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  1. Sean Mannion is difficult to pronounce, so I’m rooting for Johnny Johnson. SAR I
  2. It is 7:45 AM and I expect resolution before my Egg McMuffin clears my tongue and hits my gullet at 9:05. SAR I
  3. Yo, I gots three youngins under the age of 24 and nun a dem eva said “yall” to mees not even ones. SAR I
  4. Who is Jabari Zuniga? Is he even on the team? SAR I
  5. That sucks because Joe Douglas needs to trade Elijah Moore before September 1 so we can get max draft pick value for 2022. SAR I
  6. What is Yall? This is New York, son. We don’t eat rabbit in these parts. SAR I
  7. Nope. Joe Douglas. Because if it's not his doing, we've got bigger problems than an unsigned rookie quarterback. SAR I
  8. The entire point of blowing up the front office and coaching staff was to bring order to Florham Park and avoid the type of petty dysfunction that we've suffered through for decades. This is Day 1 of training camp of the new regime and they already f------ it up. SAR I
  9. They hyped it and got us excited and it was weak. SAR I
  10. Anyone know how to delete these from Apple Wallet? SAR I
  11. Those are my honest opinions. I do not think he is great. I think he is promising *if* he killed this draft and free agent period, but to date his only accomplishments have been gutting the roster and picking a no-brainer tackle. Jury is still out. SAR I
  12. You may be right, but contract negotiations are the GM's responsibility. I don't recall Ozzie Newsome passing the buck on player contracts. The buck stopped with him. We give JD full credit for all the favorable deals, so we need to give JD discredit for this particular situation. Playing hardball with Zach Wilson is the wrong thing to do at this juncture in team history. It's wrong for the players who are excited about this week, it's wrong for the optics to the media who are crushing us again, and it's wrong for the fans who have just endured the year from hell atop the decade from
  13. I believe, and tell me if you don't, that if Joe Douglas jumped up and down on the conference table and screamed expletives at Woody Johnson and Hymie Elhai until his face turned blue making it 100% clear that Zach Wilson needed to be in camp by noon tomorrow that the Jets brass would acquiesce and allow him to finalize the deal this very minute. Joe Douglas is The Football Man of Florham Park. They have committed to him for 6 years. If he wanted Zach here passionately enough, he'd be here. SAR I
  14. Truth. It's easy to fall in love with a draft. We did it last year too, remember? Until these guys show they are studs, Joe Douglas' report card looks like this: 2019 FA: D 2020 FA: D 2020 Draft: C 2021 FA: N/A 2022 Draft: N/A And if you add up the quality players we've lost like Jamal Adams, and the players we've gifted to others, like Leonard Williams, Joe Douglas' Jets tenure to date here in Year 3 is a D. SAR I
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