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  1. And this is exactly what he is and always will be. Is there an outside chance he changes what he's always been ? Possibly ...but ....and it's a big BUT we are the NY JETS and we can never forget that. There should be a ******* support group for the fans of this team. Hi My name is Smash and I am a god damn NY Jets fan !!
  2. Only one problem ...We didn't draft the next Brett Favre and Darnold shouldn't remind anyone of Brett Farve Okay 2 problems
  3. they were probably more concerned with the possibility of injury and after that hit Lamar took tonight I'm sure they all held their breath for a few seconds. If he turns out to be durable, then fine, but if he starts dealing with injuries its gonna all go away
  4. when I move back to NY, after I retire, I'm gonna punch you in the face and kick @Pacin the balls cause you know hes a tough guy and while that's going on @T0mShane will be running for his life
  5. never said "We saw the best" I'm just not seeing the dominance we were sold as the 3rd pick in the draft.
  6. well then our idiot organization should have just made Williams HC
  7. Q has been fine ? Hes non existent with one play here and one play there. The key to being a great or even a good football player is consistency and staying healthy and Q has not even approached step one. The only thing he has going is that he's young but every other DL drafted around him seem to be playing pretty damn good... and guess what ? they are young too. Also how many different injuries has he had this year so far ? It's funny every freaking year some clown who's supposed to be the best player in the draft falls to the Jets and then promptly sucks balls we had both Williams fall to us what a lucky team we are.
  8. Im well aware of the bad calls this franchise has endured over the years but in all reality our QB should have just stomped Miami into the ground for the entire game and been kneeling down for the last series. I'm not a SOJF I've been optimistic for 45 + years and I keep getting kicked in the teeth. We have another sh*t QB who like I said in the past will be lucky to be a middle of the road guy. His ceiling might just be Joe Flacco without the SB
  9. Im banking on Sam crapping his pants just like he has done vs every pressure situation he's ever been in. The Ravens pressure everyone the Jets as you know will be no different. Back foot Sam will be back with a vengeance the same Sam that could not even sustain drives at home vs the Dolphins
  10. First of all Ryan Fitzpatrick is not slow and he has always run the ball effectively in big situations did you not watch him play vs the Jets and for the Jets in the past ?

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