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  1. Discovered Jets chat pages circa 2002-2003 at some post graduate schooling library. It was heaven as I remember having to scrounge the NY Post and Daily news for lazy little snippets of Jets news. Couldn’t wait to read my Dads Jets Confidential during the off seasons as it was the only news you’d get. Perhaps I was on gang green nation to start but later discovered it was the little stepbrother to JI. So I moved over there. Intimidated by all the old-heads and their post counts that would ignore noobs. Spent years on there, got a respectable post count, was settling in and then Scou
  2. I think Herndon just needs more time! Next year he's going to EXPLODE!!! Never forget that one handed catch he had rookie year (ya know, his peak)
  3. Great video. Yes, ZW has been shaky. Elijah Moore hasn't done much. Buuuut, this class could be foundational.
  4. I don’t think that happens. But hypothetically yeah I really would keep Salah and JD another 3 years minimum.
  5. The constant turnover of GM and HC is a huge contribute to why this organization is the worst in the NFL. Stop the insanity!!! The other huge contributor is the fact that all these hires were slapdash and poor choices. JD is a real football guy, we’ll respected but definitely has some misses. Salah is a real football guy, we’ll respected and in his rookie season. everybody needs to take a deep breath and step back from the ledge. we are all rightfully thin on patience. However this rebuild IS different, and whether it works out or not we can’t kill this set up and start ove
  6. It hasn't been the disaster we expected. This is good. The Jets actually have a pretty easy schedule this year without any powerhouse offenses, no Chiefs, no Bucs, no Packers. The Bills will be the toughest challenge. But yeah, defense is doing their part and I'm glad the young guys get some experience without having to go against Tyreek Hill and those caliber receivers for awhile.
  7. **** this sh*t The Jets havent looked like an NFL team in years. It’s unreal how terrible this team has been for years and I’m sick of watching this crap.
  8. I don’t want Darnold i just Zach to be good. I’d take below average right now. it’s just never ends for us
  9. Gettleman is a Mac clone. Wild decisions, reaches, overpays, making cap hell trying to plug holes, poor overall drafting.
  10. Is it too soon to be thinking of our draft slot next year?
  11. R-E-L-A-X. We’re not going to know the real trajectory of this thing for a good while. I don’t want JD going anywhere until at earliest after the 2023 season, even if the results are bad. For once we have an actual plan and for once we have to let it play out over years. Can we acknowledge that we may actually have a FQB for the first time (without solely focusing that we may ruin him). That we have an inspiring HC that schemed a bunch of 22 year old no names to only giving up 19 points on their first game? For way too long the org has been poisoned by direct
  12. Duuuude Flowtrain was Hemingway-esque. Hands down the most eloquent and captivating writing I’ve ever seen on a message board. Part lawyer, part poet…no wonder Grumpy Fish hated him
  13. I do stub hub night before or morning of when tix prices drop
  14. How many more years until they tear down Metlife and build a new stadium? Serious question. What's the stadium shelf life these days, like 30 years? So are we almost halfway done with the HVAC unit.
  15. Agreed. The following will be excuses but perhaps valid ones. In 2 drafts JD has drafted two top 16 overall OL. They've played ONE game in a brand new scheme and this unit has had basically no time with all 5 working together. Thank God he signed Morgan Moses despite having 2 "starting" tackles or this mess of an OL would be catastrophically worse. All FA signings were given almost all guaranteed money in the first 1-2 years so we are not locked into any of these pieces. Alex Lewis's retirement was a hit, Cam Clark injury was a hit, Mcdermott injury was a hit. JD is
  16. Salah explained the Mims dilemma today. My quick summation: They want their WR’s to learn all 3 positions and Mims hasn’t done that. Either because he’s a knucklehead or is simply dumb. His natural position is an X receiver however that’s Cory Davis’ natural position too who is better and getting paid and not going anywhere. so I partly agree with Salah but on the other side just want to put put their best players on the field and that’s not the Smith brothers. ———- Regarding JD in general I am still fully on board (offering I have a history of defending our GM’s
  17. I mean maybe. Hard to suss out day 1 rookies former safety converts.
  18. Elijah Moore had a disappointing debut with that missed deep ball and was overall extremely quiet. First game, missed preseason, WR is a notoriously tough transition to the pros. He should improve. Get Crowder and Cole back soon, can only help. Hopefully Mims gets out of the dog house.
  19. Good observations. After cooling off from the frustration of yesterday I'm very optimistic that Zach Wilson could be THE DUDE to finally be the first FQB in most of our lives. That godamn offensive line. AVT gets a pass as a rookie with zero training and a position change. Mekhi will be out at least 6 weeks IMO, and then he'll have to get back in shape and somehow improve - I expect this will be a "lost" season for him and we may have to consider a move to RT depending on how he looks when he finally gets back, thankfully it doesn't appear to be season ending but we'll see what that MR
  20. Thanks for this After watching this I can say objectively that Mekhi was our worst O lineman followed closely by Fant. AVT had some bad plays as well. but our tackles looked lost
  21. It's a good post. I'm most concerned with getting Zach Wilson shell shocked. He got rocked today. Was under duress all but for 3 drop backs. He gives me hope but how long until he starts rushing reads, looking at the rush, or getting happy feet if this keeps up.
  22. A little bit of both- Becton get juked inside and didn’t recover well but the ball didn’t come out either
  23. Correct me if I’m wrong but zone blocking ONLY involves run blocking, not pass setting Becton was man up on the edge rusher and gave up an easy sack
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