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  1. Thirty-one of the teams earn automatic bids by winning their respective conference tournaments. ... Since 2002, the tournament has used the so-called " pod" system, .... The CBS format results in far fewer hours of first-round coverage than ... The Division I Men's Basketball tournament is the only NCAA championship.
  2. White Sox target Jose Contreras to pitch Sunday, Bartolo Colon on Monday
  3. The Carlos". Rolling Stone also named Santana ... They were not satisfied with the results and realized changes needed to be made. ..... also hit number one, spending ten weeks there in the spring of 2000. ... Other musicians joining the mix this time included Steven Tyler of ...
  4. sea of orange Cuse fans on all sides, and they come in with those obnoxious Beat Cuse signs... Then they actually start taunting our players and the Cuse fans around them!! Seriously, WTF do you think is going to happen? Thats like asking for it.
  5. Z has his own demons, both Jagr and Shanny had production slips with Drury and Gomez, anyone who thinks this kid is not going to have a hard time playing with them is high, he probably won't re-sign here anyway.
  6. With exhibition games starting so early this season, the Yankees will hold Sabathia, Burnett, Wang and Pettitte back until late next week.
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