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  1. Hope all is well my friend.

    Miss you on the board. 



  2. To the trick hos who slurped Adams non-stop while he was here and are now trying to erase that humiliating history, we see you. cc: @Jetsfan80
  3. The Bo Burnham “Inside” special on Netflix is amazing. If you’re a comic genius who burned out really hard, it really speaks to you.
  4. Never been more convinced that you and @JiFapono are high-end coke dealers and that’s how you two herbs landed chicks like that
  5. Keep their loser vibes away from my team thx
  6. They should bring Mullens in and give him a chance to win the starting job. Anointing Wilson at this point is idiocy.
  7. Original thoughts abound
  8. I’ve heard from many astute analysts on this site that signing a backup QB is unnecessary if not foolish.
  9. All gas, no brakes, pal.
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