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  1. But imagine it's a 2015 kind of unexpected season. We'll have a blast. Eagles, Saints, Jags, Bucs might be a clean home sweep with 3 of the 4 used to southern warmth or domes, the Eagles scaring no one., and the Bucs perhaps resting with homefield secured. If Jets history has taught us anything, you never know when the surprise turnaround happens. SAR I
  2. And that is scary why? Pats have no QB and we now have a HC who knows how to stop a rookie QB himself, Falcons are weak and on a neutral field, and we had the Broncos beat last year until Gregg Williams choked it away. SAR I
  3. The Bills their starters as they'd rather we enter the tournament than the Steelers. SAR I
  4. Fun Fact: No New York team has ever lost an outdoor game in London: Giants 2-0 Jets 1-0 Yankees 2-0 SAR I
  5. I'm going! Pulling my son out of school on Thursday to fly, going to sightsee on Friday and Saturday, hit the game on Sunday, fly home Monday. You in? You seem like a Sheppard's Pie kinda guy to me. I'm buying. SAR I
  6. Agreed. This is the kindest schedule the NFL has given us in at least a decade from a competitive standpoint. There really isn't a tough stretch in the season. The hard games are paced nicely and we've got the Saints, Jags, and Tampa at home in the December cold. Tampa and Buffalo might be resting players those last two weeks of the season too. If this team is good enough to win 8 games, we may actually be set up to steal the 7 seed. SAR I
  7. Would you call me crazy if I said we could open 5-0? SAR I
  8. 6 of our last 9 at home, and a stretch where we have 4 home games in 5 weeks. Wow. SAR I
  9. Jets and Giants no longer have the 1pm/4pm swap, last season they played at the same time frequently. SAR I
  10. Yes, and look at the good stuff around Thanksgiving: at Texans Eagles Saints at Dolphins Jacksonville No Brees, bad quarterbacks, take out the Dolphins, it's the easiest stretch of the season setting us up for a Tom Brady showdown in the cold of MetLife and a Bills team that will be resting their players. Good stuff. SAR I
  11. Three Florida teams in a row in December, two of them in the cold is interesting. SAR I
  12. Is there StubHub in the UK? Where does one go to get tickets on the aftermarket? SAR I
  13. Just Douglas. Saleh gets 4 weeks before the planes fly and the billboards go up. SAR I
  14. Adam Gase went 14-2 against Sam Darnold last season so Robert Saleh better win this one. SAR I
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