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  1. As of July 22, there were 65,000 breakthrough cases (or people who are vaccinated but got COVID-19) among the 160 million people who are fully vaccinated. That's 0.04% of vaccinated people reporting breakthrough cases. No vaccine is 100% effective. With the COVID-19 vaccines averaging about 90% efficacy, health experts expect about 10% of those vaccinated could be infected
  2. seemed like nobody was that interested
  3. Does he have a clean record outside of this? never heard of off the field behavior for the guy- seems like he had a bad night. If it’s a one off then I’m ok with it
  4. Just thank God most of us came up prior to ring doorbell’s and camera phones
  5. The Free Safety free agent class will f 2022 will be stacked. Cant help Maye’s leverage
  6. Oh and also Marcus Maye has stopped following the Jets on social media Relations are ”not in a good place”
  7. Obviously a Difference in opinion of his value. Jets want him at 10-12, he wants more.
  8. He’s likely looking for 13-14 per. He gets 11 this year. Franchise him again next off season. The two franchise tags will still average less than his current contract demands. See if Ashtyn develops. Maye will be 29 next off season. betting on yourself is a tough thing to do at his age. Sucks to be 24 your rookie year.
  9. It’ll come down to the deadline and then he’ll get $16.5 mill per but entertaining nonetheless
  10. They're the same person. Drafting franchise QB's (Darnold/Jones) who busted and overpaying big name FA's to market setting contracts (Bell/Golladay) to making for trades for suspect players requiring big contracts (Osemele/Leonard Williams) to overall poor drafting in general. Both with no clear plan for team building or salary cap management, just throwing sh*t at the wall.
  11. Had 5 wonderful years in Manhattan, started out bartending for a year waiting to see if I got into med school and then tears of joy getting to stay for it in the city. My beautiful girlfriend turning heads at the bars, then fiancé then wife and now a litter of kids by the jersey shore. I miss those streets, the people, the food; that vibe that you were in the center of the world. I often look West as the paradise lost. The plan was to join you out there. But then Dad left and mom got sick and plans changed and had to figure out what to do with my life on the east coast. Roots grew
  12. With a rookie QB and now 3 stud run blockers in Mekhi, AVT and Moses plus an offense heavy in play action I expect us to be a run first offense early in the season. I think we have the talent to do it now with several quality backs.
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