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  1. Smashmouth

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-combine/0ap3000001020743/Devin-White-runs-an-official-4-42-40-yard-dash-at-2019-combine This guy can play OLB and probably terrorize the league Imagine Mosley Williamson White and Jenkins easily best group in the NFL
  2. Smashmouth

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    Draft Devin White at number 3 if you can't trade out.. why ? Because we know his skills will translate to the NFL and the 3-4 needs great LB's to succeed not number 3 overall occupiers. 4.4 speed at LB is very rare
  3. Smashmouth

    Frank Clark

    This could very well be a one time incident but they usually aren't key point "trying to leave" well then just leave . Putting this aside the NFL should still be heavier on the disciplinary action. So one time you lose a year, 2 times you go bye bye. That's the only way to stop some of this sh*t from happening in the first place.
  4. Smashmouth

    Frank Clark

    Young people making mistakes ? Beating up women ? This guy and all wife beaters should be banned from the league for life without the chance to ever play the game again. You're right on one account she should have no say in the decision but hopefully the people that do make the decisions know better than to have thugs like this on the roster. These players, due too their talent, have a great chance and privilege to play a game they love and make millions of dollars doing it, if they can't help themselves by beating up women and put all that at risk making dreadfully stupid decisions then they will continue to act this way and should be in jail not getting multi million dollar contracts .
  5. Smashmouth

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    Keep in mind this is also a nice depth signing for the slot because Montgomery played mostly in the slot before GB moved him to RB when Fat ass Eddie Lacy was hurt all the time. This is nice depth all around
  6. The Difference between number 1 rank and number 14 is pretty small .... Run blocking however is probably a different story. That can also change with the addition of Osamele (sp?) and maybe a few draft picks and a new scheme altogether
  7. Smashmouth

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    Solid Pick up
  8. Smashmouth

    Ty Montgomery visiting the Jets

    Ty Montgomery Is a good guy to have around. He's a very good all around player on offense and when Enunwa eventually gets hurt, he can be that type of player as well.
  9. Smashmouth

    What is your local NFL team?

    I live In Rhome Texas just north of Fort Worth so its the freaking Cowboys Bunch of fair weather fans down here :) One thing I / We can never be accused of
  10. what classifies a uniform as a "high school" uniform ?
  11. Smashmouth

    A Not So Wild Trade

    joewilly12 land ?
  12. I'll bet Jamaal Adam's designed the Uniform
  13. I like the black ones and the green ones but not the white ones. I was hoping for an after burner shooting out of their asses but .....

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