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  1. We should fly a banner for the genius Jets Illuminati who got us into this mess. SAR I
  2. His mom isn't going to be posting her motivational videos on IG tonight that's for sure. SAR I
  3. This is really the story of today. It's bad enough they were unprepared, but to look this lifeless and carefree? We have a coaching problem. A big one. SAR I
  4. So when the media was hyping the Jets all July and August, Joe Douglas was a genius and had nothing to do with Gase at all. And now when Douglas is exposed as a lousy GM, blame Adam Gase! SAR I
  5. For a newb you have made yourself quite comfortable here quite prematurely. Shhhh. SAR I
  6. I didn't give it away. I'm having fun with it. Do you have a dog? SAR I
  7. He is still under contract, I’m sure he can get to Florham Park by tomorrow morning. SAR I
  8. In other news, Leonard Williams just forced Sam Darnold into end zone grounding at MetLife Stadium. SAR I
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