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  1. Shows you how stupid that list actually is. They go on to say the Jets lost their first 8 games but lost 6 by one possession or less. The officiating during that season was so bad its something I will never forget The team was not bad the coach was a horror show. The core of that team went on to the AFCCG 2 short years later by adding a few FA's Curtis Martin Vinny T. Kevin Mawae also Brian Cox and Jumbo Elliott
  2. Right next to the everclear . Someone forgot to tell them you can't drink that sh*t straight
  3. Its not the amount of drops that's the issue for me its the fact 3 drops led directly to Int's tipped into defenders hands and most of the drops are drive stoppers. You cant continuously drop third down throws. When it comes to who is right and wrong on drops it all depends on how a drop is observed. IMHO if the ball hits both hands in any way the ball should be caught. great receivers catch balls in traffic, ball behind them, and contested balls our WR's do absolutely none of this . I think Davis has 6 arguably 7 drops all depends on what you constitute as a drop.
  4. I agree with this based on Zach's past . He has a ton of talent but he was a slow learner in college and it paid off for him and I think we may be looking at the same scenario in the pro's.
  5. Well we have to keep in mind and can't lose sight of the fact there are a lot of young players on this roster and vets as well learning a new system. Would have been nice if Zach came into a system like Herbert and Mahomes benefited from but he didn't so everyone is learning and that can make things very difficult for a young QB thats not even mentioning he's dealing with a rookie OC Rookie HC and suffered through the loss of Knapp. FWIW this is not an awful roster , this is a young roster learning their way we will have the answer as to whom is awful the second half of the season. W
  6. Well if what's happening here is solely in Zach's head then Zach is the only person who can fix this. He's trying to go 100 mph and to me that means, and this may sound funny, but the game has not yet slowed down for him yet. Not completing screens and 5 yards passes is definitely something in his head and when you watch those plays you can obviously see him rushing himself when he really does not have too. He has good mechanics but on those particular plays his mechanics fly out the window and he's becoming Sam Darnold and we don't want that.
  7. running an offense as an OC and working as a QB coach are 2 very different things. if Knapp had a positive influence on the QB's mentioned by Young (including Himself Manning and Ryan) how exactly can you dispute that ?
  8. Lighting it up or completing passes 5 yards or less / Someone needs to get a hold of this kid and calm him the **** down and there is no other way to look at this. I understand he wants to be a gun slinger but you need to learn to handle a gun before you start shooting up the joint. They should have pushed this kid to start slow and it looks to me the kid is dictating to LaFleur rather than LaFleur dictating to him. Zach needs a dose of some Bill Parcells and I think you would see changes happen pretty quickly that or ride the bench for 5 or 6 games. Remember what happened to Vinny Testaverde'
  9. Gangrene ...Sp ? We play like it might as well use the right spelling
  10. had no idea .... thought he was hurt . weird all the healthy scratches when the players currently in the game are not perfroming
  11. what ? Lets celebrate MC being ranked 37th at something !! So what you are making such a big deal about is a guy ranked outside of the top 32 RB's in the NFL ? With my terrible website no less ?? That's not even in the same realm as the amazing sites you frequent ? Just so ya know they are not "my stats" they are stats posted by pro football reference. Just to put this to bed whether you are looking at advanced stats or regular stats Michael Carter is ranked in the high 30's to mid forties in every single stat so thanks for helping me make my argument. Does this mean that MC
  12. I think Josh Adams was released I was hoping to see him as well because he easily looked the best in preseason and ran very hard IMHO
  13. Oh I must not have realized exactly who I debating with of course everything you post is assuredly better so much better you didn't even bother to post it. Below are the stats I posted earlier in the thread to which you informed me "I don't know where you got your numbers from" which tells me you didn't even bother to read the stats. You frankly suck at this and if you are going to open your mouth and insult people at the very least come prepared so as not to look like a complete fool. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2020/rushing_advanced.htm https://www.pro-footb
  14. If Zach would run the ball more (because he has had some openings to do so) he would be fine in that category probably closer to a Russel Wilson than the other guys but I don't think he's looking to run the ball much and maybe that needs to change to at the very least spark the offense. He does have the speed to run the ball and most QB's who tuck and run it are not touched until they are 10 + yards down field. Its different for Jackson and Allen because those guys have designed runs so they get hit more often and early.
  15. I liked Humphrey as well and we could have moved McGovern to RG and dumped Van Rotten which would have looked much better IMHO ...maybe keep Rotten as a depth player i9n that secnario. I also think if we went this rout we have a ton of picks next year in the first 3 rounds to spend on Skill players and also a good amount of cap space to sign a top WR
  16. Fant and Moses provide a good solid Vet presence they have started to gel pretty good if we can replace Van Rotten we might be getting somewhere
  17. Its funny Matt I was going to say the exact same thing in the sand lot analogy. I'm waiting for a Jets offensive player to take a slant 50 yards or a RB break at the very least a 25 yard run. The easy thing for everyone to do is blame the running game on the OL when they have not been that bad. I have seen backs miss holes and not break tackles like they should be doing. Any big play we have had starts with Zach's arm and him making something out of nothing. This is not the way to bring a young QB into the NFL we need players who can take pressure off him and make plays and its just not happen
  18. I have to say I made a mistake starting the thread saying MC stinks I should have just posted the facts of why I felt this way as to not offend the Green Glasses crowd. As I have said before lets see where this kid is in about 2 years. Based on the way he runs Im going to go out on a limb and say he will be gone and if he's not we did a piss poor job finding a real RB
  19. Gotcha so you are happy with 3.5 yards per carry ?
  20. Read the stats I posted for you and stop trying to make a point that does not exist. 65 to 80 percent of ALL RB YARDS come after first contact its an irrelevant stat when evaluating a RB. But if you must even Carters YAC yards are ranked 48 the in the NFL the numbers you posted were pulled out of thin air and absolute bullsh*t. You had Carter at 95 YAC of 125 yards. when his real numbers are 61 YAC of 167 yards. if you're going to make an argument at the very least you need to get the stat you are pointing too correct.
  21. I want to see Douglas break the trend of sh*tty skill players . Mahomes and Herbert are 2 examples of why you bring a young QB into a talented offense loaded at every position. I'm sure Douglas was looking at the OL first in preparation for Zach and Im also sure he must see Davis is not the answer at WR 1 so lets hope he uses our number one picks next year which should both be good and signs some real talent. I would also love to see him Target a stud WR in FA if one is available or even trade for one if need be.
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