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  1. David Harris

    Mo out for the season

    God this makes me happy. And it makes you happy too. I’m tired of the PC crap.
  2. David Harris


    I’m happy the pats look worse than I can remember - figure they’ll figure it out per usual. It’s not our year anyway- we need at least one more before I begin to get engaged in the division title
  3. We’re not a $15 million/yr running back away from the playoffs - HARD pass.
  4. Last year Robbie was almost a pro bowler near 1000 yards with Mccown routinely hitting him deep. I'm sure Bates is aware and is running some of these plays, I'm not sure why Sam and Robby can't connect more?
  5. Robby has the same skill set that Josh McCown was able to exploit last year I worry that Darnold doesn’t have enough arm to maximize his speed
  6. David Harris

    Interior D tackles

    Anybody know how Mo Wilkersonis doing in Green Bay? i hope terribly
  7. Stewart was an odd pick at the time just a bad pick all around
  8. You don’t like Bates offense so far? I do. Lots of teams utilize the shotgun often in the pass happy league. It sets up RPO’s which Sam is good at and let’s him see the field. Bates is shanahan west coast disciple scheming for in rhythm shirt to intermediate passes that require great accuracy and work better wh n the QB can pass on rollouts. It’s tailor made for Darnolds skill set - what’s not to like about the match of Bates and Darnold. i also love that Bates isn’t holding back with a rookie QB and Sam is raising his play to the expectations. From the early returns I don’t want to see these two guys separated.
  9. Yeah I agree. Bates doesn’t seem built right for the HC spotlight. The catch is that I think Bowles will hold us back with his poor game management but I don’t want to lose Bates’ influence on Darnold. I remember how controversial it was when the new GM Idzik was told he had to keep the coaching staff in place. Could we get a good new HC telling them they’d have to keep Bates as OC?
  10. Jeremy Bates needs to be the HC or OC - I love what he’s doing with Sam.
  11. David Harris

    My thoughts

    Bowles is never going to be a top coach. nithing matters but Sam and the only logical move imo is to make Jeremy Bates HC after this year
  12. David Harris

    Update: Josh Gordon is a Patriot

    I think they’ll simply work around his skill set. He’ll run 3 routes and boss out
  13. David Harris

    Update: Josh Gordon is a Patriot

    Yeah this bothers me. It’s low risk and it has Randy Moss upside potential for them. Josh Gordon could be the best wide receiver in the league.
  14. David Harris

    Browns game must win?

    Yeah, nah. keep sam healthy, learn his lessons. I don’t really care about losing this year

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