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  1. Before my time, but in watching Super Bowl III so many times on video it was hard not to see his talent. Haunting that he passed on the day of a Jets Colts game. RIP SAR I
  2. In general, the guy is undependable and even the most rational supporter must believe he would be hard pressed to make it through an entire 17 game season unscathed. High ceiling low floor = big risk. And here we are. SAR I
  3. The reason he was hyped was because of his unusual frame. Very big up top, very athletic at the bottom, ran fast at the combine for an enormous mountain, freakish speed and size, etc. What we know now is what the rest of the league knows- traditional lower/squattier linemen are successful and last a long time in this league and anomalies like Becton don't. Joe Douglas is conservative with his free agent money and a miser with his draft capital, but he is the most high-risk wheeler-dealer GM we've ever seen. He thinks he can outsmart the league at every turn. He picks up other team's castoff flawed players, drafts high ceiling/low floor types in the 1st round, has a fetish for tiny RB's and WR's, and ignores injury histories. Douglas is bizarre. Like someone who buys a cheap used car with bad handling and weak brakes and drives it like a maniac because he thinks he's a better driver than he is. SAR I
  4. Meatball On Toothpicks does not like gravity. SAR I
  5. No, that is for the 2022 season where one alternate helmet is allowed per team. If the Jets are going to roll with one, the submission to the league was due this past July 31. Woody teased a tweet that made it pretty clear we are going to have a black alternate helmet next year. It seems that is what was submitted. SAR I
  6. Those are over. In fact, the permanent road uniform should just be the all-whites and call it a day. And then at home do the traditional green over white or the all-blacks and that’s that. SAR I
  7. That is a violation of NFL policy and will be called out as such. Don’t do it again. The carefully worded tweet says “new combo“. It is going to be a new combination of the existing uniform and we know the jersey will be white. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we are going with a half white half black look. SAR I
  8. Could be the worst combination of them all. SAR I
  9. We've got Salute To Service practice jerseys in black/grey/camo. I believe STS kickoff is this week. SAR I
  10. Colts are wearing blue, so it has to be our Spotlight White jersey. White pants and Green pants aren’t ‘new’, so it’s going to be White jersey and Black pants. Yuck. SAR I
  11. At least three bystanders stopped to help. Among them was Alexander Hart, a security guard for a nearby condominium community, according to the report. After hearing the crash, he got into his security vehicle and drove to the scene. When he arrived, the report states, he heard screams coming from the Toyota. The driver was still alive, he told police. But he couldn’t pull her out, he said, because she was pinned inside the SUV. The Toyota “was soon overcome with smoke and heat from flames,” and Hart had to back away, according to the report. Tintor’s dog, who was in the back seat, also died. https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/woman-killed-in-crash-with-henry-ruggs-identified-2471162/amp/ (This guy better do real time for this.) SAR I
  12. Had the Jets left Gase and White alone, we would be in playoff position right now with a ridiculously easy schedule ahead. Instead, they let Sideshow Bob draft Mighty Mouse and set us back at least two years. SAR I
  13. It’s even better. Joe Douglas cut Mike White three times last year and thought so little of him that he begged the Eagles for Joe Flacco. Can you imagine the uproar if Mike Maccagnan did this? John Idzik? But because it’s Sideshow Joe, they let it slide… SAR I
  14. There’s the story today of this cute kid from Long Island who grew up a Rangers fan, won the Norris trophy, and signed a contract to take away his hometown Islanders playoff spot for the next 7 years. SAR I
  15. I am not saying Mike White is the second coming of Otto Graham, I am merely saying that he is obviously a capable backup quarterback for 2 to 4 weeks and therefore the Flacco trade was ludicrous. SAR I
  16. That is absolutely the right take. Joe Douglas is such a bad evaluator of talent he thought Joe Flacco was worth a 5th rounder with Mike White under his nose. He’s an astoundingly bad GM. SAR I
  17. I am miserable because we lose too much. In order to make that miserable feeling stop, we have to have the right executive in the front office. Someone who can pick the right players. There is very little indicating that Joe Douglas is that executive. SAR I
  18. Don't worry. Joe Douglas will trade him by tomorrow's deadline. After all, he can get a 6th for him and then blow it on a 5'1" WR that can't get on the field. SAR I
  19. Confused as to why you think you're entitled to a victory lap because a backup quarterback that Joe Douglas cut three times last year and passed on for Joe Flacco and a draft pick just last week turns out to be the best player Joe Douglas ever brought to Florham Park. The Mike White misread is just another in a long line of his catastrophically bad decisions in the last 30 months. SAR I
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