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  1. Happy to assist. My understanding is that today there was a computer glitch that caused a backup. Fingers crossed for tomorrow as I get my second shot. If you park next to a BMW convertible, be careful opening your doors, thanks. SAR I
  2. What time is his appointment tomorrow? It's tricky to get into the parking lot, there are no signs. Your nav will likely take you to the traditional Pegasus lot which is not open- just keep going straight on 120 for another 1/4 mile and you'll see a sign to make a turn through a different entrance. SAR I
  3. Shhh. I'm trying to read the article you posted. It's so riveting. So written. Such Tweet. Tomorrow when some "insider" speculates that Robert Saleh's favorite color is blue and that little voice inside your head says "oh boy, I have to create a new thread" make sure to tag me so I don't miss it. SAR I
  4. Congrats! MetLife PSL tent I assume. Did you get the tenderloin medallions or the pulled pork sliders? SAR I
  5. ....Sam Darnold is Christian Hackenberg. Wait. SAR I
  6. Wait. My FedEx guy has an opinion on what the Jets are going to do with Sam Darnold. Let me go create a new thread. SAR I
  7. This is such awesome, breaking news. Please post up a brand new thread about the Jets quarterback situation every time some "NFL insider" posts up an opinion about the Jets quarterback situation. SAR I
  8. If we could leave the country, we would. Can't wait to get back to the Caribbean and Europe. For now, Florida is a short flight and we have relatives there with whom we can have distanced visits. SAR I
  9. MODS: Please move this thread to the Off-Topic Forum. Thanks. SAR I
  10. 3 years 36K miles, friend. Eat my lease. SAR I Leasing repetitively for decades ensures that not only are you always covered under factory warranty but you are also in a brand new car just as you're starting to get bored. Two of my BMW's are leased 18 months apart, and it takes 3 months to preorder and have one built to my specifications in Germany, meaning that every 1.5 years I'm starting the build process and configuring a brand new car.
  11. That seems to be from just one of a dozen possible vaccination sites. Have you tried others? The megasites seem to be the ones with the highest odds. I registered with the State of NJ but got the appointment by being persistent on several larger facilities and eventually landed on the Hackensack megasite at MetLife option. SAR I
  12. I do find it ironic that I am getting a vaccination that could save my life at the place that has cost me most of it. SAR I
  13. If you had any money or understood the slightest thing about BMW's you would realize that the lowest end 3 Series can be had for $40,000 and one that is optioned properly as the Ultimate Driving Machine will cost you north of $70,000. Unlike Lexus and Toyota, BMW doesn't have a low-end equivalent brand so the BMW brand must offer both the pedestrian and luxury configurations. I have owned 7 Series, 5 Series, 4 Series, and 3 Series, I am in my 14th or 15th, I lose count. The smaller the BMW and the bigger the engine, the more performance one can have. True BMW enthusiasts want the small
  14. Mid 50's, qualifying health condition. SAR I
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