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  1. I was like “wow, how bad must Drew Lock be?” and then I looked it up and saw that his rookie/first year stats were light years better than Zach Wilson’s https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/L/LockDr00.htm
  2. The backup is actually better than Jamal is.
  3. Early signs are that Jamal could be done for the season. What a catastrophic trade for them.
  4. It’s red meat for every sports radio hack in America this week
  5. I just watched a video of Minshew in the player’s lot with his dad and people are chanting his name. In New Jersey. Minshew chants.
  6. Isn’t the story here that Mosley opted to put this out into the world?
  7. I’m gonna stick with the fact that he hired his No-account buddies for his staff and passed over a lot more deserving candidates in the process, which burned some bridges.
  8. That is a coach, man. Holy sh*t. I’d love to play for that guy
  9. I’m setting him up for a hardcore dunkathon when the Jets draft Kenny Pickett next year.
  10. I’m glad we talked this out. I don’t even care that much about Mike White.
  11. I think Saleh really wants to run the Niners defense, but 1. He doesn’t have the pieces and 2. The Niners defense he ran was only good during Bosa’s one dominant year.
  12. I was following this game on ESPN and I wondered why the 49ers stopped scoring. This explains it!
  13. Fwiw, the QB room was put together like that by design. They intentionally backed up Zach with two slugs so he wouldn’t be challenged. Which is just an extension of this grand problem we have with the people in charge of making Zach work.
  14. Regardless of what happened this summer, the Bengals game combined with Zach’s injury should have elevated White into a competition for PT and instead they buried him after the Bills game. I didn’t even mean to get into a White v Wilson discussion tonight, but every time Wilson ****s up, we get a bunch of posts saying “So? Mike White sucks” and I took the bait. Not from you, necessarily, but others (who are dicks). Mike White is a dead issue because it’s Zach or nothing from here on out, and God bless us all. He better show up against the Dolphins next week, because getting roached by Tua woul
  15. You read a lot that Rodgers really wants the Steelers job
  16. Anyway, this isn’t about Mike White. It’s about how Saleh is running his program, and if that program will bear fruit.
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