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  1. Joe Walton because that Idiot had one of the most talented rosters in the NFL for years and had nothing to show for it. That team should have made it to at least 1 SB. Walt Michaels should have been retained as the HC since he came so close only to have Don Shula Cheat his ass off to take it away in the Mud Bowl. Would have been nice to see the Jets sack exchange vs the Redskins Hog's that year in the SB instead we got to watch the Skins dismantle an inferior Dolphin team. you must not be a Jets fan for very long because Fitz is not even close . The guy played here for 2 years and damn near broke every single season record for a QB in this franchises history. I can understand some who did not want him here but to call him the worst thing that happened to this franchise is ridiculous
  2. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Well the Ideal situation is you draft a QB and he becomes the stud everyone wants him to be. If the cost is way to high to move up, there is that problem as well, depending on our draft position which should be in the top 10 hopefully. In the case of Cousins/Smith I would lean Cousins but then the deterring factor becomes money. Obviously this won't be an easy decision but we have got to get a QB in here that will give us years of Production and Cousins is much younger than Smith
  3. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    sure cause 4k years gets you in the SB
  4. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    I would not mind an elite all around RB to open up this offense with Cousins or Smith at QB ... Smith is a smarter QB Cousins is more explosive either way with that type Running back and either one of those QB's this team becomes a possible playoff contender IF Todd Bowles is the hell out of here.
  5. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    hes never winning anything in this league hes way too inconsistent and mistake prone and he has great backs and damn good WR's
  6. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Fitz has one major problem in his game that kept him from getting better his entire career and that's impatience at times he really needed to be patient. His tendency to force the ball and create turnovers was VERY Sanchez like and the main reason neither one of them lived up to the potential some of us saw they had. Sometimes (like in the case of Fitz) you think maybe they can turn the corner but they never do... a hot streak here or there does not equal what makes a QB great. It sucks to be let down but that's what both of the guys you mention have done. Was Sanchez mishandled from the start ? Absolutely, but that's not a good enough reason to think he would have turned out great or even good. IMHO while we have been unlucky at QB for a long time we have certainly been just as unlucky with our head coaches as well. You need a combination of great coaching and great QB play to win consistently and we have not had one or the other for way too many years.
  7. Because Misery Loves Company...

    Troy Aikman - Cowboys Peyton Manning - Colts Eli Manning - Giants Terry Bradshaw - Steelers Roger Staubach - Cowboys John Elway - Broncos Joe Montana - Niners yes they had some players in place but they replaced all those skill players and continued to win and get much better. There are also some really good QB's that were drafted and built around that never won SB's as well Dan Marino Matt Ryan Either way the list is small but thats 19 SB wins You could also add Tom Brady to the mix but they had some players in place as well and If the Pats felt Tom was going to be what he turned out to be they would certainly not have waited till the 6th round to draft him, basically they got insanely lucky.
  8. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    fwiw no one has been able to stop Gronk so theres that
  9. well you know the QB does not make the call as to when to go to hurry up and he does not make the idiotic calls at the goal line either
  10. obviously you forgot the horrible calls made by sh*tenhiemer on that 8 minute drive at the 1 and the total lack of urgency displayed by the offense and coaches by not going into hurry up mode causing the drive to go 8 minutes but I guess that was Sanchez fault as well ? Even though on the next posession he drove us up the field to get us within a score Also you mean when Sanchez drove us up the field in 52 seconds for the game winner vs the Colts ? Im not making excuses for Sanchez suckage Im pointing out the fact he played well in the playoffs and the much vaunted Rex Ryan defense sh*t the bed twice
  11. A Jet Fan making excuses for the Giants but not the Jets ? Impossible !! The Giants won 2 SB's because their defense shut down every QB they played when their pass rush got insanely hot. The Jets who were known for playing tough defense sh*t the bed in both playoff runs (AFCCG's). Once by giving up a large lead to the Colts while our Idiot coach decided to get conservative and once by getting steam rolled early in the Pitt game and could not get the ball back to our offense for most of the first half while getting steam rolled. Then when we needed the ball at the end said defense game up the back breaking first down's to run out the clock. Brady Manning and Manning all brought their teams back when their QB's finally got hot in the second half Just like Sanchez did. The only difference is the Jets defense could not get their team the ball back in the Pitt game to give their hot QB a chance to win. Funny how Brady and Manning ALWAYS got those shots but Sanchez didn't. Over all Mark was not a very good QB but he played well enough in the playoff's to get us wins and our vaunted defense sh*t the bed.
  12. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    Eli Manning is terrible and I still feel he went on 2 of the luckiest runs in the history of the NFL. The guy had like 2 or 3 good years surrounded by crap. No way a rebuilding team looks at an aging veteran like Eli unless its a one year stop gap type like we did with McCown. We either trade for a franchise type guy, sign a franchise type guy, or draft a franchise type guy and at this stage Eli is none of those things. Best case is the Jets do what they need to do to get a top prospect in this years draft that's anyone but Sam Darnold.
  13. that ship sailed because players sailed as did Harbaugh. That does not mean I agree with His actions because I don't but he didnt just play good at one point he played great and went to the SB. He even played at a decent level with sub par players around him. Make no mistake he is being black balled because of his actions and his actions only. He made a bad choice on how to get his message across and now hes paying for it. Sad that a punk like Micheal Vick can be excused for torturing and killing dogs but a gesture at a football game during the National Anthem get you black balled. He should have made a different choice to get attention