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  1. Because Deshaun has a burning desire to play one more year with JJ Watt?
  2. Finally someone has the guts to say it
  3. The NFL personnel community is a prideful bunch and a lot of them thought Sam Darnold was the best QB prospect in the country three years ago. Obviously, there’s a lot of tape on him that suggests he sucks, but I’d imagine that’ll be tempered by the acknowledgment of Jets disfunction and Maccagnan being the worst GM in the history of sport. If I was a coach, I’d rather take a flyer on Darnold than I would on a guy like Trask, etc.
  4. It has to be a real consideration for teams as to whether or not they see Sam Darnold as a better prospect than Wilson, Fields, Lance, etc. He doesn’t turn 24 until June, and he has a lot of starting experience in a brutal situation. I can see teams like the Niners and Panthers wanting to kick the tires instead of risking a one on an absolute unknown. Not the Jets, mind you, because I think the die is cast here. But, in a new environment.
  5. Sir Deshaun Watson has won titles in both high school and college and was the top rated passer in football last year on a team of dregs. Can you explain what you mean by “underachieving” thx
  6. their calculation could be that Darnold is a better prospect than Mac Jones, who is the only QB left on the board at 19.
  7. Friends, I have lain eyes upon the greatest ever tweet.
  8. Wow. Kiper drops the hammer on Casper the Friendly Mahomes:
  9. It seems like they want to get this done quick, though. Two weeks ago, McClain was saying there was no chance Watson is leaving, and now he’s saying it’s either Miami or the Jets. The other Texans beat reporter is saying similar stuff; that a Watson trade is inevitable. Maybe Easterby is tired of getting dunked on by the rest of the universe.
  10. Didn’t Urban Meyer coach Smith at Utah? Seems a natural fit down there, mentoring Lawrence.
  11. I cannot see Urban trading for Watson and letting Watson soak up all the credit for any Jaguars success that may occur moving forward. If the Jags do well, Urban is going to need the story to be about him, not any player they bought.
  12. I feel like this is the bulk of why the Jets are in pole position, because any trade involving Miami and Houston would require both teams to eat some sh*t to make it work, and it really comes down to whether Houston wants Tua or Zack Wilson, and I can’t see how they sell Tua to the Houston fanbase after he’s been exposed so badly and so quickly in the league. Honestly, I don’t see how either Tua or Darnold make sense as trade chips for Houston if saving face is a consideration.
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