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  1. Thank you!! SMC! I miss you! I get bold AND italics - so exciting!!! Hope you and your family are doing amazingly!
  2. Pac! haha your WWF skills are just too intimidating. I hope you're doing great, though!! It's been a pretty busy year for us - work is going really well, I lost two pregnancies in a row (which sucks!), we moved into a new house, and our daughter's still keeping us on our toes. Four is such a fun age ... lol I know I've been saying that about every age!
  3. Integrity!!! Long time no see! Hope you and your family are well!
  4. AVM! lol I had a dream the other night that you were teaching me computer science. I think it's a sign I'm missing the JN crew! Anyway, I wish I could play, but I have my hands full attempting to do this working-while-parenting thing. I hope you all are doing well!!! Have fun!
  5. I don’t have a reason. Lol.
  6. Yes, another easy victory for me!
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