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  1. 19 minutes ago, bitonti said:

    Consensus number ones actually go number one

    Sam was number one like a year before he was eligible by the time he was drafted he was nitpicked to 3 overall.

    The reasons why Sam fell from 1 to 3 are the same reasons why he sux today. The jets didn't ruin this player. He was always overrated


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    It was also because Dorsey and Gettleman are old and insane.

  2. 5 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    When you have a roster that most experts believe is Bottom 5 in the NFL, any win is an accomplishment to celebrate.

    The Jets were the underdog in all 9 games and won 6 of them.

    You have strange expectations.

    SAR I

    We’ve both been Gase backers, but given Darnold’s diminishing lack of testicular fortitude, maybe it’s time to hand him over to a head coach that can press him some? Maybe Sam is a little too comfortable at this point in his career?

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  3. Matt Miller article citing a few personnel guys talking about the 2018 draft, wherein those nameless personnel guys say that “of course we knew Darnold and Baker would suck.” Nonetheless, guess who Chris Johnson preferred?



    “The Jets, fearing the Browns would select their top-ranked quarterback, had focused on UCLA's Rosen in the lead-up to the draft. But one former member of the front office said the organization was split at the time.

    "Darnold was our guy," he said, "but there were a lot of people in the building who liked Baker because of his leadership skills and athleticism. And of course the owner wanted Rosen, so we were really divided, but it came down to what the GM and head coach wanted, and that would have been Darnold, then Rosen."

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  4. 10 hours ago, Pac said:

    There's really no sugarcoating it.  Gase thus far has been an abomination and has taken the Jets from the dregs of the league under Bowles, to the outright worst offensive team in the NFL.  @T0mShane and his other sycophants ramblings do not change the reality of what Gase has "accomplished".  The Jets offense are a complete dumpster fire under his watch.

    Shame on those who dare have the audacity to mention Adam in the same breath as Rex Ryan.

    The gall of this jagaloon

  5. 3 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

    Rex didnt have any push in getting Tanny fired.  Woody wanted a head and he chopped off Tanny's.  If Woody wanted to keep Rex he should have kept him coupled with Tanny until he wanted both of them gone.  That was all Woody's mess.  And then Idzik sabotaged Rex... An even bigger mess.  

    Rex went to Buffalo and pulled the same sh*t he did here and now he’s exiled from the league

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    Just shut the hell up! Look at the team that was around Sanchez in 2010. Oline- Dbrick-Slauson- Mangold- Moore- Woody. Even Woody knows you can't win without players! Sam supposedly worked with Palmer all offseason, maybe he's the damn problem? Sam couldn't hit the side of a barn last week! High School sh*t! 

    LT- Tony Rich- Greene

    WRS & TE- Braylon Edwards/ Santonio Holmes/Jericho Cotchery- Dustin Keller

    Yeah, if Woody has some thoughts on how a head coach should be held responsible for screwing up USC QB prospects who show early promise, you’d think he might be able to produce a more glaring example. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, Matt39 said:

    The Jets got what they got with Korn Ferry and Casserly because of the silly parameters the Johnson’s had. I don’t have your optimism that any light has been seen. Gase conned CJ(not hard) and then got his buddy hired. I do not get the impression, or at least for Gase, that he’s really all in. He’s good at looking like he’s all in.

    I think that’s actually similar to my read, too. Gase needed a job and he got the Jets to hire him. He doesn’t seem the type who wants to be the front man or who wants to stand at a podium and explain the idiocy of others to a bunch of 26 year old beat writers every day. I think it wouldn’t trouble him for a second if he got fired from this place the same way he didn’t appear all that hurt about leaving the Miami clown show. If it comes down to it, Douglas will take Gase into his office to “fire” him and they’ll shoot some scotch and laugh about how Gase gets to cash Johnson checks while not working for a few months. Why not? It’s a rebuild, the guys they picked to show off that rebuild are weirdly all injured, and the QB is a mental patient. Let Greggg and Jim Bob take over. Next year, Gase can go work in San Francisco or pick up a college gig. 

  8. 8 minutes ago, bitonti said:


    in case you weren't aware, the Seahawks travelled 3000 miles for a 1p start and owned the Falcons all game

    they are SB contenders this season, a top 5 team in football 

    I don't know that they will win it or even get there but Adams probably put them over the top for an NFC Champ appearance as a floor 

    the Jets look about as good as the inside of a porta John

    but yeah let's keep pretending like trading the best Jets player since Revis for draft picks was such a hot ass move 

    They’ve literally been “Super Bowl contenders” since Russell Wilson put on a Seahawks uniform. If Jamal Adams got paid and was a Jet, we still get rolled by Buffalo last week because Marcus Maye put up a better statistical performance in one start than Jamal ever produced as an NFL player

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