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  1. 12 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    This is all assuming he doesn't hold out on us.  And there's no reason to think he won't.

    Deshaun Watson will waive his no-trade clause to play for the Jets, but he also hates the Jets, will be shocked to find out that they have no talent (because he doesn’t have internet access) and also he will hold out for a new contract and also he will hate New York style pizza. He will also probably be the Gilgo Beach killer. 

  2. 3 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    If only we could draft a QB made out of glass that could take years to become useful and lose his job to Scott Bruner and Jeff Hostetler.  A dream come true.

    I have to agree with Dom here. The reason Simms had any success was because of Bill Parcells. Good point, Dom

  3. On 2/24/2021 at 11:35 PM, win4ever said:

    It’s not often a player has much to talk about in this section, but Wilson is different. Of the four main 2021 QBs, Wilson’s average pass-rusher count of 4.27 is the lowest. In kind, Wilson’s 10.62% rate of three-man rushes is the highest of the group. Oddly enough, that rate still would have only been around average relative to the 2020 class, but it’s interesting that his figure is nearly double that of the next-closest member at the top of this class (Trey Lance, 6.05%).


    Herein lies the rub

  4. 2 minutes ago, kelticwizard said:

    Griffin made it obvious, but I'm curious just what he's supposed to do.  Maybe he made his cut to the middle at the wrong place, I don't know.  But one defender he was supposed to block was running two yards to his left, the other was three yards to his right, so if he continued to run a straight line like a legit receiver would, he misses everybody.


    Guess he figured that he's gonna make sure at least _one_ of these guys is going to get blocked, and hope the ref doesn't notice.

    I think Griffin was just confused because nobody covered him and Darnold still refused to throw the ball to him lol

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  5. 11 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

    If the Texans deserve credit for anything in this fiasco, it's how they have handled the situation publicly since it started getting out that Watson wants out.

    Have made many public and leaked sentiments about how they absolutely do not want to trade him under any circumstance.  This will get some of their fan base to turn on Watson.  Hell some of our fan base has turned on Watson because of it.

    Now, as you said this is the next step.  This is the first of many reports I expect we will now see where media types say the Texans should just move on, and blame it all in Watson.  Then multiple reports will come regarding what it would take to get a trade done because as much as they've tried, Watson is just being too stubborn.  Then finally a trade will be completed and most Houston fans will blame Watson.

    Were I given to conspiracies, I’d guess that there’s division inside the Texans management team over how to deal with Watson, and that’s why we’re getting “no way are the Texans trading him” and “actually, the Texans want this, this, and this for Watson.” I’d guess that Caserio wants to make a deal and lock up some picks, but McNair and Jim Jones think they can make Watson suffer long enough to break. 

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  6. 40 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

    Reminiscent of when Manish came out and put the final nail in Jamal's 'trade me' coffin... Does anybody see a way that Watson ever plays for the Texans again?

    This one is over - just a matter of time and JD better be there to pull that trigger

    Organizations do this to prep the fanbase and lessen the blowback before the trade gets made. Juicy, juicy.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    Now, I really, really hope he understood that he had to truly flip the roster and accepted last season as a throw away - and signed the crap he signed with full knowledge of what he was putting on the field.

    Judging by the contracts he gave out, he was fully aware of how bad the team was and how far away they were.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:

    McClains latest ridiculous offer from Jets.

    3 1st round picks

    1 2nd round pick





    yeah I don’t see that happening lmao. that’s like 6 or 7 1st round picks worth of value right there. Considering number 2 overall could get at least 1 or 2 1st round picks on its own. Sam might fetch a 1. Quinnen would def be worth a 1.

    The “perhaps [...] Quinnen Williams” is a giveaway that it’s not in consideration by the Texans to even ask for Quinnen Williams. It’s simply pointing out how high the Jets could go if they had to. The crux of the return is 2, 23, and the Jets first next year, plus some gift wrap. The Texans don’t want or need Darnold if they get 2 anyway.

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