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  1. whatever it is you think you know, Ape already knows . Whomever shows up in the death scene Ape knows that too . The Ape knows just about everything after it actually happens . Hindsight28
  2. hey hey hey lets everybody just calm down ....
  3. Has no one shown AVM the wonders of the spy glass some of learned last game after playing for 10 + years and didn't know ? AVM see the little magnifying glass next to the multi quote and quote options at the bottom of each post ? Click on that see what happens. If you already know then rule #14 oh and BTW you never had any spidey sense so carry on
  4. I'm not tearing down Fields at all. I'm just not a fan of QB's who run more than they pass for many different reasons . He's an amazing athlete but he's not the guy nor is any running QB who is going to bring you back in a playoff game if you happen to get behind and he's not the guy winning a SB, history has taught us this 100% of the time so that's my point. Its also easy for a QB to run the ball since they are always spotted 10 + yards on every run due to the circumstance of players having to drop in coverage.
  5. Yeah I mean when you break 200 yards passing 2 times the entire season why wouldn't you be calling that a franchise QB.
  6. Stop you're scaring me and probably Berbal as well
  7. Yep and me answering your question was me agreeing with you. You're such a sharp cookie. I can see your football knowledge is still on the level of Skip Bayless.
  8. Well BG I'll offer a lil help ... All of 80's scenes are meaningless incoherent nonsense . carry on
  9. your so called 'little Ape-prentice" surpassed your Mafia knowledge in about 5 pages last game
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