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  1. Bye Week Blues

    I'm about as diehard as they come, from 1980 to 2015 I didn't miss a single Jets game either live or on TV in that entire span, same for now. Love the Jets, that won't change. But on the rest of the NFL schedule it's been a slow fade for me these last two seasons, I just can't get excited to watch any other two teams play. Where I used to religiously watch and look forward to Monday nighters, Sunday nighters, and even Thursday nighters, these last few years I don't even know who's playing nor do I watch. There's no draw. There is no team I enjoy watching, no star player whose skill is a must- watch, no head coach I respect to that degree. If the NFL can lose me, they're in trouble.
  2. Thank you Vets!!!

    I pay big money to watch games on my terms. I ignore the garbage can toss. I disregard the pee week football scrimmage. But I can't ignore these soldiers begging for attention like a seal at feeding time. Others stand up and look at me funny when I don't. I don't need the Jets PA ordering me to stand up and clap 4x a game. Especially since we know it's all an advertisement for the military. The Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines pay for these boo-hoo moments, it's designed to get young kids to think it's a great career choice. SAR I
  3. Thank you Vets!!!

    You're right, but it doesn't mean we have to honor living service members at the end of every quarter of every game at MetLife Stadium. "Please welcome Captain Joe Blow who just completed his third tour of duty in Afghanistan". I don't want to hear it anymore. I don't want to be guilted into standing and applauding for a guy's career choice. SAR I
  4. Dated September 24. Guess he's now one of the least popular free agents. SAR I
  5. Where is ex-Buc Darrelle Revis? Maybe he was guilty and went to jail after all. SAR I
  6. McCown vs. Fitzpatrick would be the first time in NFL history that two quarterbacks who face each other have combined to play for every team in the NFL. SAR I
  7. LTE is very good on the train from Hong Kong to China. Streaming the game on Slingbox. SAR I
  8. Thankfully I'm in China so I won't be able to see or hear this. Good luck tonight, I'll be watching on the Slingbox for awhile but then off to my meetings. I'l have to catch the vibe from JN for the second half. SAR I
  9. No, I don't pay much attention to the Redskins. But the guy is a 5 year veteran and hasn't even eked out a .500 record. Ryan Fitzpatrick in his one fluke year put up more impressive numbers than Kirk Cousins did at any time in Washington and people ran Fitz out of town on a rail. He's a slow burner and it just doesn't happen like that anymore, does it? Guy bouncing around for 5 years, jumps teams, and becomes a great one? Feels like a low percentage play to me. I'd rather trade up to the top of the draft and take one of the 3 kids coming out in April. Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Derek Carr, Russell Wilson.....these guys explode onto the scene in their first 25 games. SAR I
  10. Someone please tell me why we want this guy so badly when he sucks so badly with the Washington Redskins. I don't get it. SAR I
  11. Jets Gameday Help

    Some other advice: UBER: You're spending a lot of money to get to New York, hotels, tickets, etc. etc. Spend the extra $ to avoid the train completely, take an UBER to the game at 10:45. After the game, there is a dedicated UBER lot and a ton of cars. All in, this will cost you no more than $40 incremental over the cost of train tickets. Make it easy on yourself and the GF. It's 20 minutes each way as opposed to an hour and 20 minutes each way. WARMUPS: Security is very cool to fans, so when you get through security walk to the middle of the stadium on the outer perimeter, look for the big 50 yard line marker, you can't miss it. Walk through the food court area, down a short ramp, and up the steps into the lower level seating bowl. Tell the security guard you're from out of town and want to watch warmups and you'll wind up in a front row seat and can see all the players up close. SHOES: You've gotten good advice on layers and jackets, but the shoes are really important. This won't be sneaker weather. Especially today's lightweight ones with the mesh fabric. You'll be miserable if you skimp on the footwear. RANGERS: Not sure if you're into other NY sports, but the Rangers host Carolina on Friday night. If you're in town it's really a worthwhile experience. Nothing like a game at the Garden. SAR I
  12. Jets Gameday Help

    Yes, that's some good advice there. Bag must be clear and no bigger than 12" by 12". One bag per person, so you can buy these on the cheap (or use the ones you got from Bama if you have them, it's pretty much a nation-wide standard). SAR I
  13. 3 straight 4qtr leads=3 losses

    No way. But some of our young players are. SAR I