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  1. 2 minutes ago, Sellis92 said:

    The Kotite Jets lost a lot of close games.  This team gets blown out

    Gase finished 6-2 in 2019 and in 2020 had the Broncos, Patriots, and Raiders on the ropes to the last minute eventually beating the playoff Browns and Rams.

    Saleh is completely lost.  In over his head.  The roster cuts were too deep for a rookie rah-rah type who hired all his beer buddies for the Florham Park party.  We needed an experienced disciplinarian.  And now that the roster needs the most rebuilding in team history, we need an experienced GM too.

    When Leon Hess was getting on in years and pushed too far, he said F it, stopped caring about the feelings of the other owners, found the best HC in the NFL, tampered illegally, and stole him from a division rival.  That got us his coaching staff, too.  That got us his HOF running back, too.  We need Woody to go nuclear too.  It's the only way to save this in his lifetime.  Maybe he sees that now.

    SAR I

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  2. 10 minutes ago, oatmeal said:

    SAR you are correct with you’re criticisms of this regime and I agree Gase wasn’t this bad period. Anyone who can’t see that by now idk but to say Gase should still be coach???


    Now if you’re argument was that we should’ve hired a guy like Dan Campbell (who is literally built like a NYer mentally) I can get on board with that 

    The reason I would have stuck with Gase (and Darnold for that matter) is that once the decision was made to go as deep as we went with the roster cuts and the lack of FA spending, we needed an experienced HC who has done this all before, was professional, had an even demeanor, motivated a hopeless team to wins, and had the players respect.  Say what you want about Gase strategically (he sucked), but the man was outstanding at keeping a broken mess together and winning games against an easy schedule.  At 1-7 got them to finish strong.  With nothing to play for last year, got them to finish strong.  That's exactly what was called for in 2021.

    The way this roster has been irresponsibly gutted and not replenished means it's beyond the capabilities of any rookie HC and GM to fix it.  We now need an experienced HC and GM in here.  Pronto.

    SAR I

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  3. 1 hour ago, Francis Sawyer 37 said:

    Bring back Rex.

    There was at least a shred of hope with him. Basically, Rex was the 2nd most successful HC in NY Jets history right after Weeb. Tuna is 3rd. 

    Rex Ryan?  My lord, he's is what put us in the death spiral that lead to what's going on today.

    Woody Johnson listening to the wrong voices.  He had a choice to keep Tannenbaum/Shottenheimer/Sanchez and get rid of Rex Ryan, or do the opposite.  So he kept Mr. Popular Foot Sniffing Ryan, we got Idzik/Sporano/Geno and that took us down for the next decade, a decade we're still stuck in.

    We need an experienced GM and HC combo, something we haven't had since, well, forever.  The only thing more damaging than a bust QB is a bust GM.  And they've ruined us.  The hole that Maccagnan and Douglas have put us in is deeper than any in our history.

    SAR I

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  4. 1 hour ago, shawn306 said:

    Can this team be torn down anymore than it already has been ?

    That's the problem right there.  Joe Douglas tore this thing down too deeply, it was completely arrogant and unnecessary.  He has made us into an expansion team without the benefit of an expansion draft under the leadership of a rookie coaching staff.

    No one does this.  His strategy cried out for an experienced coaching staff.  It's common sense.

    We, literally, are an inaugural season USFL team.  Joe Douglas cannot be allowed to continue.  The trade deadline is a week from now.  I'm terrified what he'll do next.  Send Crowder and Maye packing?  It'll take the new GM four years to replace them.  It has to stop.

    SAR I

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  5. 27 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

    The fact that you show your "face" after your Gase diatribes is hilarious. Most would bail.  You're the laughing stock of a message board.  Thanks for your strength. You add joy to all of our lives. 

    Seriously?  Keeping Gase would have been better than what we're getting out of Saleh, this train wreck could have been avoided if we kept the head coach who was proven to keep a broken, bad roster together, motivated and playing hard and not some rah-rah nobody who is clearly in over his head.  Laughing stock?  Compared to the rest of you I'm friggin' Nostradamus.  You are part of the problem.  Manipulating the Johnsons who constantly bow to what they think their fans want.  Those who pay the money and actually go to the games didn't want this.

    Be objective.  Stop trying to appease the ignorant because it gets you the most clicks.  

    SAR I

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