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  1. This is definitely true. I have tried to destroy this site on many occasions and Phil has gotten furious with me every single time.
  2. Douglas will probably draft Trevor Lawrence and keep putting drops of mercury in his gatorade to make him progressively sicker so people will feel bad for Douglas.
  3. I’m not asking this to antagonize you, but do you have any pics of Trevor Lawrence wearing a slim-fit waffle-knit three-button henley where he has all three buttons coquettishly undone, and with maybe a sultry look in his dreamy bedroom eyes and with his flowing locks rakishly unkempt like he just woke up on a sailboat or maybe in an Indian Summer hammock?
  4. 7 catches, 46 yards, 6.6 avg yesterday for Rob. Did they move him to fullback?
  5. Leveon Bell killing it out here boy. Can’t believe we cut this ace.
  6. Also, lol at all this newfound contingent of Dowell Loggains stans.

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