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  1. Wait until he sees Saleh when he has the worst-worst QB in football.
  2. Listening to the coverage of this today and these ESPN people talking about Tua like he retroactively died on 9/11 is a bit much.
  3. Dave, I thought about it and I have to decline.
  4. Nothing good comes from Thursday Night football. It’s always a mess.
  5. Remember when @Matt39 was saying all summer that training camp looked like a big soft Twinkie munch and the team is going to be in trouble when the hitting starts and all the homers yelled at him that, actually, camp was probably very, very strenuous when the reporters weren’t there?
  6. The correct answer is “Large hot regular, milk and sugar, pour a little out onto Route 3 to make room for the Jame-o.” I fear for the future of this country.
  7. Zach Wilson’s favorite singer is hillbilly Morgan Wallen, who is the Nickelback version of Billy Ray Cyrus.
  8. <Zach Wilson, in a light drizzle, goes 12 of 26 for 94 yards and an INT against the Steelers> FidelioJet: I’d like to see you guys try to complete passes in a Category Five hurricane.
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