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  1. just me having fun with charlie brown Sine I think Bowles is horse sh*t and Chuck is becoming a sympatheiser
  2. Petty excuses aside Powell is always hurt Forte is always hurt and wont be on the team next year we need a real back in this upcoming draft that can take over and then use McGuire as a secondary back/change of pace type guy to get those 10-15 touches a game. I think McGuire can be a really good back but the way hes being used takes any momentum he gains away. Also a great back will take so much pressure off a QB drafted or what the **** ever we trot out there next year
  3. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I just don't get this Hackenberg issue .... The kid obviously has the physical talent they say he's extremely smart and picks up offenses. So why not get the kid some real NFL action and let him grow ? Obviously as Sperm pointed out this should have been done on day one (this year) with either Petty or Hack so our HC sh*t the bed in that respect but someone has to step up and tell Bowles to cut the bullsh*t and give the kid his chance... if he sucks at that point then move on but a few preseason appearances while the team was learning a new offense is not a real test at all since during the pre season the whole team seemed like they were having issues learning .
  4. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    you are not going to evaluate anything with 2 QB's and 3 games this should have been done 3 games ago.
  5. I'm not going to go back and analyze how many mistakes Bowles has made or how they affected the outcome of games the one sad part is the guy keeps making the same mistakes over and over. His clock management stinks, the ridiculous challenges he has made over the past 3 years stink, the constant burning of time outs because either his players are not prepared or because he just happens to call them at the most inopportune time. You bring up that Bowles hired Morton because I praised Morton yet have nothing to say about his buddy Kacy Rogers who Bowles routinely strips of play calling duties. Since you asked for reasons I bash Bowles I'll ask you what has Bowles done in 3 years that makes you say "hey this guy could be a good HC" In the case of Macc he came to this team and his owner felt he had enough veterans to make a final run so Macc used the cap money and brought in some players and took a team that was supposed to suck to a 10-6 record. It seemed obvious to most non Jets fans that maybe the Jets had one more playoff run in them but it didnt turn out that way. The locker room was a mess and some of the vets just mailed it in. So at that point it made total sense to blow the whole thing up and start a rebuild. I think Macc came in here with a plan for the first 2 years endorsed by the owner and it simply didnt work out. Now Macc has started year one of the rebuild with some promising young players that Jets fans can get excited about and a great cap situation and a good amount of draft picks. Not sure what the problem is but we still have a HC who refuses to play the young QB's on the roster. The Rams trotted out Goff last year and he stunk just Imagine if that was the Jets LOL funny how that turned around this year since they actually gave him the chance to turn it around and learn on the field and found a Head Coach that was not a moron. We still have a moron for a HC and a 2nd round pick who has still not been given a chance. I guess maybe its Macc who makes the calls on game day who is going to start and who is not
  6. Not the talent level he supplied but the inexperience due to a large rebuild. Macc has been on board with the full re-build and I'm sure Bowles agrees things needed to change so a lot of Vets who created a crappy locker room were dumped. I'm not sure how any of this has much to do with Bowles terrible decisions on game day . Whether you have vets or rookies you still need to make the right calls on Sunday and Bowles simply has not done that nor has he Improved in any way since he still can't hold on too Timeouts and when he does he has no idea how to use them. I think Macc has done a good job the first year into an all out re build since the team has over achieved this coming year will tell a lot on how this team needs to move forward with Macc and Bowles.
  7. keep LYAO Im not sure which coach you are looking at but it's really easy to point out Bowles mistakes over the past 3 years. The problem is he keeps making the same mistakes. Trust me you don't need to be Madden or Summerall to know when a HC is garbage
  8. well when you call it a shell of a team I'm pretty sure everyone was on board with an all out rebuild including Bowles after the locker room debacle of last year it seemed obvious most of the Vets needed needed the Boot. I think some of the young kids have played well and I also think this team is on a good path now.
  9. Sperm the owner himself said they are on the same level meaning Bowles and Macc. With the picks Macc has made its obvious to me the HC has a big say in who gets drafted. Either way Bowles seems to have a big say in filling roster holes or what holes he feels need to be filled Im pretty sure though that Macc is not making dumb calls on the sidelines some of which I learned in church leagues and High school football.
  10. hell they are doing it now ...ever hear some of the announcers praising Bowles ? It makes me sick to my stomach. That being said the announcers almost never bash head coaches. In other words they never go over reasons why they suck by pulling up information on all the terrible calls through out the year. Its a big fraternity of bullsh*t and in reality their are not that many really good HC's in the NFL anyway
  11. for the first year of a rebuild this team is on the right track with young talent. I'm sorry you can't see that since you keep bringing it up but this team is on the right path and what we need is a good call at the QB position so we can continue to grow. Macc made an attempt to win his first few years by bringing in some vets to make one more run with some of the good vets we had in place. It looked like it might have a chance in year one when we missed the playoffs by one game. We added a few more vets to make that one last run and we failed with a bunch of slacking vets who didn't seem to give a damn. At that point Macc and the Owner decided to move on from that pipe dream and start a re build which seems to be doing nicely with some young talent exceeding expectations. Its easily explainable why we are in the position we are in and its not just about the GM its about what the owner of this team wanted when he arrived. The players sh*t the bed as did Fitz and now we have some promising young talent to build with. Coaches and QB's win SB's and those will be the two toughest decisions moving forward no matter what any of us think
  12. I wonder aslo what he was thinking while accepting a penalty that made it 2nd and 15 rather than a 3rd and 10 just before the field goal. that ran some much needed time off the clock as well.