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  1. 6 minutes ago, BP said:

    It’s a schtick, he can’t be serious.


    The owners job is to buy a franchise at X value, expand the fanbase, build a training facility, build a stadium, and achieve Y value.  Woody Johnson purchased the Jets for $635M and 22 years later it's worth $4.05B or almost 7x what he paid.  Since its completion, MetLife Stadium has propelled the Jets to Top 3 in the NFL and #1 in the AFC in attendance.  That's an A+ by any measure.

    31 owners don't win the Super Bowl each year.  That doesn't make them losers.  Woody Johnson is kind and compassionate, he truly wants to win, he is very generous to his fans, and he has not raised ticket prices in 13 years.  One day he will get the GM and the HC right.

    SAR I

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  2. 39 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:



    Laugh it up, Gase is exactly what we hope Saleh can be right now.  Take an awful 1-8 team and motivate them to a 6-2 finish.  Gase wasn't the long term answer, but we don't need a long term coach right now.  We need a guy who can get a bunch of losers to play hard and get some wins.  We need a guy who can gameplan around half his starters missing against superior competition.  That's what Gase was.  Awful for a playoff run, perfect for a rebuild.

    When Saleh doesn't come close, then you'll appreciate what Gase was able to do.  Same easy schedule.  Same crappy roster.  If dumping Gase was the right decision, Saleh needs to get us to 8 wins. 

    SAR I

  3. 50 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    Being the hopeful idiot fan that I am I will buy in to a Bengal type rebuild. Stink in year 1; be competitive in year 2; and contend in year 3.

    The problem is that Gase and Darnold were better than Saleh and Wilson.  The "stink in Year 1" happened in 2017, Suck For Sam, remember?

    You are hoping that a HC and QB who are worse than the awful HC and QB that were here before them are going to be better than they were and that's wrong thinking.

    The sooner we get an experienced GM and experienced HC in here, the better.  This roster is way too young and way too broken to continue with the amateur's we have calling the shots now.

    SAR I

  4. 12 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I hear you but you he would've been way overpaid.  I'll take that trade any day.  We need to draft some star offensive players and pay them though.  

    "Overpaid" doesn't matter when the talent level on this team is below USFL standards.

    We need to hold on to all the good players we can.  Cut a dozen sh-t players to make up the difference.

    SAR I

  5. 20 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    You don't want to trade them both?  It's not like we're re-signing them.

    This team can't improve if we are constantly trading away our best players.  The entire point is to keep your best players and go get more.

    The Jets and this perpetual 6 year rebuild have programmed us to get excited about getting rid of the little talent we have for f-cking draft picks.  I'm done with it.

    SAR I

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  6. 1 hour ago, Francis Sawyer 37 said:

    Rex has been gone for 7 years. This is like blaming the previous guy for Brandons rock bottom poll numbers.

    Rex has nothing to do with whats happening to the Jets today. The Jets at least had a defense with Rex. And, a top tier OL.

    Saleh can only dream about rolling into Indy and NE and taking out 2 first ballot HOF QBs. like Rex did. Rex is experienced as well.

    Rex's actions and politicking led to a domino effect that put us where we are today.

    Had he made Tannenbaum have a balanced draft of offensive and defensive players, had he got some receivers for Sanchez, and had he retained Schottenheimer, things might have been good.  But by scapegoating those three and sticking to his 'only defense matters' ways, it led directly to Idzik and Sporano and Smith which led to Maccagnan and Gase and Douglas and Saleh, these things are all interconnected.  Just on QB decisions alone, there were so many good ones to choose from over the last few years when in position to take one, if the men picking were better than the ones we had we might have gotten Mahomes or Watson or Jackson.  Multiply that by 100 for all the position players too.  Multiply that by 10 for all the coaches too.

    SAR I


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  7. 2 hours ago, Prodigal Syndicate said:

    Now we have a GM taking o line in the first round every year and dumping more FA money into it than any other position group and this is supposedly his specialty. And the o line is still horrendous 

    ...and he thought bundling a rookie quarterback, rookie head coach, rookie offensive coordinator, and rookie defensive coordinator, on a team with the most 1st and 2nd year guys in history.

    Joe Douglas hasn't done a single thing right.  He's got to be the worst FO executive in team history.

    SAR I

  8. 58 minutes ago, Sellis92 said:

    He sucked facing the falcons on a neutral site.  

    The Falcons game was the Titans game with his one-trick-pony 50/50 balls falling flat.

    Zach Wilson has played 23 quarters of football and looked good exactly for 1.5 of those quarters.

    SAR I

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  9. 46 minutes ago, BP said:

    Maybe this will be good to let him watch a few games. 

    These would be the first NFL games he's watched in his life without actually playing in them.  He should sit in the upper deck.  Let the fans fill him in on what it's like.  Let him understand how fans rooting for nothing but stops on third down in the last 6 years don't want to "MAKE SOME NOISE!!!"

    SAR I

  10. 57 minutes ago, The Gun Of Bavaria said:

    Give me a god damn break. We aren't firing Saleh. He isn't on the hot seat. We can't keep playing musical QBs, musical coaches and musical coordinators. At some point there needs to be some degree of stability.

    Under normal circumstances I might agree with you.  But because of the depths of futility that Joe Douglas has made of this roster, no rookie coaching staff can possibly cut it.  Someone like Mangini was a Band Aid on Edwards.  What's going on here would take artificial limbs and years of surgery. 

    The roster dictates that Robert Saleh cannot succeed here.  Every consecutive loss and lack of preparation and lack of effort affirms this.  It's not his fault.  But he's got to go.  We need an experienced surgeon.  First Aid isn't going to cut it.

    SAR I

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  11. 55 minutes ago, Sellis92 said:

    He got fired because the idiot owner refused to sign a Veteran CB in 2014 with over $30 million in cap room and Idzik drafted that crappy safety Calvin whatever over Brandon Cooks

    Rex got fired because he ignored the offense and spent every dollar and every draft pick on defense so as to perpetuate the myth that he was a defensive genius and guarantee him another coaching job when he got fired.  It worked.  It just f-cked us.

    You need to better recognize your enemies.  Often they come packaged as attractive looking gifts.

    SAR I

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  12. 5 minutes ago, RSJ said:

    I said it yesterday and also for about the last 5 years. Its time for a drastic move to get a proven head coach. Whether that be tampering for Sean Payton or Harbaugh or someone else. Its time for the Johnsons to really go over the top.

    The problem is, the Giants are going to get that guy because they always do.

    They get Dan Reeves, we get rookie Pete Carroll.

    They get Tom Coughlin, we get rookie Eric Mangini.

    This is what happens when the Jets and Giants go HC shopping at the same time.  We need Woody Johnson to go nuclear, tamper with the Steelers or Patriots, and steal a great coaching staff and GM and player core from another team.

    SAR I

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  13. 14 hours ago, RevisIsland610 said:

    Is this just the Fire Joe Douglas thread or does this include Saleh and LaFleur? Asking for a friend. 

    Joe Douglas is responsible for hiring Saleh and Lafleur, they may go down as his biggest mistakes as he is banished like Maccagnan and Idzik.

    But don't feel sorry for the man.  He's been paid $9,000,000 to f-ck up this badly and he's got another $9,000,000 guaranteed.  Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order.

    SAR I

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