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  1. 1st round wr's are a crapshoot at best and more often than not are complete busts.

    get the best available wr in rd 2 and be thankful you didn't draft a bust wr in rd 1.

    ....because the odds are better in Round 2 then they are in Round 1?

    And this idea that WR's are more of a crapshoot then other positions is completely untrue. All positions have busts, it happens.

  2. Instant Karma, most accounts have DHB as a very willing blocker. Of course, being willing as a blocker and blocking well are 2 different things, but it at least shows the willingness to try.

    Really though, the issue with DHB is right now he's still a little more of a track star then a WR. He doesn't run routes well, there's some questions about his toughness (Although I personally believe they are largely overblown), but most importantly is despite having his fair share of highlights, was easily the least productive WR among those considered for the 1st round (Most of his supporters are quick to point to Poor QB play and a Run-First Offense that didn't target him enough, but Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt seemed to perform just fine in spite of that).

    But with his size and his speed and his seemingly good hands, his upside is being an Truly Elite WR in a couple years, and it's not very often you have the chance to grab someone with that kind of ceiling. It's a high risk pick, but a chance you can easily justify taking.

  3. I think the difference is more in the finer points of the job. Keller more often then not gets open because of raw athletic ability, as I've never really thought of Keller as a particularly crisp route runner. And as you've pointed out, Keller does drop the occasional pass. Nicks already excells at both areas. This is significant because Keller is a significantly quicker athlete then anybody he matches up at Tight End, but that wouldn't be the case at WR (Although I imagine being 30 pounds larger then just about any DB would help quite a bit).

    I do agree with you in that I question if Nicks is a True #1 though, I wonder if he may in fact be closer to Cotchery then Boldin (Who his supporters make him out to be). I have him about 5th on my wish list, behind Crabtree, Maclin, Britt, and Heyward-Bey.

  4. I don't think any major professional sports league would ever put a team in Las Vegas. These leagues are scared to death of gambling accusations.

    I really don't think it's that big of an issue anymore. It's so easy to gamble nowadays from anywhere in the world today thanks to the Internet that if anybody was inclined to do so that they can.

    The only thing that avoiding a major market like Las Vegas accomplishes is maybe a little symbolism against gambling. But realistically speaking, there's really no benefit.

  5. 1) Even while being listed as a Tight End, Keller sees plenty of time in the slot or even out wide already. A full-time move is not necessary in order to use him in the way you're thinking.

    2) I might be the only one, but I don't think Keller was a completely awful blocker last year. He still needs work, but many young Recieving TE's are underdeveloped on the blocking aspect and it takes a couple years for them to learn it in the pros. Jeremy Shockey used to be regarded as an awful blocker and now he's very good at it.

    3) As pointed out, Keller is an excellent athlete for a Tight End......but he would have slightly below-average speed for a full time WR. A 4.55 40 time for a Wide Receiver is not very impressive. Of course, you'd be hard pressed to find many 6'2, 248 pound WR's so it may not matter. For someone who isn't much of a route runner (At least IMO) and has dropped more then a couple passes, it's a small concern.

  6. Oaklands new ballpark got ax. Doesn't look like it's going to happen, at least in Freemont, CA.

    Also the distance from Oakland to Los Angeles is 354 miles. The distance from Oakland to San Diego is 454 miles. That's like New York to Virginia and New York to Cleveland. Completely different markets. Oakland shares the same market with San Francisco, but that's an NL team anyways. A's are a storied franchise, they just need a new ballpark.

    The distance argument is a fair point, but I don't think for a minute that there is a high density of A's fans that are located more then 50 miles from Oakland. They're pretty much a regional team in that area in a market that is dominated by San Francisco and Los Angeles x 2.....and San Diego has the new ballpark so they're not going anywheres.

    I'm just saying, it might be the best thing for their franchise if they were the Las Vegas A's.

  7. Pudge easily can be a starter in NL, i still dont see why he doesnt have a job.

    I'm not saying there isn't a team out there where he couldn't catch, but don't think that team is the Mets...

