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    I’d guarantee that Joe prefers men with dainty, manicured feet in the size 7-8 range.
  2. I flipped over mid-2nd quarter thinking it would be amusing if Winovich did anything and then he made like six plays by himself over the next four minutes and I started eating ice cream.
  3. He probably doesn't run a 4.59/40 with a 6.94 3c and a 4.11 shuttle if his trainer told him to get really fat, though, so you can't blame Macccc
  4. Why would you have to showcase a veteran ILB in preseason to facilitate a trade?
  5. This is what his DC in college said about him: that he’s talented but has some issues that are going to be revealed if he came out early. Given that they’re issues that may have been resolved with another year in school, it’s likely Grantham is referring to immaturity, which was well on display throughout the draft process. Serious prospects don’t show up to the Combine fat and belligerent, then blame others for the fatness.
  6. Is he that bad? I know he had that trash talk week with Michigan State, but was there other stuff?
  7. Jets Fans: Guys, Polite had that play where he ran and tackled that fourth string RB six yards down the field. Cruel fate:
  8. I wouldn’t say they’re at complete odds, but I’ll agree with you that he looks more athletic in his highlights. I don’t think he can play at 240+ pounds, and I think his best path is to take a few months and get into shape at 235-ish. Either he’s incredibly lazy or he’s getting some incredibly bad advice.
  9. Jets fans: guys, it takes time to shake off baby fat, heal a debilitating hamstring injury, and to learn how to rush the passer. Chase Winovich: <bites head off crocodile>
  10. It’s not really worth it trying to convince a guy that thinks a 4.6/40 by a 250+ pound guy is in the same universe as running a 5.01/40. It’s not even a critical metric, compared to three-cone, vert, and broad jump. But, alas
  11. He’d cost you a second rounder at this point, minimum
  12. Like, absolutely dominated an entire series by himself. Chase Winovich.
  13. Winovich just made a tackle on punt coverage and drew a holding call on a pass rush the next play, then destroys the RT for a sack two plays later.
  14. Maybe. The other two teams trying to sign Williamson were the Pats and the Eagles, so maybe Douglas was trying to spin something with Howie Roseman. But, it wouldn’t have made sense to keep playing Williamson late into games in that case: the Eagles already knew what he was.
  15. Best guess is Gregg Williams doesn’t trust any of the younger guys to line up the young DL talent and he wants a vet in there to corral the sheep, which is why Williamson wasn’t leaving the preseason games in the first place.
  16. Well, no, but the Jets have a bunch of money and I was hoping they’d use it to pay a better prospect, like USC does with their recruiting. in all seriousness, watching older vets chewing up snaps on rebuilding Jets teams is a personal bugaboo of mine.
  17. T0mShane

    JN Run Club

    I have an impossibly stupid update on my training. So, while I was was doing other training while my IT band stopped raging, I researched and purchased a pair of ASICS Gel Kayano’s to help with overpronation (which I determined was a factor in my IT band killing me). Anyway, I’ve been running in those for about three weeks and I’ve been having major issues with the toes on my left foot. Turns out, my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot, and I was supposed to buy the *real* running shoes a half size bigger anyway, so I’ve been methodically sawing off the fronts of my smaller toes as I ran, which I unconsciously started compensating for by shortening my stride, which was killing my times AND my feet. I figured this was a natural part of the training (working past soft-boy feet issues) so I didn’t really connect it to the sneaker change/poor fit. Finally, I went and had my feet measured, found out the left one is bigger, and got a pair of Saucony’s in size 14 and—within a week—was back to my PR pace, even with the fronts of my toes looking like someone took a cheese grater to them. Good times! one quick question: What do you guys focus on when running long distances? I find that if I think too much about pacing or breathing, I sabotage both of them and totally **** myself up. Do you have any tricks or methods you use to pass the time mentally, or do you concentrate on the running itself?
  18. Nah, but it’s a pleasant enough, consequence-free debate that helps to pass the time during the dog days of camp. The alternative is continuing to out joewilly12 as a male sex pest.
  19. Those metrics are highly predictive for pass rushers in particular. I throw out Jamal’s sh*tty numbers just for fun.
  20. This is his teammate, Ben Braden, who is a 340 lb guard:

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