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  1. Have you ever seen DHB play? I have been talking about him for a couple of years now, so I've seen my fair share of games. I also watched Cal when #1 was there, so I've seen both extensively.

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by he's desean jackson without the hands?? DHB has above average to good hands and is 2.5" inches taller, 30 lbs heaver and ran .05 faster.

    The reason he didn't have the production is that Maryland was a more run-oriented offense, with god-aweful QB play. Chris Turner makes Reggie ball look like a first rounder. He didn't tear it up, but his numbers are pretty decent when comparing to Calvin Johnson, another prospect who was handcuffed bu his QB play.

    DHB - 138 receptions, 2,089, 13

    CJ- 178 Receptions, 2,927 yds and 28 tds

    CJ was a 6'5 235 lb freak who ran a 4.3ish 40, but didn't completely dominate the league like someone would expect. What people were going on was his body control, great hands etc. IE. measurables.

    DHB is 6'2 210 lbs with blazing speed, 4.3 40, and incredible leaping ability 38". He has shown to not only be a deep threat, but runs good crossing routes, can catch in traffic.

    While he is not the prospect that CJ was, he does have decent fairly solid production and the measurables to warrant the pick. I personally believe that he would be a perfect pick for us if we do decide to go that route.

    Junior Stats

    Calvin Johnson - 76 rec, 1,202 yards, 15 TD

    Darrius Heyward-Bey - 42 rec, 609 yards, 5 TD

    I don't mean to rip on him, but Calvin Johnson doubled his production as a Junior.

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  2. Why do you have such a man crush on Clemens? Not even Woody and Mangini were stupid enough to hand Clemens a starting job. Ratliff has nothing to do with Clemens, he probably isn't a viable NFL starter, but there is sure as hell more doubt on that at least than Clemens being an NFL starter, we're sure Clemens isn't one.

    At this point, I'd hand VY the starting job over Clemens.

    Because 8 starts a career makes..... do you really want me to point to the list of Hall-of-Famers and Pro-Bowlers at the QB position who struggled their first 8 games only to figure it out.

    I mean, the jury is most definitely out on Clemens, but to say things like "We're sure Clemens isn't one" is just an ignorant statement.

  3. My issue with Heyward-Bey is that he's a person who never really lived up to those numbers in college. I mean, we're talking about someone who only caught 609 yards worth of balls last year despite this blazing size/speed ratio. I'd rather have someone like Crabtree/Maclin/Britt/Nicks who were extremely productive players in college. Even someone like Harvin who I don't care for much as he's a jack of all trades, master of none.

  4. Ya, I just noticed that. It seems as though NFL network is shaving off some times to draw attention, because there's a huge different between 4.32 and 4.41. There have been a ton of unnoficial sub 4.3s and 4.4s today. Wouldn't be at all surprised if they did it to create some buzz.

    I don't think it was intentional, but more that they had a poor timer who was having a case of a Quick Trigger Finger. 0.09 might seem like a huge margin, but that's 9 hundreds of a second we're talking about, perfectly within the realm of human error.

  5. For those suggesting Woody at RG - Did you ever watch him play in Detroit? He was so bad there it was scary.

    The issue with Woody in Detroit was not that he couldn't handle the positions he was being asked to play, it was an issue of motivation. He was badly out of shape in Detroit, and once he lost his starting job it was the wake-up call that he needed to say "Hey, I better get in better shape or I'll be out of the league soon enough". We were just the ones in the right place at the right time to cash in on that.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Woody could play RG well if we so chose.

  6. I wanna know exactly how they got these times; if it's the system of dropping off the highest and lowest times and then taking the average, because the numbers I got from watchin the combine this morning had the following

    DHB - 4.26/4.27

    Harcin - 4.32

    Maclin - 4.37

    Electronically timed.

    The times you're citing are hand-timed, which are far less reliable (And unoffical as they repeated multiple times) due to the human element involved.

  7. T-Rex > Tanryan

    Anyways, I think (some) people are getting too worked up over cuts. Baker, as much as I liked him, is not worth 9 million guaranteed over 3 years, which is why he had to go. Especially since the role we were using him in is pretty much as a blocking specialist, which you can usually find for half that.

    Moore, who hasn't even been cut yet might I add, is an average guard due to his deficiencies as a pass protector, and certainly replaceable. Again, he's not worth nearly 6 million next year, so if he doesn't/won't restructure, he probably should be gone as well.

    I love how people cite last years run game as part of a reason as to why there guys are irreplaceable, considering they were both around in 2007 when we couldn't run block worth a damn. They have a plan, and we'll begin to see what exactly that plan entails once Free Agency begins. Sit back and enjoy the ride until then.

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  8. You did not watch one Ravens game, not one.


    Don't tell me what I have watched and haven't watched. I've watched quite a few Ravens games over the last couple years, and I know a product of Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs greatness when I see one. This guy is a JAG on any other team. Plain and Simple.

