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  1. I started doing mock drafts already. Haven’t started this early ever
  2. Agreed 100% I must point out that GVR on this particular play absolutely sucked and needs to be blamed more than anybody. But yeah the broader picture is Gase sucks a lot.
  3. Rewatching the game now and Mekhi Becton might be the best OT rookie I’ve ever seen. multiple pancakes against all 3 levels of defenders. Jets starting running behind him in the second half and he never failed tho the runs weren’t good due to Gore and the other OL. He’s worthy of the #1 overall pick.
  4. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him say this. You don’t have plays that can get 7 yards?! Shouldn’t like 99% of your plays be able to get 7 yards if executed correctly! i have the guy a lot of slack this offseason bc the talent is awful and I’m 100% done with this guy after that comment.
  5. I don’t think the patriots have significantly more talent than the Jets roster- being competitive with a powerhouse like Seattle, the difference is coaching
  6. Jamal’s average in coverage, elite run defender, elite blitzed. High energy. A great player. Couldn’t pass up the trade following his whining but smh, gotta get some players in here
  7. What did Sam do wrong today? dropped TD, dropped first down catches, no running game, no separation, receivers are a joke and no interceptions. Sam rebounded to adequacy today and I’m relieved
  8. Sam looked fine today. My belief in him was shaken for the first time last week. I’m glad we have the rest of the season to see how Sam plays. Btw the Jets always win some garbage games. The OL seems improved. The Jets will look much different 4 games from now when they have Crowder, Mims, Bell, Perriman and the 5 new starting OL have some time together. I think Sam will be a FQB for someone. They should be competitive vs weaker opponents. I honestly hope we don’t get #1 so we don’t have to make this decision. Right now if we did I’d trade the pick for an RG3 haul adding to our Jamal Adams haul.
  9. Jamal Adams is a genius. i take back any ill will. He built himself a lifeboat off the Titanic.
  10. I’m honestly not convinced that he’ll be a consistent top guy throughout his career
  11. Does it hurt Sam to hand the play calling over to Dowell?

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