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  1. SAR I

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Further proof that the Jets were smart to get rid of Geno Smith. SAR I
  2. SAR I

    New TVs to watch the Jets!

    I was referring strictly to live 1080/720 cable TV sports which is the Achilles heel of 4K TV. Using noise reduction and motion enhancers were taboo on old HDTV's but help improve the picture on 4K TV's. As 4K means "4x the pixels" and there are only 1x the pixels available for 1080/720, 75% of the picture we see is manufactured artificially by the processors and those processors need all the help they can get for non-4K sources. Like you, I would never recommend these features for film or native 4K/HDR content. Only live cable sports. SAR I
  3. SAR I

    New TVs to watch the Jets!

    That was true a decade ago on old HDTV’s but unfortunately bad advice for a 4K panel being fed a 1080i/720p cable signal. Those enhancing features actually help now. Keep in mind there is no longer 1:1 pixel mapping; all HD cable is 75% upscaled as 1 actual pixel needs to become 4, thus it’s already being significantly processed. SAR I
  4. It's for PSL owners only. SAR I
  5. LOL, I hope, otherwise it's going to be a somewhat depressing hots and hams and a movie. SAR I
  6. You mean the clickbait 'experts' you were referring to yesterday? I'm just playing with you anyway as I have recently returned from the future and know how this plays out. I can't say anything because of repercussions on future events but let's just say that your view of when Mr. Darnold should make his first start is incorrect and you probably would be better off getting behind another thesis. SAR I
  7. Thank you, Crush, and hope the same for you. We each have an army of kids so we should be showing off our gifts later today. I'd be happy with a new grill, better not be lunch and Incredibles 2. SAR I
  8. McCown didn't get murdered behind that OL. No way he puts up near Pro Bowl numbers if the line was that bad. It's Darnold's job to lose. If he shows he's ready he's getting the ball. Not to placate season ticket holders but so he gets a year of experience under his belt. Brady may be retired a year from now and we have a chance to have the best QB in the division, not some question mark raw redshirt who is years behind Allen and Tannehill. SAR I
  9. I see a parallel with Troy Aikman who benefited from going 0-11, 7-8, and 7-5 and learning and growing while the team was being built around him, ultimately going 13-3 and the Super Bowl in his fourth season. Especially the way it works today- we saw first hand what happened in the media and with the fans with Hackenberg and right now Darnold is very confident and we don't want him to lose that mojo as it's so important in a quarterback-destroying city like New York. And, as stated, the Jets are currently a 6-7 win team and not some 1 win joke like the Cowboys were, it's not like Darnold would get killed. If he played just to the level of McCown it would be considered a success and then he comes out in '19 as an experienced vet and not some raw redshirt who is being questioned in the media and has lost confidence as Bridgewater blossoms. Point being, we don't have a bottom feeder roster so there's no reason to protect him. If he knows the playbook and looks good in preseason, he's the starter in Week 1. I don't want to waste a year of his development needlessly. Better to go 6-10 with Darnold than Bridgewater or friggin' McCown. SAR I
  10. Agreed on Darnold's age and experience level, but there is something to be said about getting in real work in real games at NFL speed rather than sitting on a bench. NFL history has shown success with both approaches, for every patient Aaron Rodgers there is a let-him-loose Troy Aikman. If the player is good enough he can perform well after a few games. Yes, there is a danger of a rough start but I don't get the sense that this kid is tempermental or will succumb to criticism. It's imperative that we get our future underway. I'd hate for this to be a bench year with a lame duck head coach. The Jets aren't being quiet- they're on record saying that if he's ready he's going to start so we'll see how this plays out. Sounds like it's his job to lose, not to win. SAR I
  11. I meant 'experts' in this forum. I could care less about betting lines which are created to get people to lose money and not based on actual predicted performance. SAR I
  12. Experts had us at 1-15 last year, many thought their ceiling was 4-12. Had McCown stayed healthy we'd have been 7-9. That doesn't mean McCown should start this year; it merely means that the team we're giving to Darnold in September is capable of competing for a wildcard berth and that's what our focus should be right now. Sitting Darnold would be a mistake, it's not how it works in today's NFL. If Carson Wentz doesn't start 16 games going 7-9 in 2016 he doesn't lead Philly to 11-2 and the playoffs in 2017. Rotting on the bench will do Darnold no good. SAR I
  13. SAR I

    Junior Flight Crew Sumer Camp

    Why? The pre-teens would be cheering in your house for free. SAR I
  14. SAR I

    Old School Football Games

    I bought this on eBay about 15 years ago, the Super Bowl III edition, the outer box had some cool Jets Colts graphics too. Never bothered to play the thing, it's up in an attic somewhere. SAR I
  15. Agreed. Bad, dysfunctional season ahead for the Pats. 12-4 SAR I