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  1. Bowles said last night that the Jets will carry 4 rb ' s for what it's worth.
  2. It's funny how Pats fans spend so much time & energy in a Jets forum like we give a damn about their opinions.
  3. This is a Chan Galley pick so I'm fine with it, I guess this is the guy he wanted to develop the next 2 yrs
  4. Jets fans wanted Desean Jackson a couple of years ago now you have him Devin Smith
  5. Its going to be some really good players at 37 after seeing these fist 2 picks
  6. Only way I trade Wilkerson is if we can get a franchise QB in return a Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers type.
  7. i wouldnt be surprised you see what buffalo gave up for sammy watkins when the could of stand pat and drafted odell-beckham
  8. I bet they have Beasley in that 6 spot since Mac love him some edge rushers
  9. My take when I was going through film of him he reminds me of Chad Pennington so I'm probably being biased on the kid he won't be available in the 3rd or 4th round though.
  10. He was at Gruden QB camp & killed it I was very impressed about his knowledge & understanding the game, to me he will be the 3rd QB off the board but when?
  11. CSU quarterback Garrett Grayson moving up NFL draft boards The Sports Show Subscribe337 Add to Share More 305 views 2 1 Published on Apr 9, 2015 The Sports Show AM’s Eric Goodman, Benjamin Hochman and Troy Renck discuss CSU quarterback Garrett Grayson's ascension up mock draft boards, particularly by draft guru Mel Kiper. Watch The Sports Show AM live weekdays 9:00am at dpo.st/sportsshow The kid has a high IQ,he's very accurate with his passes with almost 70% completion ratio,,he rarely turns the ball over,he played in a pro style offense his whole career & most importantly he knows how to read a defense what your guys opinion??
  12. Its been over a week & big Mac haven't signed anybody, what the hell is going on?
  13. So trading down is on his mind, interesting.
  14. Gurley at 6 is interesting, just thinking about how he impacts our offense especially with Geno at QB I would say this I would be kind of upset but when the season start I can see a lot of ppl saying he is a potential rookie of the yr same like Sheldon Richardson
  15. 11-5 if Geno doesn't turn the ball over + I believe we are finally going to get turnovers from our defense something we didn't do last year now draft that edge rusher at 6
  16. it's Tuesday & the jets didn't signed anybody yet Mac is slipping (jusy playing) lol.
  17. i don't think Fitz is starting i bet Geno gets a chance to hang himself besides Gailey offense is similar to what Geno ran in west Virginia with great offensive weapons there are no more excuses.
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