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  1. He would be fun to be around right now. SAR I
  2. +1 There’s a pandemic and a race war going on simultaneously and firing the new guy who got a terrible roster to a 6-2 finish is what they’re concerned about now? SAR I
  3. https://www.jetsinsider.com/forums/threads/130785-I-Am-very-drunK You chime in around Page 5. SAR I
  4. Stay strong. You will beat this. Get well soon. SAR I
  5. The 21-year-old Darnold will also make NFL history by becoming the youngest quarterback to start in Week 1 since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. (That means he's not your typical 3rd year starter. The average age of a starting NFL quarterback is 30. SAR I)
  6. CJ and the Jets handled this very well a few years back and I expect they'll do something similar again. Solidarity. SAR I
  7. +1 And the entire point of drafting a prospect so young is to throw him in and get him experienced. Unlike Tua or Burrow, Sam has 26 games 11 wins 6000 yards and 40 touchdowns under his belt. And it's not like the Jets were a Super Bowl team these past two seasons anyway. Quarterback is the one position on this team I don't worry about. How refreshing. SAR I
  8. The media has been awful to him from the start. From unsubstantiated rumors to picking on him for his eye disability to fanning the flames of dumb fans trying to run him out of town after a month, the press has been brutal to Adam and I don't begrudge him his cold demeanor. SAR I
  9. It's not nice to bring negativity into birthday threads. SAR I
  10. Only 23 and so much potential. Happy Birthday, bro. SAR I
  11. Same here. And if injuries are to blame we can't blame the coaching staff. SAR I

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