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  1. Just goes to show how much difference there is between Luke Falk who basically had no clue and our Franchise QB . This team was never that bad it just had a terrible option at QB for 3 week's it's really that simple Whats funny is we are now just 2 games out of the Wild card Slot Behind 3-2 Oak and 3-2 Colts with the Bills leading the pack at 4-1 Do the Colts and Raiders scare you ?
  2. Also in a 3-4 defense you do not spend big or waste early picks on DL EVER . You stack your team with LB's which happen to be the key to a successful 3-4 defense. With that being said at least we targeted some LB's in FA and the draft this year and hopefully we keep up that trend. The only position you should be looking at on the DL in a 3-4 defense is the NT that's the guy who should be getting the push up the middle and I guess QW was or is supposed to be that guy but Im losing faith in that situation since he is undersized for the position when guys typically weight out in the 325 + range
  3. Just because you named some WR's who had some nice years north of 30 does not mean its a very common occurrence . No matter how you slice it it's always a crap shoot signing a guy that old. It's never a good idea to trade picks or young players for an aging skill position player hoping he will turn out like the examples you mentioned. Now, if this type of player is already on your team and producing, that's a different story, or if you pick up such a player that has been released that's fine as well. Also most of those guys you mentioned were healthy and did not have multiple injuries throughout their careers like Green has dealt with, so going after a guy like Green is even more of a crap shoot .
  4. The Roster is not terrible this team and coaching staff got blindsided with Injuries and it had a huge effect. I'm not saying getting healthy will make us a playoff contender based on what happened the first few weeks but lets wait to pass judgement on how terrible this team may or may not be until we can get healthy and get things worked out. We lost our QB on Offense and on defense and the QB's we had to step in were terrible that along with the fact teams had no problem keying on Bell just enhanced the issues.
  5. I wonder if Joe Douglas can build a team like San Fran seems to do consistently after a fire sale ??
  6. Oh yeah !! well I just changed our yardage from 100 to 45 Yeah yeah I know 100 was a lofty goal but someone has to have some damn optimism
  7. Not Execution since they are getting open, it's one thing and one thing only, the QB
  8. This is not only the worst Jets team I have seen this may be the worst performance in NFL History over the first 4 games
  9. At this point they should just snap the ball kneel down and let the defense play
  10. when the Jets are this bad I almost want to root for them to just ******* shatter negative records. Like maybe we get sacked 15 times this game and end it with negative yardage
  11. I don't even know WTF I'm watching here. This is the worst I have seen a Jets team perform in the 48 years I've been watching games. Total Disgrace
  12. one big difference ...The Pats Won that should not directly reflect on Darnold since neither QB played particularly well but it is what it is

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