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    the miami dolphins, porn and robots
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    them losing to the dolphins....i dont remember them winning...i drink myself retarded when they do
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    ha no
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    f no
  1. i guess this was meant for the jet fans talking all the **** all week....we played like **** offensivley......yet we drove down and scored when it mattered most, and our defense played well. and we are 3-0 in the division, you are 1-3........its worth cheering
  2. your defense did what it was supposed to do.....we beat the **** out of you offensivley 3 weeks ago, you got the best of us this time. good job. we still won. our offense has scored 30+ points the last 3 games (not counting today) i am not worried about our offense
  3. and your running backs suck, your qb is terrible, your coach cant manage a game........your WRs are ****. edwards is a joke....and will continue to show it.....thats all you have anyways.....we are still rebuilding, and we still pulled out a W against your all world team.....have fun being 1-3 in the division......and the pats will beat you in game #2
  4. shows how ****ty your offense is......if the only reason we won was special teams. damn your offense is garbage. where was the awesome running game today? haha.....you guys talk so much **** and then cry like fags when you lose. you have 3 loses in your division hahaha.....good luck
  5. lmao you homos you suck. another **** season for the jets. start rooting for someone else.....sanchez is garbage. 3 straight against the jets baby. in b4 iam banned!!!! hahahaha
  6. lmao jet fans......have a good week lmao
  7. why so serious pussies?
  8. so what does it say about the jets? hahaha you fuc-kin fag-gots......all the **** talking.....all the stuff you talked.....you lost both games against us. cant wait to hear the excuses...........where are you homos? mick? thai? listen to your crowd boo!!!! haha you ******* sucks. you are done in the afc east. 1-3 in the east.....hahaha **** you jet fans......we have won 3 straight games against you panzies!!!! hahahahahhahahahaha this will be the best ban ever!!!!!! hahahahahahha
  9. get over it you pansies. "oh no! i want them to wear green! enough of this!" what happened to the crazy f'in jet fans i grew up hating? you guys are soft as the cotton that makes your ***** titan jersey.
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