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  1. Good Luck to Anthony Cioffi. A Jersey boy, Rutgers standout that should assert himself with the Jets!
  2. Having been an avid Jets' fan all my life that strongly supports Joe Klecko's HOF induction, I say that Eli Manning belongs in the HOF. With all do respect to HOFers Joe Namath and Y.A. Tittle , Eli is the best QB to come out of the highly competitive NY market, and with 2 Super Bowls and a bunch of other impressive stats that outweigh his downsides. Being a real gentleman doesn't hurt either!
  3. 73 and Me will never forget! In always remembering, we must also be as vigilant as possible in seeing that it never happens again. God bless America and those who perished. On behalf of Jet Nation, our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families forever.
  4. I heartily agree with Apache 51. Army always wins. Look out, Navy!
  5. Going way back, I think that the Giants could have had Unitas. Imagine Johnny U with the Big Blue!
  6. Obviously, I never was a Giant fan. But I did respect Eli Manning and his resume. Shame on the Giants from top to bottom. They went about it the wrong way. Sometimes things work out for the best. So, good luck Eli. You deserve better!
  7. Way to go again, Apache! Good come back. joewilly12 doesn't know your reach. Go Army. Beat Air Force!
  8. Having known Joe personally and having seen him play many times, I can assure you that he belonged in the HOF many years ago. Joe was a great player and is even a better person. Thanks to you all for your nice comments about my friend Joe. I know he humbly appreciates your admiration, respect and support!
  9. Happy B-Day, Joe...and many more! You gave us some exciting moments and great wins. Wish we had you now in your hey-day form. That would give the Pats something to squirm about! Like deflating Brady!
  10. Hackenberg is a good pick with big potential. Good size, good arm...could surprise us all!
  11. Don't worry. I'm sure the decision makers have everything figured out. Like always!
  12. Jets snow the Bills in the Ugly Rex Bowl by 14.
  13. Something immediate with impact (like really bad words) must have happened between Kelly and and Laurie, with only one game remaining. According to the Eagles website, some players are angry and most fans welcome the decision. We'll find out more as time goes on. Load up on the Giants Sunday! Big Blue will be trying to save Coughlin's job and the Eagles just won't give a sh*t! Giants by 14+ in an otherwise meaningless game.
  14. The Jets will beat the Bills by 14 or more and will eventually be in the AFC Championship Game. You heard it here first. No stopping the Green Machine now!
  15. Without rehashing what everyone else has said, there's no place in football for this kind of dangerous behavior, no matter what player or team. Shame on the players, the coaches, the officials, the Giant organization and the NFL itself. What a damaging blow to the Coughlin reputation and legacy. He wanted to win the game at all costs, even at the risk of someone's life.
  16. Jets by 10 over the Titans. Take it to the bank!
  17. These are the kinds of games that the Jets eek out. Put the hex on Rex!
  18. "How much do you want for your Pats jersey?"
  19. It's no gimme and we have to fly across country!
  20. A win against the Clams on Sunday says we have a good chance of winning the AFC East. Go Jets! One game at a time.
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