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  1. David Harris

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    I love this guy!
  2. David Harris

    Very Surprising Jeremiah Top 50 Draft Rankings

    It just looks so different than what we’ve been reading regarding how the OFrensive tackles, cornerbacks and receivers are ranked - plus a RB in the top 10. however if we don’t trade down there does seem to be consensus that the top 3 prospects are Bosa, Williams, and Allen.
  3. Link may be redirecting for some reason if anyone else can post it’d be appreciated http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001012558/article/daniel-jeremiahs-top-50-prospects-for-2019-nfl-draft-10
  4. David Harris

    Bizzaro Jets: EVERYTHING is different

    The Jets current roster outside of 2 guys is simply mediocre to bad. Despite the third overall and a boatload of money we’re basically starting over with a franchise QB in place and a clear lead dawg on defense. Those are two HUGE must haves that do make this time in Jets history feel unique. just knowing you have a FQB Locke’s down for the next 10-15 years changes so much. No more searching for an identity or leader. No more endless resources pouring into the position- it’s actually mind boggling all the picks and cap room that have been flushed down the toilet that can now be used to build the roster around Sam and his strengths. A second for Hack second for geno 4th for Petty 12 mill to fitz 10 mill to mccown a top 5 pick for Sanchez etc. Now it is set and high caliber and will be a magnet for good players to want to come to New York where their profile can be elevated by Sam and the market. again- this roster is bad but there’s a different kind of hope now that we have a QB
  5. David Harris

    I’m tired of losing

    Outside of Sam and Jamal the Jets are pretty bad to mediocre. There’s a little light now but we are still years away. The roster is pretty awful. No electric skill players, a very weak OL. No real game changers on defense.
  6. David Harris

    Giving credit where credit is due, regardless of past failures

    Regarding the loafer comment, it’s usually try once you log you’re a loafer. But the in the middle guys just always fail here like Leo BECAUSE of the Jets culture. Plaxico is a low life we know that but an interesting interview with him yesterday when asked The difference between playing for the Jets and playing for the Giants and he said as a giant he would show up to the game and there was just a feeling that they would win per meeting, and with the Jets there wasn’t that same vibe even when they were good they felt ”are we going to lose?” This explained everything to me and our only best hope really comes down to Sam Darnold. Before Tom Brady and the patriots were garbage, hopefully Sam is our transcendent talent the rising tide to lift all jets.
  7. David Harris

    Gerald McCoy- Possible Bucs cap casualty

    Yeah but I’ve heard of him, so...
  8. David Harris

    DC options remaining

    I'm going to meet him tonight at an event, I'll ask him and report back.
  9. David Harris

    Press Conference

    Y’all remember Manginis first presser? he was nervous AF, it was awful- who cares? as long as the players will run through a wall for crazy eyes is all I care about
  10. David Harris

    Offensive Line Coach?

    Gase kinda seems coked up himself
  11. David Harris

    Gase endorsement from Mike Martz

    I’m cautiously optimistic and excited for Gase. Admittedly, he could be a total disaster. Hit some losing streaks, runs some players the wrong way, the sports writers get under his skin etc etc. it could go bad but there are some reasons to be excited. first of all he’ll go for the jugular instead of the the Bowes weakness and incompetence that was dressed up as faux class, never wanting to hurt the other teams feelings. The jets are going to pile it on when they can, play nasty or be gone. second- gase is so plugged in and apparently very smart that given some talent he could actually outsmart a coach- maybe attack their weak spots which we never did under bowles third-he feels like a good fit for Darnold. Working with mike martz and Peyton Manning and being ocd football is awesome- he’s had to have learned a lot from those guys on how to study, game plan and flat out win so again it could be a disaster but it could also turn out really really good first thing is getting some talent in the building. Huge off season for Mac. Second is hardening up the guys that are already here like Leo and Tru.
  12. David Harris

    100 Million Dollars

    The OP says Gase shipped out players from Miami he clashed with, who were they? Honest Q.
  13. David Harris

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I agree. I listened to an interview with Kingsbury today by Pat Kirwin on Sirius and Kliff was very forthcoming about needing to rely on his GM to guide him and teach him how to get a Staff and pick a defense etc etc. he sounded like a young stand up guy who is really really really green. I think he’s going to take some major lumps learning the ropes. gase gives us a young offensive mind who isn’t going to have to learn on the fly. He checks a lot of boxes, who knows? But this hire makes sense. Besides, the rumor is he stood in line behind Mcvay once at Starbucks.

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