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  1. The way this reads its unclear in what capacity Boyer will stay with the team. "Yet to hire" but will retain Boyer ? So is he still going to hire a ST coach and keep Boyer somewhere else ? These journalists, or should I say so called journalists get worse by the day.
  2. But Greenbean Boyer was kind of the Anti Bowles/Gase Remember Westhoff stuck through a few coaching staff's because he was a known ST Coach and motivator who took sh*t from no one. Maybe Saleh will like Boyer's fire in practice and on the sidelines we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. @bla bla bla the Jets do not have to give up 4 first rounders because the second over all pick can be traded for a haul and no one else has that option other than the Jags and no way in hell the Texans are trading with the Jags. While other teams may want to trade firsts they wont equal the Haul the Jets picks can be worth based on that 2 OA alone. The Jets should make an offer of This years 1 (23) Next years number 1 and the following years number 1 plus Sam darnold) If the Texans must have this years number 2OA I would do that plus a 2nd and next years number one and Sam Darnold. This would give them options of drafting a QB to compete with Darnold (Wilson or Fields) or the option to trade out of the pick for a draft pick Haul that will help them rebuild the mess they are currently in. Make no mistake, the Texans are in a crappy position due to their own stupidity and IMHO they should also put JJ Watt on the block because there is no reason to ruin his chance at a title and a team might be willing to give you a good amount of picks for him as well. All JD has to do is make a good offer like the first one I mentioned and if that's denied you leave it on the table and tell the Texans to call before they pull the trigger on any other deals and they will do that because they know that will include the Number 2 OA anything more than whats laid out above and I would tell them to take a walk then they very well could be ****ed
  4. Before I read this thread I'm going to go start a new thread about Dan Campbell
  5. over the time Boyer has been here we had some decent returners that now play for other teams they did well here and once again ya can't blame Boyer for getting players taken out from under him. Did Roberts do well here ? Did he do as well with his current team as he did with the Jets ?
  6. I think everyone gets that by now after you've said it about 75 times across 2 threads
  7. Holy sh*t this is 2 times now Punting and kicking are another situation. The jets have had above average Coverage and return teams Boyer does not Select the Kicker or the Punter if they suck they will be replaced not the ST coach.
  8. I knew the end of the world would come I just didn't know when until Thai ...
  9. Oh yeah ...I know Deshaun's entire Family and they are all Jets fans every single one of them
  10. i have a strong feeling JD is just sitting back while this Implodes ... The leverage will be on our side and then I think JD would pounce.
  11. Lets just trade everything Go wild

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