....and it's not like Beanie Wells work ethic has never been questioned. There have been concerns about that since High School.

    All I'm saying is if I'm going to take a Runningback like that, I'd much rather have Shonn Greene a round or two later.

  3. While depth for Jenkins is obvioulsy a good idea, and something we're currently short on, Jenkins will not get as beaten up in Ryan's scheme as he did in Mangini's.

    Although Ryan's defense resembles a 3-4 because it usually starts with 3 down linemen, it is not the traditional 3-4. In fact, it more closely takes the concepts of Buddy Ryan's "46" or even the 4-3, in that it usually rushes 5 or even 6 guys, putting a hat on each offensive lineman at the LOS, freeing up backers to make plays.

    Additionally, those 3 down lineman usually shade heavily to the weakside, not the traditional 3-4 alignment of NT over center and the DE's in a "5" or "7" technique. That coupled with rushing 5 or 6 will help Jenkins avoid many of the "doubles" he saw last year under Mangini's more passive 3-4 scheme.

    Not to say we shouldn't get depth at that position or even upgrade at DE where we can, but this scheme will make all 3 players on the D-line better, in my opinion.

    A player of Kris Jenkins caliber gets double teamed on every play regardless of system/blitzing/ect, you have to.

    Sorry, but I'm not buying the logic that a change in Defenses is going to ease the workload on him, most likely it won't.

    Getting someone who can adequately back him up and actually reducing the workload will have a much greater effect. I'd personally like to see Jenkins try and get his weight down to 340 or so as well to improve stamina, but that might be easier said then done.

  4. 1 QB - Could see a cheap addition of someone with some upside to ADD to the competition. I like Thigpen (via Trade), I like Anderson (If the price is right). Could live with Leftwich. No to 1-2 year rentals like Warner or Garcia, and I doubt we draft a QB before seeing what we have internally first.

    2 WR - Probably will draft one.

    3 Coaching Staff - Seems like we got some good guys, I think moving in the right direction. I'm encouraged there.

  5. I'm not a huge Wells fan, I don't think he has much big play potential at the next level. Probably has a decent career being a move the chains pounder, but is that really what we need? Plus, he hasn't been very durable.

    Lets put it this way, is he really much better then someone like Shonn Greene available a round or two later? I'm not sure I see it.

  6. Canty is a decent player, but I'm not sure he's THAT much better then Kenyon Coleman to be worth the kind of investment it would make though. Remember, cutting Coleman only saves about 900K this offseason. I'm inclined to stick with Coleman another year, and maybe draft someone to give him some competition for playing time in the mid rounds or so.

  7. I thought Tannenbaum got hosed in his "future pick" deals a/w DRob and Vilma. DRob is somewhat understandable, but we really should've done better on Vilma. The way the Saints skated around that clause was embarrassing.

    So I guess I'm just hoping he learned something from those two deals, and we don't wind up with the short end of another future consideration trade.

    Agreed, I'm hopeful that we keep that 2nd round pick scenario so that it's near-impossible to obtain. If he's as good as I think he'll be, I don't mind the 3rd and the 5th, especially with the 3rd being in 2010. A 2nd rounder (Even in 2010) plus another pick is a tough sell though.

  8. Jenkins is obviously a beast.

    Ellis is a very nice (Above-Average) starter.

    Coleman is a JAG. We can probably live with him around for another year, but I would consider Canty as well. I'm just not sure he's enough of an upgrade to be worthwhile to pursue cap-wise.

    I think the big area to improve is depth-wise, a backup NT is essential (Sorry, I'm not buying Pouha has it), and a backup DE who might be able to push Coleman's would be a nice addition. I tend to look towards the mid rounds of the draft for those players.

  9. Nothing really out there in Free Agency that fits our needs. TJ Houshmanzadeh is a nice player but not what we want because he's rather similar to someone like Wes Welker who just catches a ton of passes underneath and doesn't stretch the field.....and outside of that there's Laveranues Coles, the washed up Marvin Harrison and crap.

    The trade market could be interesting. Anquan Boldin, Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards have all been rumored to be out there, but it seems like all those teams are reluctant to trade them (If they're willing to at all) and would be asking for an arm and a leg in return. Plaxico Burress has the talent, but with the bad PR associated and pending legal troubles my guess is the Jets steer clear.

    My guess is pretty much by default is we're looking at the Draft, because the options really aren't there otherwise (Unless you want to get raped in a trade).

  10. Going after the Mad Hawaian obviously meant that the Jets first intention was to merely replace Moore and not having to reconfigure the OLine.

    No, it just says they liked Kemoeatu better then the other alternatives. You're attempting to read way too much into something that just isn't there.

    Now it's time for Plan B, which most likely is still not Brandon Moore.

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  11. He's a nice little pickup for the Pats, but it's to be expected that they'll try and improve too.....

    With the way his contract was restructured (Mainly to quit his bitching last offseason) we couldn't justify keeping him around under his current deal. I was hoping we would work out a more reasonable contract, but it doesn't sound like it.

  12. If Leon is not on this team next year you better hope that our defense shuts out every team we play. He make this offense go..hell....he makes this team go!

    He SHOULD be making this Offense go, problem is he's been underutilized on Offense the last couple years so he really hasn't. I'm hoping Schottenheimer is making it a priority to figure out ways to get the ball into his hands more often next season.

  13. Why? We have the AFC's leading rusher and Leon Washington so in a word, why?

    Watch us trade Leon for a WR or ILB. :lol:

    Thomas Jones is going to be 31 years old, he might have relatively young legs due to being a bench player/committee back his first 4 years, but you still have to safeguard yourself against him potentially hitting the wall.

    I'd like to draft someone in the 3rd or 4th round to groom behind him and Leon for a year, and eventually split carries with Leon once TJ is done.

  14. Just like when they signed Corey Dillon, right?

    Corey Dillon was 30 in 2004 when he became a Patriot, he only really had 1 great year for the Patriots anyways, the other 2 years he was a committee back who was mediocre/poor by YPA

    Fred Taylor just recently turned 33. I highly doubt he has a Corey Dillon 2004 season in him.

  15. And chemistry on an OL isn't to be overlooked, either. I'd've preferred them to work something out with Moore, still. I try to only be knee-jerky in one direction. :P

    This would certainly be a solid running game addition, though. We'll see what happens. Outside of the guard Buffalo just released, I don't know too many of the other names out there. If this is the guy they want, let's just hope they get it done.

    We totally had difficulty with chemistry last year because we added 2 new lineman, and a new Fullback last Season. Not saying that Chemistry isn't important, but it's also often quite overrated by certain fans.

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