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  1. I didn't completely hate Favre like some (Although he definitely cost us the season down the stretch), but he's done. You could tell during his talks with the media that he himself is unsure if he can still play football at a high level anymore, which is a huge difference from his "I can still play, I'm just not sure I want to" line from his last retirement. I just think after his antics the last couple years that some people aren't going to fully believe he's retired until it's Week 1 next season and he's still hunting in Mississippi. And even if all that somehow changes and he gets the itch to play again, he won't be a Jet anymore. We moved on, we signed other players with his salary cap space and I don't think we have enough flexibility in our cap to re-add his 13 million salary to the payroll on top of the other moves we would potentially want/need to do. We still have a whole draft class to sign.
  2. Not to play devils advocate too much, but do you think playing on a team that had little chance of competing might have had something to do with said lack of focus (Sorta like Randy Moss with the Raiders)? Nevermind, I would hope focus would improve as a player matures.....And unlike Terrell Owens he's never really been labeled a cancer. A bit of a primadonna maybe, but not a cancer..... I'd take a chance on him if the price was right, guys with his talent do not grow on trees.
  3. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2009/03/cleveland_browns_sign.html
  4. 15 Year Career + 5 years after he retires = HOF 2029 Class.
  5. Cutler's future is wearing a Broncos uniform for the next 10 years, at least. It's just the reality of the situation.... ....and I have a hard time getting excited about Byron Leftwich, who was practically out of the league until last year where he threw 36 decent passes and now people want him to start again. I really think we're going to be sticking with the competition, the only thing I can picture making us reconsider is if we have the chance to pick either Stafford or Sanchez at 17.
  6. Someone like Kris Jenkins only ends up playing something like 65% of the Snaps, as lets face it, 360 pound men don't exactly have a ton of stamina built up in them. A player like Ron Brace would be getting a good 35% of the snaps at Nose Tackle, and yeah, you could probably find him another 10 snaps a game at DE if you so chose. There is enough playing time out there to justify such a move. Ideally, I'd hope to address it later then the 2nd round, but if they like Brace I'm fine with it.
  7. Seems like a light contract....worse players like Andre Goodman signed for more in Total Value. Surprising to me. Either way, excellent addition for the Saints.
  8. Umm, Shaun Ellis has missed 4 games in his 9 year career here, and Coleman hasn't missed any as a Jet. Durability is far from a problem. Douglas would be okay, just would prefer my backup to have a little more upside personally.
  9. Pennington had negative trade value with his contract. No chance we were getting anything for him, as no team wanted any part of that contract.
  10. Like how over the years the Patriots have signed/traded for Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Adalius Thomas, Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison, ect. I could go back to the Super Bowl years and point out Corey Dillon, Ted Washington, ect. as well. Plenty of good teams have imported players from outside to fill needs, especially when they have a lot of extra salary cap space in their favor. The better question here, is since Mike Tannenbaum took over, who exactly have we lost that we wanted to keep? All of our Big FA's (Thomas, Cotchery, Rhodes) have been locked up before they reached the open market. Our spending has not prevented us from retaining our solid players. Hence why the Jets might have done something like keeping the same Offensive Coordinator and Special Teams Coordinator, and while they are implementing a new defensive system, they have brought in 2 starters familiar with the system to help ease in the transition? Those were all under the previous regime(s), so I'm not sure how that's really relevant anymore. And for the record, Derrick Ward was a 7th rounder who was on our practice squad that they took. Perhaps we should have found a way to protect him, but we had Curtis Martin and LaMont Jordan at the time at that position, hardly the top of our priorities that year. Traded, received great compensation for Abraham and pretty reasonable compensation for Vilma in a contract year with a degenerative knee condition. Seriously? The guy had shown nothing since 2002 to think that he was anything better then an average run-of-the-mill QB. How many years did we need to give him? Should have been able to work something out if not for Mangini's childish behavior (Putting him in Rookie dorms, Playing him with the Second Team, ect). Was traded for fair compensation, just didn't really have a back-up plan. But, I don't really fault Tannenbaum there. I blame Mangini for exacerbating the situation until he had to leave. We have a core, It's players like Rhodes, Revis, Harris, Pace, Jenkins, Ellis and now Scott on Defense. It's players like Faneca, Mangold, Ferguson, Cotchery, TJones, LWashington, and Keller on Offense. We have an identity now, it's the smashmouth aggressive defense and ball control offense.
