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  1. The Adams one was egregious and the Cashman one was questionable. The huge issue is that the refs were impacted by the time and score, which isn’t their job.
  2. Spoken like a man who’s never had to opportunity to watch @Gastineau Lives and @Pac melt down over their trash rosters losing for them while your team goes on to win $400.
  3. A three means a lot to us because we suck. A three for a plus DT is nothing for a team like the Chiefs, who should be terrified of getting bounced from the playoffs by, like, Marlon Mack or Leonard Fournette.
  4. Teams don’t talk up players to convince other coaches—they talk up the player so those coaches can make the deal and not get murdered by their fan base.
  5. If you’re planning on making a run and you’re thirsty for a guy who can be a plus vs the run and you’ve struggled like the Chiefs have, they’d be trading a 3 for the rights to get to the AFCCG. I think they’d make that deal, especially with Chris Jones hurt.
  6. That would be sweet, honestly. Trim some fat next week and get a pick or two
  7. You simply do not pay a guy $14 mil for what Leonard is giving you, and you especially don’t get locked into a multi-year deal for a guy who’s presumably trying his hardest and still hasn’t done sh*t. Let Leonard go be someone’s swing DL for a righteous third and be done with it
  8. Several contenders need DL help—particularly the Chiefs and Cowboys. The fact that both Greggggg and Gase are offering up similar accolades is proof enough that Leonard is eminently on the block.

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