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  1. Yes, but so too does a blitzing safety or LB. And cheaper. I don’t want to spend a lot on D. It’s an O league and we have an O head coach and, finally, a franchise QB. SAR I
  2. Expensive. Need the money for the Offense. Gregg Williams is doing masterful things with an expansion-team quality Defense. Imagine what he can do when they're healthy. SAR I
  3. Don't change too much. This team is very good, far ahead of the rebuild, we're on track to win the division next season. If God stole our health this year he's going to give it back to us next year. Keep the core, build the OL through the draft, go FA to get two playmaking WR's and a CB, sign a legitimate K, and that's about it. SAR I
  4. Do you own a dog? _____ YES _____ NO SAR I
  5. Yes. Can't stand it. Being ordered to make noise makes us, wait for it, not want to make noise. SAR I
  6. Enunwa. IR Herndon. IR Griffin. IR Thomas. Out. Ficken. Untrustworthy. Who exactly is Darnold supposed to throw to? Playcalling changes when you can’t make a kick. How can we judge under these circumstances? SAR I
  7. We need you at the Pittsburgh game. It’s going to be a fun win. Don’t miss it. SAR I
  8. The only thing worse than a fire Gase thread is a chant worship thread. SAR I
  9. Gase was trying to score 3 fast TD’s, not 1 measly first down, trying to catch the D napping. Didn’t work. If it did, they’d say it was a brilliant decision. SAR I
  10. I’m no Gase fan. Just saying you can’t judge the man with a roster this injured and incomplete. Vince Lombardi couldn’t have won tonight. SAR I

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