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  1. Gregg Williams who has otherwise gone .300 as a head coach.
  2. I can’t wait for @Pac to chime in with “Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ is actually so much better anyway.”
  3. OH NO GLENN AND MANISH OH NO https://twitter.com/RichCimini/status/1293590809883881481?s=20 p
  4. Beerfish admitting that Gase “inspires him.” We are really turning a corner here, friends
  5. I always take offense to celebrities who identify as Jets fans when it’s obvious the last time they watched the Jets, Testaverde was the QB. Larry David knowing the pain of Adams over DeShaun Watson is proof of authenticity.
  6. I’d kinda love to add Logan Ryan to the secondary, but I don’t know where he’d get playing time unless Marcus Maye hit the bench or Blessuan Austin gets cut.
  7. What if you raised your daughter from birth to be a ninja assassin
  8. Lol omg. Ive never seen this. He takes a brutal kill shot at Jamal Adams.
  9. I can imagine that. The Ip Man movies are by far my favorite martial arts movies. Not that I know anything about martial arts, but what he performs in those fight scenes looks the most reality-based.

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