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  1. Most NFL owners are pushing 80. Mr. Johnson took over the team when he was 57. Leave him alone. He's the biggest Jets fan on the planet and he's doing a great job. This team has been averaging 4.5 wins a season and we're about to get 8 to 10 because of his decision making and leadership. Show some respect. SAR I
  2. They hate everything. They want to be miserable. It's their shtick. Playing the role of the Miserable Jets & Mets Fan is a full time job. SAR I
  3. All NFL teams that go for broke and load up to make a Super Bowl run for consecutive seasons pay the price in the gutter for the following several seasons and then hope their rebuild's work and they ascend again. These are the non-Patriots teams that made it to the AFC/NFC Championship Games since between 2010 and 2018: Ravens Jets Bears Giants 49ers Falcons Broncos Seahawks Colts Packers Panthers Cardinals Jaguars Vikings The Jets have a lot of company in the post-playoff collapse business. Do these teams all have lousy histories and lousy owners? Are these teams all dysfunctional? Or did they spend free agent money on win-now players to go for a championship and then crash down hard because of cap problems and free agent departures? That was a rhetorical question. SAR I
  4. SAR I

    NFL Eliminates Single-Header TV Rule

    I hope we get the 3pm Divisional Playoff round slot as MetLife Stadium looks beautiful in the late afternoon sun in January. SAR I
  5. Let us weep together. My God is this team going backwards. Le'Veon Bell? CJ Mosely? Jamal Adams? Sam Darnold? Where's our rookie head coach? Where's our rookie defensive coordinator? Where's our sleepwalking draft a bum with two bad knees from Rutgers GM? The SOJ Look At Me I'm A Victim Society is in serious trouble. Before you know it we'll be 12-4 and they won't know what to do with themselves when no one responds to their woebegotten whining because we're too busy deciding which division champions caps to buy. SAR I
  6. It would be funny if it weren't so true. And to a Jets fan, we just did win $60M in the lottery. We have a bonafide franchise quarterback after 50 years of waiting. We have a Top 5 running back from Pittsburgh, a powerful quarterback of the defense from Baltimore, our homegrown leader in Adams, a proven DC who the players play like dogs for, and an OC/HC who Peyton Manning himself believes is an offensive genius. And STILL they are miserable. It's because they want to be. The Defeatist SOJ Victim Brigade takes pride in their misery. Its ironic. The very qualities they detest in the Jets they criticize for lack of effort and lack of devotion they themselves emulate. SAR I
  7. We will hire someone qualified who will have a runway until March to prepare for FA and the draft. There is no rush. This is GM downtime. The most important quality in a GM is his willingness to support his coaching staff with the players that fit their systems. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that wasn't happening with Mac and Gase. SAR I
  8. It's nice to be appreciated, thanks! PSL's happened in 2008. That's 11 years ago. No PSL owner cares about the fun money he spent back then just as you don't remember how much it cost to have your toilets cleaned in 2008. I can't believe anyone still carries on about this. Oh, and the Brothers Johnson didn't raise ticket prices in the 10 years we've been in the stadium. Hmm, actually, they lowered ticket prices. I'm paying 2007 prices in 2019, pretty amazing. Turns out the PSL was offset by the lack of a ticket price increase for more than a decade. Great seats in my own name, free of charge. PSL owners win. "The people" are actually about a dozen sad-sack fans with no money who want to see the Jets fail so they can continue to take shots at Chris and Woody Johnson because they were born into wealth. It's twelve Ira's from Staten Island and you're their Joe Beningo. Hardly original and hardly necessary. Lead "the people" to the promised land, TS. Be their Moses. The team is going to be pretty good this year. Don't be the JN Manish, getting everyone worked up needlessly. SAR I
  9. To be certain I'd go to a local Modell's or Dick's and try on a Nike jersey of any quality, the sizing will be very close to what the Elite's will be. Other option is to order the XL and L and return the one that doesn't fit as well. SAR I
  10. Who the hell is Charles Robinson? Is everyone famous? SAR I
  11. And why do we need two people racing each other to post breaking news stories on JN? Paperboy is the best. Don't need the Season Ticket Quitter muddying the waters. SAR I
  12. I am taking names. The List Of SOJ Victims And PSL Quitters. That's what it's called. And they shall have their day. Winter is coming. SAR I
  13. SAR I

    OTA Thread

    I like you, Peace Frog. SAR I
  14. The tiebreaker is this is a FAN forum. By definition, it means people who loyally support a team. You're supposed to err on the side of optimism sometimes. It's allowed. You're supposed to see through the media's assassination of Christopher Johnson because he made them look foolish and they're seeking retribution. It's allowed. You're supposed to get excited about some of the biggest playmakers the team has recruited in a decade. It's allowed. Drop the negativity and get excited about the Jets. What you wanted is all in place. Boo hoo a crappy GM was let go in an unconventional month and the media pounces on it to generate revenue and you're getting teased by your Giants fan friends. Grow up. SAR I
  15. What evidence is there that Christopher Johnson is acting like a child? Was he caught in a rub-n-tug in Florida? Some workplace misconduct in North Carolina? His brother took off for London and dumped the family business in his lap. He's learning. And I think there is evidence since January that he's blossoming. The Jets are better today than we were in January. And that's thanks to Mr. Johnson. Show some respect. SAR I

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