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  1. Why do you hate the Jets?

    I hate that we f’d up the tank. That the left hand dries not know what the right hand is doing. i hate that I can guarantee we won’t outbid every other team by 20% for kirk cousins as we should because the Jets can not develop a QB and are too stupid to not buy the one who will ever become available. more than anything I hate that the jets usually give false hope before crushing your spirit with inexplicable plays and decisions.
  2. Nick Mangold - Champion

    Shocking how overpaid the 2016 jets were- none of the guys got resigned to anything near their jets salaries. Revis- Mangold Harris Marshall Decker
  3. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    This is nobody’s fault but Robbie Anderson’s and his obvious bent for self destruction. His cliche thug actions and remarks in this arrest seem almost intentionally over the top to ensure an arrest and maximize punishment. i follow him on Instagram and of course it’s all staged to a degree but that’s actually the point. It tells who you who that person is trying to project as who they are. And this silly and completely unnecessary arrest and the stupid over the top sh*t he said fits - you could almost predict this was coming.
  4. What an impressive gesture of goodwill by the owner to reward the true fans who come out to the games! Lol- supply meet low demand - awful product, generic overpriced A/C stadium in the swamp of NJ.
  5. I like Bilal bit Gato is absolutely correct. Running this org like a proper business would mean maximizing efficiency. Powell is a depreciating widget not worth sacrificing his opportunity cost. It should not matter that we have a lot of cap space. He’s an easily replacable part for much cheaper. Take that $4 mill saved and put it toward Kirk Cousins. I think option 1 should be to renegotiate him to $2.5 mill, if he declines then he’s an easy cut IMO. Beacause his dead money is $1 mill no matter what you’re essentially ponying up an extra $1.5 mill on this year’s cap for his services- reasonable. Forget Bell, too much at that position, maybe if we were in a closing window of opportunity to put us over the top but obvi that’s not the case here in Jetland. There will be other FA RB’s btw. How about Dion Lewis?! He’s a top 8 RB imo and won’t break the bank. i think this draft we finally go offense heavy. Take a RB in the top 3 rounds. QB in the first Obvi if we don’t get Cousins (we NEED Kirk Cousins) and also some OL in the top 3 rounds (remeber we have 2 second rounders). Dream World 2018 Edition: QB kirk Cousins WR Allen robinson A solid Guard Resign - ASJ, Maurice Clay, Demario Davis #6 best Notre Dame OL # 37 best LSU RB #49 best CB available 3rd round - best whoever bc **** this is already a playoff team with the above additions
  6. Yeah this is why I’d never pay a high end free agent RB- shelf life is way too small and very good backs are often found in the 2nd and 3rd round
  7. Kick ASJ to the curb and put Enunwa back at TE

    Cousins at QB and draft a couple lineman and this is a playoff team. cousins and Robinson are my top 2 wants- of spend anything jisnoff season to get them
  8. On the Anniversary: Namath All Night Long

    Fuuuuuuuck that’s good
  9. Report: New York Jets interested in Kirk Cousins

    I’d pay cousins $40 million in year one and then $21 mill for the next 4 years. Dead. Serious. we’ve paid Revis and Mo that much to NOT play for the NY Jets. We fd up the tank and are in limbo at 6 at the mercy of other teams. Be proactive AF for once in MY life and get the unicorn FA top ten QB that’s becoming available this off season.
  10. I don’t give a f’- just draft a QB within the first 6 picks- I don’t care who- do your job and figure it out
  11. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    We are so utterly desperate for a QB no price is too high to pay for QB competence for this organization
  12. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    Yeah now I’m all in. Pay him $40 mill guaranteed in year 1
  13. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    We should back up the Brinks for Cousins but I don’t see anyway he’d ever pick us over a Super Bowl contender like the Denver Broncos
  14. We have the ammo for the #1 pick

    Sure- If Baker grades out close enough to the others. I’m annoyed AF about the whole 2017 season The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing i.e. the coach and general manager are Not on the same page. That said I am willing to pay the capital to trade up if needed to get our number one quarterback-no price is too high, but we never should have one more than two games this season, this franchise is just so fkn inept
  15. We have the ammo for the #1 pick

    I just can’t get over starting josh Mccown to win those 5 games making trading at least 2 extra premium draft picks required for something that should have been ours to begin with,