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    Beating Pats in playoffs jan '11
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    Missed fg in Pitt, 2004
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  1. 345am....can't wait for today's game. Of course my 6 yr old's soccer game STARTS at 1pm
  2. Searay 270 bow rider, 2006. They're awesome day boats & will run forever
  3. Ha! We'll have to wait til next spring training...there's no playoffs for either baseball team & no political talk here- GO JETS
  4. Happy to be here...the SCOUT site is for sh*t...
  5. Decker is a class act- & he's going to have a monster year....
  6. thots?? I don't like this game at all (to bet)..but gun to my head, Jets & the 1.5 is the right play.
  7. Corey, you sticking with JetNation now? i could be with you...JetsInsider has alot of lameAsses

  8. Anyone here familiar with All-American Burger in Massapequa, Long Island? It's truly an American classic... http://allamericanhamburger.us/
  9. Oops...it's called self "deprecating" humor. The only thing "depreciating" is your ego
  10. +1 u are spot on there bra...
  11. Sheffield still has a quick bat...he's def much more comfortable at the plate. Santana has been, well....Santana so far 2day.
  12. No Mets fans in this forum....ever? They're the hottest team in baseball!
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