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  1. Yeah but some here think pressures don't mean much. Thanks for Posting Doggin
  2. I'm not comparing Rankins to Donald at all I'm just saying there are other areas of need and Rankins and Williams can be dominant and Donald is 30 years old . If you don't like corner then AJ Brown would be nice since he's also friends with Moore
  3. Would be real nice to have Young and Lawson at DE
  4. Why would you add a player to arguably the strongest position both starters and depth wise on the team ? Where you going to put Rankins ? Not even close to the Sack Exchange that DL alone had 2 20 sack guys and more than 55 sacks of the 64 and Im pretty sure you will never see that again in the NFL. I would add Jaire Alexander GB Packers CB
  5. The DL has the best depth on the team obviously we don't want to lose Q but keep in mind Rankins is a beast so having both of them healthy will mean big problems for opposing QB's . Defense will be what wins games early in the year because it takes offense a little longer to get going with so many young players and existing ones learning a new playbook along with a rookie QB.
  6. Yeah this is pretty much a no brainer but I was also thinking of someone not on the list that may play a huge part for the defense if he stays healthy Sheldon Rankins. This guy can disrupt the pocket and open things up for the outside rushers because its going to be real hard to single up on him or Q up the middle this may be the key to the defense if this guy gets it going
  7. I will never vote in your poll's ever again.
  8. I'm in only if @CTM @TeddEY @Nynaeve and @Doggin94it Play
  9. I was not a big fan of the Favre signing either but at one point they were looking pretty good. In order for a team that's either in the playoffs or close too it we would have had to give up numerous picks to draft a QB or take a chance on those that fell late first round + . I tend to agree with what your saying here on the Favre situation but I did like Mangini he did well for a rookie HC IMO and its possible he would have grown and eventually gained more respect.
  10. Well fwiw Mangini and Tanny Built a pretty good team, if not for the Favre injury there's the chance we would have gone far in the playoffs and also the possibility Favre would have stayed here as well, you never know. This team was playing some damn good football before Favre got hurt I think Mangini had a good plan going while guys like Rex seemed to have no plan at all .
  11. None of the above I would never have fired Mangini and there would be a good chance none of that crap would have happened
  12. Honestly 80 great QB's do not do good in all situations because its very rare they get traded so that's not even an argument to make. Even some of the great QB's have lulls in their careers because teams usually have a 2-4 year window once that window closes its back to rebuilding the roster . The Steelers are a prime example of this and they do it like clock work. Brady is the exception because he's actually proven it for the NFL and to your point the only other great QB to come close to that feat was Joe Montana who took the Chiefs to the AFCCG and lost and they just so happen to be the 2 gr
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