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  1. SAR I

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    Much better angle and backstory. SAR I
  2. SAR I

    Super Bowl III DVD??

    Ha ha ha. Good memory. I have a terrific first generation DVD copy with all the original pregame, postgame, and commercials (can’t find those streaming anywhere). But it’s a PITA to make a copy and ship it to some stranger so I won’t do it. SAR I
  3. Mark Sanchez took Rex Ryan and his failing, over-hyped defense to the 2009 and 2010 AFC Championship Games as well as had him sitting on a comfy 8-5 record with 3 easy games to play in 2011 before his failing, over-hyped defense let Victor Cruz go 99 yards and end our playoff runs. Rex Ryan is a joke. I pray he lands the Chiefs job, makes it easier for Gase and Darnold to take them down in the playoffs when Ryan defenses always bust. SAR I
  4. SAR I

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    No sarcasm. January 2019 is going to go down as the month this franchise was reborn. I have not been this excited for the next Jets season since 2010. SAR I
  5. SAR I

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    It's happening. 2020. SAR I
  6. If Dee Ford doesn’t line up offsides the narrative would be how Tom Brady threw three interceptions in a Championship Game. Instead he is the only QB in NFL history to win 3 OT games in the postseason. Unreal. SAR I
  7. Is this really how it's going to be for the next three months? Anyone with Microsoft Paint and a minor in design at a community college trying to outdo one another with awful looking Jets jerseys? It's all Eric Allen's fault. Hate that guy. SAR I
  8. The Jets helmets are white and they shall remain that way, the proof is right there in the video. I don't see how this affects your life this deeply. I'm sure you can imagine a nice new uniform that plays off of the old one and uses a helmet that's white. It's not hard. And that's how it's going to be. A subtle and modernized version of what we've been wearing. It's what NFL teams do these days. Let's not forget, our current uniforms are Top 10 in the league, it's not like they have to do much to make them a tad more modern. SAR I
  9. I agree. But it's really nothing to go to crazy over. Look at the Vikings current uniform (right) and the one from 2005 (left) and they are barely different, a removal of a shoulder logo, a swoosh to the shoulder stripes, a thinning of the helmet logo, a different shade of purple, done. It's the font change that makes the biggest impression. Quite Nordic. This is probably what we're looking at. Subtlety. A "jet" is something modern that flies fast. So look for a logo and an aggressive font that implies speed, perhaps the addition of silver or grey as all aircraft wings and our louvered home stadium and skyscrapers in our metropolis feature it. If I'm the Jets and I'm working with Nike and the Oregon Ducks are in their backyard and are the fashion kings of NCAA and they are all about flight, hello, the Jets fit that genre quite nicely here in a forward-thinking modern city just screaming for a forward-thinking modern uniform. SAR I
  10. Why? Why would a helmet color prevent the Jets from a bold new design? That's very narrow thinking. Plenty of NCAA teams use decals effectively, imagine either a silver decal/facemask or a green decal/facemask along the lines of the above. It's modern, it's radical, and they can be peeled off and converted whenever we like to a completely different scheme, our Color Rush look, or our good ol' 1968 throwbacks. As for the jerseys, pants, socks, and cleats, they can go crazy if they like, a white helmet works with any uniform that has white in it. As we are the "Green & White" methinks, you know, white, will be a part of the new design. SAR I
  11. If player safety is paramount and the helmets are not being recolored, the Jets send them back to Riddell for reconditioning. They get thoroughly tested, they get re-polished, they get new hardware, and the professionals install the new decals with exacting precision. That sounds reasonable. If player safety is paramount and the helmets are of an entirely new color, the Jets discard the existing white helmets and order brand new ones as one would assume that disassembling and reinstalling the interior pads compromises safety and is the reason the NFL does not allow that practice for Color Rush and throwback scenarios. There is no reason for the Jets to take 53 helmets, strip the decals, label them with specific player names, and send them back to Riddell if the Jets are getting new helmets. So they are keeping the old ones. And they are white. SAR I
  12. I did not say that nor do I have any fantasies of having my voice heard by management. I actually expect the Jets to disappoint me as I'm not their target demographic, I don't buy jerseys for myself, just my kids, they'll probably look like some Seahawks abomination. I reported a conversation I had that led me to a conclusion about a helmet color, nothing more. SAR I
  13. Riddell offers a helmet reconditioning service, takes 4 weeks to inspect and bring the helmet back up to new, certified condition. It's on their website, they detail how the process is done including the removal all accessories, just like the Jets showed in their video, tagged just like the Jets showed in their video. They are going back to Riddell for reconditioning: https://www.riddell.com/reconditioning Now, it says on there that Riddell will repaint a helmet during the reconditioning process. So that sounds reasonable, right? Yes! They're painting them! But ask yourself, if an NFL team were getting new helmets in an entirely new color why would they care about the $1,000 cost of 53 helmets which is a weekly lunch bill to a $3 billion dollar corporate enterprise? Why not just get new helmets injection-molded in a green, black, or grey color instead of going through the trouble, and bleed-through, of over-painting a white helmet? If the Jets are getting a new helmet color, they wouldn't be sending the old ones back for reconditioning. They'd just get new ones. I'm guessing in today's concussion-conscious world from a standpoint of player safety it's best to keep the geometry and break-in of the existing helmet as-is, thus the reason for the reconditioning, the safety pads and collision dome and such don't get deconstructed and re-installed that way, just buff up the whiteness and re-test, and that's that. SAR I
  14. Having a JN member who had this interaction with the team may or may not matter to you. I am merely reporting an exchange specifically on uniform design that I myself had in the Jets auditorium in Florham Park in front of 30+ season ticket holders and the team's senior executives. SAR I
  15. Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. When I made a plea to keep white helmets and the Jets President looked over at our owner, smiled broadly, nodded, and pointed to him I took that to mean that Chris Johnson wanted white helmets, Neil Glat was making a “you were right” gesture towards him, and that they did exactly as this fan had asked before I even had to mention it. Yesterday’s video and photo tease just confirms what I know to be true having interacted with the very people making the decision. White helmets are happening. And that matters to me because the 68’s are cool and we deserve cool alternate vintage throwbacks like the Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, and other AFL teams do. SAR I

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