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  1. Think clearly, Jets fans. Kedon Slovis has never even *been* to Gilgo Beach
  2. Deshaun Watson will waive his no-trade clause to play for the Jets, but he also hates the Jets, will be shocked to find out that they have no talent (because he doesn’t have internet access) and also he will hold out for a new contract and also he will hate New York style pizza. He will also probably be the Gilgo Beach killer.
  3. I have to agree with Dom here. The reason Simms had any success was because of Bill Parcells. Good point, Dom
  4. I think Griffin was just confused because nobody covered him and Darnold still refused to throw the ball to him lol
  5. The Dolphins media-love is hysterical considering they’ve won nothing and have supposedly burned a top ten pick on a QB they need to dump a year later.
  6. I am sure all of those huge Jets fans who thought it was imperative we give Jamal $18 mil per because he was a generational talent will be right along to explain why “sacks by a safety” is the only true measure of success
  7. Even in that scenario, I don’t see who else can give them a better deal than the Jets, except for the Dolphins if they sell the farm
  8. Were I given to conspiracies, I’d guess that there’s division inside the Texans management team over how to deal with Watson, and that’s why we’re getting “no way are the Texans trading him” and “actually, the Texans want this, this, and this for Watson.” I’d guess that Caserio wants to make a deal and lock up some picks, but McNair and Jim Jones think they can make Watson suffer long enough to break.
  9. Organizations do this to prep the fanbase and lessen the blowback before the trade gets made. Juicy, juicy.
  10. Judging by the contracts he gave out, he was fully aware of how bad the team was and how far away they were.
  11. The post you quoted opens with “Gase was obviously bad”
  12. Gase was obviously bad, but—as the video points out—the underlying issue with the Jets is and will be Maccagnan until the roster is flipped.
  13. I usually hate these videos, but that was really good. I like that his conclusion was that the talent level on the team was so bad that it was unfair for those dudes to be asked to go out and pretend to be starting caliber players.
  14. w/Zack Wilson: 1-15 w/Justin Fields: 3-13 w/Sam Darnold: 5-11 w/Deshaun Watson: 10-6
  15. He (McClain) says it’s “three ones, a two, Darnold...” He either doesn’t know that the Jets have an extra one next year or he mispoke.
  16. The “perhaps [...] Quinnen Williams” is a giveaway that it’s not in consideration by the Texans to even ask for Quinnen Williams. It’s simply pointing out how high the Jets could go if they had to. The crux of the return is 2, 23, and the Jets first next year, plus some gift wrap. The Texans don’t want or need Darnold if they get 2 anyway.
  17. Wasn’t too upset by that one. Abe was a dog
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