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  1. Listened to this on my run. Most interesting part is Saleh discussing the organizational commitment to the process as opposed to focusing on short term goals. They really believe they’re doing the right things on a day to day basis, and those things will eventually yield results. Also interesting question by Hughes, asking Saleh what the org sees in Zach that the rest of the world doesn’t. Saleh gave the stock answer “How hard he works behind the scenes,” but also discussed the challenges of getting Zach to get a handle on the “101” stuff about the offense, where he and LaFleur are on the same page, which will make LaFleur’s job easier. Says everyone in the org believes in Zach, but I think it’s telling that Zach is still at the point—in Saleh’s eyes— where he hasn’t mastered the 101 stuff yet. Saleh even says it’s a “quarterback friendly system.”
  2. IMO, they got hoodwinked (as we all did) by Zach beating the Titans and decided he could handle the whole enchilada, which was ultimately unfair to Zach, and it was only in the last five games where they slapped the training wheels back on and gave him the Tecmo Bowl playbook to work through some things. One would hope that they approach this season with a better, more realistic sense of what Zach can handle and increase his workload in a more pragmatic, progressive manner. It will be interesting to see what they do with the backup situation this season. Hughes ventured that they might try to trade White at some point in the offseason and just roll with Flacco and a developmental type at QB3
  3. Are you referencing the Steve Young thing? That was in direct response to someone asking me what Steve Young said in reference to the Zach Plan
  4. Wilson is obviously extremely talented, but the question, for me, was whether or not the Jets were the right place for a guy with his specific needs to come to and maximize his talents. He seems like a nice, sheltered dude from Utah who doesn’t strike me as an alpha leader type, and that’s kinda unsettling, because at some point Zach is going to have to grab this team by the balls, and he’s just got a bunch of Justin Bieber to his personality. I guess I agree that it’s not Zach or Bust, but making that transition to a Garoppolo/Bridgewater is going to be a mess if it becomes necessary. And their plan to avoid that is Rob Calabrese and lots of prayer.
  5. For sure, it is a big “so what?” Douglas can choose to ignore Steve Young, or the Wilsons, or whomever he wants. But some of the decisions around Zach’s development have been weird, and clearly they were unsettling to Young, whom we know has the ear of the Wilson family. Were I Douglas, however, I’d probably welcome the advice of a Hall of Fame quarterback who also serves as the intermediary between my team and the Wilson family, I guess? The alternative is that I entrust my career to the advisement of Rob Calabrese and Matt LaFleur’s younger brother? Who would you listen to?
  6. Because this group has shown such an excellent eye for QB talent otherwise
  7. If you’re a young coaching staff getting your brains smashed in every week, and you just watched how awesome your team can look when *your plan* gets executed at a baseline level, you gotta start asking yourself what you can do to get your anointed QB1 to play at a Mike White/Josh Johnson level. I read a stat yesterday that Zach Wilson put up the worst completion percentage of any qualifying QB on passes under (iirc) 15 yards, and it wasn’t close. The offense he currently plays in, obviously, features those short throws.
  8. It’s not that I think Mike White is, or ever will be, a great player. It’s that he was a competitive player who provided a spark in a lost season, whom teammates clearly responded to, and he got knifed by Douglas and Saleh for the sole purpose of preserving Zach Wilson’s eggshell-fragile confidence and squished-grape mush feelings. The handling of White exposed Saleh as a gutless fraud afraid to stand up for his players, and it sets poor precedent for a locker room whose coach preaches an insipid “All Gas No Breaks” mantra, but operates like every game is preseason and he’s going to do anything that management tells him to do.