  9. Tex wanted to be a Yankee plain and simple

    Had the Sawx outbid the Yanks, he;s still be wearing pinstripes

    It happens

    Yawn, every player claims he truly wanted to be on the team he signed for after the fact. If you're taking him at his word there then you're rather gullible. In the end, it almost always comes down to money and of the competitive teams in the picture, the Yankees offered the most. It's one thing to turn down more money from the Nationals because their perceived as a losing franchise, but I highly doubt he would have done so from the Red Sox.

  10. You talking about that Daily News report? Who says what is or is not available now was not available 5 years ago. Also, A-rod never said he got the roids himself that his cousin got them. Maybe, his cousin lied and told him he got them OTC when he didn't. You are all making such a big deal over small stupid assanine details. You people are just jealous of the man's bank account and want to masturbate at the fall of an icon. Sick perverted ****s you are.


    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- According to the official in charge of the agency which regulates pharmaceutical drugs in the Dominican Republic, Primobolan was not available for legal purchase, over-the-counter or with a prescription in his country between 2001 and 2003.

    I suppose it's possible that his cousin lied about where he obtained it, but this makes it alot more suspicious to me.


    A personal trainer cited in the Mitchell report on steroids acknowledged Thursday that he worked with Alex Rodriguez during the three-year period Rodriguez says he used performance-enhancing drugs.


    "I did work with Alex during that period of time [2001 through 2003]," Presinal told ESPNdeportes.com's Yoel Adames, "just like I helped all of my fellow Dominicans. He used to look for me. But I wasn't working with him on an exclusive basis. I was rotating between players and teams.


    Presinal's interview came before the New York Daily News on Friday reported that Rodriguez, the New York Yankees' MVP third baseman, and Presinal have had a longstanding relationship and that Presinal accompanied Rodriguez for the entire 2007 season. According to the Daily News' sources, Presinal stayed in the same hotels as A-Rod but in a separate room with the "cousin" A-Rod said was his source for steroids during his years as a Texas Ranger.


    Presinal turned up in the Mitchell report after a now-infamous incident at Toronto's international airport in 2001 involving Juan Gonzalez. Law enforcement conducting a luggage search discovered steroids, syringes, and clenbuterol in an unmarked duffel bag that Presinal said belonged to the two-time AL MVP, then with the Cleveland Indians.

    According to the Mitchell report, on prior trips Gonzalez had included bags for members of his entourage with his own bags. During an interview with police, another member of Gonzalez's entourage who claimed the bag at customs said the bag belonged to Angel "Nao" Presinal.

    It's not about taking down an Icon, it's about the truth coming out, and the more people that dig into A-Rod's past, the shadier it becomes.

  11. Braves rotation is fine with the chance to be really good, they don't really have a true Ace, but they have 3 Pretty Good Starters in Lowe, Jurrjens, and Vazquez. Kawakami is a real question mark, and Glavine/Campillo is a decent 5th starter situation. Plus they have Hanson (Good prospect) and possibly Hudson for a stretch run.

    Their fault, IMO, is they are vastly overrating their Offense. I only see 2 players who are significantly above average in their lineup and that's Chipper and McCann. The rest of their lineup is pretty average (Johnson, Escobar) or worse (Their OF situation).

  12. Bad example, they where looking to trade there franchise player because there owner was going through a messy divorce, but I'm pretty sure someone bought the team from him.

    Point remains the same, small market teams across the league eventually have their great players priced out from them. It's why CC Sabathia is a Yankee, it's why Johan Santana is a Met, ect.

    I'm not saying that there still wouldn't be some cases where players are priced off of their current teams, but they would be in a much better position to keep them if the playing field was leveled out some.

  13. What a communist....

    Salary caps don't do anything for the fans. They hurt the players. The only ones who benefit are owners.

    Easy to say a Salary Cap doesn't do anything for the fans when you're a Yankee fan.

    Not quite as easy to say when you're a Padres fan and your team is forced to look into trading the face of their franchise because they "Cannot afford" him anymore (Which we all know is bull****), while letting your legendary closer walk over a couple million dollars.

    The players wouldn't lose any money in a properly managed system, sure, the Yankees would spend less, but teams like the Marlins would be forced to spend more, the cap numbers would adjust as the economy adjusts to changing times. In the end, it evens out.

  14. I don't mind Sproles getting tagged, the Chargers decided that he was worth Top 5 Runningback money, while I certaintly don't agree with their opinion, if they have the cap situation to be able to afford that then more power to them.

    I think the one thing I'd have an issue with is the players who are getting tagged multiple times like Terrell Suggs and Karlos Dansby. Yeah, they get a 20% raise the second time around, but I don't think it's fair to continue to not allow these players to hit the open market in hopes of the long-term deal. I think there should be a 1 Tag limit.

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