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  1. 4 hours ago, SoFlaJets said:

    This is a team that has had only one winning season over the past decade-ONE!

    It's our 3rd or 4th rebuild in the last 6 or 8 years.  Fans can buy into, maybe, 2 seasons of awful football where at the minimum you're seeing young players develop.  But we've been asked to do that with  Idzik/Geno, Maccagnan/Fitzpatrick, Maccagnan/Darnold, and Douglas/Wilson.  Just can't do this anymore. 

    I hate college football yet I'm spending $5,000 a year to watch college kids suck.


    SAR I

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  2. 14 hours ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

    The Jets don’t even have to win at this point for me. All I want is more than 3 and out on offense for the last decade+


    ....says the PA announcer for the 30th time in 3 hours because the opposing offense has such a huge lead in time of possession that we're constantly facing 3rd downs.

    It's the single most annoying facet of in-person Jets fandom.  They get no first downs, they score no points, and on every routine 3rd and 4 they bark orders at us at full volume.

    SAR I

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  3. 16 minutes ago, jamesr said:

    Let's agree to disagree. :-) 

    Fair enough.  The sun just came out and I've got a $70,000 convertible.  I'm going for a drive, going to watch the leaves change so I can wash the stench of the Joe Douglas Jets and Cheating Houston Astros off before my shiny and new rebuilt New York Rangers face off at 1pm.

    SAR I

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  4. 13 minutes ago, doitny said:

    i get it now. you love Adam Gase. 

    and your so mad he got fired you are going all scorched earth on the people who did it.

    No, don't go there.  If it were true I'd tell you.

    Adam Gase was a very good rebuilding head coach for the reasons I've outlined several times.  He would have been the perfect guy to stick with until Douglas had built the roster decently and then bring in the new head coach to lead us to glory.

    The Rangers just did this with Quinn.  The Browns went through 4 HC's in 3 years and didn't stop until they got a great one.

    There is a time to move off your rebuilding head coach.  Douglas bowed to fan pressure and blew it.  The roster isn't nearly ready and its being led by a slogan-plastering rookie who doesn't hold his players accountable.  The dysfunction that was swept out of Florham Park in the ugly Bowles/Maccagnan marriage is back now.  In the form of two guys who are bosom buddies brought together prematurely.

    SAR I

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

    Yes, this type of knee jerk reactions hiring and firing of leadership will make the franchise a HUGE draw for future candidates that are worth their salt. 

    But, you see, that's out biggest advantage.

    By being the one NFL team that doesn't have to care about its reputation, we can fish in the very large sea of the desperate and the flawed GM candidates.  Bring 'em in, give 'em a 2 year mandate, out the door they go if they don't get it done.  With all the failure we've had with prime GM candidates, I'd rather go after someone that no one believes in and has something to prove.

    Browns went from a joke to a legit playoff team by having 3 GM's and 4 HC's in 6 years.  They made quick decisions, they sized them up just as quickly as they would a player, and moved on if they weren't cutting it.  

    SAR I

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

    SAR please meet a mirror. This thread is about Joe Douglas. Not coaching. You have totally moved your own trolling goal line. If a take is stupid, I call it as such. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Joe Douglas hired the head coach!  He's the Football Man of Flohram Park!  He reports to the owner and the coach reports to him!  Just like the Illuminati wanted!

    Saleh's hiring may go down as Douglas' biggest blunder of all.

    Surely merits discussion.

    SAR I

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  7. 1 hour ago, kevinc855 said:

    People seem to be forgetting we played only 2 of our 9 home games.....

    JD and the Jets got a pass last year from boo birds due to Covid. Its going to be loud in Metlife but if the team doesnt turn it around, it wont be cheers you hear. 

    MetLife Stadium Insurrection

    October 31, 4pm

    1-6 record

    60,000 fed up liquored up Jets fans in surgical and Halloween masks.

    I'm telling you, it's going to be Armageddon.  People should scoop up the $10 tickets just to see it happen.  It's going to be one of those flying lawnmower we want the pumpkin throw snowballs at Santa inflatable love doll moments you can tell your grandkids about.

