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  1. SilentRob928

    Nick Mangold Released: MERGED

    Nick mangold released after 11 solid seasons. Good man, good hand. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. SilentRob928


    My favorite Jet gone...I will miss you Leon good luck!
  3. SilentRob928

    Clemens signs tender

    Kellen Clemens signs his tender Posted by Michael David Smith on April 13, 2010 10:14 AM ET As one of the 200-plus players who are restricted -- rather than unrestricted -- free agents in the uncapped 2010 season, Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens knows he has little to no leverage. "The only thing that I can control is whether I sign that tender today or a week from today," Clemens said last week. Clemens chose to wait a few days, but Adam Caplan of Scout.com reports that Clemens has signed his tender. As Caplan points out, the Jets now have an abundance of quarterbacks, and they may add one more in Mark Brunell, who could sign with the Jets but is currently being put on hold while the Jets attempt to lure Jason Taylor. So Clemens is now under contract to the Jets. But he might not be much longer.
  4. SilentRob928

    The Revis Island Shirt JetsShop Is Selling

    I have it. It's cool as ****. It has a small pro bowl logo on it in the background kind of.
  5. SilentRob928


    Just look at his pro bowl highlights and you will see that all he does is make plays when the ball goes his way. Im sure he and the fine coaches would gladly welcome more balls thrown his way. The man is a beast of a shutdown corner and the second best player on this team. (Leon Washington)

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