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  1. We haven’t lost to the Cowboys in 12 years. Why is anyone worried? SAR I
  2. Haven’t lost to the Cowboys in 12 years, I’m not worried. SAR I
  3. 2 hours before kickoff. I’m here now. SAR I
  4. Coincidentally enough, I lived in New Hampshire as a Jets season ticket holder for 9 years and made a 10 hour round trip 5x a year in that span before moving back to the NYC area. The key is to drive down the day before, get a good night's sleep, and then make the drive back home right after the game. The first 2 hours you can pick up ESPN so the postgame show kills a good portion of the ride. Stop around where 84 meets 90 to grab dinner. Then the straight shot from there. A 1pm kickoff would get me home before 11pm, the usual bedtime on a Sunday. SAR I
  5. My issue is NEVER season ticket holders selling their tickets. That is their prerogative. As the most loyal Jets fans on the planet, they have earned the right to miss a few games here and there for family obligations, work travel, etc. My issue is ALWAYS with the pretzel-eating basement-dwelling Jets fans who judge people who actually show up to the game when THEY are actually the problem. If THEY show up to the game tomorrow there would be fewer Cowboys fans in the stadium. If THEY show up there will be more noise on 3rd down. If THEY show up there would be more green jerseys in the stadium. THEY are the problem. Stay home JETS FANS are the problem. The issue ISN'T the people selling the tickets; the issue is CHEAPSKATE BASEMENT JETS FANS who do all the complaining and won't spend a dime to correct the problem. Show up or shut up. SAR I
  6. Listen, if there's one thing Jets fans know is how to turn a crappy 4-12 team into a 9-7 wildcard the next year, we've done it 6 times in the last 19 seasons. And no Bills fan can say a word about the Jets when it comes to the playoffs. Since the last Buffalo Bills playoff win in 1995, the New York Jets have actually won playoff games. 7 of them. Bills fans are experts on cow tipping and trailer park living. Stay in your wheelhouse, friend. Go troll a Dolphins forum. You have a lot more in common with them than you do with the Jets or Patriots. SAR I
  7. I can't wait until New Year's Eve. You won't be drinking champagne. It's going to be hysterical. I need to get this point across to you now because we know you're going to disappear like a fart in the wind once the Bills are eliminated and your No Playoff Wins streak extends to 26 years. I'll bet you weren't even alive when the Bills last won a playoff game. Were your mom and dad even dating in 1995? LOLOLOLOL. SAR I
  8. Actually, I'd put my prediction accuracy rate at about 75%. What I can tell you is that RG4 isn't going to work for you. I hope you didn't buy a poster and hang it over your bed. SAR I
  9. I'm actually bringing a Cowboys fan with me My son's ride back to college, he bartered a ticket to the game for no gas/toll charges. Jets are savages. It's going to be okay. SAR I
  10. SAR feels bad for you. RG4 won't end well. SAR I
  11. "Trip to Foxboro" You mean Foxboro, New Jersey? SAR I
  12. The Jets had that game won. We were the better team that day. Look up "mononucleosis". Jets win that game by 24 if Darnold wasn't diseased. SAR I

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