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  1. And that's why a bigtime QB is better than Ground & Pound. Sam trumps Rex, SAR I
  2. Almost done with the first one, getting ready for the second, probably halftime. SAR I
  3. The Jets need to run the Jet Sweep. SAR I
  4. It took me forever to find it, I think I got the last case in all of New Jersey. You should have seen all the high school girls checking me out at the local beer distributor. SAR I
  5. No, but this thread makes you look stupid. SAR I
  6. We don't need Brady. Belichick is the key to the whole thing. Whoever gets that guy has got it made. SAR I
  7. Please. Chiefs vs. 49ers. Been my pick since late December. SAR I
  8. No, we're not to blame. The tickets we infrequently put up for sale should wind up in the hands of Jets fans because Jets fans outnumber enemy fans 1000:1 and the prices are way below face value. There must be 5 million Jets fans in a metropolitan area of 20 million. Only 17,000 of them buy season ticket subscriptions. Where is everyone else? If there are enemy fans in the stadium its because Jets fans couldn't be bothered to keep them out. 2 days before Christmas, thousands of Steeler fans showed up to root on a backup quarterback and a faint playoff chance. Jets fans could have supported Adam and Sam on a huge winning streak and instead were home listening to Joe Beningo whine. Just awful. My Jets tickets are $120 each. A Yankee ticket in a similar location is $200. A Ranger ticket in a similar location is $250. Our PSL's were paid for 10 years ago, no one even thinks about PSL's anymore. Again, the reason you have the option to get Stubhub tickets at a discount is because of season ticket holders benevolence and the team being rather weak. If we turned off the spigot, just stopped putting them up for resale, and the Jets get good again, you'd either be forced to get full-priced lame season tickets in the upper deck endzones or pay over face value for a decent seat. SAR I
  9. Agreed. 50/50 shot Gase is the answer. If he’s not, we move on. For now, we all should feel optimistic. Give him the benefit of the doubt. He deserves that. SAR I
  10. More important than calling the plays, halftime adjustments, and clock management is: Getting a large group of players of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, educations, morals, and wealth to leave that stuff out of the locker room and play together as a team. Especially the Jets whose culture has been a steaming mess for over a decade. In the face of significant adversity around illness, injury, and retirements, and facing a small group of nasty fans and media out to publicly humiliate him and his family, Adam Gase rose above and got a ragtag group of scrubs to leave 1-7 behind them and finish a remarkable 6-2. They believed in him and he delivered. That is why I have confidence in the guy. And if what Peyton Manning said about X’s and O’s is true, once the team is healthy and our GM has gotten him players he is comfortable with, I feel great about our future. I’m not a Gase fan, but I detest those with an agenda who ignore his accomplishments this year. SAR I
  11. If we are going to sign Ryan Tannehill as rumored, it might be wise to trade Sam Darnold for an offensive lineman. SAR I
  12. If Tannehill can leave Miami and improve, well, that means that Gase can leave Miami and improve. It's proof that it was Miami's fault. Both Tannehill and Gase are fantastic at their respective positions. SAR I
  13. Gase was the last to coach him. Remember, he was ignored by the Titans and came in cold off the bench in Week 4. Gase is the whisperer. SAR I
  14. We follow this rule: Any inured 2019 starter whose replacement played well gets released for 2020. So we get rid of Herndon and roll with Griffin and Brown. High maintenence out, lunch pails in. They deserve the playing time and will work harder to keep it. A culture of effort, not gloss. SAR I
  15. Sam, if you’re reading this: 1. I apologize. 2. Don’t. SAR I
  16. Sam Darnold Kelvin Beachum Jamal Adams SAR I - Done With The Past
  17. The Redskins, Giants, Dolphins, and Bills all put better teams with better talent on the field on those days that we played them. The November/December Jets looked nothing like the August Jets. SAR I
  18. I like Stubhub because it’s impersonal. I’ve given some tickets away for free on JN, but exchanging money can be dicey. SAR I
  19. When we’re grabbing a pregame Bud Light Seltzer and celebrating the AFC Championship Game we’re about to witness in MetLife Stadium, you’ll feel pretty good methinks. SAR I

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