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  1. This was punchier last year when it was Matt Rhule who we supposedly missed out on
  2. I’ve been having premonitions that Woody ends up bringing Rex back with, like, Mike Martz as his OC.
  3. “My favorite hip hop artist? Drake. No question.”
  4. Isn’t this just Flacco giving a big “FU” to the Eagles and Jets for jerking him around? What was the alternative? Flacco gets two days of actual practice and then gets pummeled by the Bengals? Eff that. I’d take my sweet ass time reporting, too.
  5. I just looked it up. Becton was projected to be back last week, but Saleh says that Becton is “a few weeks away.”
  6. Wasn’t Becton due back this week?
  7. Bengals win 49-3, Woody Johnson fired Saleh on the spot, Rex Ryan is installed as head coach by Tuesday.
  8. He’s referring to FAN callers. Cannizzarro is a columnist and hasn’t come close to an actual Jets fan since 1996.
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