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  1. 15 hours ago, doitny said:

    we really need a game to talk about. this bye week is torturous. 

    This is the calm before the storm.  Just wait until we're blown out by the Patriots and have an awful first half at home.  Against the Bengals.  On Halloween.

    MetLife is going to implode.  We Want The Pumpkin II.

    SAR I

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  2. 13 hours ago, y2k8 said:

    I sort of had to be... although I knew they were using us and didn't want to do it. 

    The things that you don't know about that time ...

    I apologize, didn't realize you were one of the organizers.  Must have been an effort to try to pull that off.

    SAR I

  3. 33 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    I'm surprised you're in favor of Quarterback Communism. 

    Every week, the teams with the top 10 quarterbacks win and every week the teams without good quarterbacks lose. The game is entirely built around the premise of the passing game and if you don’t have a good passer you don’t have a chance.

    I have spent the better part of $50,000 on tickets in the past decade praying that college boys turn into a franchise quarterback. Started with Sanchez, morphed into Smith, brief flirtation with Petty, then the big hope with Darnold, and now the big prayer with Wilson.

    I’m done with it. Not so much the money, but the time. I have to arrive in the parking lot by 10 AM, don’t get home until 5 PM, trapped watching mediocre football, the stupid PA announcer saturating us every second during a time out, screaming at us to “make noise!” when all the team does is not score and face constant third downs. F-ck you, assholes, “make points!”  I’m not enjoying it anymore. When one loses hope there’s nothing left. 

    SAR I

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  4. 30 minutes ago, y2k8 said:

    Jay Cross asked us on an August Friday if we could throw a rally for Tuesday afternoon in Kew Gardens. We had about 40+ there. It was a pretty good showing all things considered. 

    Wait. You were there?

    SAR I

  5. 1 hour ago, Scott Dierking said:

    To compare the team that Parcells inherited, to the team Douglas inherited is laughable. Parcells inherited a team that had infinite more talent.

    No. That talent sucked balls under Rich Kotite.

    A talented head coach that demanded wins brought out that talent, an indictment on Robert Saleh but he’s got another month before we fly planes in his honor.

    SAR I

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  6. 1 hour ago, munchmemory said:

    JD has become the new Darnold.  Folks giving him every excuse in the book for his record.  

    Lately, lots of people on here promote the idea that losing is to be expected and even welcomed.  After all, we're "rebuilding". "playing all rookies", "have the youngest roster", "Zeus is angry with out franchise", etc.  I don't agree.  JD put those players on the field so the results are on his watch.   That's the reality of being the GM.  


    SAR I

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  7. 2 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    Your choice of hills to die on are unbelievably bad - Adam Gase, the 7-9 record in 2019, Jamal Adams.  I'm with Jet Nut above. Either your posts in this thread the past 2 days are you joking and trolling to get a rise, or you have no clue about football and building a team at all.  It is universally understood that Gase was a terrible coach.  The 7-9 record in 2019 was followed by last season's 2-14 disaster. And the entire NFL is pointing out now that the Jets completely fleeced the Seahawks.  You are becoming a caricature of yourself.  





    SAR I

  8. 15 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    Why are you blaming Gase for Tannehil? Adam did the best he could with a pretty talent poor team in Miami, just like in NY. Poor dude can’t catch a break. 

    No, what I'm saying is there is an assumption that because Jamal sucks in Seattle in 2021 that he would have sucked in New Jersey in 2021.  Meanwhile, the same people said that because Tannehill was good in 2019 that it was because of a change in coaching.

    Jamal might have flourished under Saleh.  What we know is that Carter isn't and Vera-Tucker is on the OL responsible for the worst offense in the NFL.

    SAR I

  9. 12 minutes ago, Biggs said:

    Disagree.  I have gone to Met life several times.  Alwasy sat between the 40's 5 to 20 rows from the field.  It sucks.  They pulled the good seats back from the field on a low angle to allow for the additional seats in the 2 upper decks.   

    And the parking sucks also.  



    It's just not true.  Look at the lower level section of seats right on the 30 yard line in both photos.  If anything, MetLife has more of a steep pitch than Giants Stadium had.  Mezzanine is a bit back and up, but just a bit.  It's the upper deck that got hit hard, its about a 3 or 4 story building higher than in Giants Stadium.

    You've got 60,000 seats that are the equivalent of what we had and 22,000 seats that aren't.  The views are fine from the LL and the Mezz.  Plenty of great seats available starting next Sunday for prices as low as $50, no one should be unhappy.

    SAR I

  10. 1 hour ago, DJF71 said:

    Why would anyone want to waste their money building a stadium for a garbage team?

    Whether garbage or elite, the NFL isn't a priority for Manhattan and Manhattan isn't a priority for the NFL so it's not going to happen.  The Jets and Giants are Top 5 in the NFL in attendance the last decade and we both suck.  No one is unhappy with the stadium or its location.  It's a non-issue. 

