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  1. I think the appropriate levers in the FO have been pulled. JD hire is huge, but just as importantly is JD mandating increased salaries to the front office to secure good people including Savage. This off season it should start to pay dividends. Sams record is 5-6 this year. Mediocre at best but we know how bad this supporting cast is and I actually feel very good about him. Getting an OL and another playmaker makes us a perennial playoff contender.
  2. This team lives down to expectations every time its just expected non competitive embarrassment
  3. You have a $15 million Dollar running back. Just run it on fourth and one every single time
  4. It never seems to happen for us, but trading down to about pick 20 would net us an extra second and third round pick this draft. Slot 9 is worth 1340 points- 20 about 850. Those 500 points are about right to also get the 2 and 3 round picks. it would allow a complete rebuild of the OL which would improve our QB, RB, and receiver play compounding the value of the selections. im actually ok with sticking as 9 and taking a WR or even a pass rusher ; they just have to hit for once. Have to hit on every pick and go nuts with OL overall
  5. I’ll always live Rex dont want him as our HC but appreciate the identity and success he brought
  6. Yeah he seems to be the best QB we've had at this point since early Chad Pennington (and a Brett Favre rental). He looks like the guy. Need him to get proper coaching to clean up the mechanics to gain consistent downfield accuracy.
  7. He’s a big name with good hair but is simply a lunch pail kind of contributor. he’s a good guy and I would say the same things if I were him, but I wouldn’t pay him what he wants and I’m glad It’s Gettleman’s conundrum now.
  8. Sam’s great and I feel lucky to have him. He seems like our guy- thank god we finally seem to have one. hes playing with a sh*t roster- god awful roster If (big if) he can clean up his mechanics or footwork to improve his accuracy on these game changing throws he’s missing then he could be a top 3 QB
  9. Just got home from the game. my takeaway is that Sam really misses some important throws. A handful of what are good NFL throws but expected NFL throws. His mechanics for consistent accuracy just aren’t there right now
  10. I’d do anything to have him except give up the OL we will pick in the top 10 this year. A ballerina on the football field. An amazing talent. Would love to have him.
  11. Would’ve liked him to break the DB sack record but oh well i like and support Jamal. But this season is a wash anyway so who cares
  12. It will take a monumental turnaround to get this pick worth it. He’s so young and was thought so highly of that I’m praying he somehow does but he looks slow and soft with almost no flashes. i am forever 💯 against everybody drafting a DL in the first two rounds ever again. I don’t care who it is.

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