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  1. The decades of sticking with the Rangers through the dark times is what made their victory that much more satisfying. I was there. I saw the Cup skating on home ice. It still feels just as good all these years later. Those of you who leave the Jets now won’t feel it when we get our Super Bowl. SAR I
  2. We had the Denver game. We had a lead late in the 4th quarter. Gregg Williams blew it. SAR I
  3. Gase can go if we see him with healthy offensive weapons and a continued lack of production. Or Gase can stay and ride the rebuild out until we become an attractive destination for a great head coaching candidate who was a former NFL head coach. Or Gase can stay, ride the rebuild, hire a talented OC and playcaller, and grow into a really good head coach. But getting rid of Gase now makes no sense. SAR I
  4. In their last 14 games, the Jets are 6-8. In their last 13 games, the Patriots are 6-7. And they had Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Bill Belichick. SAR I
  5. In their last 14 games, the Jets are 6-8. In their last 13 games, the Patriots are 6-7. And they had Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Bill Belichick. SAR I
  6. I'm giving Douglas a mulligan because it's his first draft and his impact players haven't played at all (or much at all). It's going to take 2-4 years to get this thing fixed and there are 22 starters so as long as he got 5-7 decent players onboard this year you can say he did his job I guess. SAR I
  7. In their last 14 games, the Jets are 6-8. In their last 13 games, the Patriots are 6-7. And they had Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Bill Belichick. SAR I
  8. The 5-0 post was in July. Before Adams left, before Mosley opted-out, before every WR got injured, before the entire draft class was in the hospital, before Darnold forgot everything he learned in the 6-2 finish. We can't compete because we have no quarterback, are extremely injured, lost our best players, and find their replacements in the hospital. The Jets defense doesn't compete. The Jets defense rolls over and dies. The Jets defense can't tackle, can't avoid pass interference, seem to enjoy late hits and personal fouls, they're the most undisciplined squad in the entire league. The Jets offense is unproductive, but they are trying hard. Missing linemen, no starting caliber RB, all our WR's hurt, and a starting QB who spent 4 months with Jordan Palmer, showed up a mess, and got injured again. If someone deserves to get fired it's Gregg Williams. SAR I
  9. It depends. If you have FiOS One and the right package, then turn to Channel 1498 on Thursday nights to see the NFL in 4K. Only the FiOS One system is capable of 4K. But if you have the older FiOS DVR's or don't pay for the package that includes the 4K channels then the only way to see the 4K games is by buying a peripheral device like a Roku, Fire, or Apple TV and using the FOX Sports app. SAR I
  10. Well, we had Gregg Williams all lined up to manage our defense and Brant Boyer was special teams coach of the year, so why was that a bad idea? Why wouldn't the Jets be better off with two of the Top 10 coordinators in the NFL at their respective positions? Why would we want some college coach with a losing record at a small school punting on those two? Why wouldn't he want guys with those types of resumes? Looking back, it makes no difference so why bother talking about it? With those injuries, those players traded/released, and a full-on rebuild, a rookie head coach from Baylor wasn't the right decision. SAR I
  11. At the time of consideration, Rhule was 8-17 at Baylor. Rhule is a New Yorker. Instead of accepting the challenge of the Jets he chose to run back to college and eventually took a small town job with the Panthers. Kitty cat moves. Don't want any rookie head coaches, especially not those out of college. It's a good thing we didn't get him. He's not the answer. SAR I
  12. Fans complaining matters. Because the Johnson's have always cared too much about what they think. These bad decisions like ousting Tannenbaum and Schottenheimer so we could retain Ryan. That series of fan-friendly choices that led to this mess we're in. Sometimes, the fans get it right. Sometimes, they don't. This is one of those times. No, not because Gase is a great coach, but because you cannot demand wins and instant gratification when we are this far in the deep end on a rebuild. Now is the time for patience and quiet. Instead, you're impatient and loud. Let the Football Man do his job. Stop being part of the problem. Be part of the solution. SAR I
  13. Gase finshed 6-2 last year with a beat up 1-7 team. That's uphill. As far as this season, the combination of injuries and all the players we've cut in this rebuild is too much for him, or any other coach, to overcome. SAR I
  14. Another passenger on the college coach hype train. Talk to me after Year 5 when he's manning a sustained winner. Until then, he's just another guy. As for the Jets, he ran away to a tiny media market instead of facing the challenge of turning the second-banana team around in the biggest media market in the sport. Sounds like a pussy to me. SAR I
  15. If you don't like the word 'entitled' I'll be happy to consider others. But I think that's what fits a fanbase that demands wins and the coach's head 4 weeks into a self-imposed rebuild. Then weeps every time a pricey player is shown the door and turns into a pile of smoldering ash every time some media hack cracks a joke. It doesn't matter how long you've waited for the playoffs. It's 2020 and you're the worst team in the NFL. The road back to .500 is going to take years. "Waaaaa, Le'Veon, sniff-sniff, Bell......ooooh, nooooo!" it's just got to stop. We are tearing the house down to the foundation; this isn't the time to cry about the drapes. SAR I

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