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  1. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    That whole bunch all fled to digital at the same time—Cimini, Battista, McManus, etc. They saw the writing on the wall. There’s no evidence that the new group of kids has any access at all and instead spend their days playing XBOX while waiting for Ian Rapoport to tweet anything Jets-related, then sending their own tweet saying “Can confirm Ian Rapoport...” How the **** are you in that building all season and you can’t beat Ian Rapoport to a single story? These kids can’t make friends with one dude in the Jets accounting department who can throw them a bone every now and then?
  2. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    It’s wasn’t too long ago that the Pats beat writers would take turns dunking on Kraft and Belichick—Ron Borges, in particular. Then they started winning Super Bowls and all those beat guys were professionally euthanized. The people covering the Jets, outside of Cimini, are entry-level dudes pulling in $40k per. If the Jets ever got good, actual professional beat writers would actually want the Jets beat and the current crop of kids would be re-assigned to covering supermarket grand openings in Teaneck.
  3. we need 53 overdrafted and oddly uninspiring players who are unfraid to walk up to former MVPs and pout after giving up incredibly easy TDs to them.
  4. I haven’t visited this thread in a while, but I didn’t realize how hard the Jets and the media tried to turn Adams v Cam Newton into a thing. Embarrassing.
  5. Bryce Petty support group thread

    It’d be pretty amusing if Morton, sensing the opportunity to undercut Bowles, runs Petty out there with four wides all day, has him throw fifty times like he’s back at Baylor, and the Jets score 40 points.
  6. Bryce Petty support group thread

    1. I don’t have a “side” or a “team” or an “ilk.” I consider myself to be a charismatic, intellectual rogue shark and objective, if cynical, analyst of all things. 2. I disliked Mariota forever and am greatly pleased by his flatlining as the Hawaiian Matt Ryan. It brings my Rare Wrongness tally to 1. Liking Matt Leinart; 2. Disliking Deshaun Watson; 3. Slandering the Mets two years ago. That’s it
  7. Bryce Petty support group thread

    Must be a weird spot for those few remaining dudes who think this administration is capable and the team is in the right track: you have to affirmatively state that Bryce Petty sucks in order to defend Bowles even as it serves to prove that Maccagnan sucks.
  8. I just cut off my hand at the wrist but think of all the money I’ll save on gloves
  9. This reminds me of that time the Bears dumped Brandon Marshall on us for a measly fifth round pick and Maccagnan restructured his contract to give him more money just because.
  10. What? It clears the path for a scrappy, gritty UDFA-quality marginal player to lead the team to four wins next year.
  11. Merry Christmas, my dudes. Quickly, unwrap another in a long line of former star football players who quit on the head coach that the part-time owner is about to extend into the early 2020’s. And what’s that in your stocking, kids? That’s right. It’s an extension for the guy who keeps giving these high-priced soon-to-be malcontents tens of millions of dollars. Ho. Ho. Motherf%#^ing Ho.
  12. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    Instead what I did was piss directly into my Keurig reservoir, hit the “Start” button, then arranged my head in such a way that the piping hot urine flowed directly into my ear canal.
  13. You’ve really gotta work hard to miss this badly this often.