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  1. I'll kill him myself if he dare even try to speak to one of the vaunted Jets Vets
  2. Yeah you know cause our Vets have accomplished so much who would dare tell that bunch to actually show up for such workouts.
  3. Don't forget the Drunk Edwards ...Sad because he had a good relationship with him until the Jets decided not to re-sign the one receiver who made some big catches in big moments for us against the Colts.
  4. Watching Darnold Interviews was like watching paint dry same crap over and over and over
  5. My bad for believing something I heard ...maybe they said he was playing at a pro bowl level before they tried to move him to corner which was a terrible move. His last 2 years in LA were pretty good. Also I do believe Maye can be a pro bowler and he probably should have been one last year
  6. Joyner already was a pro bowl Safety and Maye is surely playing at a pro bowl level
  7. Sorry but its not BS some players adapt better to a zone scheme. Not to mention the amount of speed we added to this defense. The pass rush should Improve in a big way adding Rankins and Lawson with 3 players probably rotating at the other edge until someone sticks. That alone will help the Corners, because no matter how good a corner is they can only cover for so long, if the pressure is not there they will get beat and that goes for every corner. Zone defenses usually produce more Int's because in a man defense you have to focus on a man rather than being in a zone and protecting an ar
  8. Do you realize we will be running a Different defense this season ?
  9. Great post ... I believe our defense has the potential to be easily top 10. We have 2 pro bowl caliber safeties, and a defense which will be a better fit for Austin and Hall. We have a very good DL with 3 potential Pro Bowl players in Rankin Williams and Lawson with some good depth. LB's with Mosely coming back Davis and some very athletic hybrid's Saleh will be plugging in for much needed speed on the outside. The only thing I can say is it might take a little time for these guys to play fast while they learn a new defense and the rookies adapt to the speed of the NFL . Its not far fetched t
  10. We will see how that plays out ... best case is Becton goes Brick and does not miss a snap but I'm not sure that's realistic. Honestly I was a little shocked we moved up and gave up 2 - 3's to do it but I'm guessing Douglas knows his sh*t being a lineman himself.
  11. Vera Tucker is not only s damn good guard but he's a versatile player as well that fits exactly what JD has been preaching all along. He wants players that can do multiple things and fill multiple roles and that shows in this years draft with how many hybrid types he drafted. Vera Tucker is also and most importantly an insurance policy at LT due to the fact Becton was missing a lot of snaps and a few games Vera Tucker can easily step in and has the experience to do so. Having that type of player is huge and you can forget the fact just how huge Becton is and how that might effect his body
  12. It was not about what they were ranked it was about how they faired in particular games and particular situations. If you have the number 1 ranked defense but can't make the big stops in big games its not worth a sh*t. The year Peyton/Indy won the SB they made some big stops late in games and also did in the SB
  13. And he had a viable defense when ? The one year he won the SB in Indy his defense finally stepped up and got some stops. Peyton never had a problem putting up points other than the year the New England defense was allowed to mug Receivers making it near Impossible to do anything.
  14. Well yeah Of course Manning was a choke artist he was out there by himself . Right ? Manning's team, most of the time, was simply over matched. Its not all about the QB . While QB is the most important position on the field, they are certainly not the only position on the field.
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