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  1. This is such a bad look. You just lost one of the presumed leaders of your team to a voluntary opt-out and the next day you cut one of your actual leaders who played through an abdominal tear to save a few bucks? Gross. I hope they re-sign him ASAP to a vet minimum deal.
  2. 1. Have the rosters of 15 other teams euthanized
  3. Random thought i had but sandra bullock os terrible in the sack
  4. You dupe. They’re dumping liabilities for when the season is canceled
  5. The whole season comes down to whether or not Darnold and Gase and Perriman put up 28 ppg or 21 ppg. Everything else is dumbsh*t. Welcome ro my TED talk.
  6. Wilson would be the A-1 choice and also Pete would sign Kaepernick to replace him so double-word score.
  7. This is disqualifying for any business, tbh
  8. He opted out of the Ravens game and it was our best game of the year.

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