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  1. <Tom Brady plays like Luke Falk against the Titans and gets unceremoniously bounced from the playoffs by the Titans> Analysis: No QB, no matter how great, could overcome this much turnover in the offensive line and receiving departments! <Chuma Edoga escorts another pass rusher directly into Sam Darnold’s chest as Darnold dares to wait three seconds for Robbie Anderson—who is getting twisted up like a ballon animal by a 5’9”, 175 lb corner—to get open on a pattern he designed himself, called a “weed route.”> Analysis: Sam Darnold just doesn’t have it, fokls
  2. The good news is that he gets to play against a lot of really bad defenses in the years to come, as well. And—guess what?—every other quarterback gets to play against bad defenses too! And—bonus factoid—good defenses are good because they fare well against quarterbacks—even really good ones!
  3. How very odd that he has the Cowboys taking a safety at 17 instead of trading that pick for an all-pro, all-world game-changing freak athlete culture changer like Jamal Adams. I wonder why a team would do something so silly as to pass on the rights to pay Jamal Adams $15+ mil per? Doesn’t Jerry Jones care about Pro Bowls???
  4. Conversely, if they sign Adams and get and Darnold gets sacked 50 times this year, you’ll be sitting here with an expensive loser strong safety and nothing else.
  5. If he was on another team and that team wanted to trade him to the Jets, what would you trade, as GM of the Jets, for Jamal Adams?
  6. A commodity at peak value which needs to be cashed in ASAP
  7. If you were a top QB in the draft and you wanted to avoid having your career kneecapped, you obviously do what you can to avoid playing for the dregs of the league. No way do you let the Bengals or the Jets or Redskins ruin your career. Someone will trade for you. Why accept a death sentence if you can avoid it?
  8. I’m offering the later third rounder and a conditional pick next year based on production. That’s it.
  9. What makes Parcells’ 2000 draft so amazing is that the 2000 NFL Draft was a massive parade of busts. Courtney Brown was the first pick of that draft. Baltimore got Jamal Lewis and Seattle picked Shaun Alexander, but otherwise most teams got fleeced.
  10. Way too much. Cleveland got Landry for a four and a seven.
  11. Don’t get me wrong—I love, love, love OBJ as a player, but I was hoping he’d mature a bit and, at this point , it ain’t gonna happen. If Cleveland wants to dump him for cheap, I’d consider it, but I wouldn’t pay anything of real value for him because there’s a good chance he’s going to burn you.
  12. So Goodell has watched MLB circle the drain and decided that the NFL would also like to make their regular season overlong and worthless. Terrific.
  13. Plus, he wants to come back to NY for the club scene and his crew, not because he gives a sh*t about the Jets, and because he’s effectively blackballed from the Giants forever
  14. Since when is history “shtick,” you Mangini-truther?
  15. I don’t think there are enough good OL available in free agency to justify the cost of buying an OL. I would empty both barrels trying to upgrade the OL, receivers, and edge. Unfortunately, those are the three most costly position groups in football. Mike Maccagnan sucks ass. @Pac
  16. I agree that Eric Mangini brought about the last good era of Jets football
  17. Oh excuse me Angelo. Not all of us grunge guys transitioned over to My Chemical Romance-style emo with the tortured beauty and grace that you did, you Gerard Way-looking motherfucouer.
  18. They’re nine billion dollars over the cap and it’s Diggs who wants out because he hates Cousins
  19. But, to this point, the Rams looked to be one of the exciting young teams in the league and now they’re doomed because of one contract. Who wins in that scenario? The Jets are coming up on a similar scenario—they’re going to have to pay Darnold $22 mil plus and the rest of the team will be pretty much balls and ass. This helps parity? No. It suppresses greatness
  20. The Vikings already have a significantly better strong safety than Jamal Adams
  21. It also feels like a bunch of teams are going to tank this season for a shot at Trevor Lawrence and/or Justin Fields

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