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  1. I think it was a perfect article summarizing our past and present. It’s my belief that Saleh and JD are the answer. If we don’t eat them first.
  2. https://www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2022/09/23/robert-saleh-interview-changing-the-same-old-jets thought it was great now tear it apart with negative quips
  3. no good reason to start Joe over Zach. This year is about progress. Flacco is a hold the fort guy. It’s Frank Gore over Michael Carter in a lost season.
  4. I think Lawson was legit last year and now he's not because an Achilles tear is a two year injury. Doubt he'll get his burst back this year which means he may not be on the team next year at $15 mill. Hoping he improves. Evaluating Jermaine is tough because he looks like a JAG today but he's only 2 games but also is an older guy. I think Sauce will become elite at some point soon, he seemed confused on zone pass offs last week.
  5. Enjoy a win in September you miserable trolls
  6. I agree that Carter should be the change of pace back. Think that’s what the season will fold into to. Breece is impressive but still getting comfortable. I’m also wondering if he’s a guy that improves and finds his flow by staying in for extended periods. He’s always been that, was basically Iowa ST’s entire offense.
  7. Eh, slow down. Got a lot of help. But is doing just fine for what he is this year.
  8. Not being able to channel surf is annoying
  9. I love the OC and I understand a rookies first game you’re not sure what you’re gonna get. But this week better be different. We need Cory Davis in there cause he’s the big body,Elijah can be a star, Braxton Berrios is great but he may be a progress stopper. Get Wilson on the field either in the slot or outside with Elijah in the slot. Davis, Moore and Wilson are the best 3. Play them.
  10. Matt Stafford stayed in a game with a dislocated shoulder. These games are precious. There's nothing to say he won't get injured again anytime he comes back and then in hindsight you elected not to play him in games he could have played in. It's frustrating but I AM glad he didn't play behind that Line last week.
  11. I think Trevor is going to be great I hope Zach will
  12. I’d like some acknowledgement from him. He’s the only constant in this whole mess (fine, the Johnsons). The jets have the worst Record and worst point differential over their time. I want to hear him say it.
  13. I’m guilty of it. we’re all just so godamn ready to be good but even our core guys are second year players. Salah’s presser today took me off the ledge. He’s seen rebuilds before and is realistic with where we are. It all started with the massive disappointment at the bungled Zach timeline, I deflected on Saleh, but actually just disappointed Zach was hurt I’m sticking with coach
  14. Cowboys are neck and neck
  15. TJ Watt tore his pec on grass yesterday. So what you’re saying doesn’t even make sense.
  16. The OL is abysmal. The Laken Effect Fant pingponged AVT disappointing Max an overmatched rookie its going to be worse this week. go 12 personal and don’t send the TEs out at all. Cover both tackles all game
  17. He didn't take into account "The Laken Effect" (I am trademarking that!) Laken Tomlinson was abysmal. He was pushed into Flacco's lap 1.5 seconds after every snap. You can't do anything with immediate interior pressure like that.
  18. I’d agree but the offensive line was terrible. Fant looked bad. Excuse- he has been pingponged AVT looked bad - same, but worrying Laken looked TERRIBLE, no excuse- I was shocked how he got pushed back again and again. The entire first quarter was his fault. Mitchell looked bad but better than expevted Mcdermott looked meh, was the best one Duane Brown is out for the year- book it. He put off surgery to try to fight through but even Saleh is iffy on that so that means it’s probably been amputated.
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