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  1. I think that a solid case could be made that Zack Wilson is the worst QB in the league even including all backups and practice squaders.
  2. QB: Clear Bust - people that say he has potential are just hoping he does. I respect the optimism but its not based on anything but hope. Hes shown nothing but disaster after disaster OL: Awful - but honestly somehow not as bad as the QB/defense Skill Players: Non Existent - we have noone. They are all jags. Defense: barely NFL caliber - perhaps the worst part of our team, including QB. Its a close call but i think the defense is somehow worse. The draft will change none of this because our coaches cant coach. Even if they could draft (which they cant) the coaches still cant coach. Free agency could change some of this but even if you address one of these or two of these areas...the most important part, QB, will still suck and our coaches still wont be able to coach. 2022 is a rebuilding year. Rebuild years back to back and theres the bright side - one day theyll be a new regime to find new ways to be bad. I've learned to find joy in the comical nature of the jets. They find new ways to make me laugh just about every game. Hope all is well! -TerrapinJet
  3. that would be funny. But no, hell be gone within 2 years.
  4. could you imagine how much the fanbases brain would break if they rehired rex. LOL
  5. At least Rex is providing some entertainment value to Jets fans. Even after all these years.
  6. this would be an awesome clap back.........if Saleh had a leg to stand on. Instead it sounds pathetic because Rex is 100% right.
  7. Dont worry guys! Saleh's system is designed to get better over time.
  8. Exactly. its such a weird take. ive seen so many people make the case though. Based on nothing.
  9. Gase was the worst HC i had ever seen at the time. Gase is lightyears better than Saleh.
  10. I've seen a ton of people on youtube and here gloating that they were "right". Something like "See, Mike White sucks you idiots. Z Wilson is obviously the guy, that was never in question unless youre an idiot?" I dont get this. Mike White sucks. Granted. But what has Z Wilson done to show hes the "the guy"? If White sucks....Wilson is......well i dont know but he clearly sucks as well. Thoughts?
  11. There is no way we'll be able to sign him. He wont sign with a team that has a new plan at QB every other week. Kid has a good head on his shoulders. He wont sign long term to the circus. Thoughts?
  12. i dont know what this is refrring to but it sounds hilarious
  13. I didnt say he looks better. LOL. He just might be good. Who knows. One thing we do know....Wilson sucks.
  14. What an epic game. All of sudden we're less sure of many things...but theres one thing we do know. Saleh and LaFluer might actually be okay. Joe Douglass....might be good. One thing we know for sure though - Z. Wilson currently sucks. No excuses. He sucks. Maybe one day he'll be good. Maybe he'll figure it out. But right now...he sucks. White needs to be named the 2021 starter from here on out.
  15. Just like any company in the sports entertainment industry - you have to have faces and heels. The Jets are a heel. Just that simple. Maybe one day theyll get to be the hero. But for now they are solidly in the laughingstock position.
  16. Yes and its not even close. He may be the worst HC in NFL history. Not kidding.
  17. You got to hand it to him. He got it done. Saleh 4 Life!
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