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  1. Stop playing the victim. I’m a minority too and I said I was sorry. Move on. SAR I
  2. As atonement I will never again attend a Green & White Scrimmage. You can count on that. SAR I
  3. Apologies. Was supposed to be funny. SAR I
  4. The Jets are mismanaging the concessions. The lines are huge. SAR I
  5. The Jets are mismanaging the concessions. The lines are huge. SAR I
  6. Where is the best lot to park in? Google Maps giving me a lot of choices and I’ve never been there. SAR I
  7. I've done it and it's worth it. It's not team drills but rather O vs. D situations. They'll put the ball on the +30, put 1:20 on the clock, make it 2nd and 15, and see what each squad can do in that situation. It doesn't feel like a game, there isn't any flow to it, but it is O vs. D the whole time and you will see good passing routes, completions, etc. Outside of a preseason game it's the best way to judge the QB's. SAR I
  8. No Twitter. It's a Season Ticket Holder Exclusive. SAR I
  9. SAR I

    NY Titans

    Great video, thanks for posting. I've got a bunch of Titans memorabilia that I bought in the early days of eBay. I know I have a program and an unused ticket. I should pull it out and see what I've got. SAR I
  10. NBC’s new graphics are as ugly as our new uniforms. SAR I
  11. SAR I

    Jets Training Camp- 8/2

    Lightning moved us inside. SAR I
  12. Lightning moved us inside. SAR I
  13. Sam looking good. SAR I
  14. Food line is long but tasty on the deck. SAR I
  15. Just arrived. SAR I

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