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  1. Smashmouth

    Who should be the new General Manager?

    I think if you are going to bring in Reggie you bring him in to run the entire organization just like the Jags did with Coughlin
  2. Smashmouth

    Who should be the new General Manager?

    Just curious name me one GM that consistently puts out a winning team year after year ? or even has a great draft year after year.... I can think of maybe 2 teams in the NFL that pull that off and that's the Pats and the Steelers and the Pats don't even draft particularly well. Most of what the Pats do is based on a fantastic system and a fantastic QB but sometimes I wonder who was more Important Bill or Tom. It's not easy to field a team of talented players year after year and to really hit that big year or a few years in a row of outstanding drafting is a very rare thing, always has been. I feel Todd Bowles has had way too much input in who we draft and that seems to be confirmed since we draft so many players on defense in the early rounds we seem to reach in the later rounds to draft offense. You can always see Bowels extremely happy on draft day especially when we drafted 2 safeties he was high fiving everyone in the room. Macc came to this team when we still had some pieces from our two AFFCG teams and I'm sure he was told to win now and he added some nice players and came close but it was obvious the players Woody thought could push this team forward basically sh*t the bed in a big way. Revis Mangold Cromartie Brick Harris were all pretty much toast and then it was decided to blow it all up. Since the blow up Macc has not drafted particularly well but he has added some good young players from other teams which tells me he can spot talent at the pro level but his scouts have let him down on the college level. I think he deserves one chance..... a year or two to pick a HC and bring in a new philosophy. I think this team has some talent since we have played with most of the teams then just got out schemed in the second half of games. I have a hard time blaming that on the GM
  3. Smashmouth

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    because most of the owners in the NFL are EGO MANIACS Harbaugh was a hard ass and wanted full control In return you get a winning team too much for the owners in San fran to deal with so they got what they deserved as soon as Harbaugh left.... a losing team that went off the deep end quick
  4. Smashmouth

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    good make him the QB coach then No way the HC
  5. Smashmouth

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    Other than the Jets the other team I have followed over the years has been the Packers and McCarthy is just not a good HC . I also remember the guy saying the Jets were interested in McCarthy also said the Jets would be targeting some high profile coaches. If one of them IMHO should be JIM Harbaugh and if he accepts the job this organization will turn around in one year and we will be in the playoffs next year. This team is not very far off and we are talented, much more so than some here seem to think. So we lack some playmakers on offense .... That's easily fixable with the Signing of Leveon Bell a life long Jets fan, and a WR capable of making the tough catch in the 4th quarter. Robbie played a good game yesterday but when it counted he dropped a pass that hit him in both hands to extend what would have been a victory drive the way Sam was playing. You just can't do that.... the pass to Kearse might have been even worse since he didn't even try to adjust to the ball. Just to show how out of touch our coaching staff is they not only didn't challenge that Cannon first down run but if you remember on the Jets go ahead score they tried a QB sneak when Darnold was obviously limping. It was obvious Darnold was favoring his foot so why in hell call a keeper ? Just out of touch.
  6. Smashmouth

    Stop reporting posts

    Already did
  7. The up's and downs in that game were Epic when Miami took the lead late you had to be miserable. Then good ole Kenny O hit Wesley in the front of the endzone with a rocket to send the game into OT with like 5 seconds left. That was one of the hardest throws Ive ever seen he just rifled that ball in to Walker. The hardest thing to deal with that year was I felt we were the best team in football until all the injuries hit and there was a rash of injuries that put us on that 5 game losing streak. Then the Idiot Gastineau penalty in the playoffs ugh
  8. Funny thing my Dad was a Mets fan and I escaped that potential duel disaster because I was amazed at the Yankee's past players and the incredible stats they put up.
  9. I cant say I have a favorite memory right now but I have the ability to predict the future. When I have dementia at the ripe old age of 105 I will forget Im or ever was a Jets fan
  10. Smashmouth

    Interesting conversation...

    This could work, but you're asking way too much for Geno
  11. Smashmouth

    Wentz Out This Week, Possibly Season

    eagles are dealing with a lot of injuries
  12. ask Von Miller that question
  13. This thread is funny the Texans play great defense and what do you expect them to do after a loss with JJ in Darnolds face this game has ugly all over it
  14. Right now there's a Mock out there that has the Jets taking Harry in the first round and Metcalf is projected as a late third early 4th (which may change) but they are both doable I would not mind this at all

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