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  1. Just fire the unqualified Schmuck. He should have never got the job.
  2. That’s a good start now address the Trenches.
  3. RB rich draft class and we sign this Browns cast off great move Mac..how about and CB or offensive line.
  4. To be on the coaching staff right?
  5. Jets fans know this is the only time of the year we are tied for first place, hope is eternal. And then...
  6. The only losers in this pissing match between Rex and idzik is the fans and the players... Who cares who's right or wrong Fire the both of them now...
  7. Why even play Geno if you don't trust him?? This whole organization is a joke. We never learn..season is in toilet and we ground and pound and lose..I know you think we need to lose to get a better draft pick but I don't care what are record is as long as we beat the Dolphins and the Patriots at least once a year.. Tonight was our chance to get one of those wins.. By the way we draft does it really matter????
  8. look at the giants last they were 1-6, they had the same nfc central, afc west schedule. as we do... if somehow he can turn it around like coughlin did he just could still be here.. but rex needs 8 wins or he is toast
  9. If the pats made this move the media would would be saying it was a steal.. Please let's see how it plays out.. Considering our current draft results this has to be better
  10. Our dopey management will probably send Seattle 2 first round picks for him.. A little Too late but at least it's something.. How about a cornerback now
  11. We just aren't good enough now on offense to overcome these mistakes and penalties... Come on Jets
  12. Don't worry Rex will be gone but somehow we will screw up the hire of the next coach.. Just watch
  13. At least the bills cut bait, we won't 1-5 here we come
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