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  1. What a great play it was. I can’t believe no one was talking about it until me
  2. Is anyone else like heartbroken that Sam is confirmed to be just...bad? Like, even with all the excuses and the talent, etc, Sam is just a weak-minded mush that we wasted three years and a bunch of high picks on? Yesterday was the first time I watched him play and realized that he’s simply hopeless because his problems are internal and there’s no coming back from a lot of that.
  3. UH this is already being discussed in the BUDDA BAKER THREAD. Delete this @mods
  4. Where is the “Blake Bortles” option?
  5. He sucked today. I’ve been holding out hope for him, but he curled up into a ball after that pick right before the half. What a mush.
  6. Was missing all these “Zac Taylor is the future” posts last year when the Bengals were going 2-14 last year.
  7. Darnold doesn’t suck. He’s mentally weak. There’s a difference

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