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  1. You got to hand it to him. He got it done. Saleh 4 Life!
  2. The difference between a CEO and an HR Manager is vast. HR is concerned with appearances, policy and process. CEO is concerned with results. Oh no! that person is working outside of their job description? - HR freaks out and tries to stop them. The CEO stops and sees if the person is producing, if so, they change their job description to put them in a position to succeed. Oh no! that top performing person is showing up late and leaving early. - HR sends him a written warning and likely drives the top producer to a competitor. The CEO realizes that producers are sometimes prima
  3. For me its immediately give Saleh a 10 year contract extension. We somehow managed to find a HC worse than the worst HC in history (Adam Gase) but whats definitely not working is the HC merry go round. Find someone and stick to it. Maybe he'll learn, maybe he won't, but the constant switching only serves to ensure decades of futility. This is the official position. Have a nice day. Let me know how youd solve it.
  4. Alright boys lets talk Jets. Annnnd go
  5. there may have been other things....but it was all harmless. Like one time i opened up a threead called OFFICIAL JETS THREAD. about how the jets were awersome. that ended up in like a week long ban
  6. I heard there was a place......where the beer flows like wine.....and something about women and salmon. That place was called JN. I had to come immediately.
  7. I love this site already. You wouldve been banned already for this comment over there.
  8. Agreed. what a bunch of babies. Anyway....what do I need to know. Who are the local trolls? local drama queens (SBIII), local know it alls, local eternal pessimist?
  9. i think it stemmed from me posting the lyrics to that kanye west song bigger faster stronger and said it was the brett ratliff theme song. I thought that would be a good thread. I think sooth disagreed.
  10. Kleck I dont know. Just one day I couldnt log on.....ban reason was not specified ....and there was just a dash where it said date ban would be lifted. I suspect foul play.
  11. JI is a horrible horrible place. Never go there. I dont know BP.
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