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  1. 18 bucks ? fuggin Raiders always over pay
  2. Giants trade JPP

    they will take a QB or Barkley just dumping JPP salary
  3. Nostradamus actually said this 500 years ago in reference to the Jets. Einstein stole the Quote The Jets moved up to Draft Barkley and still intend to give Hackenburg a shot sometime in the next 10 years
  4. Asking yet another way from a guy who can't stand Bowles ...Has Todd Bowles actually had a QB to ruin yet ?
  5. Mayfield: easily the most exciting prospect only knock is hes only 6 foot. Allen; Inaccuracy worries me a lot because that's all we have dealt with here for the past 9 years and we've had enough of that crap Rosen; Easily the most polished of the bunch Darnold: Can't stand looking at his delivery it screams of shoulder problems at some point and he turns the ball over at an alarming rate I would like for the Jets to draft either Rosen or Mayfield preferably Rosen
  6. Elway horse face can't stand his ******* face
  7. USC Pro Day on now

    Bolwes: So how do you feel about sitting for 5 years behind the scrubs we currently have at the QB position ? Darnold: Huh
  8. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    I think Baker Mayfield is better than all of them and Rosen is a close second. There seems to be this Manziel perception of Mayfield due to his height and firey personality and I don't think that's a fair assessment . In fact I think Mayfield is everything Manziel should have turned out to be but Manziel is an idiot and really couldn't care less what anyone thinks of him
  9. MFB Part Deux

    well I know where you're head is.
  10. MFB Part Deux

    How about you stop the nonsense and play the game right ? this scum claim sh*t benefits no one and it sh*t's all over the game. Youre a good player and this retarded strategy makes no sense so just move on and play
  11. MFB Part Deux

    80 the last time I remember him claiming scum in a game he turned up town. I don't remember him doing it as much as you say he did other than being sarcastic and he did that a few times. The first time he did it was more of a joke then anything else not sure what his alignment was maybe 3rd party. I have not played in the last 3 games previous to this game, nor did I read those games. so if he did it there as well I'm not sure what to say other than hes not offering town any help what so ever. Question is ... Do we just keep him around for numbers if we feel hes probably not scum ? or.... Do lynch his ass and narrow sh*t down ?
  12. MFB Part Deux

    Pac has done this before in another game and he turned out town. He's not providing any help to town at all when he does this crap. Im catching up so I did not read much back and forth on this subject yet
  13. you may be right but in no way does Baker Mayfield have a weak arm. As a matter of fact during the Combine Mayock said Mayfield had a strong arm. Not a rocket like Allen or Rosen but a strong arm. Reason probably because he sets himself properly to throw the football and its not something he has to learn he just does it naturally