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  1. I think they'll match. The Jets tried to pinch pennies a little when they didn't give him the 2nd round tender in the first place (Which nobody would have even brought him in for a visit if he had a 2nd round tag on him, lets be real, there was no potential draft pick to gain for losing Abram Elam.), but considering we still seem to be in a pretty good cap position and could use Elam and it's not a hard contract to match, I believe we'll do so now. There's no explanation necessary in my eyes.

  2. He's most likely replacing Cody Spencer, who played primarily on special teams. Spencer recently signed with the Lions.

    What he said, it's unlikely Izzo plays more then a snap of Defense here and there.

    Still, I'm not crazy over Special Teams only players (Outside of Kicker, Punter, Long Snapper and Returner).

  3. He probably won't have any pain, being that they are going to repair the torn labrum.


    Remember the season doesn't start for another 4 weeks. Meaning the latest we can get him back is April 27th. Far better than July or August.

    I'm no doctor, but from what I've read is that even though they're fixing the Labrum, the underlying condition (The cyst) is still there. Even the doctor performing the procedure said that this would only make it about an 85-90% chance that he is able to play through the season. Considering this is going to make him miss part of the regular season anyways, I would say just get the procedure over with so you can come back completely healthy. But who knows, I'm sure they know a little better then I do.

  4. I hate to say we should draft for need, but there's really only 3 positions that make any lick of sense for our 1st rounder when you look at our needs objectively..... QB, WR, and DE. Personally, I think the "needs" at DE are overblown and it's the lack of depth that concerns me more then our starters, so I'd probably wait there. I like Sanchez, but we seem committed to go with what we currently have here, so WR makes the most sense. At least in my opinion.

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  5. Olshansky really hasn't been all that great a player, his entire career he's been streaky and ran hot and cold, disappearing for long stretches of games. I'm not sure he's even better then what we already have, the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

    Ask yourself something, if he was such a great player like everyone here seems to think he is, why did his own team, despite having plenty of cap space and seemingly no replacement, do almost nothing to retain him?

  6. Well, they were what, 7-9? 8-8? last year with a poor o-line, and no one to take any pressure off of Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch. Double-team Evans and put 8 in the box on Lynch and who's gonna beat you? Robert Royal?

    Now, they have T.O. Good as our corners our, there is not a corner in the league besides Assamuagha that I'd trust one on one with Lee Evans on a go route.

    7-9, But that's including a Stunning 0-6 in the AFC East. Keep in mind the easy schedule that the entire AFC East benefited from last year, that's not going to happen again this year. We get the pleasure of playing both the South divisions this year instead of the West Coast teams.

    Their Offense can be real good if they spend the entire rest of the draft and Free Agency investing in their O-Line, but we don't know that they will.

    As for Lee Evans, he's a speedster, but not overly physical. I'm confident that Sheppard can keep up with him.

  7. I got about 45 seconds in and saw two awful throws then stopped... Im sure there are some good ones too.. but man those bad ones were... BAD... lol

    Like I said, it was ALL his passes in that game, not just the highlights. He really catches on fire after the rough start. It's impressive to say the least. He threw for 400 yards and 4 Touchdowns in that game.

  8. No its not... the point is you can name 10 guys that are tall and won for every one guy you can name that was short and won...

    Brett Favre 6'2

    Chad Pennington 6'3

    Brady Quinn 6'3

    David Garrard 6'1

    Tyler Thigpen 6'1

    Jay Cutler 6'3

    Donovan McNabb 6'2

    Tony Romo 6'2

    Drew Brees 6'0

    Jeff Garcia 6'1

    Jake Delhomme 6'2

    Aaron Rodgers 6'2

    Gus Frerotte 6'3

    Marc Bulger 6'3

    Kurt Warner 6'2

    Shaun Hill 6'3

    That's 16 Starting Quarterbacks last year who were listed at 6'3 (The same height Mark Sanchez is listed at) or below. In other words, that's half the league right there.

    Of those 16 Quarterbacks, 4 (Favre, Cutler, Warner, and Brees) made the Pro Bowl in 2009 and 5 (Pennington, Quinn, Cutler, McNabb, Rodgers) were 1st Round Picks.

  9. He has a "Pennington" arm... everyone calls it "strong enough"... good luck with that... He is not as good as Leinart...

    Comparing Sanchez's arm to Pennington's arm is retarded. There is no comparison. Sanchez has a very respectable arm, it's just not a Matthew Stafford-like cannon, but there's absolutely zero reason why Sanchez can't make all the throws.

  10. I like the tradition of some of the older uniforms, but alot of the modern uniforms I really like as well.

    Old School - Colts, Bears, Jets, Browns, Steelers, Cowboys, Lions, Saints

    New School - Falcons, Cardinals, Texans, Bucs, Rams

    I think we can all agree on the worst though.


  11. When I saw Grady Jackson sign a three year, $8M deal to play in Detroit (DETROIT!), I wondered where the Jets were looking when that happened. Pretty cheap contract that would've been an excellent rotation man with Jenkins.

    One would think he would have opted for a starting gig over being a rotational player anyways, even if we slightly beat that price.

  12. I don't really care about Coles 'shot'....we have a completely unproven and unsettled QB situation. Likewise, Carson Palmer is a damn good QB. They're just facts.

    The only thing I'd take issue with is how fake he is being about the whole process. We all know Coles would be back here if we offered 1 dollar more then the Bengals, regardless of the QB situation. That's just who he is.

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