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  1. We will see how that plays out ... best case is Becton goes Brick and does not miss a snap but I'm not sure that's realistic. Honestly I was a little shocked we moved up and gave up 2 - 3's to do it but I'm guessing Douglas knows his sh*t being a lineman himself.
  2. Vera Tucker is not only s damn good guard but he's a versatile player as well that fits exactly what JD has been preaching all along. He wants players that can do multiple things and fill multiple roles and that shows in this years draft with how many hybrid types he drafted. Vera Tucker is also and most importantly an insurance policy at LT due to the fact Becton was missing a lot of snaps and a few games Vera Tucker can easily step in and has the experience to do so. Having that type of player is huge and you can forget the fact just how huge Becton is and how that might effect his body
  3. It was not about what they were ranked it was about how they faired in particular games and particular situations. If you have the number 1 ranked defense but can't make the big stops in big games its not worth a sh*t. The year Peyton/Indy won the SB they made some big stops late in games and also did in the SB
  4. And he had a viable defense when ? The one year he won the SB in Indy his defense finally stepped up and got some stops. Peyton never had a problem putting up points other than the year the New England defense was allowed to mug Receivers making it near Impossible to do anything.
  5. Well yeah Of course Manning was a choke artist he was out there by himself . Right ? Manning's team, most of the time, was simply over matched. Its not all about the QB . While QB is the most important position on the field, they are certainly not the only position on the field.
  6. So people are skeptical about the "JETS" Wilson partnership even though there is an entirely new structure from GM to scouts to coaching staff including 3 very talented coaches working exclusively with Wilson ? Some how because "JETS" things can't possibly be moving in a positive direction ? **** these Idiots and what they have to say, this is a very exciting time for Jets fans and at some point we can laugh in all their faces.
  7. People keep pointing at the Jets history which admittedly is a disaster during some coaching staff's and GM's tenure's including the last 3. But with Joe Douglas now in charge and the Johnsons finally realizing someone like him needs to be in charge things look to be changing for the better. It looks to me like the culture here is changing in a very positive way yet these idiots who report or cover the NFL refuse to acknowledge what's actually going on here. Some do point out how JD has handled the team and how things are changing for the better but the Lazy reports still follow the same
  8. FWIW w have 2 pro bowl caliber Safeties in Maye and Joyner and we have no idea how some of our young CB's will fair in the Zone D. This is going to be a wait and see situation, also keep in mind we drafted 3 Hybrid type players that will be in or at least hopefully contributing on passing downs/3rd and long situations. I have no doubt Saleh and his staff will be coaching these guys up and going full motivation mode so we really have a lot of unknowns as to how all of this will shake out. I think our corners will fair better in this system and have more opportunity to create turnover
  9. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man… and give some back.
  10. Conversions and Special teams with the chance they may stick in situational football great athletes
  11. exactly ! Better not tell anyone in the Mafia forum this is a conversion game
  12. If you have elite speed and good tackling ability which Cox has both why are you concerned with size ? hes only 240
  13. The DL is set, we have some good LB's and if Mosley comes back strong they could be really good. We also have 2 possible pro bowl safties .... The only question is CB and I think Saleh may be able to get more out of them then the last idiots we had coaching the defense especially if the front 4 (which are very good) apply pressure which will shorten the coverage window. If we land Cox this defense at some stage this year will be special. It takes time for the new scheme to take hold and as they learn they will start to play faster and faster. I'm looking for this defense to really start gettin
  14. would love to get carter and cox
  15. I wanted Humphrey or Javonte but Im happy we got a dynamic player in Moore ,,, when was the last time we had one of them ?
  16. Giants D does not suck ranked 12th last season
  17. I'm not Judging Lance in the post just saying I thought he would have been available at 12. The Lance hype came in long after the San Fran trade which makes it even worse to dump 2 1's and a 3. Most things I read had Lance going late in round one with a possible slip to round 2 and if you look at the way it played out he would have easily last to 12 where the Niner's were originally. No doubt there is potential but its mostly based on athletics since the guy has very little playing time and 1 game in the last 2 years. What has he learning the last 2 years doing nothing ? What happens if
  18. Right now the way things stand they should keep Dj at first move Torres to 2nd where he belongs and give Wade some extended time at short to sure up the defense. And for Gods sake please make Higashioka the everyday catcher .
  19. he's there purely for Lawrence and they have 3 more early picks to build OL
  20. I would love Creed Humphrey and Javonte Williams. Humphrey would just be the icing on the cake for a OL that could hopefully be like what we had with Mangold
  21. Cowboys realizing both corners they wanted were off the board trade back 2 spots and grab the best LB in the draft was a really good move
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