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  1. I was somewhat excited about the possibilities for the defense this year but even that is a huge let down with Opt outs and injuries. This offense is a dumpster fire at the skill positions also due to injuries and the play calling has been a disaster. I can't see this team winning a game until they at least get semi healthy and even in that respect we still have to deal with the play calling and the lack of good QB play.
  2. Yeah all those long hard hours in the Lab are paying off
  3. In the last 10 years the only time this teams offense has been somewhat viable was when Fitz played. How much worse can it get than that ?
  4. what the hell are you talking about ? This is not about one game its about three years and the lack of progress in any aspect of the position. And if you want to evaluate a QB playing defense or making the occasional great play you go right ahead maybe CJ Mosely can play QB and step into his throws and not throw across his body to the middle of the field to a double teamed WR. I would be willing to bet if you want to compare individual plays there's plenty more crap to evaluate than greatness
  5. I've been in Misery for 47 years (when I first started watching football) I have no other choice/ I love this team and this is the darkest moment in the history of the franchise . It does not get worse when you think you picked your franchise QB 2 times in ten years and wiff on both. Sprinkled with a little Geno and Hack to top it all off.
  6. This is not an indorsement for Gase but is this team was not dealing with an Insane rash of injuries and Moseley didn't opt out I think we would have been much more competitive. That being said it might not have mattered since Darnold probably would have still sucked
  7. If the Jets have the number 1 pick and take Fields I'm walking away from this team forever
  8. We get to pick #1 and I get to do things on Sundays that actually have meaning because to be honest I stopped watching the Bills game in the 3rd quarter and I stopped watching the San Fran game at the half. I didn't even do that in the Kotite years because at least that team competed and had some good young players.
  9. Its like the 70's all over again. And if it is, we can expect to be back in the playoffs in 2031

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