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  1. David Harris

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    We finally have our QB so the Tankathon is way less interesting than in the past but- My preferences: Bosa - can’t pass up a Khalil Mack type beast Any LT worthy of a top 10 pick - I don’t trade down and get cute, I take the LT. Candidates would be Jonah Williams followed by Greg Little (the Ole Miss guy who I expect to get torn apart in predraft analysis) and maybe David Edwards out of Wisconsin. Trade down for any other scenario- only really being if the above LT’s don’t scout well when analysis really ramps up. —_——_____ Bark away but I strongly want Mac running this draft. Williams and Adams, Williamson and Maye, are a new legit core. His savvy trade up last year was a master stroke- should be legendary within a decade. He knows what this team needs and he’s the type that has a smart plan in place. I think he signs 3 marquee FA’s before the draft. Le’Veon Bell along with 2 of the pass rushers- Dante Fowler and maybe Ziggy Ansah or Demarcus Lawrence. hell probably also sign a decent guard like Roger Saffold and then the draft where I expect a LT. Beachem is under contract next season and I’d move him to the right side and let She’ll be a backup swing tackle. 2019 Top rookie LT - Saffold- Long - Winters - Beachum RB Le’Veon, McGuire, Crowell TE - emerging Herndon WR -Robby, Quincy and sign Randall Cobb QB Sam FU Darnold welcome to respectability with 2 pass rushers this defense will be legit one year from now we’re 500 and ascending
  2. Sign Clowny and Lawrence and be legit
  3. David Harris

    NY Post Back Page

    Todd Bowles is a good man. i wish him well where ever he ends up.
  4. Woody could walk back inside, put on a uniform, and be the best OL this team has. The OL was terry bull today
  5. You have to give Buster Skrine credit. As soon as his guy catches the TD pass he's right there for the tackle.
  6. Can you imagine if you actually paid money and took a day off to go to this embarrassment
  7. I don't see any utility in firing a HC half way through a season. Just wait until the end of the year.
  8. David Harris

    Harbaugh/Ravens headed for Break-Up

    Having a young talented and pliable FQB in place is a big draw for a HC- has to be near the top of his wish list.
  9. David Harris

    Look on the bright side fellas--

    I could def see us taking a CB
  10. David Harris


    Personally, I like the thread. Think its refreshing to get some outside perspective out of this this echo chamber of misery.
  11. David Harris

    Bowles getting crushed by Bart.

    Bart Scott was absolutely AMAZING
  12. David Harris

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    I've been super ANTI- Bell. But OP is correct that if it helps Sam Darnold then I could get on board. My biggest concern is his enormous independence, he's not a company guy. Good for him but he could certainly be a Shaun Gilbert/Revis distraction. But getting elite talent for a team that has none and taking pressure off of Sam is more important than anything else.

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