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  1. If it came down to it.....if Darren Sproles is franchise tag worthy, then Leon is franchise tag worthy. But really, one thing Tannenbaum has made sure of is that we don't lose anybody we really want to keep to Free Agency. Thomas, Cotchery, Rhodes have all been locked up either before or during their contract season. I'm not that concerned about it to be fully honest.
  2. Teams usually don't take care of extensions this time of year, they're too preoccupied with Free Agency and Draft Preparation. My guess is they'll sit Leon down after the draft and begin to work on a contract then. They'll leave enough in the budget enough to take care of him, no worries there.
  3. I don't quite understand that either.... - Neither Tampa Bay or Detroit have a QB significantly more appealing then either Clemens or Ratliff to offer. - Unless Detroit is willing to offer, and Denver is willing to pay the #1 overall pick (Both highly unlikely), neither of them could offer a better draft pick then the Jets. My guess is their stance is them being willing to offer more (or better) in terms of quantity of picks then the Jets are, but they certainly didn't explain themselves well in that article.
  4. There's always some nagging Spring Injuries while guys work themselves into shape, which often turn into missing a week or two just to be overly cautious. I hate the sound of the word "Indefinately" with this one though, sounds like he'll be missing some of the regular season. Hope Castro and Cancel are up to the task.
  5. Not really fair considering that most of the Gator WR busts over the last 20 years were Spurrier players, and he's gone now. I think the only real significant WR prospects they've had over the last couple years were Chad Jackson (Injury related bust) and Andre Caldwell (Too soon to tell).
  6. +1. Really, nothing more needs to be said. But just for ****s and giggles, I will. Clemens also had a Rushing Touchdown.
  7. I doubt it'll be any more so then any other ballparks.....most stadiums have pretty dark colored seats. Plus, wouldn't they try and make the seats of a material that won't absorb as much heat from the sun?
  8. Still by citifaithful of Baseball-Fever (Leaf and Stem on Home Run Apple, also painting part of the exposed concrete to the Left of the Apple Black) (Wise Snacks) (Scoreboard)
  9. More by citifaithful of Baseball-Fever (Jackie Robinson Rotunda) (Jackie Robinson Rotunda) (Jackie Robinson Rotunda) (Jackie Robinson Rotunda) (Jackie Robinson Rotunda) (Jackie Robinson Rotunda)
  10. Credit to citifaithful of Baseball-Fever Full Gallery - http://www.flickr.com/photos/36510677@N03/ (Ribbon Board working) (Orange Piping on Outfield Wall, almost makes up for the Dark Grey wall color) (Scoreboard) (Scoreboard) (Citibank sign on the Rotating Ad)
  11. Holy **** Team USA can't stay healthy.... Oh well, crossing fingers that Wright and Putz (And K-Rod) stay healthy.
  12. None of the money he is scheduled to make the next 2 years is guaranteed, but that doesn't mean there's no cap penalty for cutting him. There's still the pro-rated portion of his signing bonus remaining on his contract. We'd take a 3 million cap hit for cutting/trading him (Compared to his 2.5 million cap hit otherwise) this year. We'd actually be losing money against the salary cap by letting him walk right now. Next year, he counts 7.4 million against the cap, but we'd only take a 1.5 million cap hit for cutting/trading him, making for a potential 5.9 million in cap savings next offseason.
  13. I never thought he was all that great a prospect to begin with, nice fastball with very little secondary offerings and mediocre (at best) control. More lucky then good last year with his 1.41 WHIP.
  14. All the more reason to see if he'll restructure for more money up front. Then it's not a new deal, no new money involved, so you're not being hypocritical, but are able to keep him happy.
  15. Credit to johnql from Baseball-Fever For more - http://s636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87/johnql/CF%203-18-09/
  16. My first post in this thread. Why are we going back and forth if we agree?
  17. If by being punished you mean actually giving a vital part of the teams offense a fair salary for 2009, then yes. Assuming he doesn't show signs of decline in 2009, he would probably be worth about that amount. But that doesn't mean the Jets will continue to pay him that much. The Jets can save a pretty significant amount against the cap if they let him walk and it seems pretty logical that they will and look to replace him with more of a long-term solution at that point (Which will probably come cheaper via the draft).
  18. I'd be surprised if we didn't sign one of Rolle, McAlister, or Ivy. We need the CB depth, and there really seems to be a lack of interest in the last 2 otherwise, a little too early to saw what the market is for Rolle though. And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rule, fwiw.
  19. Not really, Jones is due to recieve 1 Million (100K of which he's foregoing by not living up to his workout clause) in REAL MONEY for the remainder of his contract, coming off a year where he led the AFC in Rushing. The 5.9 million which he is due for 2010 he'll never see with the way his contract is currently written.
  20. Thomas Jones was 28 years old when he signed that contract. Edgerrin James was 27 years old when he signed his 4 year / 30.5 million (7.625 million per) contract with the Cardinals. Granted, James hasn't lived up to that contract, whereas Jones has, but how is that really any different?
  21. Except I wasn't citing extremes, like you are with rookie salary, I was citing fair market value contracts for NFL Runningbacks.
  22. It absolutely is....have you looked around the league lately? Michael Turner got 34.5 million (5.75 million/yr) with less then 300 carries rushing in his CAREER at the time. You're seriously trying to tell me that Thomas Jones, coming off of 2 straight thousand yard seasons, wasn't worth 6.5 million for the first 2 years of his new deal? Steven Jackson signed a deal last year worth for 44.805 million, or 7.46 million/yr. Saying Thomas Jones hasn't been worth 6.5 million a year might be one of the dumbest things I've ever read on this board, no offense.
  23. ...No more then fair market value for an annual 1,000 yard rusher.
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