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  1. David Harris

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Kris Jenkins was a better Suh at his best. Time was brief, health didn’t last, but I remember him dominating for a brief bit- he crushed an old Kevin Mawae when he went to the Titans
  2. The NFL will now allow other games on other networks when the Jets or Giants are on TV. thank the lord
  3. David Harris

    Updated Mike Maccagnan Draft History

    Me too the Shepherd one too- 32 year old project DT in a crowded position HAHAHA ahhh we’re f’d (again) At least we do have a couple blue chips thrown in now
  4. David Harris

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    Remember the Born Rich docu his son made. Woody was just painting pictures in the house and stupid rich sh*t before he owned the jets
  5. David Harris

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Leggett is a great natural athlete who was soft, had a gut and didn’t love football. def not a Gase guy and was never going to work out.
  6. It could happen to any of them at anytime. Foster isn't a sympathetic figure but it def sucks for these guys. But it's just going to happen sometimes. I don't really care if LB isn't around, no one will care when the season starts. But my feeling overall is that at some point football players have to practice football and it's inherently risky.
  7. Mac took some layups and this years' team will be competitive. I'll always be grateful he got us Sam Darnold. And QW should be an elite guy in the coming years, as will Jamal Adams. It's just outside of that some very Idzik'y drafting. I'm fine with the team this year and will be happy if we pull in the Eagles guy for GM moving forward who will hopefully build up the Oline around the young QB and start filling holes instead of dumping limited resources into the same positions over and over.
  8. I think we fell into an ok situation despite the bungling. i hates Bowles and like Gase so far. I was done with Mac but like the free agents we got. So I think the team is in a decent spot having all our draft picks in the coming years and some foundational pieces on the team and still have a little cap room to make some additions when they come up in a year.
  9. I feel fine about all this as well. WE had a strong off season with some ascending young talent on the roster and we signed a bunch of dogs, high level players. As long as we get a smart GM who is aggressive filling holes, and addresses the OL. This team is a good draft or two away from being very competitive for the playoffs for years to come.
  10. Oh the inevitable drama.... i want a churro
  11. David Harris

    Chiefs - Jets Agree to Darron Lee trade

    And everything went sideways in Jets land...........:
  12. David Harris

    Mac fired!

    I want to know what moves specifically over the past free agency and draft class got Mac fired? The bell signing seems to be huge regarding this. I like the Mosley move. The Trumaine contract Is an albatross. I think missing out on all the edge rushers in free agency was significant as well.
  13. David Harris

    Mac fired!

    I felt pretty good about our roster but now I don’t being the HC and owner look at it and score to fire the guy who put it together. Is Sam going to die? Do we have enough CB’s? Thank you Mac for Sam Darnold. Unfortunately for a GM it all comes down ultimately to the draft. And outside of top 6 gimme picks you just missed too much and didn’t fill the needs of the new NFL. I was always your biggest supporter, until this recent draft when I saw the same roster holes before and after the draft, again. hes a good person, great guy, wish him the best- he’ll be sought after in other roles

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