    Ivan Rodriguez 2008 .276/.319/.394/.714

    Brian Schneider 2008 .257/.339/.367/.707

    Pretty similar caliber hitters at this point, and I don't think anybody will argue for Pudge Defensively at this point. He's still a terrible game-caller.

  8. My guess is past round 1 (Assuming we go WR like I fully expect) you start thinking more long-term/depth. We have some players like Thomas Jones who doesn't have much left in the tank, guys like Ellis and Jenkins aren't spring chickens anymore and could use depth. That's where I'd be looking. I'd love to bring in a backup NT like Ron Brace or Sammie Lee Hill in Round 2 or 3.

  9. I'd sign Douglas as well, AND draft a backup DL or two in the draft. Get a real rotation going with the D-Line. None of our backup D-Line (Pouha, Mosley, Brown, DeVito) have shown me anything to think they're not completely replaceable.

  10. He's available. To paraphrase the old joke, we've already established that McDaniels is an idiot, we're just haggling over how big an idiot. The bidding war is already going on. We just don't hear about it because the Broncos don't need to drive the market and the teams who will end up losing out don't want to have been seen pursuing him for the price he will end up costing, which will of course be spectacular.

    Yeah, negotiations are going on....

    Mike Tannenbaum: Hey, what would it take to get Jay Cutler?

    Broncos GM: *click*

    Mike Tannenbaum: Hello? You there? Must have gotten disconnected.

  11. I for one love the tournament. It's nice seeing the players play games that actually mean something, even if it's nothing more then pride. The ridiculous pitch counts are a little disappointing, but certainly understandable with the money invested in these players, and logistically, I really don't see a much better way to pull it off. Players will cite fatigue after the season, nevermind it would interfere with many of the Winter Leagues in other countries then.

    The one idea I thought of that might be a little bit better is if they removed the All-Star Break that year, and substituted the WBC in it's place mid-season. Of course, they would have to find a way to shorten the WBC then so they're not taking weeks off in the middle of the year. Maybe just have a 16 team single elimination tournament in it's place.

  12. I don't think contraction is the answer, I think many of the teams could be in pretty good situations with a few changes.

    For one, places like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Washington, Texas, and Kansas City are great sports towns, what they need is a competitive team to bring the fans back. Those are towns that could draw 2.5-3 million easily down the line if the fans had reason to go to the games.

    The Marlins need A) New Ownership and B) The New Ballpark. They had a great fanbase when they first opened up but the firesales of ownership has soured the fans on the team (understandably so). They also need a Dome stadium as the weather in South Florida during the summer can be awful at times between the Rain and the Unreasonably Hot Temperatures. If their stadium was climate controlled they could draw alot better.

    The Rays need better facilities, their stadium is a dump. Still, I expect to see a huge spike in attendance next year now that fans have a reason to go to the games.

    I think the only team I would really look to move would be Oakland, and that's just because they're in an overpopulated market with Los Angeles x2, San Diego, San Francisco right in their backyard. Of course, they're talking about a new ballpark as well now so it's doubtful that happens.

  13. I liked Sanchez, it's a shame to see him go. Very interested to see how the Mets plan on rounding out the bullpen now, I'm hoping they give Parnell the first shot, but since he has options and someone like Brian Stokes does not I'm assuming that they won't.

  14. If done right, I'd have no problem with Leftwich, but you get the feeling that if things aren't going well early on in the season, instead of giving the kid a chance to work through it, that they'd go for the "Known Quantity" and never look back, which is the last thing we need.

  15. Right... your point?

    They will trade Cutler for what they feel is the right value... you dont think they can get a franchise QB with 2 #1 picks? Or maybe patch the other 59 holes in that team?

    The odds of drafting a quarterback about as good as Jay Cutler with a draft pick, even a 1st round draft pick, is less then 25%.

    Statistically speaking, trading Jay Cutler for 2 first round picks would be a terrible deal as the odds are unlikely that you could even replace him with that, nevermind upgrade to make it worthwhile. Then again, most player for high draft pick trades are terrible deals when you look at it that way.

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