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  1. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Browns have done an incredible job keeping a lid on that top pick. Sorta unnecessarily so since they’re not gonna trade it but no one knows who they’re taking...good on em
  2. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    If I could trust the coaches to develop a QB then sure....but where’s the evidence that’s possible in the history of this organization? gimme Rosen or Baker
  3. Connecting the Draft Dots

    totally plausible Mac would get a bad rap for having f'd with a kid (baker) like that but all's fair in the draft.
  4. I don’t care. I feel we can’t lose because their are at least 3 QB’s I want. Even Allen I could see. mac’s early and decisive trade to 3 was an excellent move for which he deserves praise. he put every other QB needy team in catch up mode and they should now be panicking
  5. Giants release Marshall

    THis is so reminiscent of when Keyshawn Johnson while playing for the Panthers was doing commentary for the draft when the Panthers drafted his replacement in the 2nd round, Keyshawn gushed about how he couldn't wait to mentor this kid and then he got cut the next day.
  6. FFS

    Did everybody actually read the article? i wasn’t a fan of Baker before reading it and it actually decisively won me over. smart guy- great attitude- a QB who could feed off the New York media my order Rosen Darnold Baker and for the first time I’m fine with any of them. We’re good here.
  7. I have a feeling.....

    I think the fall to us guy is Josh ROSEN. And I think Mac takes him. and this Baker Stuff was a smokescreen so no one would jump ahead of us to 2 to take Rosen.
  8. No more PDF tickets

    **** the NFL so tired of this crap
  9. Like my ONLY issue with this kid is his height and lack of pedigree im ready to fall in love but would prefer a more classic fit
  10. Wow legitimately surprised by this and sure I understand some teams will lie but the fact that Allen is so high and Rosen is below Baker is pretty surprising to me maybe we’d be lucky to end up with Allen personally I’d be pissed if we took Baker over Rosen but wtf do I know. I just don’t like the idea of a shrimp who HAS to be an outlier in order to succeed at that size
  11. Josh Allen Film Review

    I hope Rosen is just there so we don’t have to take OR pass on this kid.
  12. The NFL is so goddamn quick to take these down
  13. So when do Petty and Hack get the axe?

    Maybe O’Brian picks Hack up for a 6th or 7th rounder. Watsons recovering from the ACL- Savage is meh Hack is still sculpted from marble and has been an understudy to Fitzpatrick and Mccown.....and he’s still on his rookie deal. I’d take a flier on the kid.
  14. Third Round Targets???

    Figured we could take a break from Rosen/Mayfield/Allen. so who ya want for pick #72? Any chance Orlando Brown OT falls there after his historically awful combine? He could get in a pro weight training program for a year and could be a LT after Beachum moves on. i have a bad feeling it’ll be another DL to fill holes left by Sheldon and Mo. RB room seems full