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  1. Yes , and it will but this team still cant scratch out a run when needed in the playoffs ... regular season for the Yankees is nothing playoffs is everything and if we are down by a run in the ninth vs a playoff caliber pitching staff the game is all but over.
  2. exactly the Yankees are loaded down with big hitters with no one to set the table. batting Judge 2nd and at times first was criminal due to some jackass metric. Metrics are destroying the sport they are destroying this teams ability to play small ball which is a huge part of the game when you run into a hot pitcher and that 3 run homer is NOT coming. Hitting behind runners moving runners over bunting runners over all seem lost in todays game and its ruining the game IMHO
  3. Bader will be lucky to play 50 games .... This team with its veteran hitters could have given Dominguez a chance he was tearing it up in Spring training I mean why not ? He's been in the system now for 3 years since he was 17 its not like he needs more time its baseball not rocket science. Baseball is a hot/cold sport always has been we're lucky Volpe happened to get hot this spring or he would have went back as well and that's horse sh*t . This line -up needed some young electric players to spark it and that's what Volpe Cabrara will bring and also what Dominguez would have brought as well. Other teams bring up 20 year old's all the time not Cashman.
  4. Not only that but what about the players who received large guarantees and just mailed it in. Hanyesworth / Wilkerson sure they were not fully guaranteed but there was guaranteed money. Players need to be judged on performance, the problem is teams started getting cute with money to avoid salary cap implications which started this whole mess to begin with. Get rid of the cap, figure out ways to better structure deals and move the **** on. Of course then the union gets involved we have a walk out and its a sh*t show
  5. I'll meet you at the dumpster over there ----> the one thats on fire
  6. Let me ask you.... Do you think that statement was based on the Owners not wanting to pay Lamar particularly or not to pay any player moving forward because the guaranteed money is out of control ? The entire concept of "owners" meetings is collusion my take is they are not just singling out Lamar like some seem to be alluding too.
  7. Wait.... I thought this thread was about Lamar
  8. LOL you do realize he won 2 MVP's in the last 3 years and the OBVIOUS reason he fell off last year was due to a broken thumb not even counting the loss of his top WR. Sorry but you don't fall off a cliff in one year. The guy keeps himself in amazing shape and maybe its the hard work that keeps guys like Brady and Rodgers going while other QB's just want to get on with their lives and not work so hard anymore in their late 30's early 40's . Its not far fetched to say Rodgers can play 3-4 more years if he wants to continue putting in the hard work but that's up to him at this point.
  9. fwiw the Jets will most likely be re-structuring Rodgers
  10. ok so 41 mil per and 133 guar. and this idiot thinks he's going to do better AND have a team give up 3 firsts as well ? Obviously Lamar is not an agent nor is his mother ...but every aspect of a trade needs to be explored. Any agent would know no team in their right mind would give up 3 firsts and hamstring their franchise with the above mentioned money without being completely out of their mind. In mom's eyes her son is still an MVP she remembers all the glory and because its family she's not taking anything else into account. Anyone with a lick of sense should agree Lamar comes with some big future questions and the scenario above is not going to happen.
  11. Ahh ok I was not 100 % sure on the offer but I kept hearing 133
  12. That remains to be seen the Ravens offered him 3 at 133 which was a very nice offer my guess is he wants a longer term deal with more guarantees because he's starting to break down and he knows it. 44 mil so WTF does this guy think he's worth ? They should have offered 35 per whish is still more than he's worth IMO . The Ravens will never win a SB with this guy at QB and we can revisit this in the coming years and that includes whatever team they trade him too as well. I promise you is Lamar was putting up elite passing numbers and transitioned his game more to that style of play I would be begging for the Jets to sign him and so would most of the NFL teams. Fact is if he was doing that we would not be having this conversation because the Ravens would have already had a deal done.
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