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  1. One thing I noticed about these coaches is they all seemed to Praise this teams effort and willingness to learn. When ever Bowles and his Idiot staff was interviewed it was always "we need to get better" . From what I'm seeing in past and present coach Interviews is this current staff wants to install confidence in the players and keep things positive while Bowles staff always seemed to blame things on execution and effort of the players to cover their own stinking asses. The whole team seems different in how they approached interviews and their over all demeanor is positive while under Bowles everything seemed forced and I think that is a direct reflection of the HC and his staff.
  2. Exactly !! It's not like this is a contract dispute, the guy is saying he does not want to play for the Browns so in that case why should anyone be sticking up for him ? With that being said, I also understand Duke Johnsons take as well, he knows with Chubb and Hunt he's not going to get touches and it's as if they are going to need him for the first 8 games then dump him to the curb.
  3. I was just going to go there but .... Ninja Warfish Incredible Drummer
  4. If all of this works out when Woody pulls up to the facility his badge should be turned off. Sorry you're access has been revoked
  5. because everyone said we were supposed too
  6. Awesome now all we need is a pic of Roll n Roaster
  7. you're lucky you saw it at all with @The Crusher roaming around He'll eat that whole building flashing pic's like that around then he'll close this thread cause the memories alone would kill him
  8. Exactly ...would you want to work for Bowles on the Jets with Macc as ther GM ?
  9. I know you are probably being sarcastic but pee-wee football would have been tough on Mo
  10. So you're not seeing the effect a HC has on his players ? Some HC's have the ability to pull out the most from players and don't rely on players self motivation what do you think makes great HC's great and demand the most from their players or anyone for that matter ?
  11. Chris Johnson just put up a sign outside his office ... Jobs for everyone does not really matter if you can perform in said job I'm just gonna pay you to ******* suck and I will never look to replace you.
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