    SAR I

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  8. 2 hours ago, jamesr said:

    Yeah, much better to have 5 one year rebuilds so we get the satisfaction of firing more people. emoji12.png


    Just make quick decisions, that's all.  Joe Douglas has had 30 months, 2 drafts, 2 FA periods, and we are headed to 3-30.  We shouldn't be developing young GM's.  We should be churning them and burning them quickly.  They can either pick players or they can't.  Joe can't.  Move on now.  Find another young guy, see what he can do, if his hit rate is good, keep him.

    SAR I

  9. 2 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    Wana make a bet he does miss the whole season tho? State your wager 

    Sitting at 1-6 on Halloween with riotous costumed Jets fans participating in the MetLife Stadium Insurrection, Becton's people will let Joe Douglas know that Mekhi has played his last down in New Jersey.  Same for Zach Wilson's peeps.  Vera-Tucker's handlers too.  They need to get their clients out of dodge before the stench ruins what's left of their NFL futures.

    By letting Jamal walk, Douglas has made himself one sweet reputation in the eyes of parents, agents, and personal position coaches.

    SAR I

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  10. 2 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    Welcome to a Jets message board

    opinions are what we do here 

    "It will be so easy to replace Mark Sanchez."

    "It will be so easy to replace Brian Schottenheimer."

    "It will be so easy to replace Mike Tannenbaum."

    "It will be so easy to replace Mike Maccagnan."

    "It will be so easy to replace Adam Gase."

    The Genius Jets Illuminati who brought you these fantastic takes act like they state facts and you merely state "opinions".

    Remind them.  Don't let them forget.  We've been waiting, what, 11 years for a quarterback that's better than Mark Sanchez?  Didn't think things could get worse than Maccagnan and Gase?  Real Mensa candidates right there.  Every time they scream for something we get worse.  Worse.  Maybe they should stop talking.

    SAR I

  11. 2 hours ago, Scott Dierking said:

    You really say some stupid things. We are talking about the talent. Not the coaching bringing out the talent.

    No, if we are talking about '97 Parcells we are most definitely talking about the coach bringing out the talent.  If the core of the '96 Kotite Jets were soooooo talented, they wouldn't have gone 1-15.

    If the core of the '97 Parcells Jets suddenly started playing like rock stars and went 9-7, its because of coaching, plain and simple.

    The '93 Rangers didn't make the playoffs and were an utter collapse under Roger Neilson.  In comes Mike Keenan, Presidents Trophy, Stanley Cup Champions.  In one season.  In 10 months.

    Robert Saleh, Genius, decided he could go into an NFL season without a starting RB and without a veteran QB.  The same guy who plasters his "take no prisoners" slogan all over the stadium walls and then talks about "just get better" as he loses game after game to the worst teams in the league.  The guy whose idea of player development is to bench Denzel Mims and shame him in public.  The guy whose way of fixing the offense is to let his rookie quarterback disregard the system and chuck 50/50 balls on Bill Belichick.

    Jets Illuminati Mode in full effect today.  You guys really need to look in the mirror before calling out other posters and saying their takes are 'stupid'.  You geniuses wrote the book on stupid.

    SAR I

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  12. 8 hours ago, Big_Slick said:

    But once you determine the current GM sucks you make a change and give the new guy a chance.  I'm old enough that I'm coming around to SAR's philosophy. I don't have many 5 year rebuilds left. 

    Same here.  Not because of age, but because they're losing me.  I've been up, down, trying to get the feeling again.  And I can't.  I think this time it's gone forever.

    SAR I

  13. 8 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    Until then, even a semi-intelligent fan understands they deserve a chance to demonstrate that improvement.  

    We are rebuilding incorrectly.

