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  1. I love the player- I do. I’d do it. Top 3 WR in the NFL.
  2. Ryan Shazier

    Ugh- he looked paralyzed from the waist down. Those legs just flopped over when he rolled on his back, like zero muscle tone. Hopefully transient spinal shock or something that will recover. He’s a tremendous player- Darren Lee’s mentor at Ohio State. I felt queasy.
  3. Jaguar's release Calvin Pryor

    Wow. I am actually surprised. I know he sucked but I thought he was at minimum NFL roster worthy. With his makeup he should be at least a special teams ace but hes probably too prideful and his paltry contributions wouldn’t be worth the headache. what an epically horrendous draft
  4. Cousins should be the target

    Kirk Cousins walks in and on day one is the best QB under 30 the jets have ever had. I don’t trust this organization to find their own franchise QB because they never have. I’d call up the Brinks truck for a playoff caliber QB.
  5. Finding an average left tackle in free agency these days is impressive. Missing Pat Eiflin (C-Vikings) this last Draft is really just crushing. Stars aligned and Mac whiffed. Same with Idzik and Gabe Jackson (G-raiders). But really Mac has done a good job with making a solid base- need the QB, time to start drafting the game changing positions. Josh McCown still starting is a travesty.
  6. On A Positive note...

    On a positive note Robby Anderson is GOOD. What a find.
  7. Blair Thomas would be my #1 maybe dan Marino actually
  8. Chiefs sign Revis

    Contract year. he’ll Play lights out and then sign with the Raiders in the off season
  9. God damn Elflein the starting center for the Vikings should be a Jet- drafted ardarius Stewart just ahead of him- he’s been solid AF for the Vikes apparently and is an 8yr starter. same crap w these guys- screaming at the tv every draft about these 2nd and 3rd round OL prospects gabe Jackson, G- raiders laraven clarke - G/T- Ravens
  10. Breer On Josh Allen

    Take anybody QB Mac and I promise to fall in love.
  11. If I had a redraft for the Jets it has to be Watson at 6. As far as Lattimore- The positional value of a CB is higher than a S.....buuuut shi man - Jamal Adams has single handedly changed the culture of the defense. We joke a lot about his “leadership” and in a completely not (well perhaps mildly) corny way that is invaluable. The Jets dance to anything meme exhibit A. Plus we’ll see if Lattimore stays healthy. So yeah Watson should be the redo pick but it’s hard to complain about Jamal Adams who is the next Eric Berry and looks like he’ll soon be the best safety in the NFL.
  12. I think jenkinds will play 8-10 years for us and start- that said he’ll never get over 4.5 sacks a season. Hell set the edge and give a yeoman unathletic contribtion while being a good locker room guy and solid citizen.
  13. Who Should Replace Kerley

    Victor Cruz for sure
  14. This is really so unfair. Like you get super bowls every few years and then you just a new franchise QB every decade. this hamster wheel of mediocrity/limbo, absolute torture