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  1. Yeah, I would guess they’d need to prepare for the eventuality that Hall isn’t 100% until well into the season, even though Ty Johnson (imo) is a pretty sufficient backup option.
  2. He’s a 2nd/3rd round prospect. Supposed to be highly thought of.
  3. Zach Wilson was ungodly bad, but he was even worse than that when throwing to his left.
  4. What if Breece Hall accidentally used an out-of-network back-alley orthopedic surgeon and it puts the Jets $80 million over the cap in 2024?
  5. Mike Sando (the Athletic) also reported that Rodgers’ Jets contract is supposed to be very Jets-friendly.
  6. He’s currently the fourth receiving option on the only team in football who’s going to run it more than the Titans. Best of luck to him.
  7. Rodgers had an open invite to Rao’s—->Shrager goes to Rao’s with Saleh——>????????
  8. Yeah, it seems to be part of an adjacent move. Hard to judge right now until you see what the intent was
  9. I just want to make it clear that I am not pro-OBJ signing. I have dubious tastes, but they do not extend to OBJ
  10. They’re going to stick Corey Davis into the Rodgers deal, which probably means OBJ is a Jet before long. Wonder if they get in on Hopkins.
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