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  1. Good news. So you guys are all over here now? It really, really sucks "over there" these days
  2. I love this thread. Nothing better than a Sox fan taking the old "Pennington is gritty and has intangibles" argument and applying it to baseball. That's right, Pedroia = Pennington.
  3. LOL. You taped this? How pathetic. So you went to a game wearing your Sox crap, provoked a group of guys to chant, then got the camera rolling, all the while thinking "I'll show the WORLD!"
  4. Only partially true. The difference is percentages. The "culture" of Boston doesn't just breed douchiness, it encorages it. In that town, you're not cool unless you're a complete Richard. The louder you are and the more fights you start in a bar or a mosh pit at a Dropkick Murphys show, the bigger man you become. Add that and obvious inferiority complex to all things New York, and it manifests itself as a "Yankees Suck" chant at a Celtics-Heat game in January. For crissakes, the Sox organization even encourages it. The antics of their ownership have been downright filthy for years now. Just got to watch a 5 year old kid come out and recite a speech from Hoosiers modified to have him yell "Yankees Suck". Go to a game at Fenway. Watch one of the jackasses start up a chant, watch his surrounding fans cheer him on and spread it across the stadium. Now go to one in the Bronx and watch a jackass act up and watch his fellow fans shout at him to sit down, shut up, and my favorite: "Stop acting like THEM"
  5. They never do. But it was still the right thing to do.
  6. Again. Please try to pay attention. That was never the basis for the protest.
  7. Girardi said he doesn't doubt that he was hurt. The problem is, Farrell motioned to the bullpen (therefore changing pitchers) before he notified the umpire that Beckett was injured. Therefore, Delcarmen should not have had as many pitches as he liked to warm up. Procedural issue only.
  8. You: Every team tailors their infield to meet the talents of their club. Me: So you're saying the Mets don't even bother hiring a grounds crew? Do I really need to explain this to you?
  9. Breaking down? To get ripped off? Hey, do me a favor, drive over the GW Bridge on the way there and take a good look. I've got a special deal for you on it this week.
  10. Fielding percentage And you're going to call someone ignorant. I don't think I could have laughed harder.
  11. So you're saying the Mets don't even bother hiring a grounds crew?
  12. How valuable has Jorge Posada been as a cornerstone catcher for the Yankees for over a decade? And you wouldn't take Mauer, who is probably the best overall player in baseball right now?
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