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  1. I feel like we should hug. It just seems so mutually beneficial. lol

  2. That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me :sniffles:

  3. Merry Xmas, brother!

  4. Is your avatar a Doberman chewing on a pair of Verde's panties?

  5. Thanks, bro. So wish I was wrong on him!

  6. Thanks, bro. He is right though, I am a little thin-skinned lately. I'm still shaking my head at myself over my response to your joke to me earlier this week. I need a vacation or something. : D You're a good dude.

  7. Bro, let's kill this. Like I said, you seem to be an intelligent guy with a lot to offer a conversation. It's just a drag having to have to come to a football message board and have to deal with combativeness and snide comments. Just be cool, have fun, and be respectful. I'm the nicest dude you'll ever know, bro. No need to fight.

  8. : D I just saw your rep comment to me. No disrespect intended, bro. Just joking around. Go Jets! lol!

  9. My bad. Max killed my funny. You KNOW how he is.

  10. Sorry, bro. Upon re-reading, that sounded a lot more douchey than I thought it would. TOTALLY lost my touch with the jokes.

  11. Happy birthday you summinabitch!

  12. ; ) WINKY EMOTICON!!!!!!!!

  13. LOL! Everybody hates me. That's part of my appeal!

  14. BELIEVE ME! I want Rhodes to succeed. He certainly THINKS he has, but has he?

  15. Babe, having a young QB is always exciting in the same way that scoring a date with a really hot chick is exciting. Unfortunately, with the Jets, that really hot chick always ends up having a penis.

  16. Noooooooooo, you had the super-scoop about the Jets trading up for Sanchez. Thus, scoop-getter!

  17. Hi there, scoop-getter!

  18. I HAD DIBS! I HAD DIBS!!!!!!!!

  19. I was drained. DRAINED!

  20. 'Allo allo.

  21. Like Mike Tannenbaum's evil drafting "philosophy," I rely on the quality of my "friends" instead of the quantity. I swear that's the reason. Not because I'm repugnant.

  22. Now I know why he didn't answer my "Friend request."

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