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  1. These are the same people that think it was ok to pass on Mahomes to draft Jamal Adams.
  2. I wonder if Saleh would have the balls to, at least, make Becton run with the second team in camp, like he did with Mims.
  3. I’m asking seriously: were players unhappy last year about Saleh’s practices? I honestly don’t recall. I know @Larz suggested that was the case, but he failed to find the #receipts
  4. I wasn’t complaining. I just think it’d be an interesting question for Sauce and Garrett Wilson to compare their early Jets practices to practices led by Ryan Day and Luke Fickell
  5. I want someone to ask Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall, and Sauce Gardner—considering the hardcore programs they each came from—if they had any idea that their practices in the NFL were going to be this relatively soft and cushy.
  6. The more you Zachistans disparage Mike White, the more you elevate his legacy.
  7. The only reason he likes Rex is because Rex is the only coach who still picks up the phone when Westhoff calls.
  8. So mean of all the Jets receivers to unanimously refuse to run after the catch when Zach was playing.
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