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  1. The players can be attributed to Christopher Johnson. We have continuity and proven leadership. SAR I
  2. On one of the links, a Patriots fan posted this up: lizzyisnoindian says: So the jets have quietly put all the right people in place. They have their quarterback of the future coming into his second season, and they made the big splash in free agency. So it’s put up or shut up time in New York. No more excuses Jets fans,,, We’re waiting come take the crown if u can… signed Patriots Nation It's on. It's so on. SAR I
  3. I'm a 45 year Yankee fan, you don't need to preach Championships-are-everything. I get it. I am referencing that the Jets have a stable ownership group who has already shown a 15 year period of consistent competing. No, we didn't win a Lombardi. But compared to other NFL franchises trying to find their way we have proven that we have the capabilities already and that's literally half the battle. SAR I
  4. Tell me in detail about your reservations. SAR I
  5. In terms of pedigree and experience level, Adam Gase trumps them all. SAR I
  6. As an experienced NFL head coach, would you not agree that he is superior to: Todd Bowles Rex Ryan Eric Mangini Herman Edwards Al Groh SAR I
  7. In order to win Championships in the NFL you need to have a strong fanbase producing the revenue, a strong ownership willing to overspend on non-cap areas, a strong front office who can spot and attract talent, and a strong coaching staff who can develop young players and create gameplans to maximize the roster that has been built. Merely saying that the Jets aren't some clown car as the media has brainwashed so many into thinking. In the Johnson era, we have had more success than 20 other NFL teams which bodes well for our future. You can dismiss this if you wish. But you shouldn't. SAR I
  8. If you can't feel good about these 8 Jets then you are rooting for the wrong team. SAR I
  9. We came closer than all but a handful of teams from 1997 to 2011. In that 15 year span, the New York Jets: Had 12 non-losing seasons. Had 10 winning seasons. Made the playoffs 7 times. Played in 14 playoff games. Won 7 playoff games. That's without a franchise quarterback. That's with Chad Pennington and Vinny Testaverde each missing half of the seasons they were signed to start. The Jets did a lot of winning in the Pats dynasty era. And we're going to do a lot of winning in the upcoming Jets dynasty era. The fact that we are a wealthy franchise with a healthy and supportive fanbase went a long way back then and will go a long way right now. The likes of the Bills and Dolphins are an absolute joke compared to the Jets the last 20 years. This SOJ defeatist victim attitude has to stop. SAR I
  10. The Packers situation is something we don't have to worry about and take for granted- the Jets are Top 10 in the NFL in terms of value and wealth generation. Even in bad seasons we are #1 in the AFC in attendance, #2 in the entire NFL which is a credit to our fanbase and the loyal supporters of this team. While all teams have the same cap and same rev share of TV money and merchandising, only the financially successful teams can afford world class training facilities, big salaries for coordinators and coaches, fringe benefits like luxury hotels and generous relocation packages. It's part of the reason why the Jets are an enticing destination for NFL talent. So good job Jets Nation. The part of the experience that we control is a well-oiled machine, one of the best in the NFL. SAR I
  11. Agreed. Seat ownership puts one on a whole different level if one chose the right PSL seats. SAR I
  12. Out of the 10 home games per year I am usually able to attend 7 or 8 missing a few due to work and family conflicts. In my 20th year of being a season ticket holder in two different sections of two different stadiums I find that is on par with other season ticket holders and nothing to be ashamed of. SAR I
  13. +1 If this idiot hit someone I knew and almost killed them I'd want him put in jail for a year and wouldn't be looking for loopholes to get him back on the field to play a kids game. 12 hours of drivers ed, license suspended for 90 days, and a $639 fine is not enough punishment from the legal system for someone who was 2x over the alcohol limit driving 50 mph over the speed limit who took out another car as well as flipping his own. SAR I
  14. No disrespect to Nissan performance cars intended. I was referring to SUV's. If Herndon wanted an SUV to drive at 100 mph an Armada isn't the one to choose. SAR I

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