    Hell, it was a non-issue when it was announced.  In 2005 they held a rally in Queens with a whole "Bring The Jets Back Home" campaign and the press and t-shirts and no one showed up.  It was just was Fireman Ed, a bunch of reporters, and a hot dog cart operator.  

    SAR I

  11. 59 minutes ago, Biggs said:

    You can build a 60,000 seat stadium an a much steeper angle and that puts the fans closer to the action.  The problem with Met life is the good seats suck compared ot most NFL stadiums.    It's a  dump in a swamp off the Jersey turnpike.   It's an embarrassment and the two teams that play their are a reflection of the dump.  


    The only seats that suck in MetLife are the upper deck seats and, well, you get what you pay for.  Look closely,  the LL is the same as in Giants Stadium, the Mezzanine expanded in size but the lower rows are the same distance from the field.  It's the upper deck that sits atop the luxury suites that is the only compromise in views.

    As for size, take the upper deck off of MetLife and we essentially have Lumen Field in Seattle.  I love my views in the Mezzanine corner.  I've sat in the Lower Levels and in the Mezzanine Club's, the views are excellent.

    SAR I

  12. 7 hours ago, jgb said:

    But that kind of is how it happens which is why failing quickly is a success indicator 

    Yes.  We've seen enough of Douglas, LaFleur, and Wilson to call it.  Time to tank (like we aren't anyway) and get the best QB coming out in April and start again.  In order for the Blind Squirrel to find his nut, he can't walk around just one tree.

    SAR I

  13. 2 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    Bottom line is the Seahawks defense is worse with him out there, but you want is to believe ours would be better? Dude! Guy was playing for the big pay day and got it, enough of this Jamal Adams sh*t. We’ve heard the last of him as anything other than another guy getting paid and collecting checks. 


    So when Tannehill leaves Gase as a weak quarterback and becomes a good quarterback in Tennessee, that's logical but when Jamal leaves New Jersey as a Pro Bowler and becomes a mediocre safety elsewhere, that's who he is?

    Different players thrive in different situations and different systems.  Whatever we did in New Jersey made Jamal Adams a Pro Bowler, a gamechanger, and someone that opponents had to gameplan around.  Who cares that he sucks in Seattle?  He didn't suck here.  And what did we get?  A guard?  LOL.  A shrimp running back?  Another first rounder for Douglas to blow next year?  No thanks.

    SAR I

  14. 10 hours ago, doitny said:

    no paying a safety 72 mil is a MAC move.

    your the one following a bad GM.

    No playmakers.  No player that opposing OC's or DC's have to gameplan around.  What they cost doesn't matter; you hold onto your talent, especially if its homegrown.  All we keep doing is developing a scant handful of players and then show them the door.

    SAR I

  15. 11 hours ago, Wit said:

    Hey, you can keep skipping to your other arguments when new ones don’t work. I’ll remember that Jamal is a “bowling ball with knives” for a while. 

    When Joe Douglas replaces his pass rush, when Joe Douglas replaces how OC's had to gameplan against him, then I'll agree with the General Manager 101 professors who say that trading away our best players was smart.

    Until then, all Joe Douglas did was weaken the team and please draftniks who are into college boys.

    SAR I

  16. 36 minutes ago, Wit said:

    Wait so we drafted a QB and correctly picked a stud O LINE instead of overpaying a safety because he can be used in some packages at a DE??? ahahahahahahahahahah


    moving the flag post so far into the distance it’s hard to see where ya started. 

    We are 3-18 since Jamal left town headed to 3-30.  There is nothing to laugh at except Jets fans who follow the pied piper GM as he gleefully helps us destroy ourselves.  

    SAR I

  17. 2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    But you are wrong our total jag safeties are better than jamal right now.

    This was a monumental heist by the jets regardless of if jamal was good or not, safety is one of the easiest positions to deal fill on a football team.

    If you want to look at stupid trades you look at ob'rien trading hopkins for junk or bill bellichick trading one of the best pass rusherz of the last 10 years for a bust guard and a 2nd rounder

    Jamal wasn't some mediocre box safety.  He was a pass rushing playmaking monster.  They said he wouldn't be a good fit in Seattle.  They were right.  Doesn't mean he wasn't a good fit in New Jersey.

    I get the cap implications, I get that accumulating draft capital is paramount.  But in the end, we lost the one guy that opposing OC's feared and gameplanned around and picked up a friggin' guard.

    SAR I

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  18. 13 minutes ago, Wit said:

    So far we traded him and a third for AVT. He’s improving weekly. And we still have another potential top 15 pick coming, hopefully also to bolster the OL. Not a terrible swap so far. 

    Jamal was a bowling ball with knives on the pass rush.

    Guard is the least important position on the offense.  Carter looks weak.  Douglas sucks with first rounders.

    SAR I

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