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  1. I was most concerned with how covered our starting wideouts were against Saints first team. No one for open and it was almost exclusively dunks to Montgomery.
  2. That was an incredible trade for the colts- their FO nailed that draft - built a SB team....until this, what the f happened to that poor team
  3. This is the most shocking news in NFL history
  4. Was Schefter hacked?!?! This is unprecedented. Colts are stacked! Omg this is insane
  5. I don't get what makes this guy not play ST. Like what is it about some guys make up that they can't cover punts and stuff I like him way better than Cannon as a RB
  6. 1 - smart guy 2- great arm 3- great athlete 1 - artistic introvert 2- entitled 3 - immature/thin skin
  7. That was some really really good pass rush but yes he didn’t handle it well. To be fair Jimmy GQ hasn’t played in forever outside of half a season in the past like 5 years- he has to be rusty as sh*t and rightfully so. He may actually suck at football but this could be appropriate for how little football he’s played in years plus how bad his line did there
  8. How bout a degree from Stanford 😆 plus he probably does a millisecond of research before calling someone in the Internet a tired trope sojf. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/2019-one-jets-drive-horsepower-ep-4 watch E4 of one jets drive, they do a sig bio on him and discuss that one terrible play in GB. Annndd his intelligence is hard to miss if you listen to him speak for one sentence
  9. Ty Montgomery looks amazing, starter material. Smart explosive player. I think we see him A LOT more than expected. He’ll be on the field with bell which will be exciting- think he hurts bells fantasy value ftr
  10. That was a great play, you do that a couple times a game and you're a force. I watched QW almost every play, he was pretty quiet otherwise. DT’s usually have pretty quiet rookie years, steep learning curve in the mess.
  11. I watched Edoga every play and he was really legit. He gave up one sack anticipating a speed rush outside and for caught breaking his stance a best too late and got beat on speed I side rush- just wasn't ready for it but he is absolutely physically starter material. Mirrored Grady Jenkins perfectly most plays. Got the defender turned in most run plays. Pencil him in as next year's starting RT. I wish they'd moved him over to LT a little this game. And I think Alex Lewis definitely makes this team. A little slow footed but he appeared damn near winters level.
  12. That doesn’t make sense, right? It’s not Gettleman releasing josh Norman from the panthers. Teams are literally trying to trade for Clowney right now. He has value but other teams may not want to pay the capital plus then there’s the matter of signing the player. So if that doesn’t happen I think the Texans keep him and force him to play the year out or pull a Le’Veon Bell which it’s unlikely another play does and gives up $14 mill. Make him play this year under the tag to help your team and worst case take the comp pick next year.
  13. I’d trade Leo straight up for sure. I’d rather have Trent Williams. i wouldn’t trade Clowney without a signed extension and that’s where it breaks down- his number is way higher than his worth but teams get crazy
  14. Meh, like seriously who cares what grade his TD drive gets- Darnold balled out and looked near perfect doing it. That’s really all that matters.
  15. Supposedly Baltimore has a bunch of good CB's, some better guys than our backups should be cut and we have the #3 waiver and maybe JD has some insider info from B'More.
  16. Next man up well just have to outs score teams which we can do
  17. Good kid, good player, but feel like his whole career is going to be like this
  18. Why worry about it? We need a 4th arm- some kid off the street isn’t going to do any better. siemian is fine, he’s no Bridgewater but he’s fine
  19. I don’t know what happens on other teams or the typical dynamics of young 22 year old rookies talking to mega millionaires but the whole team felt kind of lacking discipline and it seemed like the clownish owner and a passed-by Gruden were the causes. -Practice looked to lack tempo (yes I’m a Gase guy now) -I didn’t like how the rookie safety Abram was sorta cocksure talking back to Gruden when he told him not to hit in practice -also didn’t like Abram disrespectfully talking about his starting QB’s exact salary in front of so many guys- I get a little razzing but it seemed unprofessional and he doesn’t know his role- lack of respect instilled by the HC who seems like he can’t talk to modern day players

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