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  1. Some new shots from today...ignore the people, lol Full Gallery - http://picasaweb.google.com/guarnierijack/CitiFieldTour#5316516120268243698 (New Ad, Emblem Health) (Sopranos and Monopoly Pinball) (Pool Table) (Ugly Carpet Again, lol) (Clubhouse shot) (Notice the Shea-style Players on the nameplates)
  2. From the "things that may only interest me" section....this might be the coolest advertisment ever. On top of the stadium, only visible for passing air traffic. (Credit - Newsday http://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/ny-pg-stadiums-aerials,0,7472698.photogallery Some nice aerials of both stadiums in there)
  3. lol, It was more interesting to see the prices go down on something with the new ballpark then "Major News", I was obviously exaggerating when I said that.
  4. Whoa, we might have stumbled onto some major news here. From Islandxtreme's pictures today Shea had $8 dollar beer and $4.25 water last year. Could it be? Cheaper Beer?
  5. Maurice Jones Drew only weighs 208 and is one of the most physical RB's in the league. Size isn't everything. With that said, I really like Andre Brown though.
  6. There are two positions where I especially care about the wonderlic. QB, and ILB (Traditionally the "QB of the Defense"). Simply because of all the reading of the opposing team that those positions require, you want someone smart there. Wide Reciever though? Who cares if your smart, just if you can get open and catch the ball.
  7. (Same here.) To see the full gallery - http://www.metsrefugees.com/forum/showpost.php?p=84228&postcount=972
  8. From thrill5one6 of Baseball-Fever (Had a tour this morning) (Notice Dunkin Donuts Sign above Bullpens) (Maybe it just hit me, but that sign is alot more blue and orange then I initially thought).
  9. And we can't do that for TJ? Don't give him a new long-term deal but see if you can agree to a restructure that is just enough to keep him happy for another year.
  10. Both sides have too much to lose in the case of a lockout/strike. They'll threaten to do so, but in the end they'll end up sitting down and working things out...
  11. Credit to bluenautica of Baseball-Fever And last, but not least... (Welcome sign with Skyline Silhouette) I love how this ballpark looks at night, gotta be one of the best looking ballparks at night.
  12. (Directory Sign) (Scoreboard in Wiffle Ball Field Working)
  13. Credit to BlueNautica of Baseball-Fever (Skyline on Top of CF Plaza?) Zoomed In: (Two new Banners, Staub/McGraw on Left and beginning of an 86 Banner on Right)
  14. Wait, what? Darren McFadden was as productive as any RB in the league last year when he was on the field and given the ball, he just had an injury plagued year. He's most likely going to be a superstar in this league.
  15. Tom Kaminisky of CBS http://www.wcbs880.com/pages/4052432.php?imageGalleryXRefId=993119#imgXR Another banner up in LF Corner Plaza Wiffle-Ball Field Old Shea site
  16. I like Joyner but... A) You're comparing Jay Cutler's 3rd season to Brett Favre's final season. There's still reason to believe that Jay Cutler will continue to grow as a Quarterback and make better decisions as he gets more experience. I would think the percentage of Quarterbacks that leveled off and never improved after their 3rd season is probably less then 10%. He's implying Brett Favre's production last year as if it's completely a bad thing. I'd gladly sign up for the Brett Favre of the First 11 games last year, as long as I don't get the Brett Favre of the Last 5 games last year to come with it.
  17. I think you're underestimating how much work is involved in draft preparation. The Jets have to extensively research something like 350 players each and every year, plus whoever interests them in Free Agency. It's a full-time job and then some. There's a reason contract extensions are almost never handled this time of the year.
  18. Maybe, but that's about the equivalent of saying that sure Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but he's not a great athlete. In terms of a Left Tackle, Pass Protection is the first, second, and third important aspect of the job, Run Blocking is almost a bonus. Oh and by the way, you're crazy if you think Denver wants D'Brick. They have a guy named Ryan Clady who is pretty damn good already, possibly even better then D'Brick.
  19. I'd rather Tannenbaum was spending his time focusing on things like the draft and the remainder of Free Agency right now. There's plenty of downtime after the draft to take care of Leon with.
  20. The Pats would be scary with Peppers. With Jason Taylor though? I'm not sure that's even an upgrade at this point, he looked completely done last year. Go ahead, sign Jason Taylor. Please do!
  21. Any team can talk to Peppers about a contract, as he was offered a non-exclusive franchise tag. No team can talk to the Panthers about a trade, as Peppers is technically unsigned right now, he would need to sign the Franchise Tag offer in order to begin negotiating a trade.
  22. I donate blood every chance I get.
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