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  1. Your member profile rank says "ZACK" your signature is pic of Sam Darnold throwing the football. I just changed my Member rank to ZACK as well. My guess is you do not have sigs enabled in your profile after the forum upgrade
  2. Ken what Fake GPS app do you use ? I only mentioned the sig change cause its still Sam Darnold
  3. and when he does that for the second time it will most likely destroy his career because no one with a brain is paying him 20mil per
  4. Cashman on Yanks: 'We're better than this' Smash To Cashman "no we're not" The GM with the biggest money Pit in MLB does not realize: You can't build a winner with Homerun hitters that either hit homeruns or strike out. You can't build a winner with a team that has no clue how to manufacture a run late in a game. You can't build a winner with a team that most of its players hit at or around .200 . You can't build a winner with a terrible defense and players for the most part playing out of position. teams have figured out how to pitch to this team and no one
  5. Yep that's when they were interviewing Shawn Ellis If I remember correctly
  6. You should have brought @The Crusher you could have gotten that baby up to 120 MPH easy with him in the front car.
  7. Im in Texas so Im using ExpressVPN with youtube TV It worked for about 2 months then they started asking me where my location was over and over every day. I answered correctly NY area and then one day it just shut You Tube TV off saying I was in Texas and I had to confirm that just to get the service back on again. I made a post about this a while back telling people here on these forums to use a VPN and then mine went to sh*t. So You Tube TV on an Nvidia Shield using express VPN I've also noticed that some services detect a VPN right off the bat and will not play unless
  8. To bad illegal streams suck. I tried using a VPN using NY area with You Tube TV that worked for a few months but now that does not work either. I don't mind paying for NFL Sunday Ticket I just despise DirecTV they are a horrible company and I'm hoping they lose enough business that they go under
  9. Anyone know what's going on with this ? First I heard pile of crap DirecTV lost out to ESPN Plus now its still saying you need DirecTV to get the games. Is this still under negotiation ? Not getting much info on google searches .
  10. Like I said, I'm not sure if this guy can sustain that much weight without having issues. I hope I'm wrong because he has the potential to be a huge talent but he better think about getting his weight down in the 330 to 335 range which will be plenty and give him a bit more quickness to deal with edge rushers and take a lot of pressure off his feet and ankles.
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