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  1. Sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashtyn is an oft injured kinda guy, can’t hang your hat on him but I just want to make sure he’s given a chance. Neal has been great in the past and played under our new DC so...
  2. To me the most intriguing guy on the Jets is Ashtyn Davis- the whole man of mystery thing touched by God with athletic traits. He needs health and reps. His rookie year was just a mess but can’t wait to see him in 2021.
  3. lol, that’s fari but it’s also more than fair you need to START with an elite QB to even have a chance. Get the elite QB and then get the balance
  4. Love it - more threads! Not being sarcastic! get Watson! More threads now!
  5. Yes but it appears it’s working. Texans showed their hand by already having internal discussions about trading Watson. Also Schefter reported he believes there are some in Houston who think they have seen Watson and play his last game for the Texans. Adam would not have said that unless he had sources inside Houston telling him that. It feels like the Rubicon has been crossed. Also Houston ownership is a mess and may not realize that they hold all the cards, very emotional down there - not rationale.
  6. Shocker! mahomes Could be speaking in tongues and wearing diapers and the NFL would still clear him for the AFC championship
  7. I just like that it minimizes the Johnson dimwit twins. They literally have NOTHING to do with football operations now...other than signing checks (with a mix of money from their Daddy and us)
  8. Why? I don’t want to have to read through 1000 pages it’s the off season. Don’t open a Watson thread if you don’t want to.
  9. Maybe, but it's still fun and is actually totally possible. This is GREAT news if true. If we can get this done for #2, Sam and one other first round pick I think it is totally palatable. Sam > Tua #2 overall > #3 overall Give them #2 overall, one of next years first rounders and Sam Darnold. We'd still have a first round pick every year due to the Jamal Adams trade and still have a lot of cap room to get Allen Robinson and others.
  10. I think we should SHERMAN regardless if Watson comes here or not - he deserves it just for this PR

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