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  1. I think Hairston has a knee and is why Tru was back out there getting burnt With Lewis, just to be able to fill one of these 5 OL spots with someone competent helps next off season, assuming we can keep him. Is KO still out? Ideally he and Lewis are our starting OG's and Winters hit the bench before being let go after this year.
  2. Alex Lewis was rated as the #4 overall guard last week by PFF. Something to keep and eye on whether to resign him and plug a hole. Maybe he starts over Winters when KO comes back
  3. I was happy to see Darron Lee getting pushed around in the run game last night, at least he not a James Farrior type
  4. I just want obvious greatness. I don't want to have to search for positives. Don't miss the sack. Make huge game changing plays. Some one, any one. and i fully acknowledge i'm throwing QW in with my miasma of bitterness at the org
  5. Right now Luke Falk is kissing every high school girl he can find
  6. Half of those on Falk so Darnold will only be sacked 5 times next week with a swollen spleen. sam Darnold actually could’ve been killed today
  7. Edoga starting is literally the most exciting thing for me to watch the Jets game tomorrow. You gotta start him on the right side, he's comfortable there and the Dolphins didn't even start Tunsil at LT his entire rookie year. Also if Darnold isn't playing who cares about getting the QB killed. It's a perfect game to try this out. I won't even be watching this game live, made other plans, one of the more depressing seasons in awhile in this decade of futility.
  8. Tru has a very difficult contract, really an albatross Mike Mac special. The real question with him is the replacement value. He's on the books for a 2020 cap hit of $15 million, $12 mill of that guaranteed (sunk cost) with $3 mill cap savings if cut. So the question is can we find a better backup CB for $3 million dollars...maybe, but maybe he sticks around for that 2020 season. Our O-Line is tragic. Thankfully, this draft has a lot of tackles and wideouts. But yes I agree that we absolutely have to trade down to plug this perfectly described "Swiss cheese roster." P.S. I don't want to ever trade Jamal Adams.
  9. Robby Anderson and Leonard Williams for Stephon Diggs. salaries add up- we don’t have pay Robby that money, and get a better receiver and Leo is gonna walk anyway- we’d lose that comp pick but we’d secure a better player with a hefty but worthy contract signed long term
  10. JLO 🤮. The worst no talent nothing in history- an honorary Kardashian.
  11. I think Diggs is near great. A second tier #1 wide receiver and I want him - but as a new GM I’d expect JD to want to keep his dwindling draft picks at this point

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