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  1. Athletes rule in the NFL. Moreno just isn't a very good athlete and he doesn't break any tackles. Could he productive and successful in the NFL? Definitely. Just like most backs, he's gotta have a good situation. I think he's very similar to Thomas Jones, actually -- does everything pretty well, but nothing great. I hope they stay away from RB in the 1st round. Jets are better off with Shonn Green or Andre Brown in the 3rd or someone like Peerman or Sheets in the 4th/5th.
  2. WR Miles Austin: MERGED

    I hope the Jets aren't trying to be the smartest guys in the room here. Austin is a physically gifted young WR and is a solid return man. If he has a great season next year -- which is a possibility -- the Jets could look like geniuses. Of course it's a big risk, but I don't see it as any more of a risk than taking a rookie is. Austin is just as likely to help this year as any rookie is. His measureables are tremendous (runs in the 4.4s with a 41-inch vertical), but he had to learn the NFL WR position from the ground up -- not everybody has a rookie year like Colston. I think it would be a mistake for the Jets to make this trade, but I can understand why they at least want to give Austin a look. As far as who's available in the 2nd round and later, I like Inglesias, Robiskie and Derrick Williams in the 2nd round and late round guys like Mike Wallace, Patrick Turner, Tiquan Underwood, and Brooks Foster have potential. However, none of these players is more likely to have a better year than Austin.
  3. +1 Moreno is essentially another TJ. Will pick up yardage behind a very gool OL, can find the endzone and is a willing blocker. However, he goes down on 1st contact, won't make anybody miss, won't outrun anybody, and isn't what you look for when spending a 1st round pick on a RB. Nobody thinks TJ is overly talented. Nobody here would spend a 1st round pick on TJ. Moreno is nothing special. His athletic ability is nowhere near Chris Wells. Just say no to Moreno at 17.
  4. I don't understand why anyone thinks Rex would have to 'tame' Plaxico. He's not some crazy locker room cancer. He has legal trouble, and as you read in enormous letters, he's gonna do time. Plus get suspended by Goddell. There's no point in signing him until they find out what his situation is.
  5. I'd have to say stick it out at least through training camp with what we have. Then go after a veteran if nobody is shows what it takes to win games. We can draft a QB next year since we'll probably be drafting early if our QBs all suck in 09.
  6. Are you in a card carrying union member?
  7. The money given to the 17th overall isn't going to kill anybody's cap situation. Jarvis Moss was the 17th pick in 2007... is he killing the Broncos cap? Money isn't the issue at 17, which is why you take the best player. Wells, IMO, is the best player on this list by a mile.
  8. That was easy. Wells is by far the best player on the board here. DHB and Nicks shouldn't be 1st rounders, and Jackson plays a position with limited value in our system, and he has limited upside. He won't be a Richard Seymour. Wells, on the other hand, has game-changing ability at a position we're very suspect at in the near future. Our scat back is 27 and our horse is 31. Wells has been considered a player that could go in the top 10 since he was in high school. People have been searching for reasons to knock him. Questioning his toughness or his running style. He's a bonafide beast and the Jets would be lucky to get him.
  9. Seriously, people are being very stupid here. They need to get over their jealousy that the players are making millions of dollars and just look at the facts. More games = more work. If your boss came to you and said, what's your commute to work? You reply, about 45-60 minutes. Boss says, OK, I'm going to need you here an hour early and stay an hour late every day. Now you're working a 10 hour day (or more depending on your job), but I won't be paying you anything more. Oh yea, and you're working every other Saturday, too. Not one person here would be happy with that. NFL players are paid much, much more money than just about any of us, but its still their job. Nobody wants to work more for the same salary. Period. There's no way this holds up in the union. The owners will have to give up something in the CBA. As far as the performance bonuses go, I'm sure owners will contend that those numbers will need to be adjusted as well. Another bye week is almost a necessity for this 18 game season, and it's going to drag the season out another month...question is, do they add it to the front or back end of the season? I think they should add it on to the back end.
  10. Whats with all the ****ing *s

    That's better.
  11. Whats with all the ****ing *s

    I know what day it is. I haven't been to this site in a few weeks and I'm not sure how long this has been going on...
  12. Whats with all the ****ing *s

    I didn't realize this Jets site was being run from communist China... So just to recap: ******, **********, ***, ***, *****, ***** and many many more are no longer permitted on this site, but it's OK to talk about these things -- as long as you're smart enough to get around the censorship? That makes sense...
  13. Whats with all the ****ing *s

    The reason is what exactly? I don't want to start my own website. I don't want to play mad libs. If you don't expect to read the words ******, **********, *** or the other words that have been censored, then why do you come here?