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  1. RE: Gholston, that whole first round was a trainwreck. Compared to what we passed up on to select Adams, picking Gholston looks like sheer genius.
  2. They can, they have, and I’ve been supportive of those efforts
  3. I see your point here, but Lawrence has been the lock #1 pick for three years. Wilson has been the presumed #2 pick for a couple of weeks.
  4. On the one hand, I accept that Wilson is the consensus pick at two and it’s a fait accompli that the Jets are taking him and we all have to accept that, but on the OTHER HAND, if Wilson is such a can’t-miss, won’t there be a pack of teams kicking in the door to try and get him? Atlanta needs a QB, Denver needs a QB, Carolina kinda needs a QB. Is Wilson is this elite talent, Douglas’ phone is going to be ringing non-stop up until the second Wilson signs his contract, no?
  5. The New York Giants select BEN MASON, FB, MICHIGAN @IndianaJet OTC @Dcat ON DECK
  6. Free Darnold jerseys with proof of being among the 99.999994% who got the Johnson and Johnson shot and didn’t get leg cramps
  7. No doubt, but I think it will be super interesting to see what happens with the first NFL guy who comes down with COVID in a few months. You’d think he’d get dragged hardcore by an appreciable amount of media types for it
  8. It’s hard to argue that “government” is mandating this when it’s going to be private businesses driving the “no shot/no shoes/no service” mandate for the next year (at minimum). I just talked to a dude who went to South Beach for a wedding and he said that every establishment he went to was 100 times more vigilant about masks than any business in Connecticut has been, which is interesting considering how much Florida has been portrayed as being loosey-goosey with the rules
  9. I am super for this kind of sh*t. I realize it’s invasive, but if I’m a private entity and I can guarantee the consumer that every person you encounter while inside my venue has the vaccine, I know I’m hitting a massive target market and can also charge a premium for my vigilance. I will alienate a few hillbillies, but I never wanted those poors to represent my business in the first place.
  10. I think the move is to let social pressure guide people’s hands here. If you mandate it, you get the howling cultural resistance, and it becomes an even bigger sh*tshow. Like @dbatesman is saying, let a dude not take the shot then miss a month midseason and see what the fallout is for that guy. If he’s a marginal player, cut him. If he’s Josh Allen, sit back and let him get clowned by almost every segment of society. My workplace is probably 80/20 vax vs anti-vax people, and my boss is dealing with the anti-vaxxers by passing them over for assignments that require facetime with actual clients.
  11. Massive can of worms, though. You’d turn Josh Allen into a Barstool Kaepernick.
  12. I’d roll the FEMA vax van up into the parking lot then cut any player who refused to get it.
  13. Who is to say that I can’t spend a million dollars on a ‘72 Chevy Nova and improve it enough to win Daytona?
  14. Looking to trade up in this round. Offering 136 and 196
  15. 6 cases in 7 million shots and they panic, and it’ll result in a hundred thousand more vax-truther hillbillies dying of COVID, and more shutdowns over the summer. Good job, everyone.
  16. This makes me feel better. I saw his name mentioned on a bunch of different draft sites, but saw he was a mile down on the spreadsheet
  17. Kendrick Green would be a good pick for the Jets in the third round. He’s PFF’s fourth-ranked interior line prospect and can play all three IOL positions.
  18. With the 116th pick, the Giants select... KENDRICK GREEN, IOL, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS @GREENBEAN is OTC @kdels62 is on deck
  19. I think a lot of ex-players are doing pro-Fields takes because they think Fields is being slighted because he’s black, and they believe Mahomes, Lamar, and Watson were similarly slighted in their respective draft classes.
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