    The Jets Illuminati should have realized that Adam Gase went 7-9 with a young, beat up, incomplete roster and was actually the right guy for the rebuild.  Should have kept him.  He proved that he could get 100% out of rookies and third stringers and win against a weak schedule.  We'd be 3-2 at worst if he and Darnold were still here.  Mims and Carter and Carter and Moore and Vera-Tucker would be feeling a lot more confident and accomplished right now if they weren't dealing with a kindergarten coaching staff and preschool quarterback.

    No different than my rebuilding Rangers and David Quinn.  Not a great head coach, but someone that the young players could learn from and develop under.  And once the core of the team was built, boom, goodbye, and in comes a great head coach and some strong veterans who immediately have a noticeable impact and winning ways.

    SAR I

  14. 8 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    Sometimes new coaches need to learn on the job.

    Grooming a rookie head coach into one of the greats has been a bigger failure for this franchise than trying to find a franchise quarterback.

    We have NEVER done it.  But yet we keep trying it.  Again and again and again.

    We don't need Bill Parcells.  We need Tom Coughlin.  An experienced head coach who had some success and was eventually let go by someone else.  Adam Gase shouldn't have scared us back into rookie defensive coordinator bullsh*t again.  This team needs veteran leadership more than ever.  And we've got children leading children and its not working.  Shocker.

    SAR I

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  15. 8 hours ago, Big_Slick said:

    Obviously nobody can PROVE that they can draft as well as GM's but picking at the top of the 1st round is easy.

    This.  Are we really going to give some credit to Joe Douglas for taking players that every GM in the league has rated as first round talent?  Give me a pad and a pencil, I'd do the same thing.  "Oh, I have the second pick in the draft and I can take the second-best QB prospect?"  Yeah, rocket science.

    If anything, Douglas is guilty of overthinking it.  Going for the boom or bust players time and again.  Becton and Wilson, the perfect examples.  Either going to the Hall of Fame or Kevin Allen and Ryan Leaf 2.0.

    SAR I

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  16. 10 hours ago, JETSY14 said:

    When Woody wants basement bargain gm's this is what you get.

    You get what you pay for. 

    The problem isn't ownership's money, the problem is the Jets are NFL GM career suicide, no one wants to come here.

    We need to keep our GM's on a tight 2 year leash and move on if they have a bad hit rate.  Our problem is that we want to "groom" a GM from scratch and that's not necessary.  Someone like Joe Douglas has been working in FO's for 20 years and he can't pick players.  Nothing is going to change that.  So we need to try someone else now.

    SAR I

  17. 13 hours ago, doitny said:

    there the President and Vice President of the " Fire JD Club" 

    i hear they are paying for the planes and billboards all by themselves. like it work out so well to get Gase fired.

    When we are sitting at 3-30 and you're having a rotten New Year's Eve, you are going to say how right we were and beg for admittance into the club.  And we are going to say 'no'. 

    You're the same geniuses who wanted Mark Sanchez gone and said it would be soooo easy to replace him and that Rex Ryan was going to make us paaaaay on the Bills and said all these Joe Douglas premium draft picks were going to lead us to glory.

    You.  Know.  Nothing.  Jets Illuminati.  Know.  Nothing.  You haven't been right about anything.  But you act like you have.  It's hysterical.

    SAR I

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  18. 13 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    This is the same bunch that flops onto the fainting couch when you tell them that Rex Ryan inherited a loaded roster that finished 9-7 and were Vegas favorites to go to the Super Bowl at one point the year prior.


    What's really funny is how they think they are right.

    SAR I

  19. 14 hours ago, Big_Slick said:

    Are you saying that Jamal would have caught those two gimme INT's if he was in NJ?


    I'm saying that when Jamal was a Jet he was a Pro Bowler, a team leader, and helped us overcome a brutal 1-7 open to an impressive 6-2 finish.  Those are all facts.  You can look them up, if you like.  Whatever we were doing with him and the team was working.  And then we got rid of him.  And then we got rid of Williams.  And then we got rid of Gase.  And now instead of being a team capable of getting 7 wins against weak teams, we are capable of getting 1 win against weak teams.

    SAR I

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