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  1. That’s just Le’Veon on Instagram anybody looking deeply into this is over analyzing kids have a passing thought and post it on social media, it’s a nothing burger
  2. Can we get any baby pictures of Sam? or maybe like a lock of his hair...it’s for a friend
  3. I wonder what “cleared” actually means- just thinking perhaps he’s not a full go but rather allowed to start cutting or something
  4. To represent accuartely 2019: $2.6 mill 2020: $2 mill - 500k dead cap hit if cut its a lot of dough for a returner but he was the best returner we’ve had in 10 years. I was sad to see him go. Gase wasn’t happy Mac let him walk but his salary makes up some of the $4 mill overpay for CJ Mosley. I’d rather have Mosley if it’s in a context like that.
  5. Don't you find so much of Allen's success last year was due to his running - he was a bigger stronger Steve Young running QB last year. He seemed to take off early and often last year and broke off a lot of long runs and was way faster and stronger than expected. Allen didn't have any of the kinds of nuanced and tough throws that Darnold showed in that article. Darnold's a QB with great instincts, Allen is a Cam Newton clone without the touch or feel, JMO.
  6. 10-18 Bumper crop for WR's. Jerry Jeudy being the best from Bama but he'll go higher. A few promising OL. I'd say OL, left or right tackle. Our GM loves OL and I'm sure he's aware of a glaring weakness and I expect him to go bananas with OL next draft and FA, maybe make a play for the Dallas OL Laell Collins who should pop loose due to Dallas' cap sitch having to sign Dak, Zeke, MLB and their CB.
  7. Ouch. well at least he’s alive and hopefully learns the lesson
  8. I like the Webb news. He has some talent. I want Darnold to have a mentor but more importantly a capable backup in case he misses some time. A young capable long term #2 would be nice. Like what kellen Clemens turned into.
  9. Woodys Grand Central Station. An modern idiots romantic notion of being a Rockefeller, building a magnificent palace - all a perversion of the failed West Side Stadium project.
  10. The list is striking how many of these guys were near gets/misses for the Jets or how they've tortured the Jets org. Peyton - didn't come out when we had #1 pick Marino - we all know we passed for Kenny O Favre- we didn't have a first b/c of Rob Moore supplemental and ATL took him one pick ahead of us R. Wilson - Bradway was standing on the table for the guy and we passed Hopefully the eternal era of woulda/coulda's is over with Sam Darnold at the helm
  11. It was JFK moment, I'll never forget sitting on my neighbor's couch at the draft party. I didn't know what was happening, I was shocked Baker went #1 and then shocked Saquon at 2. It wasn't so obvious to me that we would take Sam because we expected him to be gone so all our focus was on Baker, Allen, Josh. And then I started to think that maybe Sam was being passed on for a reason and maybe he was going to do an Aaron Rodgers slide. I really still thought it could be one of the other QB's, maybe there was stuff about Sam we didn't know and maybe the NFL didn't like his game as much as the hype since he was passed on twice by 2 QB needy teams. I was ecstatic when Goodell announced it. Euphoric.

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