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    A Jets fan from the valleys of Wales in the UK
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    Abergele, Wales, UK.
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    Jets, Mets, Wales, Liverpool FC.
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    The Monday Night Miracle!
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    There isn't enough room here!
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    All of them!
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  1. Hi all, excuse my ignorance, me being new & all that but do you guys have a jetnation fantasy baseball thing going at all? If so could I join it, if not shall we get one started?
  2. Mets Hitter - David Wright Mets Pitcher - Mike Pelfrey Non Met - Lance Berkman
  3. Hello all, long time reader first time poster from Wales joining the board. Just wanted to say a quick hi so here I am. And todays random thoughts are.... 1. I still don't know if I want Favre to come back or not. 2. Will any of you guys in the US be watching the rugby this weekend? (come on Wales) 3. Do blonde dreadlocks make a girl hotter? Later.
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