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  1. Oh Disorders !!! I thought you were going in the personality direction in the last game.
  2. What makes a safety great is probably what surrounds him. Does that mean someone else can step in at SS and excel ? Maybe maybe not. The Jets are absolutely stacked at LB and that frees up things for a player like Adams hes more of a Hybrid SS/LB than he is SS/CB . With Mosely and Williamson coming back and a ton of promising young players coming up Adams could go off and be in the Double digits sacks and allow the LB's and Greg Williams to do a lot of different things in both coverage and with blitzes. All the Great defenses and most is not all elite defenses are stacked at LB just like we are and when you add Adams to that mix you may very well have one of the best defense in the NFL with one of the better coaches running the show. If Adams wants a ridiculous amount of money then there is not much we can do but with him here this defense can be special because Adams is a fantastic tackler and rusher of the passer. Its going to be hard for offense to scheme vs this defense and Adams will be a big part of that.
  3. played point guard
  4. calm down you pinko fool
  5. yeah but they wanted a 1 a 2 and Smith ...Sure Jerry is in love with Adams but hes not an Idiot .....er wait ....
  6. How about a player for player deal ..The Jets would not mind a top WR would they ? Mike Evans Brady don't need no damn WR's
  7. 80 that's a good point, but keep in mind, there's a reason why a lot of teams out there suck so lets hope they suck some more and make a trade like this There's got to be a crappy GM out there with a potential top ten pick willing to throw us a 1st 2nd
  8. I would much rather have a crap team trade For Jamal with the Ravens we get a high 20's low 30's first rounder and second rounder with a crap team we get a possible top 10 pick . This would be a good trade for the Ravens because that team is already built and I think they would be getting the better end of that deal.
  9. Arguably the Best OL in the NFL, The Best RB in the NFL who is great in both phases and can pick up blitzes with the best of them and a possible top 10- group of WR's ..... So this guy better put up 35 + TD's and 5000 yards plus to even be in the conversation for 45 mil per (which is ridiculous no matter how you look at it). If I were Dallas I would be looking at the possibility of life without Dak because at this point it looks like hes holding them hostage for a ridiculous amount of money
  10. with 35 mil on the table 175 total he better hope he does not get a serious injury. Greedy ****

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