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  1. 22 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Fair. We just disagree on whether the hard way is really necessary or a thing at all

    The New York Jets have never been able to make it work the hard way. In our history our very best seasons have been accomplished the easy way. Steal other team’s best coaches and players. Then win a lot of games, get into the playoffs, and give yourself a chance to compete for a championship.

    SAR I

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Maynard13 said:

    Why don’t you stick to playing with your hot wheels. JD’s first year was a total pass. He had practically no input or influence to impact the roster. JD’s 2nd year was doomed by the inept Gase/Darnold show. Now in his 3rd year, JD has practically cleared out the roster, hired a new coaching staff and drafted a  potential franchise QB. It’s a slow turn granted, but it’s going to take a couple years to see viable results. Check back then. Now go play and wash your hands before dinner. 



    SAR I

  3. 1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

    SAR, I'm not as fervent in your criticism of JD.  But I also don't understand why so many are willing to give him every excuse in the book.  Folks have accepted that losing in his 2+ year tenure is a good thing.  Looking the other way in the hope that it will eventually lead to positive results in the future.  

    As I've said a bunch of times:  Putting this team on the field in 2021 is a reflection of his decisions.  So if the result is another 12, 13, 14, 15... loss season, he needs to be held accountable.  This franchise has had its intellect and common sense numbed by all these annual losses.

    Thank you, yes.

    Every Jet that's on this roster is here because Joe Douglas wants him here.  He didn't run the 2019 draft, but he's been studying this roster for the entire 2019 season, 2020, and 2021 and it is 100% his responsibility.

    And he's 3-18.  Headed to 3-30.

    There are no excuses for this man.  He's been in scouting or front offices at the feet of exceptional GM's for 21 years and if he were good at picking players we would have seen that by now.  Period.

    SAR I

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  4. 6 hours ago, doitny said:

    no its year 4 right? the rebuild started in Sams first year.

    according to your timeline next year is year 5. the year we go to the SB.

    The rebuild was announced in 2017. Suck For Sam.  

    Joe Douglas was hired in 2019. 

    We’re 65 days away from 2022. 

    Bowles, Gase, Saleh.  Maccagnan, Douglas.  The actors changed but it’s the same damn show. Now entering Year 6. 

    SAR I

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  5. 4 hours ago, Biggs said:

    This sounds so much like a business owner who has disdain for their customers and is in a business where the customers really doesn't impact the bottom line.   The Jets and the Giants as a football product on the feild suck.  The Jets and the Giants share a stadium that the owners agreed to build.  From a design perspective it sucks on a comparative basis.  The Jets uniform also sucks on a comparative basis.  

    The 3 things the uniform, stadium and team performance have in common is focus on customer satisfaction and attention to details.   

    There's a reason you and I probably both have an I phone.  Steve Jobs beat the living crap out of his employees to pay attention to details.  I know you're a Yankee fan.  Steinbrener for all of his antics payed attention to details.  Details matter including good design and ease of use.  

    I agree, but I like MetLife Stadium.  It's just fine.  I get in/out quickly.  The views from my seats are great.  The people who sit next to me are my friends.  I never wait on a line for food or the bathrooms.  It's clean.  It's safe.  That's all a stadium needs to be.  The color of a plastic seat never won a football game.

    SAR I

  6. 4 hours ago, JETSY14 said:

    Not to mention that the Jets flood the secondary market with unsold tickets which in return drives the ticket price down.  This is another reason not to buy season tickets.  If you attend every game you will pay a little above face on maybe 2 of the games.  The rest of the games are well below face. Not to mention you don't have to buy preseason game which are worthless.

    Season ticket holders like the convenience of never having to buy tickets and they like sitting next to the same people.  Saving a few dollars isn't what's important.

    SAR I

  7. 4 hours ago, FloridaJetsFan said:

    I don’t know I’d take your advice about football matters …

    The Jets Illuminati is getting a bit antsy over being so wrong about Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh, I see.  Just you wait until October 31 when the Jets fall to 1-6 and the MetLife Stadium Insurrection begins.  Then maybe you'll understand how wrong you've been for the last decade.

    SAR I

  8. 1 hour ago, Jet hustle said:

    She was right....  they went 6 and 4 the remainder of the year... albeit, against sh*t competition..

    We are playing against sh*t competition now and we are 1 missed field goal away from 0-5.

    SAR I

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  9. 2 hours ago, Saul Goodman said:

    You can not be serious. There’s not a single data point indicating that Joe Douglas is even average at his job. Offensive rankings, defensive rankings, point differential and most importantly wins and losses all point to him being a horrendous General Manager. He can certainly improve but at this he’s as bad as it gets. 

    No, don't tell the sheep that.  It makes them angry.

    It's "Year 1".  Didn't you get the memo?

    SAR I

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  10. On 10/22/2021 at 7:30 AM, jgb said:

    We're getting the classic unis with the new color scheme basically as soon as league rules allow another change


    That would be next season. If the Jets submitted an alternate helmet design by the July 2021 deadline they are allowed to start wearing them in September 2022.

    (Hides under table) Remember Woody’s Tweet from June where he showed a black helmet mocked up….

    SAR I

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  11. 3 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    He let Jamal walk and Jamal has continued walking through every NFL game this season. Parents are impossible to deal with anyways. Agents are literally the enemy. Personal positions coaches are by definition personal, check dem bitches at the door. 

    Jamal is frustrated with how he's being used and he's getting paid in Seattle and is shutting it down.  We've seen so many Jets do this it's not even shocking anymore.  They play hard, we love them, they get paid, they smoke weed, and that's it.  They aren't playing for glory or championships.  They are just playing for the big contract.  Once they have it, they don't want any boo-boo's.  Hard to squeeze into that McLaren with a leg cast.

    Doesn't change the fact that the Jets can't get better and can't attract quality free agents if we don't have a core of players that want to be here, play hard, and get big contracts that they honor.  Might Jamal have behaved better if we coddled him and paid him what he wanted when he wanted it?  Perhaps.

    SAR I


  12. 2 hours ago, BeaconJet said:

    Sort by percentage of total capacity sold, and the Jets are bottom 5 at 88%. 73K in a 82.5K stadium.  Giants are not much better at 74K / 90%.  Might have built the stadium a little too big?


    The size of the building doesn't matter.  It was built for a huge city and can accommodate overflow.  The fact that the Jets have consistently been Top 3 in the NFL and #1 in the AFC since MetLife was built is what counts.

    But Jets fans, no matter how loyal, have their tipping points.  I cannot invest myself in Sanchez (mishandled), Smith (never should have been drafted), Fitzpatrick (never should have been extended), Petty (never should have been drafted), Darnold (bust), and Wilson (doubts).  

    Sitting in a stadium knowing you're going to lose and watching players that you know aren't good and watching your stars trying to get out of town is just awful.  All the Jets have been selling us is hope, and it's hopeless.

    SAR I

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