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  1. The JETS do not have the cap room actually... they need to re-sign Leon... plus the rookies... and they need to keep some space available for FA pickups when the cuts roll in...

    They only have 13 million or so...


    Draft picks

    FA's for depth, possibly even a starter...

    That will go quick...

    Leon and Draft Picks shouldn't take up more then 7 million or so in 2009 Cap Space, considering that most deals are backloaded in general. There's enough room to take care of TJ if they so chose, without really making any cutbacks elsewhere.

  2. I love how everybody is saying his 2008 season was inflated because of the Offensive Line, but nobody is willing to admit that his 2007 season was deflated because of the Offensive Line as well. He didn't slack off or anything in 2007, the only difference between the two seasons was the 5 men in front of him.

    As for his contract situation, nobody can sit here and tell me that him making 900K in Real Money next season is fair market value for him. I say quietly restructure his deal and give him a portion of that 2010 money next season before bridges get burned, but don't extend his deal, we really need TJ for next season.

  3. Yeah, that was an amazing game that really got taken over by the Mets on both sides. Wright had the walk-off and the nice play at the plate early on, Beltran robbed a Home Run, Delgado hit a Home Run, Putz looked completely filthy, that game got me pumped up for this season :)

  4. Buying tickets conveniently, online or over the telephone, has become the preferred option for many, Howard said. "Our customers are moving more and more to online and phone sales," he said. "We've been seeing that, for the past couple years, in-person sales have dwindled."
    Pretty much says it all right there...

    Waiting outside the ballpark overnight is an extinct art (Or at least, it should be).

  5. Backup O-Lineman are usually mid rounders, not 2nd rounders. I also think the Jets are more comfortable with Turner and Hunter then you'd think, they used them a ton last year with all the tackle eligible formations.

    The reason you'd consider DL is because Kenyon Coleman is average so there's room for a draft pick to step up into his starting gig, and NT is the most important position on the field defensively, so that might be the only position where it'd make sense to invest so heavily in a backup. I think CB will also get more serious consideration then most think since Sheppard might be essentially on a 1 year deal.

  6. If only they showed the dozens of plays where he completely missed his target, the couple dozen terrible decisions he made with the football, the plays where it took him way too long to make a decision with the football which would have been a sack in the NFL.

    Lets just say, there's a reason they call it "Highlights", because it only gives you one part of the story (The good). The rest of the story with Josh Freeman is cringe inducing.

  7. If they don't take Moreno there, I'll dig Tanny's eyeballs out with a spoon and then force feed them to him.

    Thomas Jones has a year left of being a franchise back and Leon is an x-factor type, not a feature back. What would effectively happen is, in a year or 2 we will not only be asking "Who's going to be our QB?" but "Who's going to carry the rock 20 times a game?" It'd be nice to fill holes preemptively instead of waiting until it's a need. Crazy idea right??

    Unfortunately, the only situation where it makes sense to fill future holes is when you don't have any current holes, and you certainly can't say that about the Jets. Maybe we take a RB in the 3rd or 4th round, but that's about it.

  8. There are plenty of decent-to-good qbs who were drafted into bad teams and bad situations and just couldn't recover no matter where they ended up later. See Joey Harrington and David Carr.

    ....and there's also dozens of quarterbacks who learned on the job and ended up better for it. Eli Manning was pretty awful as a young QB as well, among a couple dozen others. Point is, we won't truly know what we have in Clemens until we let him play.

    Granted, if you can get a Jay Cutler you go for it, I just don't think it's likely. Even if Denver somehow goes bat**** insane and makes him available, there are teams with much better packages to potentially offer (Like Detroit).

  9. Yeah, nowadays having the #1 pick is more of a curse then a blessing because of the obscene contract that comes with it. Add in the lack of a prospect truly worth spending the #1 overall pick on, and it's a tough sell IMO.

    Now if you said the #10 pick, that would be a more interesting debate. A much more reasonable contract and you could get a legit player with it.

  10. as the 2010 FA class for outfielders is weak other than Bay, Vlade, Dye, Holliday, Ankiel.

    Did you seriously just say that? That's like saying that the Yankees lineup is weak without A-Rod, Teixeira, Posada, Jeter, and Cano. That's a pretty significant OF class right there.

    Crawford and Maggs have either player or club options with buyouts. I don't think there is any way the Tigers pickup Magg's at 15 mill.

    Ordonez has a vesting option, essentially as long as he stays healthy he's getting that option.

    Sox likely figure if push comes to shove they overpay for one of the above while Bay figures the Yanks will do the same for him if they don't get their number 1 target (Likely Holliday).

    I'm taking a guess here, but the Sox are likely hoping to use the recession to their advantage. In a market where Burrell got 2/16, Dunn got 2/20, and Abreu got 1/5, the Sox probably don't want to be giving out 15 million a year to Jason Bay, but that's what Bay expects to get paid (And understandably so).

  11. He clearly wasn't healthy when he was throwing, so it's no surprise to me, hopefully it's not something that'll keep him out long-term and he can be back sooner rather then later.

    I hate to go there, but Livan hasn't been awful so far.

    I personally prefer Niese but they want him to get more developmental time it seems.

  12. Couple things:

    1) Team USA should be ashamed of themselves. We've got the biggest names in the game and we can't hold our sh*t together.

    2) I like the WBC.

    3) Yes, the event is at a bad time, but after playing 162-182 games, I'm not sure many players will be feeling at their best to play a few more. MAYBE they could do something during the winter ball season, but that would negate most US sites from hosting events (or require play within domes, which suck for baseball purposes).

    4) The pitch counts are retarded, but the MLB clubs won't approve the event without them.

    The biggest problem is that too many people are treating this like an alternate spring training. Why was Peavy allowed to struggle tonight? Because "he needed to get his work in"!!! Go throw in the bullpen! This is a competitive game. Team USA needs a new manager.

    Don't mess with Davey.

    I agree Peavy shouldn't have been allowed to struggle out there for so long, but is there any doubt that Davey was being undermined by the MLB teams? If Peavy sucks, you should be able to tell him to throw his next 50 pitches in the bullpen instead of in the game.

  13. Not to mention, ERFA is not really a Free Agent at all.

    There is one other kind of free agent, which isn't really very "free" at all. That is the Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA). Such a player has no more than two accrued seasons in the NFL and may only sign with his prior team, provided, of course, that the team extends a minimum qualifying offer to the player.
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