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  1. To the trick hos who slurped Adams non-stop while he was here and are now trying to erase that humiliating history, we see you. cc: @Jetsfan80
  2. The Bo Burnham “Inside” special on Netflix is amazing. If you’re a comic genius who burned out really hard, it really speaks to you.
  3. Never been more convinced that you and @JiFapono are high-end coke dealers and that’s how you two herbs landed chicks like that
  4. Keep their loser vibes away from my team thx
  5. They should bring Mullens in and give him a chance to win the starting job. Anointing Wilson at this point is idiocy.
  6. Original thoughts abound
  7. I’ve heard from many astute analysts on this site that signing a backup QB is unnecessary if not foolish.
  8. All gas, no brakes, pal.
  9. Getting publicly rinsed for a few possessions by Trae Young will be good prep for his Jets experience.
  10. Mike Wilson rocking the Jon Koncak jersey. Nice touch.
  11. I’d only disagree with the idea that Gase was a terrible hire. I believe Gase was the right guy at the right time because the Johnsons needed a guy like him to explain how NFL teams need to be run, and that constantly funneling unending cash to Maccagnan wasn’t it. Gase leading to Douglas is fine, but there were also major investments made in the personnel dept—Hogan, Savage, etc—that the Johnson Jets normally would go cheap with.
  12. Damn you to hell, Adam Gase, for suppressing the greatness of two minimum wage street free agents
  13. A lot of Jets fans who paid for billboards and planes flying over the West Side Highway a few months are surprisingly chill about a GM lording over a third consecutive disastrous season. When you read these posts saying they’re happy af to go 3-13 this year, you realize it wasn’t the record that made them hate Gase, it was that Gase was mean to them and they sensitive snowflake constitutions couldn’t take it. If only Adam had a clever catch phrase like “Let’s get a goddamn snack” or “All Gas, No Brakes,” he may still have a job.
  14. Jamal has been chasing this contract extension for three straight years now. Has to be a record.
  15. Already wistful for the salad days of the Chuma Edoga Era
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