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  1. Kearse was a huge signing very good slot receiver and receiver overall .Im thinking he will really shine with Darnold throwing him the ball and the main reason for that is the fact Darnold can extend plays and when you extend plays you usually look for the most reliable WR who will also put in the effort to keep the play extended as much as the QB.
  2. Hes studying no time for message boards
  3. Who else thinks Tom Shane has pictures of Sam Darnold all over the walls of some back room in his basement ? Maybe even a few videos
  4. not worried he will start a fight but worried maybe he's not mature enough to know when to walk away from one/ So we have a player on a rookie contract who would rather sacrifice millions of dollars on contract 2 then walk away from a fight. Pretty smart guy there. Building a reputation does not get you far in the NFL just ask Terrell Owens and other players Like Dez Bryant who lost tons of money by being Idiots. Do we really want to add idiots to a team that can probably do just fine next year with 100 mil in cap space ? I think we can do better and would much rather have a guy like MAck than Fowler
  5. So a player with media issues and can't seem to understand how not to be a diva would be a good addition to a team (Jets) that cleaned house of all the loud mouthed troublemakers it had. Not to mention adding said player to the biggest media market in the country ? Yep just what the young jets need at this stage. Then go after Fowler a guy who is fighting with his teammates ? Great players no doubt but not the kind of guys we are trying to build this team with.
  6. Smashmouth

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    my fault I was inactive in a dead game close to the season. I forgot to check in today
  7. Smashmouth

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    Wow thanks for reminding me Im sure no one here was aware of that. Its obvious Im talking post Manning who actually did nothing In the one SB win. If they would have had a viable option at QB they might have gone to 2 or 3 more SB's
  8. Smashmouth

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    Also keep in mind with a team like Denver and a Teddy Bridgewater at the helm you are probably looking at a late second round pick or a late 3rd round pick because you fully expect a team like that to be a playoff team. In that case I would push Elway for the second or maybe even a first because he would have Teddy on the cheap for at least one year. Either way Elway will never make this deal because if Keenum sh*ts the bed it would be way to late to bring Teddy in and turn the offense upside down for a new QB having to learn a new system and get used to a whole new situation. The only way we get a Teddy deal is if a really good team loses their starter and has no answer at back up. Jaguars/Vikings (LOL)/Steelers/Rams/
  9. Smashmouth

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    If Elway comes knockin make him bust he's on the hot seat not us. This is where we get to use our leverage
  10. Smashmouth

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    Elway is an Idiot for letting one of the better defenses and teams in general flounder due to the lack of a QB. When you are ready to win NOW and can possibly win a few SB's you trade draft picks to get the QB you need. 1 or 2 SB's is well worth a number one draft pick IMHO. Elway dropped the ball. if you are building a team for the future the exact opposite applies but Elways team was already built trying to win with Idiots like Osweiler and Siemian You could say the same thing about the 09 10 Jets but at least that Jets team was trying to develop a QB they selected with the 5th pick in the draft that just didn't pan out for numerous reasons.
  11. would ask for Bridgewater over McCown 100 out of 100 times. It might very well be a team who lost its number 1 to injury that calls the jets to make that trade .