  9. Indeed, I do believe that Steve Young didn’t stop advocating for Zach the second the Jets drafted him. Young was on the Michael Kay Show every week in the lead-up to the draft trying to hold back projectile vomit when discussing the possibility of Zach Wilson ending up on the Jets (mentioning repeatedly how his life would have been different if he wasn’t able to escape to the USFL after being drafted by the Buccaneers). The lone attenuating factor that Young talked about, that made him feel a little better about the Jets situation? The presence of Greg Knapp. Behold, the details of this interview Young gave in October, discussing how much he loved the Jets/Wilson situation post-Knapp (who died in July): ”He was around for a long time, he coached me, Peyton Manning, Michael Vick, Matt Ryan… he knew the NFL”, […] However, with Knapp’s tragic loss, the flaws in Jets’ plan to groom their young quarterback were exposed, Young says: “That just now exposed a plan that was not in place until Greg was heading back to New York for training camp,” Young said. “I would say there was a plan that I felt comfortable with, with Greg there, but became very uncomfortable when Gregg had his tragic accident.” https://jetsxfactor.com/2021/10/13/steve-young-ny-jets-staff-naked-right-now/ Beck, another member of the BYU Cosa Nostra, was hired around two weeks later, on November 1, coincidentally the day after Mike White shredded the Bengals. So, yes, I would say that Steve Young hates that Zach is on the Jets and I would say that there was pressure on Douglas to not draft Zach Wilson, which obviously Douglas refused. Saleh—notorious obfuscater that he’s shown himself to be, said that the idea of hiring Beck was something they thought about in the weeks prior, when Zach went back to Beck to work on his mechanics during his injury rehab. Given that timeline, one could conclude that Team Wilson wanted a Knapp replacement to come in and triage Wilson’s career, and Beck was the guy.
  10. They didn’t bench White for Zach. They benched White for Flacco.
  11. Honestly, I would trust Steve Young with my life
  12. I am of the belief that Steve Young is doing a lot of advocating for Zach Wilson behind the scenes and is his de facto handler who tells Joe Douglas what he needs to do to keep Team Wilson happy. It is likewise my belief that Team Wilson wanted Zach to be a 49er, and Douglas has to make concessions to get Team Wilson to allow their darling child to be here in the first place. The Niners spent a ton to get to #3 with the hope that Team Wilson could force Douglas’ hand. Beck’s weird signing was one of those concessions.
  13. We aren’t talking about Mike White proper. We’re talking about the idea of Mike White.
  14. I am an avowed Saleh hater because of his hack benching of Mike White and what that means for the supposed meritocracy inside 1 Florham Park. All else is window dressing. The Browns are +1800 to get to the Super Bowl, despite my haphazard relationship with LSAT prep.
  15. So like the Greg Knapp thing is weird because they originally replaced him with Cavanaugh, then brought in Beck at midseason, then lost both of those guys, and now it’s just Calabrese. If Knapp was this great key to unlock Wilson, wouldn’t they have gone out since and found another guy at this point?
  16. An emailer asked Francesa to elaborate on why he’s skeptical of Saleh and Mike used most of the answer to say that he’s been out of the game and he doesn’t know or talk to the “new guys” anymore, but that he senses an “immaturity” from the staff (not just Saleh). Didn’t provide specifics. Having listened to Francesa for the decades that I have, my guess is that he’s referring to the fact that the staff is largely made up of very young, very unaccomplished coaches, and Mike’s skepticism comes from Saleh not having at least one old hand around to help them figure anything out. IMO, a very fair criticism. Ulbrich was the only guy on the staff other than Saleh with coordinator experience, and that came in one season as DC for the 4-12 Atlanta Falcons, who finished 29th in yards surrendered and 19th in points. Even Saleh’s record as a coordinator is dubious considering Saleh’s defense had the one year of elite production and then he was replaced by a guy who’s been better than he was.
  17. IMO, the real concern with playing Baltimore right out of the gate is that they’re an unbelievably physical team that leaves every roster they play against beaten and bloodied with multiple guys going on IR afterward. This Jets team desperately needs a confidence building game, and the Ravens are the wrong team to play in Week One if you’re looking for that. Look at their season opener recent history:: 2018: Crushed the Bills 47-3 2019: Eviscerated the Dolphins 59-10 2020: Clowned the Browns 38-6 2021: Got nicked by the Raiders in OT 27-33 (in that weird game where the Raiders scored three TDs in the fourth and Daniel Carlson nailed a 55 yarder to send it to OT, where the Ravens left Zay Jones wide open for the winning TD)
  18. If it wasn’t an inaccurate back-shoulder cemetery ball to his tight end, it was still better than Wilson’s.
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