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  1. Josh Rosen Interviewed By Rich Eisen

    Pine needles are like leaves that come off of pine trees.
  2. Josh Rosen Interviewed By Rich Eisen

    I think it’ll come down to Todd liking the nicer kid better, but who knows? Bates is still picking pine needles out of his ass crack. I wouldn’t let him pick the wallpaper on his office computer. Ehhhhh. If they take Allen, I don’t think he plays until 2019 and even then it’ll be for a new coach.
  3. Josh Rosen Interviewed By Rich Eisen

    Were I a betting man, I think they take Allen.
  4. Josh Rosen Interviewed By Rich Eisen

    My takeaway, too. He sounds like he believes he’s going to be a Giant.
  5. Dilfer on Rosen

    My sourcing is rock solid
  6. Dilfer on Rosen

    Yes thank you joe but also keep in mind that those Giants teams also fielded quarterbacks.
  7. Dilfer on Rosen

    Yes, I didn’t fully grasp your point until I saw the attached picture of Lawrence Taylor and then I was able to piece it all together.
  8. Dilfer on Rosen

    I think if it was left up to Shurmur, Shula, Mara, and Tisch, then it’d be Rosen. I think if it’s left up to Gettleman, it’s anyone else. We just have no idea what the dynamics are in the building. Jerry Reese was allowed to draft whoever he wanted, with no interference. Does Gettleman have that same leeway?
  9. Dilfer on Rosen

    I don’t remember ever hearing about them bring Tisch out to meet with guys. Tisch is the drunk uncle of that ownership pairing.
  10. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    That’s really, really good.
  11. 10000000% agreed. He’s the perfect MaccBowles draft pick in that Macc puts a player in escrow that Bowles has an excuse not to play.
  12. Would almost guarantee this poster has been in love with three guys at the same time. Gave them private workouts, to boot.