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  1. You are several of my posts in this thread behind. SAR I
  2. FYI what I learned about the helmet is consistent with the sentiment of Salafino’s Tweet. SAR I
  3. We are suddenly a contending team, I have expectations of 10-6. To get there we may have to survive a few weeks with an injured quarterback, and if that happens we don't need some mentor, we need a legit player who can go in cold and win a few games. That's not Mark Sanchez. SAR I
  4. SAR I

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    He's trying to force his way out of KC and his rookie contract and follow the Le'Veon Bell year-off route, just doing it the easy way. SAR I
  5. SAR I

    Johnny Lam Jones passes away.

    So sad to year. RIP. SAR I
  6. The lime green has been on the stadium wrap in varying degrees for the last 3 years. SAR I
  7. That’s all changing now. SAR I
  8. This whole "sit where you want on the cheap" makes perfect sense when we're 3-13 with Geno Smith and makes zero sense when we're 12-4 with Sam Darnold, Le'Veon Bell, Jamal Adams, CJ Mosely, Gregg Williams, and Adam Gase. Back in 2010 and 2011 MetLife Stadium was a tough ticket, I easily got 1.5x face value to most games, 2.5x face for the hot games like DAL and NE, and there were no season tickets to be found. SAR I
  9. 1. Those around you become your good friends for 30 years and enhance the experience. 2. No stress over finding ad-hoc aftermarket seats to games you want to attend. 3. Same for premium parking passes which are in short supply and are expensive in the aftermarket. 4. Jets Rewards perks like Florham Park tours, VIP training camp events, on-field experiences, etc. 5. Playoff tickets adjacent to your STH friends enhancing the experience. 6. ROI on PSL outlay should the Jets turn the corner and become an elite AFC team. SAR I
  10. If you have a PSL for those seats, smart move, congrats on your intuition and belief in a brighter future for the team. SAR I
  11. The Jets made it clear that the no-PSL situation is temporary and they reserve the right to a) institute PSL's on those seats and b) relocate current non-PSL owners to other locations as a result. SAR I

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