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  1. I very much enjoyed his work as Tim Taylor’s eldest son, Brad Taylor, on NBC’s Home Improvement
  2. Terry Bradway got baited into trading up for Dewayne Robertson because he thought the Patriots were in love with him
  3. Didn’t Young bail on the Buccaneers to play in the USFL, then suffered in misery behind the GOAT Joe Montana?
  4. Do you think it’s easy playing a schedule entirely filled with Coastal Carolinas?
  5. We’re drafting Wilson at two, then LBs and CBs for Saleh after that. It is written, and so it shall be.
  6. Happy birthday @Jetsfan80, a true player and pimp. Hope it was righteous
  7. To reiterate, I’m not a Fields guy at all, but I do think there’s added value to a dude who has lined up against the elite defensive prospects and taken a beating already, because the Jets are going to get you smacked around. I don’t like that Wilson doesn’t appear to have much experience dealing with violent pass rushes and also hasn’t been subjected to a hostile press and fan base. He may well handle both aspects like a champ, but we simply have no evidence of that as yet. He’s going to have zero margin for error here because I get the impression from fellow Jets fans that they are fairly fe
  8. The Giants select QB Brady White, Memphis @kdels62 is OTC @Dcat is en deck
  9. To this, I would say that QB punishment is a cumulative thing and that the more a QB gets smacked, the less effective he is, and I think that Fields was smacked a lot and Wilson was smacked a relatively minuscule amount in comparison.
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