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  1. Breitbart running “The NFL is Dyyying” articles right before Bob Kraft gets a lifetime ban and a Baltimore team led by a black QB wins the Super Bowl is peak RW goodness.
  2. Excellent. Also glad to know you’ll bam anyone who disagrees with us on this obviously correct opinion
  3. Since the premise of this thread went absolutely sideways, can we use it to point out that Tre’Davious White, with 10 INTs and 41 PDs, has been, by far, the best LSU defensive back taken in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft?
  4. 14/27 107 yards 2 INTs combined. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades
  5. QBs tonight are a combined 13/25 for 100 yards and a pick. Gase is a genious
  6. Jimmy Johnson once cut a veteran starter for falling asleep in a meeting and made a big show of it for the media. It’s always amusing watching these guys who bang their chests about “personal responsibility” immediately turn tail when it’s one of their own little clique who get busted ******* around. Pure trash, all of them.
  7. In other words, don’t draft safeties with premium picks and don’t extend them to high-dollar contracts.
  8. The cliche of needing a “versatile safety” to counter “today’s offenses” has been used forever and it’s always bullsh*t. What you need is a third CB that can tackle, not a small linebacker that can sometimes cover a backup TE, which is what Adams is.
  9. The condemnation of this particular act seems to be fairly universal. Particularly with the Pats having a down year and entering into a (for them) rebuild phase, you could see Goodell negotiating a pretty significant penalty for Kraft, with Kraft, in the interest of protecting the shield and/or gambling revenues. If Belichick was ever thinking about moving on, now would be the perfect time for that team to transition over to a Josh McDaniels while Belichick slides into the Giants job, or an analyst gig for a year. There’s a general consensus that he’s been great on the NFL100 show, so maybe a year on a pregame desk would do a lot for his image.
  10. Even ultimate Pats apologist Tedy Bruschi was wagging the finger today on the pregame show. Sounds like all the guardrails are off for the Pats at this point, and Goodell is going to be forced to act.

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