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  1. Yes, I have a picture of Gase walking out of Maccagnan’s office with blood all over his shirt and an axe in his hand.
  2. Alright, so you can only deal with the options they had on hand at the time. Rhule backed out, McCarthy was lobbying for the job, Gase gets hired. What did you think the Jets record should have been last year before the start of the season? As for the Gregg Williams thing, he’s 22-34 as a head coach in the league and he didn’t even get an interview this offseason. He did a good job as the DC here and he seems to like the autonomy that Gase has given him. If that autonomy leads to team success, Gase deserves credit for that, too.
  3. It’s your belief that Chris Johnson, on his own, decided to fire Mike Maccagnan in May, after the draft, and then hire Gase’s personal friend Joe Douglas all independent of Adam Gase?
  4. Also, as to this, it’s important because the narrative around Gase is that he’s a robotic taskmaster that nobody likes and whom players detest. At 1-7, the team should have folded but instead they rallied and fought their way to 6-2, which dispels the idea that Gase is some pariah in the locker room. Bell seems to love him, Robbie liked him, Darnold, Tannehill and Manning speak glowingly of Gase. Gregg Williams—who has the most to gain from Gase failing—seems to like working for him. The Miami beat writers all say he was well-respected and personable during his time there. The only guy who seems to have disliked Gase was Stephen Ross, who is a meddling a$$hole, and Manish, who is a professional troll. 6-2 is significant because it showed that the players and coaches wanted to play for him, even when they had a million opportunities to get him run out of town.
  5. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Gase is the long-term answer, but I think that the job required someone smart and ruthless who was also unconcerned with public perception. Gase, in 18 months, has single-handedly dragged this Jets team from being a clownish bottom-feeder to the point where they appear to be doing smart, sustainable and coherent things with the roster, and with building the front office. Gase did all that. The alternative was Mccarthy, which meant Maccagnan would still be here. I don’t think any pluses with McCarthy would have been worth the minuses of keeping Maccagnan under any circumstance. So, to answer your question, if you told us 18 months ago that the Jets would be where they are now, with who they have in the front office and who they added to the roster, and with a healthy cap situation moving forward, I would have signed up for that in a second. So, while I have misgivings about Gase’s long-term prospects here, I think it’s clear that he was the right man at the right time.
  6. Crazy because I heard half the league was desperate to trade for him.
  7. Jamal watching all that sweet, sweet Trumaine money go to Logan Ryan this week:
  8. Idea: once camp starts, let’s have Adams go one on one in a pass rush drill against Becton, except have the QB be Douglas and the football be Jamal’s $90 million dollar extension. If Jamal can get around Mekhi, he gets paid. If Mekhi crushes Jamal like a juice box, Jamal gets IR’d.
  9. We are merely waiting to pounce once Rosen takes his rightful place among the greats
  10. If only we could get Jamal to that Quintin Mikell level.

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