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  1. Yeah, I don’t see how Slater heard this from Woody and concluded that Jamal was “savvy.”
  2. It’s why drafting a strong safety at 6 was a huge mistake from the jump. Sure, he’s become the player Maccagnan hoped he’d be, but it’s still relatively valueless
  3. Mims and Cager must have really sparkled in those Zoom meetings
  4. Noted reactionary libs Doug Ducey, Greg Abbot and Ron DeSantis seem to disagree, however.
  5. To put it another way, if Deshaun Watson was the Jets QB and he wanted a new contract, the organization would give it to him and the fans would want him to have it. The organization doesn’t want to pay a safety who produced 61 tackles and a pick $18 million per and the fans think that player is a ******* loser who loses.
  6. I don’t this it’ll be commonplace. The great players will get paid, and the ok players will acknowledge their lack of leverage. Adams falls in a unique space where he’s an ok player who thinks he’s elite, and he’s also dumb as a brick.
  7. Did Woody ever actually say Adams was “smart” to do this, or was Woody just stating that Adams has no leverage so being an a$$hole is his only route to getting traded?
  8. <November, as I’m snake-crawling in my gas mask through a burning CVS to recover a bottle of peroxide and steal some antibiotics to treat an infected leg wound I got in the famed Raid on FOB Norwalk, where our makeshift militia group overwhelmed a National Guard unit and acquired a generator for our tent village under the I-95 overpass near Stamford>: Me: Oh I can attend the Jets-Bills this weekend if I sign a waiver? <Fires an arrow at a gaunt dog eating some beef jerky in the ravaged Jerky Aisle in CVS, striking it in the neck, excited at the prospect of adding the fur and protein to our diminishing stockpiles, only to be sad when a Bengal Tiger, escaped from Beardsley Zoo, sprints out of the stockroom to claim my kill> Me: Pretty crazy that President of The Sovereign Northern Americas Commonwealth (SNAC) Woody Johnson was able to get football back so soon. Things are really getting back to norm... <Flaming zombie falls through the ceiling tiles and bites hard into my neck>
  9. FACT: 72% of Darnold’s interceptions occurred when throwing to Robbie Anderson at the very moment Anderson’s edibles kicked in.
  10. @Jet_Engine1 Honestly, I think we can agree that they should replace all the Confederate statues with this:
  11. Here is the thing: in literally any draft format including those players, Adams would go dead last in every one

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