  11. http://www.nfl.com/draft/story?id=09000d5d80eef17e&template=without-video-with-comments&confirm=true (Not factoring in compensation picks) Round 1 Pick 17 Round 2 Pick 52 Round 3 Pick 76 (From Saints - Vilma) Round 4 Pick 111 (From Redskins - Kendall) Round 6 Pick 180 Round 7 Pick 211 Traded Picks Round 3 Pick 83 (To Packers - Favre) Round 4 Pick 114 (To Saints - Vilma) Round 5 Pick 145 (To Eagles - Sheppard)
  12. Yeah, I think it's just a player trying to do the right thing so his WR gets taken care of as well, which in turn makes Warner much more likely to get back to the Super Bowl.
  13. I love Britt, but most people have him a bit behind DHB, Nicks, and Harvin. Depending how the draft is going, I'd love to trade down a few spots and still get one of the receivers. Of course, that depends on how quickly they're flying off the draft board when it comes time for us to pick.
  14. Sakoda will be lucky to go in the 6th round, that'd be a horrible reach. As for the idea of drafting a kicker, I'm more then content re-signing either Nugent or Feely, I'd probably choose which by whoever comes cheaper. Nugent might not have been worth what we invested in him, but he was pretty solid back there. And Feely did great stepping in for him last year.
  15. Nothin out there worth spending on, bringing back Coles is the only thing that would interest me and I wouldn't give him more then 2 years. Probably gotta look draft to get what we need there. Good thing it's a real nice WR draft.
  16. I still like Gholston, I just think he was a bad mix with Eric Mangini's Defense, which tried to overload him on information. The NFL isn't always as complicated as Mangini makes it out to be though, someone like Gholston you point him in a direction and tell him to go hunt down a QB. Rex Ryan will understand that I think.
  17. I love this team, but it's not too hard to imagine if the QB situation doesn't play out like we'd like.
  18. Mangini screamed control freak, there's no doubt in my mind he had a heavy input in Schotty's offense. That's not to say he's going to be excellent now, but I think you'll see Leon get worked in a lot more, and more creativity in playcalling, not the same Brad Smith reverse every other week (Although to their credit it worked more often then not).
  19. They KNOW Clemens, they don't know Ratliff. As lets face it, only the diehards watch the 2nd half of preseason games.
  20. Disagree. Maybe last offseason they were building to win now, but this offseason (so far) they're thinking more long-term, which also comes with a new regime in town. They resisted the urge to bring in Ray Lewis, and opted for the younger Bart Scott instead. They brought in Lito Sheppard (28), Jim Leonhard (26), re-signed Brandon Moore (29). They let Laveranues Coles walk instead of signing him to an extension. This Offseason spending spree has been geared towards players where the best could be yet to come and/or players with plenty of years of potentially playing at a high level left in them. A different formula then last offseason with players like Faneca, Woody, and especially Favre.
  21. Well, obviously anybody would be a step down from Jenkins....(Just like anybody would have been an upgrade over D-Rob)....almost no NT's bring that kind of push consistently. But they need a better backup at NT, that much should be indisputable. When Jenkins left the game, teams ran on the Jets with ease. They need someone who can at the very least shut down the run on those plays Jenkins is out. Best thing the Jets could do for their defense IMO is invest in someone like Ron Brace to backup Jenk. Of course, 2nd round is a little earlier then I was hoping to spend the pick for, but the Ravens D invested a 1st rounder in Haloti Ngata with seemingly no need at the time and that worked out great. You can give him some snaps at DE as well.
  22. Please, every time Jenkins left the field the Defenses level of play fell off a cliff. Mosley is a JAG. Nothing to get worked up over losing.
  23. If losing Mosley means we go out and get someone who can truly back up Kris Jenkins, then this is a blessing in disguise.
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