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  1. Wrong he was drafted by a team that had Prescott as the QB an established guy and no way was he going to get a chance. Dallas let him go so he could catch on elsewhere because he was not getting a shot in Dallas. Then he came to the Jets with Darnold 3rd over all and Zach second over all. Yet somehow you thought he was going to get a shot. Then he gets in the game for the Jets Lights it up in his first start was playing well in start 2 before a freak injury and got beat by the Bills who just about destroy 90 % of the QB's they face but you know The guy with 3 starts was not allowed to ha
  2. there's no or, or and's its called a team . The Shane Smash combo GM And just so ya know Mike White is not a weak armed QB where did you get that from ? He has a good arm, it's not elite but he certainly can make every throw. FWIW Mike White will sign here or somewhere else on a one year deal and it certainly will not be league minimum. Would be dumb for him to take a multi year deal 2-3 years for short money and I'm pretty sure he won't.
  3. LOL well PFF had him ranked 32nd not that it matters anyway
  4. And he lost. I think the Packers had like 70 yards in the second half. Aaron Jones had 9 catches for 129 yards so I guess Jets fans would classify Rodgers as dink and dunk. right ? When it counted Jimmy G won the game.
  5. Jimmy G is not terrible no one would have played good in those conditions yesterday
  6. Why ? Because why would we when we have the 32 ranked QB in the NFL
  7. Darnold started playing the position late in his football life I think he actually played LB in HS . His mechanics in College were terrible he also had a wacked out delivery in college. When he got to the pros he obviously was willing to put in the work but as others here have mentioned he just did not have the processing speed the position demands that and his vision was terrible so many videos of open receivers that he missed right in front of him. He also played scared consistently backing up and throwing off the back foot rather than stepping up and letting it rip. Its sad because he's a
  8. so 50 years of this crap is cool with you ? Awesome Im so proud of you I hope JD and Saleh are the answer but the damn history is hard to ignore. I'm not miserable I always have hope but I'm not ignorant either . So many years of being the optimist (and you can confirm that right here on this forum) has taken its toll
  9. okay forum police you win Jesus Christ
  10. may not be relevant to you but its very relevant to most Jets fans who are well aware if there is a stupid move to be made we are more than capable
  11. I was speaking in general ...we usually make stupid moves just like the WFT
  12. It happens to all the running QB's only question is when. That's why I'm not a big proponent of the super athletic QB while pocket passers get over looked. Its like they see the next shiny object in this league and forget what the position is all about. The 4 or 5 best QB's of the last 15-20 years were all pocket passers but to hell with all that who the hell needs a guy throwing for 70% when you can have a guy who can't hit the broad side of a barn but damn can he run, that is until he gets shut down come playoff time and throws for 90 yards.
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