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  1. Terry Bradway Westhoff is not a Bradway fan. “Terry Bradway, our general manager, was not my favorite; I thought in many ways he was barely mediocre,” Westhoff writes. ------ I absolutely despise the professional Terry Bradway. Ruined a decade.
  2. Mekhi has 8 complete games out of 33. He better get his sh*t together. Time is running out.
  3. He might be right. Good thing is we get to play football at some point. We’ll see.
  4. The hard truth is Brady Quinn could be right. The Jets have done almost everything right with roster construction the past two years but every single optimistic outlook is based on projections about what a more talented roster CAN do. Rookies usually don’t set the league on fire. Rookies can bust. Second year guys showed promise but nobody has proven to be elite or lights out. We had zero probowlers outside of ST. The Jets have taken the first step; assembling talent. We can feel rightfully good where we’re at. There’s just m no way to know because every single positive is a projection and not a track record. It could go either way probably ends up in the middle. Jets are wildly young. Some will overachieve, some disappoint, some get injured. Lots of new players learning new systems. It could go either way.
  5. And even though this deserves its own thread - Breece hall is now number 20- waaayyy better, HUGE
  6. I always do Stubhub out of habit. I find it super easy. I screen shot the pass but it’s also easy to find on the app. I highly recommend getting the best parking pass, easy in and out rather than an hour of stress wishing you’d got it. Especially if you’re not going every week. Also def recommend an earlier/warmer game.
  7. GMFB is one of my favorite shows - miss Nate, gonna miss Kate.
  8. I've heard from many people that Bodrum is amazing - beach town, laid back party scene, lots of European Jet-setters, very significant Greek/Roman/Ottoman history, close to all the Greek islands and the whole Med. I doubt you'd have any problem finding English speakers in that area since English is the lingua franca of the world and you'll be in a resort town. Turkey is also very secular compared to other Muslim countries, their founding father Ataturk switched to Western education in the 1920's. I'd be stoked to live there.
  9. If you want to be "good" you have to be able to beat any team. The Ravens aren't world beaters, historically a very tough team. So what, the Jets need to be able to be competitive every week. Bring on anybody and let's see where we're at.
  10. Yeah the original schedule leak I posted is garbage, whatevs
  11. Sauce and Reed both responded the $250K rumor and said it’s false.
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