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  1. He’ll be in the HOF- I disagree that he should get on but hard not to feel overall nice feelings for the guy
  2. Guys he’s too good to pass up TRUST me, I know better.
  3. To be fair Richard Sherman started this YEARS ago. Surprised I remembered this and even more surprised I found it. Sherman did this unprompted and basically on his own when Revis was in his prime. Revis has probably always been bothered an inferior “scheme only” player like Sherman is uttered in the same breath as him. However I feel about Revis as a selfish guy. His 2009 and 2010 seasons are holy. The single greatest individual seasons of a Jet in my lifetime and I was around for the Sack Exchange
  4. I’m going Jeudy- it feels like a guilty pleasure So Godamn sexy
  5. Sot the original spirit of the post was this is funny b/c it's just typical of this org. and yup of course we did.
  6. Is DeAndre Hopkins a good comp for Ceedee Lamb? DH’s 40 was 4.56, Ceedee looks he’ll be around that- both have light frames with average height. i like Ceedee a lot but I think Jeudy does well in the 40 and goes off the board first as expected
  7. It’s sour grapes but Revis is 100% correct
  8. If Herbert along with Tua and Burrow goes top 10 we are in a good position
  9. Harbaugh runs away with it- amazing job. Never seen anybody maximize the good traits in his players skill sets. The Lamar Jackson offense perfectly tailored to LJ’s special qualities - great and ballsy coach to go all in like that
  10. I think both sides want an amicable divorce. Bell has been a phenomenal teammate, but he’s a luxury wasting his last years on a poor team with a poor scheme fit for his patient style. Better for both if they were to part ways.
  11. Uber talented - she’s a good kid, full of teenage angst
  12. It’s huge- every high schooler is on it. Huge following, will evolve and become the gen z’s instagram making millennials feel old
  13. What a waste of everyone’s time and attention. The cops and obj are just dumb all around. obj whom I’ve always made excuses for is apparently desperate for the attention he lost when he whined his way out of a big market. with his socks, his watches, his “come get me’s”, his vague comments of leaving, his cash handouts, his butt slaps. he’s a smart guy, the most graceful athlete I’ve ever seen and he’s a total punk and a cancer.
  14. Ooooooh shots fired yeah he gets comps to Dominant physical specimens like Julio Jones or AJ Green yet doesn’t have those type of special bodies. He could be great but I really want to see the re-evaluations after the combine after the analysts pick everybody apart. I wonder if he’ll be the first wideout taken. Btw I think he’s great and he may be my number one target 🎯
  15. In every online mock I’ve done he’s been my 2nd round pick when available. I like the Brick comparison- same body type- we’ll see if his arms measure- athletic string bean pass protector with room for growth
  16. For me and probably many it’s a 5 player draft for these guys at 11. I’m curious how people think they stack up. Let’s do this on pure big board talent and not with positional value for the Jets needs. In alphabetical order: Jerry Jeudy - WR Alabama Ceedee Lamb - WR Oklahama Andrew Thomas - OT Georgia Jedrick Wills - OT Alabama Tristan Wirfs - OT Iowa
  17. Jetsfan80 - that is sick man!!! - thanks for sharing, great read! What a cool thing to be a part of. You’re Dad = badass 😆
  18. At 19 years old I waited tables at a Friday’s in random surburbia NJ; summer break from college; wearing the red-white clown shirt with suspenders, all geeked up. Derek Jeter came in with his parents for lunch, white mom, black dad. He was young but was already a megastar in his prime. It wasn’t a frenzy but the steady stream of intermittent autograph seeking made me feel bad for him. His parents seemed to enjoy it but he didn’t make eye contact but quietly signed everything. So I felt bad for him...and then I asked for an autograph, still bothers me that I did that. But the redeeming thing is I did have him make it out to my grandmother whose father pitched for the Yankees in the 1920 World Series, “Hackensack Harry Harper”; who was legit friends with The Babe (or at least carousing buddies). Babe came up to stay at the family farm in Sussex County a few times and we still play poker with the chips he played with. There used to be some memorabilia in the barn loft, some old leather mits with short fingers, uncomfortable wool game jerseys and literally baseballs rolling around signed by the entire teams with a big “Babe Ruth” in middle center between the seems. At some point over the years those baseballs disappeared and my country bumpkin cousin built a new house...🤷‍♂️
  19. I’m very curious how you met all these greats? Can you share? Work/family/sports connections?
  20. Joe Burrow IS OLDER THAN SAM DARNOLD! AMazing right? Sam is legit. Should’ve been the number one pick two years ago. At times has looked downright special. Has two years under his belt in the NFL. Absolutely wouldn’t trade him
  21. Not me. Too many OL and WR names I want even in the late rounds and I think there’s more than 32 serviceable kickers out there
  22. PatriotKilla’s twitter vids posted above are the single greatest Confidence booster Of my life for a Jets QB. No exag.

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