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  1. I still like Salah, JD and Zach. Hope they get through this season.
  2. 4 round mock fixes a lot. Plus Free Agents will be coming plus. Plus young guys getting seasoned.
  3. I don't want us to win any games while Zach is out, because I've retreated to my safe space i.e. "shelter in place" draft slot game. But I don't want to stymie the development of our other young guys with Mike White at the helm so I think we should start Josh Johnson. He will at least allow our wideouts to run a full route tree. No vet off the street is going to learn the playbook in a day, though maybe they could as the playbook really consists of two runs up the middle followed by taking a sack. Hopefully Becton gets back before Zach so he can shake the rust off and get a diffe
  4. You really can't prevent a torn Achilles in game action no matter what medical staff you have training your guys.
  5. Keep Salah, keep Zach and by all means keep Joe Douglas. I’ll tell you the one guy most responsible for the Jets woes and it is Greg Van Roten. Dead serious. Christ watching the game over and it’s Brian Winters rookie year bad. It’s almost unreal how one awful lineman can ruin an offense. 80% of the bad offense is on this one terrible guard. See ya at the draft because I’m not watching this team until (if?) Wilson comes back.
  6. You can’t just wait for the “right time” to take a QB. You don’t have a good one (Darnold), you get an opportunity to take a potential one (Wilson)- there’s no waiting. You take the new QB!! You never know where you’re going to pick or who will be available in future drafts.
  7. Meh, don’t think the hits were blatant. The Jets are perpetual losers. The objective worst team in the NFL for a decade. Win and the narrative changes. Humiliating loss today. Another lost season. Zach’s PCL will probably cost him weeks if not the entire season. Not even Halloween and we’re relegated to months of mock drafting in the hope that one day it’ll get better.
  8. I don’t. Just projections I’ve seen. It’s seems to be the consensus at this time. Also I imagine Wilson was just on NFL radars by this team a year ago. Many do mocks do have Corral and the Liberty? QB high but it feels forced based on need. but I really don’t have any real idea
  9. I’m staying w Wilson. Like his flashes and demeanor plus this years QB’s are shat
  10. We need to say top 3 so we can get either Thibs, Neal (OT) or Stingley (CB) I don’t Hamilton (S) or any QB going too 3 this year
  11. That was actually the happiest play of mine as a jets fan in the last decade. this team is misery
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