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  1. I'm going to Cape May for a few days. I know. I know. It's crazy/

    1. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      What they ban you from Fire Island?

    2. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      What they ban you from Fire Island?

    3. Larz


      my granparents lived there for decades. miss them and the boardwalk. haven't been there in 10 years

  2. Henceforth, I will say nothing but positive things about the Jets, their coaches and players.

    1. faba


      You fibbing us?

    2. Jbro22


      We can still say negative things about you tho right?

  3. After much thought, I really don't think that Jay-Z made the Yankee cap more famous than a Yankee can. #DEBUNKED

    1. JetsFanInDenver


      Love the song, hate that line. What a doosh!

    2. T0mShane


      He is a douche. You make as much as he has and you lose your mind.

  4. Phil Hughes, we hardly knew ye.

    1. JiF


      T0mShane, we hardly give a sh*t

    2. T0mShane


      Under that rough exterior, I know you care. And suck dicks recreationally.

  5. To make your way in the world today, takes everything you got

  6. My blades swing freely. Decapitate a hater with amazing ease.

    1. Garb



    2. faba


      You are a pussycat really.

  7. I've had erections that lasted longer than Linsanity

    1. JiF


      Melo makes them elite. Championship!!!

    2. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Stop Lying!

  8. Dealing with the spins at 6:07p on a Sunday is no way to go through life, Tom.

    1. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Light weight, tender foot!

    2. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Light weight, tender foot!

  9. I just screwed up the cooking of this pre-cooked bacon, It's like eating the ashes of what was once a bacon strip. Still, tasty.

    1. BroadwayJoe12


      If you're into cooking and bacon, which as a guy you are into bacon by default, try this recipe next time. When baking bacon in the oven, sprinkle brown sugar over the layer not on the tray, when it's cooking the fat and brown sugar caramelize to make a maple-syrupy type bacon. It's hard to think bacon could even get better.

    2. T0mShane


      Holy God that sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip, my man. Definitely trying that.

  10. It's *Schroedinger's* Cat? Jesus.

    1. WWWWombat


      Schrödinger's works too.

    2. T0mShane
  11. Thanks to all the men and women who have served in our military and especially to those who gave their lives for our country. Rock on.

  12. Can Karl tell me when the proletariat will finally claim victory, cuz I think that will really help me land a sweet deal on a PSL.

    1. Karl Marx

      Karl Marx

      When, in the course of development, class distinctions have disappeared, and all production has been concentrated in the hands of a vast association of the whole nation, the public power will lose its political character. Political power, properly so called, is merely the organized power of one class for oppressing another. If the proletariat during its contest with the bourgeoisie is compelled, by the force of circumstances, to organize itself as a class, if, by means of a revolution, it mak...

  13. Fear not, Dolan will fix everything!

  14. Totally considering punching some of you in the balls.



      Go for what you know.

  15. William, I am your uncle, Argyle. You have the look of your mother.

    1. BroadwayJoe12


      Best. Movie. Ever.

  16. Now what the hell am I supposed to do with this Kevin O'Connell authentic jersey?

    1. JoeC36


      get it stripped and turn it into a Boomer jersey

  17. Joe McKnight has a roster spot and Tony Richardson does not. SOJ fa lyfe.

    1. Bob


      Yep. I guess the ability to hold on to a football no longer matters.


    1. Maxman


      2 and 0 that is awesome!

  19. NFL Analyst Line Of The Year: Thom Brenneman-- "And, Troy [Aikman} you know exactly what it's like to get blasted in the chin."

    1. Bugg


      Troy Aikman is despondent because his manly partner Joe Buck is off in the land of pitchers and catchers

  20. I think we should wait and honor George Steinbrenner and James Dolan on the same night.

    1. BaumerJet


      Tom, I would never put James Loraine Dolan in the same category as George M. Steinbrener.

      I would however put James Loraine Dolan in the same breath as Adolph Elizabeth Hitler - If you get my drift!

  21. F.U. Max. And Happy April Fool's Day anyway.

  22. Butler went all John Starks up in therrrr

    1. Larz


      huskies blocked 10 shots, took away the 3 ball. howard didn't even look for his shot down the stretch. domination

  23. This one time, Vernon Gholston totally stood up Wayne Hunter.

  24. You, sir, are a funny dude.

  25. Hey, thanks for the nice words, brother.

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