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  1. I've sat in plenty of luxury boxes, it's a terrible experience if you want to actually watch the game. SAR I
  2. Yuck. This is why I've never sat in the upper deck, ever. SAR I
  3. USC Pro Day on now

    Bowles? Sort of out of shape and dumpy and his skin color clashes with the team jacket. Otherwise, like a 50 year old guy. SAR I
  4. I went through my frustrated period last year. I'm in the healing period now. Maccagnan made some good FA signings in the past 10 days. The trade up positions us either perfectly (if we covet Allen or Mayfield) or positions us better than any other NFL QB-needy team (if we get lucky and Darnold or Rosen drop). I don't think any other GM could have played it better. Also, notice recent Super Bowl history where it's becoming more and more possible to win a Championship with a not-so-elite traditional franchise quarterback. In the last 6 years, we've seen Kaepernick, Wilson, Flacco, Newton, Manning (as ineffective old man), and Foles. That's 50% of the quarterbacks appearing in the big game who aren't HOF caliber yet managed to eke through for that one magic year. Point being, we know what we have now can't get us to the promised land but perhaps one of the top 4 in this year's draft can. SAR I
  5. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    Since all of the criticisms of the PSL process are redundant it's impossible to make a fresh argument to defend them. It's all rehash. A lawsuit over PSL value in 2018 is no different than the original argument over getting a PSL in the first place in 2008. You don't like PSL threads, you've stated this repeatedly for almost a decade, however others including myself do like debating them, so stay the hell out of them and find a topic you enjoy. K? SAR I
  6. Bingo. This. You can't call this trade a win or a loss until we see how the draft shakes out. If only 1 QB goes before we pick, it's a win, we get Darnold or Rosen. If 2 QB's go before we pick, it's a win because we can take Barkely or trade out to someone else covets Barkley or stay put and take our chances with one of the 1A quarterbacks in Mayfield or Allen. SAR I
  7. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    The plaintiffs have no case and they also signed away their rights to sue. This is a frivolous publicity stunt, nothing more. If the Jets were truly unethical they wouldn't have frozen ticket prices for a decade and then lowered them, they would have forced fans to stay in their original seats instead of relocating them, and they would have sent the scofflaws who bailed on their PSL's to collection agencies. In the end, the PSL is going to cost Mezzanine owners $0 vs. what we all expected considering the new stadium and historic increases in the old stadium. The requirement to purchase a PSL was waived in all sections of the stadium 7 years ago, the Jets have been selling single season ticket packages all over the stadium since the first days of PSL owners abandoning their payments to the team and abandoned PSL seats needing to be sold. When the team is good again and people want to purchase PSL's to get guaranteed repeatable season tickets they'll toss the new buyers out. This is confirmed by the NYJ ticket office. This story isn't new news. As for your personal attacks, not sure when you became a nasty, grumpy old man both with me and other posters. You used to be fun on the forums. SAR I
  8. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    Out of touch, how? Refute my points. One by one. Tell me where I'm wrong and I'll be happy to apologize. SAR I
  9. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    What a crock. The people in Mezz A, at least the 200 or so I can see and engage with on Sunday's, are perfectly happy with the stadium and the means by which they got their seats. I've never heard a single complaint about prices or ethics. All we worry about is the quality of the team on the field. And since you're going down the road of not what's listed in the PSL agreements we all signed but rather what is "right" from an emotional standpoint, let me remind you of the good things the Jets have done in the PSL process: Jets issued zero price increases from 2008 to 2016, then put in a measly $5 increase in 2017. Then instituted a whopping $35 decrease for 2018 and 2019. At $95 a ticket we are now paying 2002 prices in a brand new stadium 16 years hence. Jets are completely cooperative and very helpful in relocating PSL fans to other PSL sections upon request without fees or hassle. Jets took no legal measures against the few thousand fans who deliberately defaulted on their PSL agreements thus sparing these people great financial harm as well as permanent damage to their credit ratings. Jets quick reaction to town hall meeting requests for things like tailgate-free parking zones, specified UBER lots, gates moving fans to the pedestrian bridge, correcting the postgame exit congestion by the arena. These were my suggestions so I'm a bit biased, but their reaction to PSL owner requests has been terrific. Jets providing perks like meet & greets with players, VIP access at training camp, on-field participation in pregame events, the team has been very generous. I myself believed that my $125 ticket on opening day 2010 would have quickly risen to $150 and $175 and budgeted myself as such. If you look at the, say, $30 I thought my tickets would inflate to since 2010 that didn't happen, that's $12,000. By the time we reach the end of the 2019 season, the Jets price reduction will add another $3,200 in savings. My PSL's cost $16,000. It's a complete wash. History will show that the people who purchased Mezzanine PSL's didn't get hurt financially at all. Essentially we fronted $4,000 to the Jets for 10 years and got reimbursed via ticket price freezes and reductions. Turns out that those who didn't purchase PSL's on the grounds of it being unfair and "unethical" were the fools, they could have been sitting in great seats that they had the rights to for the last 10 years and, more importantly if we hit the draft right, the next 15 where tickets will be hard to come by as the Patriots get out of our way and our young team arises. SAR I
  10. Sounds good, I really don't care, as long as he's not a malcontent like Geno Smith. SAR I
  11. If Macca thinks one of them is The Man, he's got to go get him. SAR I
  12. Now here's where I have to give Woody some credit. For a Republican he's actually quite liberal when it comes to his head coaches and quarterbacks. Lots of minorities there, I just don't see Woody being pulled by racial, religious, or political motives as a way to avoid his franchise quarterback. SAR I