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  1. Mike White is now #5 all time in TD passes for the NY Jets. 3 more to equal Richard Todd. SAR I
  2. My wife watches traditional cable, 1080i is good enough. I stream 90% of my content in HDR. Live sports is the only downside. SAR I
  3. Silly boy. Only Thursday Night Football games are in 4K this year, but you missed the World Series. At least you have the Olympics to look forward to. And a handful of NHL an NCAA games. Not much 4K content out there unfortunately. That's why you should savor tonight, because if the Jets don't get a TNF game next year there will be no 4K Jets until 2023 or beyond. SAR I
  4. You're in good shape. Just tune to Channel 1498. You should see an extremely crisp picture, every bead of sweat, every blade of grass. SAR I
  5. Yes, under one of two conditions: 1. You have the Fios One package with the right hardware. You would tune to specific 4K channels that you're already paying for. 2. You pay for standard Fios cable TV and thus have free access to the Fox Sports app. I'm a #2 and I have a 4K TV, so I use the Fox Sports app to stream 4K content. SAR I
  6. Just a head's up that tonight's game is being broadcast in 4K for those of you with 4K TV's and the FOX app (or a cable provider). SAR I
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