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  1. Yes. My father in law gave us a box of the big ones from the 50's, in their original boxes. They smell like oil. SAR I
  2. Someday I'll rip through that attic and find it. If I do, it's yours. SAR I
  3. Somewhere in my attic is the Super Bowl III edition electric football which I bought off of eBay back in 2000 when it first launched. Complete with all the pieces and the original box. SAR I
  4. No, the jury has rendered a decision, after sitting at an abysmal 1-7 the second half turnaround to 6-2 was just about the most remarkable bit of head coaching the New York Jets have seen in their 60 year history. A team that was supposed to go 5-11 and opened tracking to 2-14 finished at 7-9. That's great head coaching. That's a great performance. Is Gase our answer, the guy to create a strong offense and lead us to the Super Bowl? I have no idea. But is he a proven veteran head coach, a guy proven to handle the barbs and knives of NY, a leader proven to change a team culture, a leader proven to keep a team pointed up when everything is headed down, a coach who showed creativity and flexibility when hit with a huge shortage of bodies and talent? Absolutely. You ask me, that's 80% of the head coaching job right there. The other 20% we still need to see, but it's hard not to be optimistic by the rest of these achievements in only his first year. SAR I
  5. Great observation, TS. In the lockerroom, Gase's approval rating is 98.1% (52 of 53 players). The one coach who left was for a promotion, and the one player with a supposed 'issue' is looking for a premature payday. Adam's done a fine job. As for Bell, I like him as a person, but I'd rather have him be an awful person and a Top 5 RB again. I want to win. I'm not interested in a cuddly Mike Piazza poster on my wall. SAR I
  6. Jets fans care more about how fan-friendly a player or coach is than they do how he actually is doing his job. Non-performers like Ryan (2011-2014) and Bell (2019) get praise and performers like Gase (2019) get vitriol. Mets fans are like that. Conditioned to lose, they gravitate to the players and coaches that make them feel good as opposed to those that are focused on winning. Savvy? SAR I
  7. Ryan doesn’t perform well but talks brashly and they love him. Bell doesn’t perform well but talks sweetly and they love him. Gase performs well but communicates awkwardly and they hate him. Jets fans care more about personality than they do performance. SAR I
  8. There isn't an owner in the league that isn't drooling for this guy to join their organization. SAR I
  9. Tampa, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis. I’m certainly happy to be off that list. SAR I
  10. The season will be played, all 17 weeks and playoffs. The NFL has advantages that MLB and NBA doesn't. 1. It's a sport where helmets are required and face protection has always been there without interference. An N95 filter applied under a plexi full-face shield can be developed. 2. NFL plays 1 game against 1 team per week. Team gets in/out of a city in 24 hours. MLB has 3/4 game series. NBA has 3/4 games per week in different cities. 3. NFL is an all-weather sport in single-use stadiums. Season can start in December and end in May if it has to. No impact to gameplay. No issues in finding venues. SAR I
  11. The difference between Gase Miami and Gase New Jersey is that the Dolphins had a broken culture and Gase was vetting players that didn't buy-in to his philosophies and system. Any new leader of any organization would do the exact same thing. As Christopher Johnson recognized the Jets had a cultural problem before the last year of the Bowles regime, he was able to start cleaning house before hiring his next head coach. Gase dosen't have to be the same guy he was in Miami because in New Jersey he inherited a cleaned-up locker room and we actually have some skill players with good personalities. 52 out of 53 Jets players support Adam Gase. 29 of 30 coordinators, coaches, and assistant coaches are returning this year (the 1 who left took a big promotion). Christopher Johnson has a great strategy and he knows that Gase is the man to execute it. You should be very happy with Jets management right now. We need roster improvement. Focus on that. SAR I
  12. Adam Gase is the gift that keeps on giving. Has done everything right off the field. Now just needs a full season with a healthy team. SAR I
  13. Season ticket holders have a commitment to the team and the building; a Stubhubber does not. The experience is built for us, not you. You'll take your air conditioner and your 75% of tickets and you'll like it. SAR I
  14. Then don't complain. You get bargain-basement pricing on seats from kind season ticket holders like me and you're in a modern stadium that, unlike the last two dumps we were stuck in, doesn't leak, has short bathroom lines, has short concession lines, doesn't put a Montreal Expos pennant between the goalposts, and lets us play home games in September. SAR I

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