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  1. I'm not especially coherent.

    1. JiF


      #3? Would I be #1 if it was a kiss on the anus?

    2. T0mShane


      Quite frankly, yes.

    3. JiF


      Flatter, to say the least.

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  2. Interesting. Just got an email from the Jets saying they slapped me with a 7th round tender.

  3. Just bought ProFootballWeekly's Draft Guide. I am now prepared to argue violently, and at length, about the merits of players I'd never even heard of prior to buying this magazine. Bring it.

  4. Knicks getting blown out by Cleveland? What are they gonna do with all that extra ticker tape this summer?

  5. No, YOUR quarterback is a pedophile SO THERE.

  6. ATTN: POTENTIAL SNAKE a$$ WEASELS: If you lost the Jets Super Bowl Tattoo Bet with Tom Shane, please post in the bet thread by Monday to list your donation or intent to donate! Over $1000 already donated!

  7. William, I am your uncle, Argyle. You have the look of your mother.

    1. BroadwayJoe12


      Best. Movie. Ever.

  8. I need a co-host for a radio sports show I want to start. I get to say all the stupid, outlandish stuff and you say all the straight-linish, smart stuff. Then I scream at you. Any takers?

  9. I'm writing an official rap anthem for the Jets, using samples from Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." Warm up your iTunes.

    1. T0mShane


      Verse Two: Unh. Hate on Sanchez all you want, bitch. Cuz he looks like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch (Peace out to LFO). Don't hate him cuz he's beautiful. Don't hate him cuz his booty's full. Just sit back and look at the tape. Ben Roethlisberger is addicted to rape. Sanchize got exonerated. Da Steelers will get obliterated. All alone at the top, in the closet or out. The Jets are #1, even Tiffany knows what I'm talkin' about. (Chorus-Tiffany) I think we're al...

    2. Barton


      lol snl needs ts

    3. Jbro22


      Why is he good at this?

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  10. Banal "point," followed by unfunny joke or unintelligible comment by former player, followed by 30 seconds of forced group laughter= How to host your own CBS pre-game show.

  11. Win this game, and we don't hear another word about feet. Lose this game, and everything surrounding the Jets will sound like somebody set up a microphone at a podiatry conference.

  12. Oh, like YOU'VE never wanted to f*ck someone's feet in a parking lot?

  13. NFL Analyst Line Of The Year: Thom Brenneman-- "And, Troy [Aikman} you know exactly what it's like to get blasted in the chin."

    1. Bugg


      Troy Aikman is despondent because his manly partner Joe Buck is off in the land of pitchers and catchers


    1. Maxman


      2 and 0 that is awesome!

  15. NBA season starts tonight! It seems like only yesterday when I still wasn't giving a sh*t.

  16. Yankee fans, to quote the great Chris Doleman, "Right now, you gotta be feelin' just a LITTLE bit nervous." BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA

  17. The good news? Nick Saban is losing. The bad news? It's Bobby Petrino beating him.

    1. Mentos


      Nick Saban is a great guy. He won national titles with LSU and Alabama, he screwed the Dolphins, and he made a great ESPN College GameDay commercial involving a cookie. What is not to like about the guy?

    2. JiF


      My 2 least favorite coaches in the NCAA. Go Gators!!!

    3. BroadwayJoe12


      Won us a championship and now we have Les Miles...can't hate on him that much. Although the dolphin stink stays with you...it's like the stink palm from mall rats.

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  18. I think we should wait and honor George Steinbrenner and James Dolan on the same night.

    1. BaumerJet


      Tom, I would never put James Loraine Dolan in the same category as George M. Steinbrener.

      I would however put James Loraine Dolan in the same breath as Adolph Elizabeth Hitler - If you get my drift!

  19. Does this feel like a playoff game or is this just my paranoid schizophrenia kicking in?

  20. I just screwed up the cooking of this pre-cooked bacon, It's like eating the ashes of what was once a bacon strip. Still, tasty.

    1. BroadwayJoe12


      If you're into cooking and bacon, which as a guy you are into bacon by default, try this recipe next time. When baking bacon in the oven, sprinkle brown sugar over the layer not on the tray, when it's cooking the fat and brown sugar caramelize to make a maple-syrupy type bacon. It's hard to think bacon could even get better.

    2. T0mShane


      Holy God that sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip, my man. Definitely trying that.

  21. Thanks for the kind words, man. You know you're one of my personal favorite reads.

  22. Hey, thanks for the nice words, brother.

  23. **** YOU DARELLE MEVI$!!!! er, uh, er, uh, I MEAN I LOVE YOU DARELLE REVIS!

  24. I'm just going through and repping all your Revis-hater bashing tonight. Way to stand in and fight the good fight, brother.

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