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  1. I think the way to help Zach in the first 3 quarters is mix in some hurry up offense so he does not have to think as much . I felt this way with Sanchez but stubborn Rex Ryan would never allow hurry up because he felt it affected his defense. Rex was a one dimensional head coach I'm hoping this staff is different and they let Zach play more instinctively that may be the key
  2. CJ Mosley is a soft player now. He will not take on a RB head on always makes tackle from the side allowing the runner to gain more yards and at times pick up the first down. Seems to me he avoids the high impact tackles that will stop a runner in his tracks to avoid the extra yards gained. He is obviously not the player he once was before we signed him. Hopefully the restructure Douglas worked out can get him out of hear faster and cheaper then we can use a high draft pick to start revamping this LB Corp. I believe that's is the weakness of the entire Defense.
  3. Just like anyone else Rodgers has to get used to his receivers who are a big down grade from last year. Rodgers didn't fall off a cliff in one offseason and just like Brady we have seen this before, you know , how bad they are playing then they end up in the MVP conversation.
  4. Very nice 4th quarter Comeback for Wilson he stood tough finally and got the job done
  5. Zach Wilson really redeemed himself in the 4th quarter ...He stood tough in the pocket and got it done now he just needs to do that for an entire game or to start off a game.
  6. Pickett in his first NFL game has already surpassed Zach Wilson. That last play where he got demolished by Williams and still got the ball off for a near TD is something I have never seen Zach do not even once. Its time for a MW spark
  7. Just to clear something up Mike McCarthy is a terrible HC just plain terrible. The only reason he accomplished anything was because he had the luxury of coaching Aaron Rogers and now a pretty talented Cowboy team. I watched him make some calls in the Cowboys Bengals game that just made no sense at the end and they still won in spite of his stupidity. Last years playoff game where he called a QB draw giving his QB zero room for error should tell you all you need to know.
  8. Should you really have to "TRY" to build culture as if your forcing players ? Culture is something that just happens if you're lucky enough to find the right mix and that right mix is usually in the form of some good players that take on leadership roles keeping the other players focused on the goal of Winning. Culture is all about winning. Even if you have a bunch of great players that are horribly coached it becomes hard to buy into anything. When your scheme is getting shredded, eventually the players are going to sound off just like DJ Reed Did . I have never seen a Jets Defense play as bad as we have witnessed last year and large parts of this year and its not due tp personal ability its due to piss poor coaching and not having players in the right place to succeed. I can tell you now with 100% certainty Robert Saleh will not be the HC of this team for much longer I just hope it happens at the end of this year so we don't have to fire him mid next year.
  9. You know what's going to happen here right ? Saleh will win just enough games and have just enough built in excuses to retain his job . JD is going to have to make a tough decision because even if this guy starts to win some games with talented players alone he will still get outcoached in the playoffs if this team reaches that level in the coming years. It will be like Mike McCarthy Jr. out there.
  10. This is all wonderful but I would rather it read like this ... Its time Zach steps up and takes on the leadership role for this football team. We drafted him because we felt he was the guy to take the NY Jets to the next level its time he proves that on the football field this Sunday and over the course of the season
  11. We hope its an upgrade at QB surely it will be a huge upgrade in mobility but the position calls for getting the ball to your RB's and WR's something Zach needs to improve in. Hopefully he gets the ball where it needs to go accurately or we are just in the same position we were in the first 3 games. This team really needs for Zach to step in and be the guy and to be the leader of this offense.
  12. I don't think Saleh has any idea how to run a football team . I loved his positive message at first but sometimes athletes do not respond in the form of working hard if you keep pumping them up. At some point you need to get in their face and force them to impress you further Parcel's was a master at that. When a coach keeps saying you had a great week of practice and you suck balls on Sunday those same players are going to start to question what's actually being taught and begin to question the scheme they are supposed to buy into. Its hard to buy into something that's simply not working
  13. Not going to further this stupid conversation
  14. calling them over rated is ridiculous they just beat a team many have annointed as the best team in football
  15. Spoot I thought I saw your Avatar move ever so slightly just like real life Joe Flacco
  16. I wonder if Zach has a few bad series if Saleh will pull him for his buddy Joe Flacco
  17. Overrated Dolphin team ?? Seriously I hate the Dolphins more than any other sports franchise but to call them over rated Come on man
  18. I think the Doctors should consider not clearing Saleh for mental illness playing Joe Slo Mo Flacco for 3 games
  19. Having Flacco in their is a HC decision and Flacco is the guy who can not run this offense. LaFleur is doing his job just fine IMO Flacco is not never was and never will be a WCO QB
  20. 2 most important parts of an organization HC and QB they go hand in hand and its very hard for one to win without the other only case one can win without the other is if you have an Elite QB and there are only a handful of them. So when you talk about HC failure it really does come down to the QB so I understand how Zach can get dragged into this particular argument
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