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  1. Gotta go with The Fans. SMDH it’s not a poll option
  2. Fall Guy Alert: Todd Bowles

    Which, in true Jets fashion, is why they’ll both get extensions.
  3. Broken hand for McCown

    How did the beat kids not ask him why he was still running a hobbled 38 year old out there? Christ.
  4. Broken hand for McCown

    $50 says Pac is over on Eagles message boards typing “I know how you feel, bros.”
  5. Broken hand for McCown

    I just had to dial back my expectations from “competitive rebuild” to “regular rebuild.” A real gut punch, to be sure.
  6. Pretty amazing how quickly Idzik has turned the Jaguars around.
  7. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Thought we should have a thread to share our reviews of movies we're seeing to help us avoid watching Ryan Reynolds and/or Julia Roberts movies.
  8. Because if Petty looks good, Todd Bowles will be put in position to bench McCown, and Todd Bowles would rather chop off a thumb than hurt the feelings of his veteran quarterback.
  9. Will guarantee you they win this game 24-20.
  10. Getting the second best CB prospect, third best pass rusher, or first best right tackle prospect will be tough, but beating the Alex Smith Chiefs behind a career game by McCown will have been worth it in the long run.
  11. The Manish articles trolling Mike Maccagnan for not providing Todd Bowles with whatever QB the Giants pick will be amazeballs.
  12. It’s Week 14 of the 2017 NFL season, the Jets are out of the playoffs, and Todd Bowles is putting an ineffective, banged-up 38 year-old journeyman backup QB onto the field in order to bury a second- and fourth-round quarterback prospect. Getcha PSL’s here, baby.
  13. Whew. Glad we survived that peak into the apocalyptic future long enough for McCown to come back in and throw that brutal interception. It was like the opening to Prometheus but in reverse.
  14. Oh no Bryce Petty coming into the game. Be prepared for Nazis to storm the beaches and the Yellowstone caldera to blow omg
  15. I’m with you, brother. It’s like I always say, “if they hate then let ‘em hate. They can watch the safeties pile up.”
  16. Baker Mayfield

    “Maybe he doesn’t **** it up, but I doubt it” isn’t really optimism, my homey.
  17. Baker Mayfield

    Definitely hear you on this, and it might be unfair to expect Maccagnan to fail this offseason because he failed in 2015. Who knows, maybe he learned (not likely) or gets lucky, like you said. A lot can change.
  18. Baker Mayfield

    For the record, I hate agreeing with me, too
  19. Baker Mayfield

    Larz, you are a shutdown poster.
  20. Baker Mayfield

    Yeah, it my thing is that this is what Adams was advertised as, it’s what comprises every one of those silly highlight YouTube videos, and every scouting report on him. I think it’s fool’s gold to expect him to become a good pass defender when he’s never really been that.
  21. Baker Mayfield

    No, no, no. Not a bust in that he sucks. He’s a guy who will play ten years and start for most of those. But I don’t think he’ll ever be worth the sixth pick, and he’ll only be mentioned down the line when writers list the players taken before Deshaun Watson. That’s Jets luck.
  22. Baker Mayfield

    As the great Bill Parcells once said, “If they don’t bite when they’re pups, they’re never gonna bite.” 🤣
  23. Baker Mayfield

    I think that’s the most likely scenario, and one that Macc and Bowles are incredibly comfortable with. Drafting another QB hurts both of their careers: with Bowles because he clearly wants no part of playing a young QB, and with Macc because it becomes a further indictment of the Hack pick. At the beginning of the season, I’d have bet money that the Jets 2018 first rounder is a CB. At this point, I’d double that bet.
  24. Baker Mayfield

    I agree, it’s weird that these types of plays get repeated in-game. QBs get to go back to the same well too often against this defense, and they don’t seem particularly confused by much of what they’re seeing when they do it.