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  1. Smashmouth

    Jets are tied for 1st in Defensive Turnovers

    how this possibly be ? I mean we have no talent
  2. Darnold has always done that from college to now he makes a head shaking INT then comes back and plays well which is a very good trait to have (playing well after a dumb mistake) . I'm not sure he will cut down on the Int's until he learns to either run when there's nothing there or dump it off to a safety valve or simply throw it away.
  3. After 6 games and with what transpired today I think Robbie Anderson should be a situational WR and Pryor should start with Kearse and Enunwa. Anderson has some big games yes but then he disappears. Also forget him making the tough catch in traffic or slanting over the middle. He should be the number 4 and used similarly to the way we used Dedric Ward back in 98
  4. Smashmouth

    Poll Rank Sam d'Arnaud's Play Through Week 6

    Rating him as a rookie I would give him an A Rating him in general without the rookie tag C
  5. Smashmouth

    The difference between winning and losing

    Not really the run game wore them out because we ran the ball from the beginning of the game to the end and dominated. It was not a situation where we were running the ball to run out clock . We ran the ball so well it actually contributed to the blowouts. I can see if we had 50 yards rushing through 3 quarters then ran for a buck fifty in the 4th to close it out but that was not the case in either of those games. Consistently running the ball well from the beginning of the game usually opens up play action in the second Quarter and sometimes throughout the entire game. One things I noticed is we run very little play action even when we run well and Darnold needs to be a bit more convincing in play action when we do run it you have to sell it and Darnold seems a bit impatient on the fake handoffs.
  6. Smashmouth

    OBJ not happy...again

    the Giants have just catapulted themselves back into the 70's ... And if you watched the Giants in the 70's you know exactly what I mean
  7. Smashmouth

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    the same OL that shut down one of the better pass rushing teams in the NFL ? It was going to take this OL time to adapt to a new system and at this stage they seem to be doing pretty well. New offenses usually show themselves from mid season on. It would have been nice to get wins against cleveland and Miami which we should have gotten. The Jets are a few plays and a HC away from being 4-1. I say judge the new offense in the second half the defense which has been both great and horrible and wildly inconsistent has zero excuses since they have been the same system for 4 years
  8. Smashmouth

    Falcons 1 and 4 - Dan Quinn Sucks

    what ? Just look at the SB ? When was the last damn time we got to a SB
  9. Smashmouth

    Will the real Jets please stand up?

    so we can draft 2 defensive lineman in the first round
  10. Smashmouth

    Falcons 1 and 4 - Dan Quinn Sucks

    This coaching thing goes pretty deep when trying to figure how one coach may be better than another. The key like anything else is winning consistently. When you look at a team like the Jets, you can visibly see them in different defenses over the first 5 weeks . Sometimes being very effective other times being totally inept or out of place. If a team can be totally dominant in some games and horrific in others that inconsistency can be blamed on the coach IMHO. In today's NFL there are a lot of very good athletes more so than ever before and that's why sometimes you have horrid teams like the Bills manhandling a team like the Vikings. I believe every once in a while even a bad coach gets it right. If you look at a team like the PAts over the years they do not seem to have the athletes some other teams have yet they consistently win every year but in those years they have been blown out as well by a few teams a year. So in the case of Bill Belichick he's consistently good and gets blindsided once in a while but his teams always look prepared and they ALWAYS adapt to in game situations. With that being said look at the Jets game vs the Jaguars ... The Jets were playing back in a soft zone and they were getting burned underneath for 3 quarters by which time so much damage was done the game was over. An adjustment should have been made after the first quarter or at worst even at the half but nothing was done and Blake Bortles looked like Tom Brady basically pitching and catching with his backs and WR's . Why didn't the Jets go with a more aggressive in your face style of defense like they used against the Lions or the other 3 games they seemed to play pretty good defense ? When they played the Browns why did they stop dialing up pressure vs Mayfield when he came into the game ? It made no sense and once again you point to the coaching. A player does not decide to give a 10 yard cushion on a WR hes told to play at 10 , 5 or bump at the LOS no matter how you blame the player he's told where to play by the defense called. Just like the elite QB's win consistently so do the Elite coaches the NY Jets had an Elite coach, though he did have faults he consistently won football games. Bill Parcells turned a terrible team into a SB contender in 2 years by adding a Center, a RB and a LB and a QB known for throwing 30 + ints a year on a so called team that had no talent and a terrible previous coach in Rich Kotite and he won games and at the same time turned that QB into a guy that threw single digit Ints rather than his usual 30. How did Parcells do that ? Why does Bowles suck so bad with in game management and adjustments ? Same reason why amazingly talented QB's like Jamarcus Russel just can't seem to put that talent to work under pressure. Bottom line you either have it or you don't as an NFL head coach ... one good aspect of coaching may get you by for a year or two like a great motivator or a great scheme. But if you are not consistent or good in more categories as the manager of 53 men and how ever many asst. coaches you employ then you are just not going to be a consistent winner. So Dan Quinn had his hot year went to the SB and sat on a huge lead and got burned for it. At least he had his hot year .... What exactly has Todd Bowles done for the NY Jets ? Lost one Locker room and seemed to be on the verge of losing another while ex coaches bash his scheme and preparedness. Then we can look at McVay, Zimmer and Pederson and see that those guys took teams in total disarray and turned them into elite Franchises overnight. Whether they can do that over the long haul remains to be seen but its a hell of a lot better than what we got.
  11. Smashmouth


    amazing what a defense can do when they play up and aggressive rather than letting to offense pitch and catch like they did in Jacksonville
  12. forgot "we just have to get better"
  13. Smashmouth

    Kacy Rodgers has Serious Illness

    who will bowles use as a scapegoat now ? He's running out of scapegoats

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