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  1. It happens to all the running QB's only question is when. That's why I'm not a big proponent of the super athletic QB while pocket passers get over looked. Its like they see the next shiny object in this league and forget what the position is all about. The 4 or 5 best QB's of the last 15-20 years were all pocket passers but to hell with all that who the hell needs a guy throwing for 70% when you can have a guy who can't hit the broad side of a barn but damn can he run, that is until he gets shut down come playoff time and throws for 90 yards.
  2. Also what happened to the great Kyler Murray ? No crap teams to inflate stats in the playoffs.
  3. No , No and No ... I agree with what you are saying but I don't want anything to do with Winston and of the three I would say maybe Minshew ...Is this all thats available ? Jimmy G would be the perfect fit but if Zach Fails Jimmy is always hurt so theres that.
  4. At this stage its better to have known commodities at WR rather than waiting for one to develop. Lets say for instance we grab Davonte Adams That gives us a very explosive offense almost instantly that along with adding one more on the OL and I believe this offense is ready to contend. That all obviously hinges on whether Zach can take that next step and start playing the the Herberts and Burrows of the world. On defense we need LB's, a DE and Safeties if the Jets do not plan on signing Maye. I think we have a good group of young corners who have all played well just too many times w
  5. we're still in purgatory from Alesi tripping that player during the Rex years.
  6. Well keep in mind Diggs had some really good players on offense in Minny he was not the only guy.
  7. I'm not sure how many years the Jets want to give him but here's what I would do. I would make him compete for the Job in next years training camp IF he wins that competition he gets 4 games if he can't put up some good numbers in those 4 games he gets yanked. That's not to say I'm done with him at that stage but as an example lets say Mike White is again the back up and he goes in after game 4 and plays well but begins to falter after 4 or five games I then give Zach another chance to finish out the season on a very positive note not some bullsh*t Improvement crap I'm talking serious Imp
  8. I will carry Corey Davis to Seattle on my back from NY if they would take this deal.
  9. I would give you this comparison if Zach was hitting on the short throws but he didn't. Even a percentage of his short completions were off the mark causing the RB/WR to adjust to catch the ball taking them out of their rhythm
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