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  1. On the other hand, the Fleming books were pulp novel trash and all of the movies sucked but we remember them as being good because a Lotus turned into a submarine on screen and we all got our first erection.
  2. @Raideraholic I cannot go to sleep until you tell me who worked harder: Jerry Rice or Darrius Heyward Bey
  3. The stadium is literally built upon an irradiated drainage swamp. They couldn’t produce grass on that property if you coated it with 1,000 tons of topsoil
  4. Thank you. I neg-repped myself
  5. Indeed, turning entire swaths of the Meadowlands parking lot into a urine-soaked Hooverville is part of that world-renowned Jersey Jets Fan experience
  6. Have I repeated that phrase? Where? I love it but don’t want to sound repetitive
  7. You can launch all of those guys into the sun and it wouldn’t make a difference as to the future of the Jets franchise. China, Nickerson, and Polite are all headcases who most likely won’t be here long. It’d be nice if Derrick Jones showed a little something, though.
  8. That’s true, Joe. As an aside, I hope they have the air conditioning turned up for you folks and they don’t catch you suckling on the freon valve like last year.
  9. I think the Jets are being undervalued this year, personally, but it’s hard to see how they deal with any adequate opposing passing games with the secondary we have now. Best case scenario is Darnold is a freak and we have a bunch of 47-42 final scores, for better or worse.
  10. Go look up what ODB did to Trumaine Johnson and Gregg Williams the last time they met, and that was when Trumaine gave a sh*t about football. It’s gonna be a #bloodbath
  11. Browns 56 Jets 17 Odell nabs 15 for 245 and three scores; plays the second half without even buckling his helmet.

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