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  1. Because I am the only REAL JETS FAN on this board, I will revel in the stellar, Championship-level play of James Morgan.
  2. In fairness, he’s a University of Florida player and everyone from UF is a garbage thug. cc: @JiFapono
  3. All I heard during the pre-draft process was that we had to ignore Wilson’s 2019 tape because he was “injured,” but now all I hear is that Wilson was never injured.
  4. I’m very ready for the Jets to make poor decisions. I’ve been training for it my whole life.
  5. It’s me, the guy that thinks it’s foolish not to have another viable QB option on the roster if Wilson—he of the multiple surgeries; the kid who almost lost his starting role in 2020 because of poor, injury-induced play; the sheltered suburban yokel from pastoral Utah—isn’t ready to go. It’s a silly decision to place the weight of the franchise on his back immediately when you could—at least performatively—buy the kid a few months to figure out the jug-handles on New Jersey interstates while learning an NFL offense. But then again, I’m also intrigued by the idea of a James Morgan-led Jets team
  6. Sanchez showed some ability in his first two years, but the third year Rex brought together the psychotic thug squad of Plaxico Burress, Derrick Mason, and Santonio Holmes, who brutalized Sanchez on the daily. Rex ******* sucked.
  7. The same people who are aghast at the idea of signing a veteran backup to Wilson also killed Gase for *only* having Luke Falk on the roster backing up Darnold.
  8. The aversion to signing a qualified backup to Wilson is rooted in a deep fear that Wilson won’t be great right away and all those Jets fans who threw themselves in the path of every Wilson criticism during the draft process will feel betrayed if Saleh doesn’t start him on Day One
  9. Sam Darnold was a classy, nice, polite, and tough young kid who was thrown into an absolute no-win situation with this loser-ass, garbage franchise and you soulless ghouls are now praying he fails in Carolina to justify your weird little martyr complexes. Get over yourselves, freaks.
  10. I’ve always presumed a large benefit of the veteran mentor QB is to help the rookie adjust to life off the field—handling agents, corporate functions, groupies, how to buy clothes, condos, and cars without getting ripped off, etc.
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