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  1. I don’t expect any significant signings as the salary cap will be going down significantly next year due to the decreased revenues from COVID. I’m hearing it will decrease by $30 million for 2021. Teams will be counting pennies these next few months
  2. I was expecting some more hate i can’t really argue with anything he said jets beat no one of consequence outside of the cowboys last year and the roster is better than it’s been but not impressive. the only thing I care about is that there’s finally a plan in place. JD and Sam finally have us on the road to sustainable respectability. arrows pointing in the right direction but 2020 ain’t the year. 2021 is when the golden era decade begins when Mac’s contract nightmares can be addressed by getting Tru off the books, Enunwa off the books and cutting Bell. Plus getting JD another draft. one more year to get through but 2020 will still be fun to watch
  3. No coach could scheme around the offensive line deficiencies last year. All 5 guys were constantly beat. Plays could not develop. Run lanes were closed. Defensive in the backfield every play. im skeptical of Gase but know that BB and Bill Walsh wouldve been just as helpless last season. And the jets still won 7 games and the locker room held. So I’m withholding judgement. This year is THE year to find out.
  4. QW isn’t looking too fit hi girlfriend posts a lot and appears to want to get a big following its a lot of unhealthy eating and video games and hanging out he works out too of course but from what I’ve seen just from social media makes me very concerned he’s gonna bust jmo
  5. I mean I think you’re right about growing pains but the two words that come to mind are Kelvin Beachum. I mean what an unathletic way below average starting Left Tackle. The fans were ok having him last year and I really can’t see Becton being worse than him. At least Edge guys will have to go around Mekhi. I rewatched the dolphins game last year and saw Beachum do a pass set after he had shiffle stepped (untouched) at an angle directly back into Sam dropping back- the edge was 90% to Sam before first contact and a little nudge put Beachums back right into Sam’s chest. OL was so horrendous last year that I think the fans will forgive a rookie. Brick took 2-3 years to develop his skinny ass.
  6. Alex Lewis is pencilled in as starting LG but he wasn’t great last year (tho shockingly he was our best OL last year). I’d imagine Clarke is the main competition there.
  7. Yup. It’s a fairly pricey one year try out for an older but believed to be ascending player. Fant played 42% of snaps last year so there’s enough sample size and a couple years ago won the LT spot, tore his ACL and Seattle then acquired Duane Brown. I think we signed Fant right after losing out on Conklin so perhaps some desperation but worst case scenario is Edoga wins and should be improved though that’s not saying much as he went back and forth between decent and overwhelmed. Fant is an easy cut after 2020 if he doesn’t ball out. If he locks it down he has a 3 year contract. I trust JD on OL moves like this and as cautiously optimistic but also happy it can’t be worse than last year with Edoga starting if need be. im curious who the backup LT will be, whether it’s be Edoga or maybe even the rookie Clarke. Also really hope Becton nails down the left side from the get.
  8. Jordan Palmer is the definition of a new age QB guru. What David Cutliffe did for the Mannings he is doing for Sam. Cutliffe didn’t make the Mannings good but he cleaned up their natural talent and helped maximize their high potential. That’s what Jordan Palmer does. Palmer also worked with Hawaii QB Cole McDonald who was drafted in the 6th round by Tennessee this year. Palmer isn’t going to turn hamburger into steak but he’s one of the best maximizing these guys. Sam couldn’t be with a better guy.
  9. https://twitter.com/nyjets/status/1266357802886455296?s=20
  10. And minimal pressure fumbles from Sam in the pocket which was always the talking point before his draft. I follow them too- a lot of tweaks in mechanics
  11. Who are they- lemme see CJ Avery Onuwasor Hewett burgess cashman hmm maybe you’re right maybe Avery for the cap? Does burgess or Hewitt play outside at all? Maybe it is Cashman. Rosters are expanding this year though as well
  12. I know you’re just having fun but I disagree cashman is locked up for years on a 5th round contract and plays ST jenkins will start anderson is almost fully guaranteed contract for one more year
  13. JD doesn't want more picks. He wants Jamal Adams in green and white forever. He's the one saying he wants Adams to be a Jet for life.

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