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  1. Agreed. And Sam gets the ball out quickly. Between Crowder and Q AND LEVEON BELL(!) I’m excited for a lot of shallow crosses, bubble screens, dump offs galore with the occasional shot downfield to Robby ‘keeping them honest’ Anderson
  2. I think it does raise his profile for sure but appropriately so because bloodlines do count for something plus having a dad and brother know the ins and outs of the NFL and also teach him technique (supposedly he has great hand fighting like a samurai) - these things should give him a little boost. He's a refined pass rusher and as good an athlete of his brother who was #3 overall and is/was worthy of being a first overall player in his own right.
  3. Taylor is a RT only. And he’s a tier or two below the top defensive guys. Shell is only a RT with no positional versatility and is our only young ok lineman
  4. David Harris

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Versatile 29 year old lineman with 29 starts- perfect guy to have, he’ll end up playing at some point and we’ll be glad to have him
  5. David Harris

    Fluff piece!

    Luck favors the prepared. Stop with this. He showed balls of steel to make that trade. If worked out, Riverboat gambler for sure, thank god. not a lot of guys make that trade. He swung for Cousins because an opportunity like that simply never happens. It worked out better for us. Mac got lucky in that way. The guy did everything possible to try to get us a FQB and it looks like he accomplished that. Which no one in the past 50 years could do. Instead of knocking all the what if’s simply say thank you and maybe then say thank you again for the maybe gold jacket safety he got the year before. hes missed. They all do. But acknowledge the pieces we have now and the one man respknsible without the conditions all the time.
  6. David Harris

    Fluff piece!

    We made the trade for Mayfield, ended up with Darnold who I think has the higher ceiling- couldn’t be happier. Yeah really wish we had a 1nd round pick in this draft but 5 years from now it won’t matter and I think Darnold will be the FQB we’ve waited a lifetime for. (Thank you Mac)
  7. David Harris

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    Mac would never sign a domestic abuse guy anyway
  8. David Harris

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    This may be fake dont see it anywhere else anybody validate this?
  9. I pay out the ass for top tier Verizon package, it's so good I have no motivation to try to save loot for other providers
  10. Me too. This is probably the last time for awhile we’ll have a top draft pick. Important to maximize that asset this year - have to hit on a star or get a bounty in a trade down
  11. Mark embraces being the savior- I appreciate that. He put a streak of energy back in the organization and gave us some great games. I’ll always picture him as our young stud rookie who almost got us to the SB. That said sign mccown
  12. David Harris

    MORSE DEAL 4/$44.5mil w/$20.5m guaranteed

    I want to say yes out of sheer desperation but I'll defer until opening day. I imagine we'll get one in the draft for 1/15th the cost. I mean that's an expensive Center. Obvi our pro scouts didn't think Morse/Paradis were worth it.
  13. those were dark dark days

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