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  1. Two objectively awful players
  2. Imagine thinking that Russell Wilson being better than Sam Darnold+Quinnen Williams is “negativity.”
  3. There are really six of you banana-boys who would NOT trade Darnold and the #3 for a 30 year old Lock Hall of Fame QB? Is this what I’m to understand?
  4. Buzz the nurse, Joe. Your gif’s aren’t embedding
  5. I’d do well in Seattle, with my chill west coast vibe and lumberjack masculinity.
  6. Jets fans: I’d only agree to trade for Russell Wilson if we could keep Sam as his backup.
  7. Thank you. GMing is in my skills tree
  8. You’d have to pay them to take Lee
  9. If Wilson is even remotely available, the sh*t-ass Jets should offer Darnold and the #3 immediately.
  10. Like, vividly. Someone says the Jets fans “suck” or “hurt the team,” I see Brod’s face in my mind like a waking nightmare
  11. I’m just gonna say it. When people blame “the fans” for holding the Jets back, they’re referring to “fans” like you two.
  12. Can we give Darron Lee to the Bengals now

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