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  1. The Giants select... NICK NIEMANN, ILB, IOWA. @Wonderboy is OTC @sec101row23 is on deck
  2. Hi. Traded 196 to @New York Mick for 213 and 236
  3. I was looking at Paddy Fisher but then saw he ran a 4.9 and stuff
  4. I think it’s weird how averse to practice and OTAs the players generally are. I’m sympathetic towards them with a lot of the physical demands, but you’re asking these dudes to show up, watch film with your teammates, and go half-speed through some plays. On the other hand, it’s rare that you hear about guys showing up to camp out of shape anymore. It seems like that used to be more of a thing, where dudes were fat and puking the first week of practices.
  5. What’s fun about Jamal Adams, and what the Seahawks can’t admit, is that Adams is already breaking down physically. He missed four games with a groin injury last season, then effectively cost the Seahawks their playoff game because of an injured shoulder and fingers. He’s a 210 lb ILB and it’s only going to get worse for him as time moves on. Here he is after the season, using the injury excuse for his sucking, which I’m sure his teammates loved, because they undoubtedly incurred nor played through any injuries whatsoever.
  6. Malusis: And now let’s welcome in the newest Jet, Zach Wil... Zach Wilson’s feed:
  7. Increasingly taking on the tone of hostage videos. Heath Ledger in clown makeup type sh*t. You hate to see it
  8. Can anyone provide a summary? Every time I click on one of these videos, it floods my YouTube algorithm with High School Musical clips
  9. Like climbing down into the sewer to “hang out” with the mole people
  10. Honestly, if I knew I was going to have to live in Jacksonville for the next five years, it’d make me question my commitment to both football and being alive.
  11. Wow can’t believe Dunnie is turning on Zach Wilson like this.
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