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  1. “FrancesaTheFoe”

    That’s ok because by the time the Jets win the Super Bowl the Yellowstone caldera will have erupted, emitting a giant cloud of ash that will block out the sun, eradicating all plant life which will disrupt photosynthesis and deprive the earth of oxygen, thus ending the existence of “air” itself anyway.
  2. What are you trying to say, pal?
  3. Word. The Sanchez pick is awful in retrospect, but at the time he was the clear #2 option after Stafford.
  4. Can I get a title change to “content creator” and can me and batesman host a podcast called “Things that are real” where we have people call in and we passive aggressively mock them for doing so? In all seriousness, I didn’t mean to disrespect the author of the piece. Just looking to get the conversation going.
  5. Lots of cap room to build through free agency.
  6. You really have to weigh the value of losing out on a top QB prospect vs the value of Josh McCown teaching Jamal Adams how to win football games.
  7. I’d like to rank these in order from “most defensible” to “least defensible.” 13. Dee Milliner: Freak, freak athlete at a premium position who had consistent, unqualified success at the highest levels of college football. Downfall: injuries 12.Vernon Gholston: Like Milliner, was a freak at a premium position who dominated st the highest levels of college football. Also, that first round was a trash bin anyway. Downfall: pussy 11. Jace Amaro: Had prototypical size, requisite athleticism, and ungodly production in college. Downfall: pussy 10.Geno Smith: At one time was the projected first overall pick. Good size, great arm, unreal collegiate production. Downfall: mush 9. Rex Ryan: Long history of succcess as a defensive coach, even though everyone who was the DC in Baltimore during that span looked like a genius. Downfall: Undisciplined narcissism 8. Kyle Wilson: Good measurables, from a program that was producing good NFL players, at the bottom of the first round. Downfall: awful instincts 7. Mark Sanchez: Low-cost trade-up for a good-looking, face of the franchise-type QB with some talent. Downfall: tweens 6. Dewayne Robertson: Freaky athlete at a position that was highly sought after at the time. Was supposed to be the Warren Sapp for Herm’s Tampa Two. Downfall: Never really produced in college, either. 5. Devin Smith: Drafted exclusively based on his 40 time, which wasn’t even that great. Had no other skills, and didn’t like football anyway. Downside: All around awful pick 4. Vlad Ducasse: just so bad from start to finish, and is currently getting Buffalo QBs murdered. What makes it worse what that Victor Cruz was on this same college team. Downfall: awful pick 3. Calvin Pryor: A hard hitting safety with poor instincts who doesn’t run sub 4.5’s and struggles against the pass is just a bad pick in the first round cough. Downfall: inflated self-opinion cough 2. John Idzik: was the bookkeeper for the Tony Dungy Bucs and the Pete Carroll Seahawks, so had a decent pedigree, but was never in a position to make personnel decisions until he was hired here. Qualifier: no one wanted the job because of Rex and Woody. Downfall: Rex, Woody, the 2014 draft. 1. Christian Hackenberg: an egregious pick on a bad player who can’t throw a football in a straight line, serves as a harbinger of awful decisions to come from Mike Maccagnan. Downfall: wretched.
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    You know what would also be an extremely defensible and productive move? If the Jets started Hackenberg next Sunday and he threw five interceptions.
  9. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    ^solid, if not spectacular, ball.
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Yes those fool bills should of sign Fitzpatrick so all they’re problems would be solved
  11. Just had the disgusting thought that the relatively successful coach most likely to hate his job is Jason Garrett, which made me throw up in my mouth
  12. FWIW, former personnel guy Greg Gabriel tweeted that a very successful current HC is looking to “move on” from his current team, which IMO,is either Sean Payton or John Harbaugh. How hard would you throw Bowles over the railing for John Harbaugh?
  13. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    Competent ownership>good QB>>>good HC>>>good GM