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  1. The 1996 Rich Kotite Strategy: 1. Tamper with another NFL team. 2. Steal their HOF HC 3. Steal their entire coaching staff. 4. Steal their HOF RB. 5. Gleefully take the punishment and give away draft picks that bust anyway. There is no doubt that the New Orleans Saints are the right target for this strategy. SAR I
  2. They fake injuries because they want to be 100% for their next NFL team after they force Joe Douglas to trade them. SAR I
  3. What's next? Soupy Sales? No one gets your 1950's humor. Your problem isn't Adam Gase. Your problem is Robert Saleh. You created this mess. You are to blame. Sweet dreams. SAR I
  4. All you need to remember is that you were dead wrong about Adam Gase and that led to Robert Saleh and the worst team in Jets history, setting us back another 10 years before we'll get close to the playoffs. Sweet dreams. SAR I
  5. As stated this morning, $125 is my daily rate for PSL/Stadium JN content creation as a way to offset ticket expenses and be fairly compensated for providing JN subscribers an entertainment experience more compelling than the Jets themselves. I am no longer providing this content for free. SAR I
  6. For every game you attend this year, your tickets for next year will be no charge. Attend all 9 home games this year, get 9 home games for free next year. That is what I would do if I wanted to retain my season-ticket holders who are ready to throw in the towel (raises hand). The Jets knowingly went into this season unprepared to play and incapable of winning. Something should be done to make this right to their most loyal fans. Or we are going to walk away. Atop the $5,000 my tickets cost me this year, I am going to spend, what, another $10,000 before getting a chance to see a winning season in 2024? $15,000 for this crap? Think again. SAR I
  7. Cash is over. So are plastic credit cards. Every hot dog vendor in Central Park takes Square. You enter your credit card into your smartphone's wallet and then when you're buying something you just hover over the little hockey puck reader, you hear a 'ding', and the payment is made through your credit card company, hands-free, touch-free, no cash, no physical credit card needed. SAR I
  8. Android = where the cool kids go because iPhone is for their parents and Nokia is for their grandparents. TikTok = where the cool kids go because Instagram is for their parents and Facebook is for their grandparents. Venmo = where the cool kids go because PayPal is for their parents and Zelle is for their grandparents. [This post is for educational purposes only; deriving any entertainment value from it is strictly prohibited] SAR I
  9. Even someone as supportive and forgiving of the Jets as I have their breaking point. Consider the alternatives: If we lose big, it's going to be nothing but negativity from the fans who bother to go. If we eke out a win, it'll validate that Zach Wilson is a bust, and that's a nightmare none of us want to face. The better play is apple picking during the game and a happy time trick-or-treating with my son. He's almost at an age where Santa and Halloween are gone, and that's it for me too as he's my last, so I cherish these holidays while there's still some magic to them. SAR I
  10. Realizing that he provides more entertainment than the Jets themselves, SAR now requires a payment of $125 per day for PSL/Stadium thread contributions. PM for Venmo details. SAR I
  11. He owes me $540 for the tickets I'm not using this weekend. SAR I
  12. Steelers, Chiefs, Titans, Bills, Ravens, Colts, Rams, within the next few years they'll hit the skids, it's inevitable. But I'd go straight at the Saints right now. Offer Loomis and Peyton a percent of the franchise. Then tamper again and go get Kamara too. Just like '97. SAR I
  13. I originally was predicting The MetLife Stadium Insurrection with drunk, costumed fans losing their sh-t, but after the blowout in Foxboro I don't think anyone is going to show up to burn hats and shout we want the pumpkin. I myself will be getting ready for Halloween. SAR I
  14. Here's the plan. It's the only thing that will work. Don't tell the Jets Illuminati. They'll ruin it: We have to steal another team's established coaching staff and front office. We need to do this by tampering with a group that has been elite for awhile but is about to hit a down period. We need to be the place they can come, be overcompensated, be given complete control, and pick up where they left off as a comfortable group but in a new city with young players and a supportive owner. This worked once before. It can work again. SAR I
  15. This. Or he will simply wait and get knee surgery the day before training camp. SAR I
  16. His trades all suck because the players he drafts suck. All he has accomplished is trading away talent and replacing it with nothing. He drafted Becton who can't stay healthy and fundamentally is a fragile player. He drafted AVT who looks good but he's a guard. He didn't draft a center. He also didn't fix CB, he's about to lose his S, his WR's all suck, we don't have a starting caliber RB, we have no TE's, he thinks he's smart by picking up cheap players with a history of injury, and he has a fetish for small WR's and RB's. And he thought that pairing a rookie coaching staff and a rookie quarterback was genius. He is a complete disaster. SAR I
  17. Exactly. He can't pick players. He's headed to 3-30. Enough is enough. SAR I
  18. I'm surprised that Dave Gettleman hasn't had his podium presser moment yet, when he utters "Why are you guys coming after me when I'm not even the worst NFL GM in this town?" SAR I
  19. Agreed. That's why today is a banner day. The day the media turns is the day that the end of the tunnel starts to come into view. October 27, 2021 shall be remembered and celebrated as the day this franchise finally took a turn towards a bright future. God bless Mark Canizzaro. SAR I
  20. "You" as in the collective "you" that make up several thousand noisy, entitled, misguided, incorrect Jets Illuminati are most definitely to blame for this disastrous predicament. You run the old guy out of town and the new guy is infinitely worse: Sanchez > Smith > Petty > Darnold > Wilson Tannenbaum > Maccagnan > Douglas Schottenheimer > Sporano > Gailey > Bates > LaFleur Bowles > Gase > Saleh Every time you say "get rid of him we can do better!" we don't. You had your turn, now pipe down while the silent majority gets in Woody's ear and fixes this thing, finally. SAR I
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