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  1. Listening to Schefter and Buster Olney, it sounds an awful lot like the media doesn’t want to get on team planes with a pack of Ezekiel Elliots and that’s inflecting their perspective
  2. By far the worst part. There’s literally nothing you can do to help it but wait it out
  3. Serious question: is this just because of Jamal or are there other athletes you’re annoyed with! I ask because there have been sports douches forever.
  4. Are either of you guys surprised at how little you care if they ever play again? I know I’m personally surprised that it doesn’t matter to me one bit if they take the field. I’ve just found other stuff to do that’s better.
  5. Are you injured or are you hurt?
  6. I don’t get what his complaint is. He feels exploited because he was a 6’3” guy with sticky hands and 4.25 speed who went UDFA because he’s such a **** up and the Jets are the bad guys? How does this work?
  7. Apparently, the Cowboys are in on Njoku. We are going to get stuck with our loser strong safety because nobody wants him.
  8. CTM’s staple diet during the summer is those little baggies of psychedelic mushrooms he buys at Phish shows. Given that there aren’t any Phish shows going on, he’s probably emaciated at this point. @predator_05 works out six days a week and; even though he’s all beach muscles, is a far more equitable matchup for me.
  9. The date is October 18th, 2020. Roger Goodell steps up to the podium, places several index cards in front of him, looks into the camera and says, glumly, “Andy Reid meant a lot to the NFL family and we are all going to miss him.”
  10. I love you so much but I want to fistfight you so I’m going to resolve this by fistfighting @predator_05 instead
  11. Short answer: they’re also not doing anything about it now so I’m not entirely sure why Nancy Pelosi is germane to this conversation, other than to give you a platform to express your many misplaced grievances with Democrats. We both know why the #brands are tripping over themselves to get out in front of sh*t like BLM. They see the data and they know what the demographics of the country is going to look like in ten, twenty years. They know that the 65 year old Tucker fan is going to be in the ground soon. If you want cynicism, I’m sure there’s a treasure trove pf market analysis on a bunch of hard drives at every corporation in the world right now. Virtue signaling drives profits.
  12. What’s the difference between the motivations of “cynical corporations and politicians” and the will of the American people? One begets the other. And spare me with the downtrodden regular guy who lost his job because of COVID narrative. I work in an industry that’s roughly 99% still unemployed because of cynical hillbilly politicians. We can focus oh two things at once.
  13. All of them are going to follow that money, as we know.
  14. Or, America watched three cops stand by and watch another cop choke a black dude out with his knee for nine minutes, then saw the PD try to hide it, then watched the ME state that the black dude died from “pre-existing conditions” and America finally decided that maybe we should believe black people when they say that the problems range much farther than the one white cop who choked the dude to death? But, yes, that evil Pelosi.
  15. If, by “cancel culture,” you’re referring to brands and corporations deciding how they market themselves, sure.
  16. So, it looks like Snyder is changing the name. Kind of something for everyone lately. Plenty of symbolic gestures targeted toward progressive, anti-racist activists, but also zero substantive policy shifts that might upset a single boomer. So, carry on.
  17. The answer is Lyrical Dream Shyheim Carter. Adams is probably getting traded and Carter is a really savvy player whom Gregg will like
  18. Look how soft you’ve gotten over the years. Old Angelo would have gotten himself permabanned already. The Angelo Frenchmen.
  19. I would 1000% support changing “Jets” to “Sharks.”
  20. And move the team to Staten Island and then call in an air strike

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