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  1. Earth to Tom Shane!  Earth to Tom Shane!  Come in Tom!


  2. Hope everything is ok with you. Miss you on the board. 


  3. All good points. I was just responding to the idea that he’s a career malcontent who hurts his team. If I was him, I’d be using his last real leverage in the league to squeeze another year or two at top dollar out of some team, too. The Steelers offer of 2/$30mm ends when he’s 28 and nobody is giving a 28 year old back a new deal for anywhere near what Bell can command now
  4. The Steelers are 53-27 since Bell was drafted. I’d love for him to wreck my team like that.
  5. This is pretty disgraceful by these linemen, especially a piece of replacement-level garbage like Ramon Foster. FFS, running backs last five years in the league and get one huge contract if they’re great. A scrub-ass no-account bitch like Foster can hang around for twelve years. If they’re mad, they should express their anger at their legacy money billionaire owners who’ve run the league since the 30’s and have suppressed player salaries for decades.
  6. I think when you’re evaluating the logic of using resources from this point on, the question needs to be, “Does this help Darnold?” If the answer is “yes,” then you pursue it. You determine the cost by answering the question, “will this move still be helping Darnold in three years?” If the answer is “yes,” you pay it. I’d try not to use picks, but if they wanted Leonard or Adams, etc in return for Bell, I’d make that move in a second.
  7. T0mShane

    Ira from Staten Island

    Appreciate the finesse in trying to drum up outrage over Ira in Staten Island.
  8. The better question is this: is there any Jets player other than Darnold whom you wouldn’t give the Steelers for Leveon Bell right now?
  9. T0mShane

    Dickweed Brady

    Hot take: Tom Brady comes in second place, after Goodell, in a list of actual reasons for NFL ratings decline. He’s just entirely unlikeable yet ever-present. Not unlike Jeter in that respect
  10. Yesterday: “Sure Jamal Adams struggled in coverage, but he’s the best run stopping safety in the league!” Today: “We drafted Jamal Adams to counter all these spread offenses.”
  11. You can’t criticize Jamal Adams because he’s not really a defensive back and you can’t criticize Darron Lee because he’s not really an inside linebacker and you can’t criticize Leonard Williams because he’s not really a pass rusher and you can’t criticize Bowles because he doesn’t pick the players and you can’t criticize Maccagnan because he picked the Best Available Players.
  12. Yes, the rookie quarterback who averaged three TD passes per game over six starts and finished with the 103 QBR will probably end up sucking but the invisible rookie strong safety who runs a 4.6/40 and hasn’t made a play on a football since his sophomore year of college will probably develop into an All-Pro.
  13. This will be a classic thread to bump when Adams holds out in two years.
  14. My bad. I was looking at 2016. Few things in life worse than ESPN’s mobile site.
  15. I was going to forcefully rebut this slander, but then I saw you suggested I roll with a “pack” of like-minded friends, which was nice, if incorrect.

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