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  1. Nope...Doesnt bother me @ all tough guy...I like the red bars, makes me stand out:cheers:
  2. wow BP...Thanks for the negative feedback and Red Bars, I actually like it...Makes me stand out. On a side note, just about everyone has been giving me good feedback but I figured it would take a MOD, such as yourself...To give me negative feedback. lol:cheers:
  3. Nahhhh, but believe me you...Once the Jets draft Percy Harvin...This site will need a huge hug.
  4. Die-Hard FSU fan. Do you remember "Thad Busby"? lol, that was my alltime favorite college QB growing up as a kid for some reason...But them again, I was a kid.
  5. Really? I failed? How? Explain... Dont be upset because "DWC" Is pumped up like never before while enjoying my weekend off on an awsome draft day! Dont get jealous because losers such as yourself can never seem to get me upset. I usually either ignore or just laugh @ ya "Ghost" lol, I love it and you know what? Negatvie people in life will ALWAYS try and bring others down with em, 2 bad that doesnt work with me and you know why? Because I'm happy with my life and live every day to the fullest. On a side note...Damn, I cant take this wait any longer!
  6. No, not at all. Leon Washington can never run routes and make the types of catches that a Percy Harvin can make. And I can bet my bottom dollar that Percy Harvin will never be the type of running back that Leon Washington is, and thats because...Harvin is a WR, not a RB. But as far as being explosive in the open field, yeah...They both can make plays and turn nothing into SOMETHING huge. Having an explosive RB like Leon With an Explosive WR like Harvin Along with an Explosive TE like Keller And guess what? Our Offense has the potential to be "Explsove" and exciting to watch on Sundays for years to come.
  7. Exactly. But thats the thing, he's not a "Converted RB", he's a WR but he's also a player who has the ability to do it all and on the college level, the Gators coaching staff took full advantage of Percy Harvin's ability and talent and thats the only reason why he was lined up as a running back and thats because the Gators wanted the ball in the hands of an Explosive athlete, at all times. I also see the next coming of Steve Smith in this kid, and this is coming from an FSU fan who couldnt stand the kid while he played as a Gator. I laughed when I seen someone compare him and actually call him the next "Sideline Santana" Since when has anyone seen Harvin run out of bounds just to avoid contact? Really never. I sometimes feel that this kid is a little to wreckless but I love his heart and thats something I respect.
  8. If we dont trade up to draft Sanchez, how could we though? He could be gone at pick #2 once the Rams select, well then you know what? Pass on Bulger Pass on Quinn Give Kellen Clemens a fair chance here in 2009 with a tough Rex Ryan 3-4 Defense. An O-Line with Ferguson (4th year starter), Faneca (Future HOF), Mangold (4th Year starter), Moore and Woody (Veteran RT) Because in 2007 he had no chance in hell with Vilma and Robertson in a 3-4 Defense with Will "Freaking" Montgomery as the starting "LG" with Anthony "Freaking" Clement as our starting "RT". Lets not forget that Ferguson and Mangold were both ONLY 2nd year players who were fresh off of rookie seasons and I remember Mangold missing a game or two there in 2007. I'm all for the Jets making a run @ Mark Sanchez, he can be special, but...How about we Give Kellen a chance here in 2009 with a stout Defense, Solid Rushing Attack with a top 5 O-Line before we go and trade for QB's such as Bulger or Quinn? Now, if Kellen cant get it done here in 2009, Well then... it's time to REALLY draft a QB witht he 1st pick next year. Bradford anyone?
  9. It's really funny that people (Who know nothing about the Gators or Percy Harvin) Consider the kid as a "Gimmick" Type of player just because he did what the coaching staff asked of him to do in a Spread Offense. I believe that he's the only player in NCAA history with over 1500 yards rushing as well as 1500 yards recieving... There has been many of players that has played the same type of role as Percy Harvin for their spread offense but the fact of the matter is this...NoOne has ever done it as great as Percy Harvin. He's one of the BEST players that has ever played for FLorida and believe me...This kid will be special in a real NFL style of an offense with a REAL QB throwing the ball.
  10. Wow...I Finially found a Gators fan on this site now I have a question for you bro... (Coming from an FSU fan) How freaking excited and pumped up would you be if the Jets were to land Percy Harvin here in the 1st round?!?
  11. Umm....Wes Welker? Are you kidding me guy? I can tell you know nothing about this kid and havnt watched the Gators more than 5 times over the past two years. Wes Welker? Try Steve Smith guy.
  12. The Patriots would be amazing with Tom Brady throwing to #1-Randy Moss, #2-Wes Welker with Percy Harvin in the slot... Explosive! Something tells me Harvin will be a Jet though.
  13. Right here bro...Right here! And I'm calling it! The Jets will select Percy Harvin with the 17th overall pick!
  14. I'll post all day everyday BRUH. The Jets are about to Land Percy Harvin and I cant wait.
  15. I agree. And if the draft isn't getting showed live...Then what time is the LIVE draft? And how far behind is the draft over the TV compared to the Live draft?
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