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  1. Good Luck to Anthony Cioffi. A Jersey boy, Rutgers standout that should assert himself with the Jets!
  2. Having been an avid Jets' fan all my life that strongly supports Joe Klecko's HOF induction, I say that Eli Manning belongs in the HOF. With all do respect to HOFers Joe Namath and Y.A. Tittle , Eli is the best QB to come out of the highly competitive NY market, and with 2 Super Bowls and a bunch of other impressive stats that outweigh his downsides. Being a real gentleman doesn't hurt either!
  3. 73 and Me will never forget! In always remembering, we must also be as vigilant as possible in seeing that it never happens again. God bless America and those who perished. On behalf of Jet Nation, our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families forever.
  4. I heartily agree with Apache 51. Army always wins. Look out, Navy!

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