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  1. Sar, we've never spoken before but I feel I should let you know I own an Iphone.


    You are an incredibly smart person. Greatest device known to man. I was wrong about it when it first came out. Thought that as a phone it was not good. While that's true, the internet is what makes it such a killer. Completely underestimated the internet's potential in such a small, pocketable device.

    SAR I

  2. I think we can make a one time off topic exception for SAR.

    Go Jets. Now this is officially football related.

    Thanks for signing up. :-P

    Glad to be here. So far, it's rather friendly. How do I get some vCash? Does it bail members out of bannings or something? I don't like being the poorest member of the board when in real life I'm so fabulously wealthy.

    SAR I

  3. Hey SAR! I remember you from my old usenet days. Has age mellowed you? I hope not.

    Wow. And I just posted some old usenet stuff on the other forum. No such thing as "mellowing". I've got serious money now. Can buy all the young hourly rentals needed in any hotel in America. How are things with you?

    SAR I

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